2023 Great Jones Cookware Review: Are These Affordable Non-Toxic Pans As Good As They Claim?

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Looking for a Great jones cookware review to finally help you determine whether or not these photogenic, ergonomic, and non-toxic options are worth your pretty penny? We compiled all the information you need about this raved-about company that managed to take social media by storm. 

From their interesting use of different materials and cutesy colors to the highly-useful cooking advice “potline” designed for newbie at-home chiefs – and pros in distress– here’s everything you need to know about Great Jones cookware.

Our Honest & In-depth Great Jones Cookware Review

If you are a self-proclaimed home chef, interested in non-toxic living, then you’ve probably heard of Great Jones cookware a gazillion times before. Maybe it’s the ultimate blend of photo-worthy aesthetics and quality that stands up to life. Or, most importantly, the ease that comes with owning non-toxic nonstick cookware that’s dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, and scratch-resistant. 

No matter what peaked your interest and made you want to spend time reading our Great Jones cookware review, you are about to find out why the Great Jones cast iron, dutch oven, baking sheet, pots, and pans have such a massive cult following (but for good reason? Let’s find out!).

The Story Of Great Jones Cookware

After years of being in the restaurant world, Sierra Tishgart, a James Beard Award-winning food editor, thought it was time to start cooking more at home. However, she quickly realized that most of the widely available options not only required much storage space but were also lacking the meaning of je ne sais quoi. On a mission to create a place where like-minded at-home chiefs can have access to affordable, stylish, high-quality cookware made from a range of metals, Tishgart launched Great Jones cookware in 2018.

great jones dutch oven

Is Great Jones Cookware worth it?

What separates Tishgart’s cookware from the eco crowd? Unlike most companies out there, the Great Jones pans, baking sheet, skillet, Cast iron, Dutch oven, and Baking sheet are not only made of safe materials but also come in multiple modern color options to match every kitchen aesthetic with ease. 

In fact, in some magical way, they managed to be modern and retro at the same time. Their thoughtful, ergonomic design makes it extremely easy to use and clean – which is definitely a plus in our book. Plus, the brand is so proud and certain about the quality of their products that they offer a 60-day trial and free returns.

Another amazing fact? Great Jones donates returned cookware to various nonprofits that focus on food insecurity – including Hot Bread Kitchen – giving the recycled products another life.

great jones cookware scandal

My Honest First-Hand Review of The Fry Family

Great Jones sent us a set of their best-selling Fry Family non-stick pans after I emailed them for a review. I was initially going to review their stainless steel line, but our community specifically asked for this review. It’s been over 6 months (I’d never review anything before that) and here are my personal thoughts:

The packaging was great – the pans were well secured and nothing was accidentally scratched on the way to our house. Upon opening, I was really impressed by the hardware on the pans. Aesthetic-wise, they are probably my favorite pans thus far (and I own a good amount!).

non toxic non stick cookware

It did not take long to get used to these pans, as I have reviewed many non-toxic nonstick pans before. As always, low to medium heat, no metal utensils near the pans to avoid chips and scratches, and dishwasher safe (although we always hand wash). These are absolutely beginner cook friendly (unlike stainless steel that may take some getting used to!).

It’s been 6 months since the package arrived and they still look good as new. I use wooden and/or silicone utensils with my pans to keep them fully intact. I also never allow the heat to exceed medium/low, which avoids those burn marks that you may see on some ceramic nonstick pans. These pans are perfect for cooking almost any basic meal: eggs, veggies, stir fry, etc.

The washing of the pans is an absolute breeze. Run them under water after they have cooled and wipe with a dishcloth – good as new!

Overall, I’d absolutely recommend them to anyone who is worried about using stainless steel pans (Great Jones does offer stainless steel, but I reviewed the ceramic coated). I still prefer stainless steel for its amazing abilities to cook absolutely anything to perfection – but I do understand that it takes time to learn. Great Jones fry family pans are great for those who need easy and beautiful.

Is the Great Jones Cookware non-toxic?

The NY-based company offers nonstick ceramic coated cookware, free from harmful chemicals like PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). These notorious chemicals are known for causing an array of severe health issues such as infertility, liver damage, and thyroid disease. 

If you ever wondered what makes most nonstick cookware well, “non-stick”, the answer is Teflon – a PTFE that inevitably off-gasses when the temperature reaches above 572°F, causing thyroid disease, lung damage, and many more health issues. We are happy to report that Great Jones cookware, even though nonstick, doesn’t rely on Teflon! Instead, they rely on a non-toxic and non-stick ceramic coating.

On top of this, Great Jones also offers stainless steel and cast iron – which are my personal favorites in non toxic cooking. I really appreciate their wide variety.

Where is Great Jones cookware made?

Great Jones cookware is made in Guangdong, Tianjin, and the U.S.

Great Jones Cookware Review: Materials, Price, Aesthetics & More

What we love most about Great Jones cookware is that you can mix and match stainless steel, non-toxic ceramic-coated pans, and cast iron dutch ovens.

Their best-selling products for 2022 were Holy Sheet, Little Sheet, Sheet Show set, Hot Dish, and the Dutchess. However, the collection got even bigger. In 2022 they launched the Sweet & Savory Baking Mats, Full Steam Duo, Peugeot Salt & Pepper Mills, and Little Hottie.

It’s a wonderful selection. 

Great Jones 2023 Best Sellers:

More precisely:

  • The Small Fry, Large Fry, Holy Sheet, and Little Sheet have a non-toxic and nonstick ceramic coating – not Teflon, duh!
  • As for the Hot Dish, Little Hottie, and Sweetie Pie, they are made out of 100% ceramic (specifically, stoneware), allowing them to travel safely from freezer to oven and withstand heat up to 450 degrees.


Sierra Tishgart’s mission was to blend affordability with premium quality and aesthetics. That’s exactly why Great Jones cookware cost roughly around half of what competitors charge for similar options. For reference, The Cast-Iron Family 3-piece set is now $300, the Starting Lineup is $160 while the single Hot Dish is under $80. 

Great Jones cookware are very easy to clean

Aside from the great choice of materials and thoughtful, ergonomic design, Great Jone cookware is surprisingly easy to clean. The cookware is dishwasher-safe but you can also use a soft sponge and gentle dish soap to wipe everything right off your cookware. Just make sure to keep metal scrapers and steel-wool sponges away from them.

The power of colors and aesthetics

Call us shallow all you want, but deep down, you know that being proud to keep your dutch oven on your stovetop is a different kind of flex. Even more so if your cookware can multitask and cook any meal without cluttering the stovetop too much. At the end of the day, aesthetics do matter – even if you are the only one who actually gets to see them.  

Whether you are a rainbow-centric maximalist or a die-hard minimalist, you’ll most definitely find colors that suit your taste –that’s a promise. The color palette includes everything from Broccoli green, Mustard yellow, Earl Grey, Macaron pink, and Blueberry (which is basically hyper blue).

They also offer a really cool option to purchase the Great Jones Pegboard Set by Character and Great Jones. You can hang all your pans on their colorful wall pegs, just like on the website!

Let’s make it personal

Did you know that you can also add your nicknames and catchphrases to stainless steel and cast-iron lids? Yes, Great Jones cookware can be engraved –which makes them a fantastic gift idea for every fellow home chef. But keep in mind that engravings appear dark charcoal grey, so it would be best to opt for lighter cast-iron colors.

great jones honest review

Our Great Jones Cookware Review

So what’s the verdict? Great Jones cookware is durable, easy to use, and super easy to clean.

What’s more, they are made of various non-toxic materials that won’t leach toxins into our food. And when it comes to their aesthetic, there is no other cookware brand that can rival their wide range of colors and sleek, modern designs.

The brand even went the extra mile to help us get rid of our old cookware sustainably through Hot Bread Kitchen which is such a great thing to hear.

Plus, did you know that Great Jones has also developed a cooking advice “potline” where anyone can text 1-814-BISCUIT (1-814-247-2848) for real-time advice, recipe suggestions, and more?

It’s settled! If you are looking for a fantastic non-toxic home cookware set, Great Jones is a wonderful option.

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