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50+ Best Eco Friendly School Supplies For A Low Waste School Year

sustainable school supplies
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Danielle Alvarado


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My name is Danielle and I am a mother of two, wife, CEO, and lover of vintage treasures. I created SKL in 2020 to help our community in their need for well-researched and trust-worthy articles, listicles and guides to live a more sustainable and healthy life. So happy to have you here!


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Are you on the hunt for the some eco friendly school supplies for your kids, big kids, or even for yourself? We have got you covered with this epic guide to sustainable school supplies.

School is just around the corner and we are super excited to feature our favorite sustainable and eco friendly school supplies! Searching for sustainable school supplies is now easier than ever with the help of conscious marketplaces like Earth Hero.

This post is about Eco Friendly School Supplies.

sustainable school supplies
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When I think of school supplies, I used to think just about pens, pencils, highlighters, organizers, staplers, backpacks, and lunch boxes. But now I think of this:

Normalizing sustainable options in everyday life is a true gift for our younger generations.

When we simply normalize things like wooden pencils that you can stick into the earth after its life is over to grow herbs – we normalize a circular economy. By the way, these pencils DO exist and they are amazing. When we normalize wax wraps in our lunch boxes and cloth hankies in our pockets, we normalize a circular economy.

In the end, a circular economy is our goal, and normalizing it is a huge success.

Where is the best place to buy eco friendly school supplies?

While Amazon marketplace does have a lot of sustainable school supplies in their endless warehouses, we have opted to choose much more sustainable marketplaces in this article. EarthHero is an amazing US marketplace that makes sustainable shopping easy and, bonus, they have a full selection of eco friendly school supplies to make back to school shopping a breeze. We also love Etsy for sustainable school supply shopping!

How do I properly recycle old school supplies?

Terra Cycle is the best place for the recycling of old school supplies. Be sure the school supplies are in need of actual recycling before turning them in though! Some supplies just need a new battery, some TLC, or maybe some new ink. 

This post is all about sustainable school supplies

Full Guide to Eco Friendly School Supplies

Do you know what I love about this list? It’s simple. It’s basic. You don’t need a billion options – you just need high-quality and great ones.

p.s. The most sustainable option is what we ALREADY have – so if you already have something on the list, just save this post for later for when you need it!

Eco friendly notebooks and filler pages are perfect for any back to school needs. Choose between the super durable lined stone paper notebooks or your typical 1-subject to 5-subject notebooks made from eco friendly paper!

2. Eco Friendly Pens & Highlighters

eco friendly pens
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Eco friendly pens & highlighters are super convenient and handy for any back to school or office needs. Did you know that you can also just use a yellow colored pencil for a highlighter as well? It works amazing!

3. Eco Friendly Pencils, Erasers & Cases

eco friendly pencils
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We are blown away by some of these amazing eco friendly pencil options. With the plantable pencils, once it’s life is over, you can plant it! Options include daisy seeds, forget me not seeds, sage seeds, thyme, and more!

4. Eco Friendly Scissors, Staplers, Glue & Rulers

sustainable scissors
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Recycled plastic or corn husk scissors, bamboo staplers and rulers, higher quality staples, and plant based glue. These are the eco friendly school supplies we need in our schools and homes!

5. Eco Friendly Backpacks

eco friendly backpacks
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A solid eco friendly backpack is so much more than another backpack your kid will use for the year. The quality of these amazing packs will last year after year, hike after hike, walk after walk, and bus ride after bus ride! 

6. Eco Friendly Organizers & Calendars

eco friendly organizers
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Stay organized and up to date with the most gorgeous eco friendly weekly planners, forest calendar diaries, sustainable academic calendars, and more!

7. Eco Friendly Lunch Boxes / Bags

eco friendly lunch box
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We are a tad bit obsessed with eco friendly lunch boxes and lunch bags. In my house, our sustainable lunch kits have lasted well over 8 years and counting! Couldn’t love them more.

8. Eco Friendly Tins / Containers

eco friendly food storage
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Convenient for school, field trips, road trips, on the go snacks, and whatever else life throws your way. These snack tins will last you year after year and look good too!

9. Eco Friendly Sandwich & Snack Bags

eco friendly sandwich bags
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Think ziplock bags but with an environmental conscious! These little reusable wonders will be able to hold all the pens, pencils, popcorn, crackers, sandwiches, fruit, or whatever else you need them for.

This post was all about eco-friendly school supplies

So, there you have it! The ultimate round up of amazing eco friendly and low waste school supplies for all the back to school needs. Be sure to share this article with any other folks looking for school supplies this year – they may not realize how many amazing earth friendly options we have nowadays!

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sustainable school supplies
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