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7 Best Organic Kids Underwear Brands for Sensitive Skin

best organic underwear kids
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Danielle Alvarado


Looking for the best organic kids underwear brands on the eco market? Lucky for you, our team has compiled a fantastic (and short!) list of non-toxic, ethically-made organic toddler underwear for sensitive skin your little one will want to keep on all day long.

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This is your guide to the best organic kids underwear brands for sensitive skin.

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If you’re a parent reading this, you may have come to find that searching for the best organic kids underwear brands is not an easy task. Organic toddler underwear and organic kids underwear are ever increasing search phrases on Google and we can fully appreciate why! 

More and more parents and kids are tired of the synthetic fabrics and want natural, non-toxic, and safe fabrics for their most delicate areas. 

We want safe, organic kids underwear that is skin friendly and fun! 

That’s where non-toxic, comfortable, fun, multicolored styles adorned with bold and cutesy prints really shine.

Luckily for all eco-conscious mums and pops out there, there is a slew of toddler underwear for sensitive skin with large elastic waistbands, hypoallergenic qualities, long-lasting fabrics, and a multitude of colors to choose from.

Our list of organic kids underwear brands below features the most noteworthy ethical, eco-friendly classic briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs, free from chemicals that cause skin irritations and other ailments.

You wouldn’t want your own undies to interfere with your day-to-day shenanigans, so why take the chance with less than amazing organic toddler underwear?

Is Organic Underwear for Kids worth the cost?

While shopping from the best organic kids underwear brands might seem a bit expensive at first, these undies are definitely worth the cost. 

For starters, our list of organic toddler underwear brands for sensitive skin are made from Certified Organic Materials that are breathable, high-quality, sweat-absorbent and grown using non-GMO seeds. They are built to LAST.

As a mother myself, I have been handed fast fashion kids undies as well as higher quality organic kids underwear, and the higher quality ones ALWAYS withstood the test of time. The lower quality undies (usually made from synthetic materials) would break down in the wash extremely fast and begin to fall apart. 

My kids organic undies (that cost about twice as much as the fast fashion ones) lasted so long that I was able to hand them down to their little cousins in near mint condition. The upfront cost was more, but in the end they were so much more budget friendly for our family! 

Why is Organic Underwear best for sensitive skin?

Kids’ skin is extremely sensitive. 

While many adults are also prone to rashes, it is estimated that 8000 synthetic chemicals are used in the fashion manufacturing process – especially in the kids departments. Some of these toxic chemicals are well-known carcinogens and hormone disruptors while flame retardants, AZO dyes, chromium, and formaldehyde are amongst the most common allergens.

While our list of the best organic kids underwear brands are free from all those toxic substances, that’s certainly not the case for mass-produced undies. The sad truth is, most kids really dislike wearing underwear because of all the irritation which, in most cases, comes from the synthetic fabric, harmful dyes, or toxins hiding inside.

Why are synthetics so bad for sensitive skin?

It’s evident that all synthetic fabrics tend to cause drying, rashes, and other skin irritations. 

Toxic dyes are one of the most common reasons why synthetics are so bad for sensitive skin. Additionally, synthetic fibers rarely allow the skin to breathe. Polyester, for example, is one of the most notorious non-breathable fabrics that trap heat and moisture which lead to skin irritations.

This post is all about organic kids underwear brands we love!

Best Organic Kid's Underwear Brands For 2023

Amongst eco moms, Crann Organic is touted as one of the best organic kids clothing brands where you can also shop Tencel & Organic cotton toddler & kids underwear for even the most sensitive skin. Most of the brands on this list are made of organic cotton, but Crann Organic is extra special with their 60% Tencel fiber in their kids underwear. Tencel is key for super sensitive skin!

The many neutral-colored classic boys boxer briefs are crafted from ethical, non-toxic, and eco-friendly natural fibers in small batches. Also, every product is shipped in 100% recycled mailers. Crann Organic is also a member of 1% for the Planet, so rest assured that your new, best organic toddler underwear helps numerous environmental causes. 

Price: $16 / 3 for $42

Material: Tencel Lyocell, Organic Cotton, Spandex

Location: Sold from USA

Oddobody creates the absolute softest organic cotton underwear for kids (and adults!) and that’s not all. Each order comes with an amazing kids manual, created in collaboration with an expert on gender and sexuality.

Each manual features activities for the kids and talking points for parents on how to converse about their bodies. A portion of all proceeds are donated to organizations supporting reproductive justice and bodily autonomy.

Price: $32 for 3-pack, $28 for 2-pack

Material: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Oddobody Here

A few favorite organic undies from Oddobody:

Pact’s virtual shelves are not only chock full of the best sustainable socks and best sustainable underwear for adults, but also carry a range of organic toddler underwear. 

Each pair is made from GOTS organic cotton in a fair trade factory and comes in convenient packs of 4. Additionally, these natural, non-toxic toddler underwear for sensitive skin (briefs, shorts, and hipster) are soaked in bright colors and oh-so-cute prints for ages up to 10.

Price: 4 for $45

Material: GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

Location/Shipping: Sold from US, Worldwide Shipping

Shop Pact Here

Apart from being one of the most trusted organic kids underwear brands of 2022,  Q For Quinn also carries a huge selection of toddler & kids socks, tights, sleepwear, and more. 

Their beloved organic toddler underwear runs the gamut from natural (no-dye) boxer briefs to organic and naturally dyed girls undies. Bonus: They also have a wide range of organic underwear for adults!

Price: $12.00+

Material: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Location/Shipping: Canada & USA

Shop Q For Quinn Here

A few favorite organic undies from Q for Quinn:

We love Little Green Radicals 100% organic and Fairtrade interlock cotton undies! 

Each undies comes in a budget-friendly pack at super affordable prices (and lucky for you, they are currently on sale!). Made from extra soft 100% organic cotton that’s grown without any harmful chemicals so it’s kind and gentle on your child’s skin.

Price: $5.00+

Material: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Gender Neutral Clothing

Location/Shipping: UK, Worldwide Shipping

Shop Little Green Radicals Here

A few favorite organic undies from Little Green Radicals:

Lucky & Me is one of our most beloved organic kids underwear brands for utterly cute and colorful organic cotton briefs for girls. You can opt for practically stitch-free, solid colors or choose baby girl underwear with butterflies, polka dots, flowers, and adorable dinosaurs.

The ethically-made, best organic toddler underwear come in affordable packs of 7, 5, and 3. Of course, the factories are WRAP, Sedex, or SA8000 certified. As for their materials, the organic cotton factory is Fair Trade certified as well.

Price: 7-pack for $40!

Material: Organic Cotton, Modal, Spandex

Location/Shipping: Sold from USA

Shop Lucky & Me Here

Mightly’s slew of bold, colorful & organic prints makes them one of the most popular organic kids underwear brands in the USA! 

Their exceptionally soft range of underwear shorts, briefs, and organic toddler underwear sets is crafted from 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton. 

The USA-based organic toddler underwear brand has a strict code of conduct, caring for people and the planet.

Price: Various underwear packs ranging $9+

Material: GOTS Organic & Soil Association Certified Cotton

Location/Shipping: Sold from USA, ships to Canada & Australia

Shop Mightly Here

Favorite Organic Kids Undies From Mightly:

Did You Find The Organic Kids Underwear Brand You Were Looking For?

Now that you have a foolproof list of the best organic kids underwear brands 2022 has to offer, make sure to add some fantastic organic toddler underwear options to your digital cart ahead of the new season. As promised, the best toddler underwear for sensitive skin are not only safe and buttery soft for countless hours of playtime and all-night wear but also crafted ethically in certified factories that care for the sewers and the environment.

Thank you to the amazing Crann Organic for sponsoring today’s post and making such amazing safe, non-toxic, and Earth Friendly kids clothing! 

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    This list is missing one major Canadian brand that produces amazing organic and sustainable clothing basics for children, Q for Quinn!

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