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Looking for the best kids thrift stores for second baby clothes and pre-loved kids clothing? From buying used kids’ clothing online to decluttering your children’s wardrobe by selling too-small-to-fit pieces, these 21 best online consignment shops for kids’ clothing from the US, Canada, UK, and worldwide will make the entire process a breeze.

P.s. If you’re looking for a solid list of trusted kids brands (it helps with searching secondhand too!), check out our full guide to organic kids clothes here and our full guide to organic baby clothes here.

This post is about the best online kids thrift stores.

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Every fashion-savvy, eco-conscious mum out there knows the thrill of hunting down the best secondhand baby clothes and preloved kids clothes. Apart from being a foolproof way of joining the fight against fast fashion and excessive consumerism, opting for used kids’ clothing is also extremely affordable. The best kids thrift stores are chock full of gently-used gems ready to outfit your children in the most sustainable way possible.

To help you sort through the virtual clutter, we rounded up the top kid thrift stores for affordable kids and baby clothing below. If it happens to have some kids clothing collecting dust in your closet, you can also sell them and make another green-living mum happy — just saying.

This post is about the best kids thrift stores.

Best Kids Thrift Stores USA

Hailed as one of the best online thrift stores for all the kids fashion needs (including organic cotton and natural materials!), Kidizen is your one stop shop for all your little ones needs. Full range of secondhand baby clothes, preloved kids clothes, and accessories.

Location: USA

Shop Kidizen Here

I don’t mean to pick favorites, but I have been a huge lover of Patagonia since I was a teen and they are at the top of the list in sustainability and give back programs. 

Their newly launched FULLY secondhand website, Patagonia Rewear, is my one stop shop go to for all the kids adventure clothes and outerwear needs. The prices are super affordable and the quality is always spot on.

Location/Shipping: USA and Worldwide Options

Shop Patagonia Rewear Here

Once Upon A Child is one of the biggest and greatest kids thrift stores in North America, and for good reason. With over 350 physical stores scattered across the USA and Canada, you are sure to find all that you need in the preloved baby and kid market.

Location/Shipping: USA & Canada

Shop Once Upon A Child Here

Children’s Orchard is a great place for parents to come sell and buy gently used kids clothing at an affordable and fair price. Resale for a NEW generation is at the heart of their preloved ventures. 

There are physical shops and one big online shop to find whatever you need for your kids. The physical shops are super tidy, bright, and fun for kids!

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Children’s Orchard Here

ThredUp is praised for being one of the best online consignment stores for used kids clothing. The best part? You can also opt for something special for yourself as well while browsing. Their visual shelves are packed with high-quality secondhand clothes sold for a fraction of their original price.

Feel free to your gently-used clothes in for cash or start creating your own personal page with your desired used kids’ clothing brands and sizes. As soon as one of your choices is available, ThredUp will shoot you an email.

You can even opt to purchase a “box” filled with items for a specific age/gender/size for an even cheaper price.

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop ThredUp Here

KidsGoodsStore is by far one of the biggest online thrift stores for kids clothing. Whether you want to buy or sell preloved kids goods with no middleman, they have you covered. There are no commissions added to the final sale which is a huge plus for sellers and buyers alike. It would be best to short items by price. Some items can be a bit pricey sometimes.

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop KidsGoodsStore Here

While every other online consignment store for used kids clothing requires the use of, well, money, Shop Tomorrows does things a bit differently. You can exchange your used kids’ clothing online with other moms and earn tokens through selling, activities, or purchase from your wallet. 

No real-life cash is perimeter here! What’s even more unique? Instead of shopping from complete strangers, the site helps filter the results via zip code or town so you can buy friend friends and neighbors. The seller can opt to drop off or hand off the goods in person or the buyer pays for the shipping. Isn’t that amazing?!

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Shop Tomorrows Here

If you’re looking for something similar to ThredUp but for only kids, you are in for a real treat with Bagsy! Parents can request a bag to send in old clothes and get paid for it. If the clothes do not sell, Bagsy will donate them for you!

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Bagsy Here

reCrib is known for being one of the top kids’ online consignment shops for the best, gently used kids gear. Apart from selling or buying clothing, you can also find other much-needed items such as strollers, cribs, high chairs, furniture, toys, and more – all for over 60% off the retail value, if not more!

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop reCrib Here

Poshmark is definitely among the top online consignment shops for kids’ clothing and adults when it comes to pre-loved everything. They carry a huge assortment of options for men, women, children, and more. Toys are also quite popular. You might find yourself lost in the vortex of online thrifting pretty quickly, so make sure to use filters and have a clear idea in your mind of what you really need. The prices of used kids’ clothing vary greatly, but you can take advantage of the filters again. 

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Poshmark Here

Best Online Kids Thrift Stores Canada

Beeja May started off as just preloved kids clothing in Canada, but now they have kids accessories too like swaddle blankets and a Zero Waste Shop section!

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Beeja May is a fantastic one stop shop for all your preloved kid and baby needs.

Location/Shipping: Canada

Shop Beeja May Here

Fabrick Collective, a Canadian based kids consignment shop from Ottawa, Ontario, hosts a wide variety of preloved kids clothes, shoes, baby gear, books, and even toys!

FC accepts donations from the community and even donates 30% of sales to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa.

Location/Shipping: Canada

Shop Fabrick Collective Here

Fresh kids is a great Canadian secondhand kids shop from Calgary, Alberta. You can find secondhand kids clothing, pre-loved maternity brands, and secondhand parenting essentials like diaper bags and baby carriers!

Kids sizes range from baby to 14 years old. Yay!

Location/Shipping: Canada

Shop Fresh Kids Here

Handed Down Co is a wonderful secondhand kids consignment shop from Southern Alberta, Canada. The founder of Handed Down, Miranda, started this shop when she struggled to find secondhand clothing for her little one.

The selection is newborn up to 8 years old and you will find everything from basics, shoes, accessories, toys and books!


Location/Shipping: Canada

Shop Handed Down Co Here

Canopy kids is a great gender inclusive secondhand clothing shops for kids based out of Toronto Canada. The founder, Nyla Obaid, created the shop in response to the lack of gender neutral secondhand kids clothes that she was looking for!

This shop does not accept any gendered clothing – but this does not mean that you will not find great basics, dresses, and skirts in this shop. It simply means that no clothing will directly identify a gender – usually meaning text on shirts with “boys” or “girls”.

Location/Shipping: Canada

Shop Canopy Kids Here

Little and Loved ones is a wonderful Canadian secondhand baby and kids clothing shop that is based in Grimsby Ontario. The founder, Kirsten, had enough with kids clothes being used for such a short time and not getting to live their best clothing lives!

Little and Loved Ones has a great selection of kids clothing at affordable prices. Most of the shop is gender neutral, so you simply shop via size and type!

Location/Shipping: Canada

Shop Little and Loved Ones Here

Best Kids Thrift Stores Australia

Jumping Jack Australia is a super sustainable and amazing secondhand kids and baby store that we are absolutely in love with! You can turn all your kids old, unwanted clothing into cash to purchase “new” pre-loved kids fashion! 

Parents can also sell some of their items for charity! Jumping Jack has teamed up with amazing charity partners, so you can choose to donate the profit of your sales to a good cause!

Location/Shipping: Australia

Shop Jumping Jack Here

Swap up is an Australian consignment shop and secondhand store that is good for the planet and your wallet! This secondhand kids online store has everything you need for the kiddos to keep them fashionable and eco friendly at the same time!

Location/Shipping: Australia

Shop Swap Up Here

Best Online Thrift Stores For Kids Worldwide

Sure, Facebook Marketplace might not be an exclusively online thrift store for children, but it is definitely worth it! This one also reinforces the importance of personal interactions as there is no middleman. Most people are on there to get rid of their used items fast, so you might have a bigger chance of scoring some fantastic deals according to your budget.  You can filter the results by area!

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

When it comes to the best online thrift stores for children and adults, Vestiaire Collective’s virtual shelves are filled to the brim with endless varieties of clothing for children, adults, and teens alike. Browse using the website’s filters to find your perfect match! Their selection of used kids’ clothing runs the gamut from super affordable to luxury.

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

Shop Vestiaire Collective Here

Wait, Etsy? In the list of online consignment shops for kids’ clothing? Shocking!  Most folks think that Etsy is just a selling hub for all of our wonderful creative types, but did you know that you can also find amazing second-hand finds here? Their pre-loved and vintage virtual corner is as good as every other online thrift store for children’s clothing – if not better. You can communicate directly with the seller and filter items by price, style, color, location, and more.

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

This post was all about best kids thrift stores

There you have it, the best second hand baby shops, kids thrift stores, and pre-teen preloved one-stop-shops! If you have any more thrift store favorites, please leave it in the comments below for our next round up!

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