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21 Best Sustainable & Organic Kids Clothing Brands in 2023

best sustainable kids clothing brands
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Danielle Alvarado


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Are you on the hunt for the best sustainable and organic kids clothing in 2023? Our team has got you covered with over 21 amazing eco-friendly children’s clothing brands!

Whether you are looking for colorful organic clothing from brands like Frugi, aesthetically stunning knitted kidswear from brands like The Simple Folk, or gender neutral sustainable kids clothing from brands like Crann Organic – we got you covered!

p.s. if you are looking for organic clothing for babies, check out our favorite 15 best organic baby clothes brands!

This post is about The Best Organic Kids Clothing Brands in 2023.

brands like the simple folk
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We live in a new world where over 70% of the clothes are made from plastic. These synthetic fibres are causing endless environmental and physical issues; including itchy skin, rashes, micro plastic pollution, and more. When we add in the toxic dyes and chemicals used, we are left with one scary piece of clothing.

Finding affordable organic toddler clothes that are high-quality, ethically made, and downright adorable can seem like a hassle in this seemingly synthetic-loving world. Lucky for you, our team is dedicated to keeping your kids safe and have compiled this epic guide to Organic Kids Clothing.

What are the best sustainable children's clothing brands?

Some of the best sustainable children’s clothing brands of 2023 include PACT, Frugi, Crann Organic, Hello Jackalo, The Simple Folk, Monica & Andy, and Mightly. Each of these children’s clothing brands are fair trade certified, made with organic and natural materials, are super safe for even the most sensitive skin, and extremely cute!

Are organic children's clothes worth it?

Yes, organic children’s clothes come with an array of benefits. While most fast-fashion clothes are packed with toxic chemicals and dyes that can affect adults and kids alike, organic kids clothing carry no harmful chemicals or toxic pesticides. This makes them suitable for super sensitive skin. 

Additionally, sustainable baby clothes have great quality thanks to the care and great craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing process. As for the environmental impact, organic cotton farming is very kind to the earth and all its inhabitants. The farmers use way less water, preserve soil quality and require way less energy.

Why do kids wear organic clothing?

When it comes to affordable organic toddler clothes, skin sensitivity is the number one reason most parents swap their mass-produced options for organic kids clothing made in small batches with eco-friendly fabrics and non-toxic dyes. These harmful chemicals can cause skin rashes and allergic skin reactions. Organic cotton and eco-friendly clothing is suitable for kids who have sensitive skin and conditions like eczema and dermatitis

This post is about the best sustainable and organic kids clothing brands.

Top 21 Sustainable Kids Clothing Brands

“The softest clothing made for the most sensitive skin”. This is the infamous tag line of the organic kids clothing brand, Crann Organic, based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

We love the way this sustainable children’s brand cares for little ones by choosing the best natural materials, such as GOTS certified organic cotton, Tencel, and lyocell. Think organic sweat pants and sweatshirts, organic underwear, dresses, and more.

Price: $12+

Materials: Non-Toxic, GOTS certified organic cotton

Location/Shipping: U.S.A.

Size Range: 4y – 10y

Shop Crann Organic Here

Pact offers a variety of GOTS-certified organic cotton children’s basics from Fair Trade Certified factories for kids and adults to enjoy. We love how affordable this sustainable kid’s brand is!

The kid’s hoodies will make you wish you could get one for yourself as well. As for the adorable dresses and camis, let’s just say that they are definitely eco-conscious-mom-approved.

Price: $15+

Materials: Eco-friendly materials, organic cotton

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: newborn– 7y

Discount: SKL15 to get 15% off for first-time customers – Full priced items only and cannot be used with other offers

Shop Pact Here

Apart from the array of organic toddler clothes made in the USA, Monica & Andy offers baby nursery products made to last and be loved. 

Browse their virtual shelves to find the softest sustainable baby clothes crafted from organic cotton for ages 0-10. They carry oh-so-cute styles for girls, boys & gender-neutral. Every piece is made in an organic and GOTS certified factory in Mumbai, India.

Price: $14+

Materials: Organic and Fair Trade Cotton, GOTS certified factory

Location/Shipping: Ships from the US

Size Range: Newborn – 10y

Shop Monica & Andy Here

Hello Jackalo has been a very popular choice for sustainable children’s clothing for years now, and for good reason. 

Their organic play clothes are built to last year after year, and they even have a program where you can send the used products back for a discount the next purchase! Each piece is made to last 2 years vs the traditional 1 year for sizing – giving the kids more room to grow! 

Price: $58+

Materials: Non-Toxic, GOTS certified organic cotton

Location/Shipping: U.S.A.

Size Range: 4y – 14y

Shop Hello Jackalo Here

Mightly, the colorful organic kids clothing brand, has absolutely stolen our hearts. Started by Eloise and her mommy, Tierra, to make a dream come true: to create the coolest organic kids clothes on the market. 

I daresay, they succeeded! You can find popular kids clothing from Mightly that is lovingly made from the best organic cotton. They also have a great selection of gender neutral kids clothing as well!

Price: $20+

Materials: Non-Toxic, GOTS certified organic cotton

Location/Shipping: U.S.A.

Size Range: 2y – 14y

Shop Mightly Here

If you are obsessed with bold, colourful prints for you little ones, you are going to love Frugi Organic Kids Clothing based out of the UK. 

This brand has a massive following (their Facebook page is amazing) of bold print loving parents who rave about their Frugi pieces! Look out for them secondhand as well – many parents sell them online after their lifespan is over.

Price: $10 +

Materials: GOTS organic cotton, fair trade production

Location/Shipping: U.K., Ships Worldwide

Size Range: Newborn – 12y

Shop Frugi UK Here

Minimalist & stylish organic children’s clothes? Yes, please! Tenth & Pine’s organic cotton kid’s clothes are made of soft bamboo viscose fabric, organic cotton, and kid-safe water basaed inks! 

Locally made in small batches by skilled artisans in LA and NY who aim to outfit not only your kids but also future generations. 

Price: Under $40

Sizes: Newborn – 6Y

Materials/Ethics: Bamboo & GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Made Ethically In The US, Carbon Offsetting, Sustainable Packaging, REWEAR Program

Location & Shipping:  USA

Shop Tenth & Pine Here

The Simple Folk was created by two best friends (and mothers) who were on the hunt for non-toxic, organic, versatile, and timeless children’s wear pieces. 

They were pretty disappointed in the selections and decided to create their own sustainable kid’s brand! The Simple Folk has taken social media and mom blogs by storm – it’s a massive hit!

Price: $10+

MaterialsGOTS-certified cotton & materials, non-toxic dyes, small batch production

Location/Shipping: U.S.A., ships worldwide

Size Range: Newborn – 10y

Shop The Simple Folk Here

Best sustainable kids clothing from The Simple Folk:

Shop1212 aims to outfit our kids with the best organic children’s clothes designed to be “lived in, played in, and snoozed in.” 

Everything is organic and fair trade – and you can easily personalize any one of your chosen garments to make them extra special! 

Price: Under $50

Sizes: Newborn – 6Y

Materials/Ethics: GOTS Certified Organic Pima Cotton,  Recycled Material, Eco-Friendly Dyes, Female-Owned, Ethical Manufacturing, Sustainable Packaging

Location & Shipping: USA

Shop Shop 1212 Here

Firebird is a zero waste kids fashion shop that encourages parents to resell and pass on their kids clothing once they grow out of it!

High quality materials. Timeless designs. Firebird’s fight against fast fashion begins by sourcing certified organic materials to product the best sustainable clothing for kids – in small batches.

Once the children grow out of these high quality pieces, parents are encouraged to send the pieces back via the “Pass It On” resale platform – promoting a more circular model!

Price: $40+

Sizes: 2T – 13Y

Materials/Ethics: Organic Cotton, Ethical Manufacturing, Small Batches, Circular Model

Location & Shipping:  USA

Shop Firedbird Here

Have little adventurous souls who love to spend their time in nature? Little Green Radicals is an organic kids clothing line that specialises in outdoor play clothes – let them run wild!

From nature printed shirts and dresses, to corduroy overalls and sherpa jackets – your little ones will be set for their next adventure with LGR.

Price: $15+

Materials: Organic and Fair Trade Cotton, Fair Trade certified

Location/Shipping: U.K., ships worldwide

Size Range: Newborn – 8y

Shop Little Green Radicals Here

The Canadian ethical brand Mini Mioche is ready to make us feel a bit of envy every time we look at our kids’ outfits. 

Their sustainable baby clothes are crafted ethically in Toronto with GOTS organic cotton and low-impact, non-toxic dyes. Their minimalistic wardrobe staples come in an array of different colors for ages us to 8 years old. 

Mini Mioche donates 1% of all mini mioche sales to organizations that t support children and help them thrive.

Price: $12+

Materials: GOTS-certified organic cotton, non-toxic dyes

Location/Shipping: Ships from Canada

Size Range: Newborn – 12y

Shop Mini Mioche Here

For ethically-made, inexpensive organic baby clothes with GOTS organic cotton and azo-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes look no further than L’oved Baby. 

They carry seasonal and all-year-round collections made to last. The brand’s Baby Footie styles are coveted by eco-conscious parents that aren’t ready to forgo style for comfort.

Price: $22+

MaterialsGOTS organic cotton and azo-free dyes

Location/Shipping: Ships from the US

Size Range: Newborn – 10y

Shop L’oved Baby Here

From newborn sizes, affordable organic toddler clothes, and children’s clothing, Le Petit Organic is hailed for its wide range of sustainable baby clothes. 

This e-retail store has curated the perfect collection of eco-friendly brands that offer sustainable, handmade, vintage-inspired heirloom clothing for all children. 

They have partnered up with a diverse group of minority entrepreneurs from all over the world to bring your child only the best of the best options in terms of quality, comfort, and style.

Price: $24+

Materials: Various eco-friendly materials

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 6m – 10y

Shop Le Petit Organic Here

Organic Kids Clothing made from the signature MORI fabric? We’re all in! 

The brand’s naturally breathable, thermoregulating & moisture-wicking material quickly gained a cult mom following as it combines two of our most beloved organic materials – bamboo and cotton. Their line of inexpensive organic baby clothes is perfect for ages 0-6, so make sure to check them out.

Price: $12+

Materials: Ethically-made innovative fabric, fair labor, transparency

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: Newborn – 6y

Shop Mori Here

Olen Organic‘s gender-neutral clothing reminiscent of Scandinavian designs. They make their collection in small batches using only 100 percent organic cotton. 

From pajama sets and jumpsuits to blankets rich in color and beyond, the brand has all our kids’ needs covered. Their pre-worn garments are also available for purchase if you want to take sustainability to the next level. 

Price: $12+

Materialssustainable organic cotton, pre-owned clothing available, donations

Location/Shipping: Ships from the US

Size Range: Newborn – 5T

Shop Olen Organic Here

Colored Organics is a go-to-destination for affordable organic kids clothing. Each piece is lovingly crafted from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton that’s safe for the skin. 

As for the colors, the brand uses water-based dyes with no additional chemicals!

Price: $26+

MaterialsGOTS-certified organic cotton, water-based dyes

Location/Shipping: Sold from Canada, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: Newborn – 6y

Shop Colored Organics Here

Kite Clothing offers organic clothes for babies, girls, boys, and women in the U.K.. 

The sustainable kids clothes are bright, bold, and utterly cute – not to mention made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. 

From t-shirts and knitwear to outwear, underwear and nightwear for ages up to 13, the brand offers affordable organic toddler clothes that don’t compromise on quality.

Price: $12+

MaterialsGOTS-certified materials, sustainable and recycled materials, OEKO-TEX-approved

Location/Shipping: Ships from the UK, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: Newborn – 12y

Shop Kite Clothing Here

This amazingly sustainable children’s brand, Monty & Co, is a family run shop based out of the UK. We love this organic kid’s brand so much because it is timeless, classic, unisex, extremely durable, and adorable. 

We especially adore their dungarees and take-back program!

Price: $50+

Materials: 100% cotton

Location/Shipping: UK

Size Range: 2y – 9y

Shop Monty & Co Here

This stunning organic and sustainable children’s brand is made in the effortlessly classic Danish way. 

Made of pure organic cotton and wool for the utmost comfort and versatility in the little one’s closet. Each piece is timeless and much loved by children.

Price: $30+

Materials: GOTS certified, Organic cotton, organic merino wool

Location/Shipping: EU and USA sites!

Size Range: Newborn – 11y

Shop Serendipity Organic Here

Nui Organics is all about building a sustainable future. Their sustainable children’s clothing are all made of the finest, most natural materials that are great for our skin and the environment. 

These high-quality, low-impact pieces are just what we need in our closets – and are perfect for all your organic needs!

Price: $12+

Materials: Organic cotton, Merino Tencel, Merino wool, Merino silk

Location/Shipping: U.S.A., worldwide shipping available

Size Range: Newborn – 6y

Shop Nui Organics Here

This post was about the best sustainable kids clothing brands.

Hopefully this list of 21 sustainable kids clothing brands has helped you on your search for the best options for your little ones (and your budget!). Organic kids clothing brands have stepped up their eco-friendly game and luckily for us, we can opt for the best organic toddler clothes made in the USA or Europe without compromising on comfort or quality.

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*This post was graciously sponsored by Crann Organic Organic Kid’s Clothing company. If you would like to sponsor one of our sustainable and education articles, please get in touch with us here.

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