15 Best Indoor Garden Systems of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

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Looking for the best indoor garden systems in 2024 to grow organic, non-toxic veggies from the comfort of your own home? 

Or maybe you’re on the hunt for an extensive indoor vegetable garden system that can combine multiple greens. No matter your preferences, we listed some excellent indoor grow system options below.

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This post is about the best indoor garden systems of 2024.

best indoor gardens

Halfway through the day, an oh-too-familiar, nerve-racking realization pops into your mind. 

You forgot to water your indoor plants – once again. 

Your leafy friends are wilting melancholically while you stroll the city. If only you could find a way to grow your healthy, organic herbs, plants, and fruits without lifting a finger! 

Enter: The best indoor garden systems of 2024.

Indoor hydroponic growth systems have many benefits. It’s proven that home gardening relieves stress, boosts creativity, productivity, and focus, and promotes recovery. 

But unlike traditional outdoor gardens, indoor vegetable garden systems can grow plants 365 days a year with 0 effort, all thanks to self-watering and automatic LED lighting. 

Homegrown, organic, pesticide-free fresh food and flowers grown hydroponically grow significantly faster than soil-grown plants. 

This is because the indoor garden kits soak the plants’ roots in much-needed nutrients that can be directly absorbed. 

These space-saving units consume almost 10 times less water because it is captured and reused. The plants only “drink” when they’re thirsty, to put it simply, yet, the water doesn’t run off when it’s no longer needed.  

We made a list of the best indoor garden systems 2024 has to offer, ahead so that you and your family can enjoy homegrown, GMO-free veggies and fruits all year round! 

What is an indoor garden system?

An indoor garden system is a setup designed for growing plants, herbs, or fresh produce within an indoor environment, typically inside homes or other enclosed spaces. These systems are equipped with various technologies and features to mimic and control the natural conditions needed for plant growth, including light, water, and nutrients. 

They often incorporate elements such as built-in LED lights for optimal growth to simulate sunlight, automated watering systems, smart features, and nutrient delivery mechanisms. Some systems may also include climate control features to regulate temperature and humidity. 

So, the goal of an indoor garden system is to provide an accessible and controlled environment for individuals to cultivate plants year-round, including winter months, regardless of external weather conditions.

Pros of an Indoor Garden

Grow Fresh Herbs Year-Round

An indoor garden system allows you to have a continuous supply of fresh herbs regardless of the season without needing much space.

Space Efficiency

Particularly beneficial for folks with limited outdoor space, small and large indoor garden systems can thrive in small living spaces.

Compact Size

While there are many larger systems, an array of indoor gardening systems come in a compact size, making them suitable for placement in kitchens, living rooms, or any area with limited square footage.

Wide Variety of Plants

Different plants, including leafy vegetables, can be grown indoors in a very small space, offering a diverse range of homegrown produce.

Self-Watering System

The convenience of self-watering systems, often with features like a water reservoir or water tank, is here to make sure that your best indoor herb gardens receive optimal water levels for plants. 

Hydroponic Growing System

Hydroponics, a common feature in indoor garden systems, allows for efficient nutrient absorption by the plant’s roots, resulting in higher yields. Many smart gardens on our list use hydroponics system solutions to monitor the water level every day.

Built-in LED Lights

Many systems come with built-in LED lights, offering customizable light settings to simulate natural sunlight for the best results.

Low Maintenance

Compared to outdoor gardening, indoor garden systems are often low maintenance, requiring minimal effort for maximum output.

Smart Features

Some systems incorporate smart features for remote monitoring and total control via smartphone apps.

Cons of an Indoor Garden

Initial Cost

The upfront cost of purchasing an indoor gardening system, especially those with smart features or larger units, can be a consideration.

Hydroponics Learning Curve

Hydroponic gardening is amazing, but not everyone is familiar with it. For beginners, understanding and mastering hydroponic gardening systems to provide enough water to the plants may take some time.

Not All Plants Thrive Indoors

Certain plants may not flourish in indoor environments, even in larger units due to specific light or space requirements.

This post is about the best indoor gardens for year round greens.

The Best Indoor Garden Systems of 2024:

1. Click & Grow

best indoor herb growing system

Click & Grow is on a mission to help us grow plants 365 days a year with the help of minimalist smart indoor garden systems with biodegradable plant pods that are packed with seeds and nutrients. 

The secret? A patented nano-material that automatically releases nutrients, oxygen, and water to your plants with no extra effort.

Currently, they have 6 different models available in an array of different sizes – from 27-pod large indoor vegetable garden systems to space-saving minis like “Smart Garden 3”, a convenient indoor hydroponic grow system with a power consumption of only 3.8 kWh/month. 

Additionally, you can opt for your own seeds or choose from the brand’s 75 + varieties of herbs, flowers, leafy greens, and more.

The result? Healthy plants grow 30% faster and require 95% less water!

Personal Review: I own the Smart Garden 9, Smart Garden 27, and the Click and Grow 25. Needless to say, I’m a tad bit obsessed with Click and Grow’s indoor gardening systems. They are super simple, fun, and easy to water. Plus, the Bluetooth connection lets me know exactly how to care for my plants. Our family has never had to buy store-bought greens or herbs again 🙂

Price: From $99.95+ for the “Smart Garden 3”

Discount Code: SKL % varies

Notable Features: 1-year warranty | Biodegradable plant pods | Automated watering system | Energy-saving lights 

Location/Shipping: United States & Europe 

Best Indoor Garden Systems from Click & Grow: 

2. Hey Abby

best indoor plant growing system

Hey Abby’s 420 edition offers versatile compatibility for photo seeds/clones and auto seeds/seedlings for a seamless experience for all growers. 

With an impressive 80% time-saving compared to traditional grow tents and potential cost savings of up to 90%, it’s an investment that pays off. 

The discreet design guarantees privacy, making it an ideal choice for indoor gardening enthusiasts.

For those looking for a quick learning curve, Hey Abby’s grow box OG is a very good choice.

It achieves high yields of up to 8 oz of dry flower, with most first-time growers getting between 3-6 oz.

Lastly, the grow box black edition takes it up a notch with Samsung LM301 EVO Full Spectrum LED, triple-connect smart USB ports, and a convenient R1 smart camera for remote plant monitoring. 

Best Indoor Garden System from Hey Abby: 

Price: From $699 for the “420 Edition”

Notable Features: Compatible with photo seed/clones, & auto seeds/seedlings | Up to 6 Oz yield dry flower | Fully Automated: Spend less than 10 mins per week | DWC system, comes with 3 months of grow supply & expert support | Wi-Fi 2.4G+Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity 

Warranty: 30 days refund policy 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada & Australia 

3. Gardyn

best indoor garden system herbs

Gardyn’s award-winning indoor gardening system carries a patented Hybriponics™ Technology uniquely designed so each plant has its own reservoir to drink from, saving 95% of water compared to traditional gardening. 

Gardyn customers get to choose a 30-plant starter set and, also plant food and accessories to grow the best produce.

On top of that, there is a super simple in-app device control to check on your plants 24/7!

Best Indoor Vertical Gardening Systems from Gardyn: 

Price: $999

Notable Features: Self-watering | Full Spectrum LED lights | AI Growth Tech | 100% recyclable single box packaging

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Location/Shipping: United States 

4. Aerogarden

best indoor garden system for vegetables

From countertop hydroponic garden system options to large indoor vegetable garden systems that can have more than 30 plants, Aerogarden’s units are hailed for their quality and modern design. 

Each model is packed with optimal 10W, 20W, or 60W LED grow lights as well as water & food reminders.

Just drop in the seed pods, add plant food and water, and voila! Your indoor garden will be ready for harvesting in 4-6 weeks.

Of course, you can mix a variety of herbs, salads, veggies, and flowers and adjust the height of the grow light as your greens grow.

Height Adjusting Indoor Garden Kits from Aerogarden: 

Price: From $79.95+ for the “Harvest Slim”

Notable Features: 6 plants 5X faster than soil | 20W LED grow light | Up to 12″ grow height for plants | Food liquid nutrients | Power adapter | Low water reminder 

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Location/Shipping: United States 

5. Rise Gardens

best indoor garden system 2024

Rise Gardens’ Wi-Fi-enabled and app-controlled, indoor hydroponic garden system deserves all the hype.

The brand equipped each unit with LED lights and a self-watering tank to deliver the right amount of water each time. 

Also, the indoor garden systems are self-fertilizing, which is even more convenient! It’s safe to say that they have the best large indoor garden system that can hold more than 100 plants.

Now, if you are interested in a smaller, display-worthy version, you can opt for the award-winning 12-pant personal Rise Garden in less than 30 days.

High Tech Indoor Garden Kits from Rise Gardens: 

Price: From $349+ for the “Personal Rise Garden”

Notable Features: LED lights | App-enabled | Voice controlled | Self-watering/fertilizing system | Automatic grow lights | Modular design

Warranty: 1-year warranty

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada

6. AUK

indoor garden growing system

Next up is Scandinavia’s #1 best-selling, low-maintenance indoor smart garden system, AUK

With precise control over light, water, and nutrients, AUK offers the perfect conditions for a successful crop, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned gardeners and beginners. 

You’ll have a fast-growing yield that keeps on giving, producing up to 152 bags of delicious herbs per year! No green thumb is needed! 

To top it all off, the package comes complete with AUK’s best smart garden system, four packets of seeds, coco soil, plant chips, and essential nutrients.

Just ask the 18.000 folks who already bought this self-watering system!

AUK Review: Effortless setup with clear instructions, making it ideal for beginners. The user-friendly design ensures a smooth transition from setup to plant care. Plants thrived with minimal effort, yielding impressive results. Highly recommend it for a hassle-free indoor gardening experience.

Price: From $369+ 

Notable Features: Includes 4 packets of seeds, coco soil, plant chip & nutrients | 2.4 liters, refilled every 10-20th day | LED-light, consumption 6 kWh or $0.5-1 pr. Month | Non-GMO, American seeds | Baseplate & pots are recyclable | Biocomposite plastic from France

Warranty: 100 days free trial, 1-year warranty 

Location/Shipping: Norway, ships worldwide 

7. Lettuce Grow

indoor garden system reviews

The Farmstand by Lettuce Grow is one of the best indoor hydroponic grow systems that allows us to grow herbs and all our favorite leafy greens with no soil.

Thanks to the self-watering and self-fertilizing system, the only thing you have to do is refill the tank with water and nutrients before you adjust the pH levels once a week. 

Plus, this indoor hydroponic garden system comes in 5 sizes that can grow up to 26 plants that you pick from Lettuce Grow’s 200+ varieties of pre-sprouted seedlings.

However, this model isn’t packed with LED lights, an outdoor spot with 6+ hours of direct sunlight is preferred. 

Best Indoor/Outdoor Hydroponic System from Lettuce Grow: 

Price: From $646.08 for the “18-Plant Farmstand”

Notable Features: Self-watering | self-fertilizing system | Modular design | 1 gallon of water needed per plant | Accessories included 

Warranty: 90-day return policy 

Location/Shipping: United States 

8. Vivosun

indoor garden systems 2024

Vivo Sun has all your plants’ needs covered. The brand allows you to DIY your own indoor hydroponic garden system from scratch by picking your preferred plant number and tent type. 

I love this because you can keep all your plants in their same pots and just move them indoors into the Vivosun tent!

Ideal for beginners and pro-plant-growers, their premium hydroponics equipment options include clip-on fans, smart grow systems, ventilation, pod pumps, and so much more. 

Of course, they also offer pre-curated indoor vegetable garden system kits in a slew of different sizes. 

Completely Customizable Indoor Gardens from Vivosun: 

Price: From $399.99 for the “1-Plant Complete System”

Specs: Powerful ventilation | LED grow light | Customizable design | Personal timer | Odor-absorbing

Warranty: 3-year warranty

Location/Shipping: United States 

9. Opcom

best indoor garden systems

Opcom’s best indoor garden systems are equal parts aesthetically pleasing and oh-so-practical.

Ranging from terrarium balls for succulents to large indoor vegetable garden systems for up to 50 plants that can grow up to 3 feet, there is something for everyone! 

Plus, the units can grow vegetables, herbs, sprouts, and fruits thanks to the app-controlled multi-wavelength LED lamps and automatic water management.

More importantly, most hydroponic garden systems are also modular and attachable to help you DIY your own farm!

Price: From $699+ for the “Grow Box”

Notable Features: App-controlled | 360° LED light | Bar built-in oxygen circulation fan

Warranty: 2-Year Warranty 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada

10. Veritable

indoor plant growing system

Featuring two adjustable LED lights with an auto-on and off switch, Veritable’s best indoor garden systems come with a large, 68-fluid-ounce tank that can hold water for up to a month. 

The brand’s 5 incredibly stylish smart indoor hydroponic grow systems help plants grow 3 times faster than in nature.

Lingot®, the patented eco-friendly refill, is packed with pre-sown organic seeds and nutrients and a sponge-like structure for optimal humidity control.

As for the ADAPT’LIGHT technology, it adjusts the grow light output according to the ambient light.

Price: From $169.99+ for the “Véritable® Classic”

Notable Features: Automated day & night cycle LED lights | THS | 1 harvest per week, 9,5W Or €7.21 per year | Made in France

Warranty: 2-year warranty  

Location/Shipping: Worldwide 

11. Torchstar

best indoor garden growing system

TORCHSTAR’s best indoor garden systems are not only super affordable (under $50) but also height adjustable and practical for small spaces.

This indoor grow system is ideal for planting flowers, herbs, succulents, peppermint, small tomatoes, and other types of plants with the help of the LED panel.

The light needs only 20W to produce 1150 lm of brightness, which will remain on for 16 hours and off for 8 hours thanks to the automatic timer.

What we like most about this system is that this plant grower light matches color light visible to the human eye to bring out the natural color of plants while still promoting growth. 

Plus, you can easily display it on your coffee table as a part of your decor.

Price: $49.99

Notable Features: Auto-timer | adjustable height | 120⁰ beam angle | High CRI95 | 24V low voltage power supply | Lifespan of 25,000hrs

Warranty: 2-year warranty 

Location/Shipping: Worldwide 

12. Ingarden

top indoor garden systems

This highly-reviewed indoor garden system kit has a grow light and 3 ceramic starter seed pod trays in mint, rose, beige, and black.

For starters, the multi-award winning, certified carbon-neutral brand uses vegan and USDA-certified organic superfood microgreens chock full of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Also, the hydroponic watering system combined with the energy-efficient and full-spectrum light ensures optimal and autonomous plant growth and nutrient density. That’s something every busy plant parent will appreciate.

Plus, unlike most indoor grow systems, this one has a stainless steel frame and a handcrafted ceramic bowl.

They also use s recyclable, eco-friendly cardboard packaging, which is always a plus.

Price: From 149.99+ for the “Microgreens Growing Kit”

Notable Features: Hydroponic technology grows microgreens 25-50% faster | USDA-Certified Organic Superfood | Energy efficient lighting | 3 starter seed pod trays

Warranty: 2-year warranty

Location/Shipping: Worldwide 

13. Roots Garden

self contained growing system indoor

Next up, back to the roots indoor aquaponic garden and fish tank. Yes, that’s right!

This bamboo indoor garden system comes with 3-gallon self-watering, a mess-free planter, and a self-cleaning fish tank to give your scaly friend a new home!

You can harvest organic microgreens from your aquarium in just ten days thanks to the fish waste that will fertilize the plants on top and the plants clean the water.

What’s more, this award-winning ecosystem is fully equipped with everything you need to get started – radish and wheatgrass seeds, water conditioner, a growing medium for your seeds to take root, water de-chlorinator, fish food, and even a fish coupon.

Last but not least, you also have the option to choose between hydroponics (just water + plants) or aquaponics (water + fish + plants).

Price: $99

Notable Features: Organic micro-greens seeds | Grow stones | Self-watering

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

14. Miracle-Gro

self contained indoor growing unit

Miracle-Gro is known as one of the best indoor garden systems for all indoor plants, including edibles – as many reviewers point out! 

The unit comes with everything you need to become a pro home gardener, like mesclun seeds, soil with nutrients, a reusable planter box, and a recipe card. 

All you have to do is add water to the soil in the planter box, watch it expand, and then sprinkle the seeds on top and watch the Miracle-Gro garden grow healthy greens for you. 

Plus, some options like the Miracle-Gro 12 (a truly classic design that fits in with any home) allow you to control the system right from your phone.

Price: $335.49

Notable Features: LED grow light | Bluetooth | Water-level sensor | Recirculating pump

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Location/Shipping: Worldwide 

15. DIY Indoor Garden System

indoor growing system with pods

Of course, you can always channel all your creativity into your own DIY indoor vegetable garden system – yes, even a homemade hydroponic grow system! 

You’ll need a reservoir to store the liquid, an aquarium-type water pump, LED grow lights + 3 more easy-to-find materials, as shown in this tutorial

There is also this amazing DIY indoor grow light system guide to help you build a 3-tier shelving unit in Under 2 hours! 

And if you are blessed with a beautiful garden, you can always check this step-by-step tutorial – it’s an inexpensive closed-loop system ideal for your veggies, fruits, and flowers.

Indoor Garden Kit FAQs:

How to choose the right indoor gardening system for you?

Size and Capacity 

When selecting an indoor gardening system, consider the size and capacity that aligns with your available living space and gardening goals. Compact systems, like countertop herb gardens or smaller hydroponic units, are ideal for limited spaces, such as kitchens or small apartments. 

Larger models provide more capacity for a diverse range of plants but may require more square feet of space. Assess your living room or designated gardening area to ensure the chosen system fits seamlessly into your living space.


Microbe management is very important for maintaining a healthy indoor garden. Different systems may vary in terms of fertilizers, pH balancers, and mechanisms to oxygenate water. Hydroponic systems often utilize nutrient solutions for optimal plant growth, and understanding the nutrient requirements of your chosen plants is essential. 

Some systems, like those with built-in pH balancing features, simplify the process of maintaining the right pH levels for plant health. Additionally, systems with efficient pumps for oxygenating water contribute to a thriving root environment. 

Evaluate the microbe management features of each system to ensure they align with your comfort level and commitment to plant care.

Ease of Use

Consider your gardening experience and how much time you’re willing to dedicate to maintenance when evaluating the ease of use of different small and large indoor vegetable garden systems.

Some units are designed with user-friendly features, making them suitable for beginners or those with limited time. Pre-seeded pods and all-in-one kits, such as indoor herb garden kits, contribute to simplicity. On the other hand, more advanced units, like larger hydroponic systems or those with intricate microbe management options, may have a steeper learning curve.  

How long do indoor gardens last?

The longevity of indoor gardens largely depends on factors such as the type of system, maintenance, and the specific needs of the plants grown. Most indoor vegetable garden systems are designed for durability and can last for several years with proper care. Regular monitoring of water levels, nutrient solutions, and light settings contributes to the sustained health of the plants. 

Opting for a good indoor garden system with lights that suit the living space and choosing the right type of plants also enhances the overall lifespan of the indoor garden. Pre-seeded pods and indoor herb garden kits, such as those offering a variety of delicious herbs, are not only a good idea but also extend the life of the garden by providing convenient and ready-to-grow options.  

Do indoor gardens use a lot of electricity?

The electricity consumption of indoor gardens varies depending on the specific system and its features. Efficient and smart gardens are designed with energy-saving measures, making them a good choice for those mindful of electricity usage. 

LED lights, a common feature in the best hydroponic and smart garden systems, contribute to lower energy consumption while providing the right light settings for optimal plant growth.

Larger models may require more electricity too. Plus, the use of soil-based systems or hydroponic growing systems also impacts electricity usage, with hydroponics often proving to be a great option for higher yields with lower energy consumption.

Can you grow vegetables indoors all year round?

You can easily grow vegetables indoors all year round with the help of one of the best indoor hydroponic grow system options. Since these units are packed with self-watering technology and LED grow lights, your plants and veggies will thrive without direct sun exposure, even in winter. 

What is the easiest indoor vegetable to grow?

The easiest vegetables to grow indoors are the ones that tend to grow fast. Whether you opt for an indoor grow system or not, herbs, leafy salad greens (kale, lettuce, spinach), peas, sprouts, garlic, carrots, and micro tomatoes are the easiest veggies to grow indoors. According to GrowVeg, radish is the fastest-growing vegetable. 

Do indoor gardens really work? ​

Self-watering, self-lighting indoor vegetable gardens work great because they exist in a controlled climate that requires little to no effort on your part. The plants constantly have the ideal amount of water, nutrients, and ample light that mimics sunlight. Ultimately, indoor gardens allow you to grow the freshest produce possible and monitor the plant’s growth by adjusting the growing conditions – if needed.

Is growing your own indoor garden worth it?

Growing your own indoor garden is totally worth it as you can produce healthy herbs, flowers, and many more plants without any chemicals all year long. Plus, you can save a lot of money by buying organic veggies while also reducing your ecological footprint.

In fact, according to NASA houseplants not only produce additional oxygen but also help you get a better night’s sleep. On top of that, many studies point out that gardening is a fantastic stress-relieving activity.

This post was all about the best indoor garden systems.

From large indoor vegetable garden systems that can hold dozens of veggies to mini indoor hydroponic grow systems for 3-5 greens & flowers, there are so many options able to meet your needs.

Of course, there is always the option of crafting your own DIY indoor vegetable garden system project as a budget-friendly alternative! 

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