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9 Best Bidet Attachments in 2023 For A Super Clean Feeling

best bidets
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Konstantina Antoniadou


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Looking for the best bidet attachments in 2023 to make your personal-hygiene routine a lot more eco-friendly? Check out our list of the most amazing bidet options including the cult-favorite Samodra & Tushy bidet attachments plus many more bidet must-haves that are definitely worth your attention.

This post is about the best bidet attachments of 2023

best bidet attachments
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It’s no secret that bidet toilets are gaining momentum – and for a pretty good reason. Blame it on the recent toilet paper shortage that made most self-isolating folks rethink their number-two routine, or simply on the fact that the best bidet attachments are an ideal addition to your zero-waste household. 

No matter your reasoning for wanting to grab a bidet attachment with heater or an electric bidet attachment, these divides are created with the sole purpose of shooting up an adjustable stream of water onto your private areas to keep your clean and fresh post-poop.

But aside from enjoying the fantastic sensation of lukewarm water jetting straight for where the sun doesn’t shine, a bidet attachment with dryer (or, without), helps you reduce the need for toilet paper as well. Along with not running through endless rolls of toilet paper —  which releases its remaining carbon into the atmosphere- using a bidet properly can also decrease the number of bacteria in your urine.

To help you stop whipping and start washing the right way, we rounded up a list of the best bidet attachments starting at only $31, below.

How does a bidet attachment work?

Bidets are a super-easy-to-install addition to your eco-friendly bathroom. It gets attached to your toilet seat to help you to help rinse off any fecal matter post-potty. To put it simply, a bidet toiler redirects a sturdy stream of water from the pipes to a nozzle that you control. Some bidet attachments are equipped with water temperature control which means that you can decide between warm or cool water with the press of a button.

Bidet attachments can either shoot at just the rear end, or have control between rear washing and front washing. Front washing is specifically geared towards women and is a wonderful way to stay clean during the menstrual cycle!

Is a bidet environmentally friendly?

The best bidet attachments are not only super handy but also very environmentally friendly. First and foremost, they significantly reduce the need for toilet paper — the average American family goes through more than 400 rolls of toilet paper. Each and every roll requires gallons of water to create and, of course, wood. Wipes that find their way into the toilet contribute the to pressing issue of  “fatbergs, which can then force the swear system to overflow and release untreated wastewater – yikes!

What is the easiest bidet attachment to use?

The Samodra, Omigo, and Tushy bidet attachments are extremely easy to use and install (and have also been personally reviewed by our team). They are also equipped with a self-cleaning nozzle that lets you control the angle and temperature of the water. Also, Toto is lauded as the best bidet attachment Amazon has to offer thanks to its innovative design and patented technology. Take a look at more amazing bidet toilet options below and do not forget to take into consideration the warranty and trial periods!

This post is about the best affordable bidet attachments 2023 has to offer.

The best bidet attachments for an eco-friendly bathroom

The Samodra bidet attachment makes it super easy to switch between cold and warm water with the press of a button. You can also adjust the intensity of the spray according to your liking. 

It comes with retractable self-cleaning dual nozzles; front cleaning for women’s private, and rear cleaning for men & women. 

On top of that, the entire device is crafted from high-quality metal, brass and ceramic, so longevity is pretty much guaranteed.

Price: $70

Functional Modes: Self-Cleaning Mode, Water Pressure Control, Dual Spray Nozzles

Warranty: 30-Day return and 18-month warranty

Location/Shipping: USA, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Samodra Here

The Whisper Bidet is a slim, easy-to-use and affordable bidet that fits just under the toilet seat (round or elongated) and draws fresh, clean, water from the water supply behind your toilet (NOT toilet water) so you can feel phenomenally clean!

Twist knob, rinse clean, dab dry, and you’re done!

Whisper Bidets is lauded as the best “tiny shower for your butt,” the brand’s affordable bidet attachments offer adjustable water pressure with a twist of its dial. 

They also come with a self-cleaning nozzle rinse mode and an additional “spray guard” for a mess-free cleanse. On top of that, the white hose is angled to disappear behind the toilet in case!

Price: $99

Functional Modes: Self-Cleaning Mode, Anti-Microbial Plastic, Full-Length Spray Shield, Water Pressure Control, Soft Water Sprayer

Warranty: 60-Day Trial and 1 year warranty

Location/Shipping: USA, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Whisper Bidets Here

No matter if you want to find a durable bidet attachment with heater or without the hot water option, the high-tech company Omigo is for you. 

The brand uses ABS plastic with brass and ceramic internal components Element+ is equipped with multiple water pressure settings and nozzle positions, yet, it’s one of the thinnest models in the market. 

On top of that, the dual rear and front sprayers are self-cleaning and safely housed in a protective case. 

The best part? You can also opt for an additional heated seat with a soft closing lid to upgrade your bidet toilet even more. Oh, and it’s available in 4 colors that fit both round and elongated toilets.

Price: $99+

Functional Modes: Water Temperature And Pressure Control, Self-Rinsing System 

Warranty: 90 day trial period and 1 Year Warranty

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Omigo Here

The Tushy bidet attachment has a cult, zero-waste following for a pretty good reason. It comes with a fantastic self cleaning SmartSpray nozzle that lets you control the angle and water temperature — from cool to warm water for a comfortable clean. 

All you’ll need is to connect the 6-foot-long hot water connection to reach your sink hookup. 

The brand even took our decor into consideration, offering 8 different knob color options including bamboo, platinum, gold, and bronze that are 99.9% germ-free. 

Also, this is not your typical electric bidet attachment, and thus, it requires NO electricity or additional plumbing. Lastly, Tushy is a carbon-neutral company that constantly offsets emissions which is a big plus.

Price: $149

Functional Modes: Optimized Pressure And Angle, Temperature Control, Automatic Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Warranty: 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee and 1 year warranty

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Tushy Here

If you want to give bidet attachments a try without spending too much money on a premium model, Luxe Bidet is a great affordable option. It is equipped with a chrome-plated water pressure control knob that allows you to adjust the water pressure. 

When not in use, the innovative self-cleaning sanitary nozzle retracts for hygienic storage. Keep in mind that NEO 320 is the only option that allows hot water connection and it’s still under $60. 

Price: Starts At $31.99

Functional Modes: Water Pressure Control, Self-Cleaning Retractable Nozzle

Warranty: 18-Month Warranty 

Location/Shipping: USA, Worldwide Shipping Available 

Shop Luxe Bidet Here

This electric bidet attachment is definitely not your average. Bio bidet BB-600 with a stellar oscillating spray does not only offer rear and front washes but also comes with an extra massage option and another, gentler mode for kids. 

The heated seat has an “eco mode” and you can easily adjust the water temperature. 

There are also many super affordable, non-electric bidet attachment options, like BioBidet SlimEdge, Slim Glow & Elite3, with responsive water pressure spray, alongside a braided metal water supply hose and a certified built-in check valve.

Price: $37 +

Functional Modes: Retractable Dual Nozzle Functionality, 

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Location/Shipping: USA, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Bio Bidet Here

Greenco is the most affordable and high-quality bidet attachment amazon has to offer according to the over 16.000 glowing reviews. 

“Literally have not felt fresher since starting to use this bidet. If you’re not using one you’re honestly missing out big time,” one reviewer mentioned. 

The brand’s best bidet attachment comes with an adjustable fresh water jet spray that has multiple water pressure setting to match your preferences. When finished nozzle will automatically retract. 

Last but not least, The attachment is made of durable high-quality plastic that does not rust.

Price: $27+

Functional Modes: Adjustable Fresh Water Jet Spray with pressure control

Warranty: No Warranty

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping

Shop Greenco Here

Brondell’s best bidet attachments are incredibly slim with smooth pressure-adjustment systems that allow you to control just how intense the water shoots out thanks to the ceramic-core internal valve. 

The models also come with multiple temperature settings and a conveniently self-cleaning nozzle that retracts when no longer in use. Other styles feature adjustable spray wands and also have options for left-handed folks. 

The brand also offers a fantastic electric bidet attachment for under $300. Last but not least, Brondell  Scored an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, the private non-profit organization that focuses on enhancing trust in the marketplace.

Price: $35+

Functional Modes: Self-Cleaning Nozzle, Adjustable Water Pressure, Easy Toiler Fit, 

Warranty: 1-Year Warranty 

Location/Shipping: USA, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Brondell Here

Toto makes some of the best bidet attachments with dryer options with multiple water pressure and temperature settings. 

Their award-winning, heated bidet toilet seat features an air deodorizer that neutralizes pesky bathroom odor thanks to its ah-mazing air filter. It is also equipped with an automatic self-cleaning nozzle and an innovative Warm air dryer with three variable temperature settings. 

As one overly excited user described it, “This toilet seat is a GAME CHANGER!! “

Price: Starts At $514

Functional Modes: Adjustable Water Pressure And Temperature Control, Heated Seat, Odor-Fighting Technology, Self-Cleaning Nozzle And Warm Air Drier. 

Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

Location/Shipping:USA, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Toto Here

This post was all about the best bidet attachments of 2023

Whether you are on the lookout for the best Bidet Attachment With Heater, an electric bidet attachment to up your me-time luxury, or a practical, affordable self-cleaning nozzle option for under $50 to give bidet toilets a try, the brands above will meet all your b-hole demands.

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