The 9 Best Non Toxic Crayons Brands for Little Artists

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Are you looking for the best non-toxic crayon brands in 2024 to give the toddler or baby in your life a creative push? We’ve got you! After reading dozens of reviews from fellow parents, we curated a list of top-rated beeswax crayons for babies, soy wax crayons for toddlers, and many more options for little artists. 

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Best Non Toxic Crayons for Little Artists.

Crayons For Babies 1 Year Old

Calling all artsy parents! The quest to find the safest non-toxic crayons is, by no means, easy. We want the crème de la crayons for our little Picassos. However, not all brands share the same level of safety concerns or love of transparency as we do *side-eye*. In fact, some formulas are chock full of lead. 

Yes, that’s right! Lead is a highly toxic metal that can be harmful if ingested or inhaled. Exposure can cause damage to the brain and nervous system, slowed growth and development, learning and behavior problems, and hearing and speech problems.

Let’s not forget solvents. Unlike our favorite non-toxic crayons, some regular crayons may contain solvents like toluene or xylene, which are used to dissolve the pigments and make the crayons smoother. These solvents can have adverse health effects if inhaled or ingested in significant amounts.

Luckily, 2024’s best non-toxic crayon brands rely solely on chemical-free formulas that keep your tots’ creative masterpieces as clean as a whistle. So, whether your little one wants to doodle, scribble, or create a colorful world, these beeswax crayons for toddlers and the best crayons for 1-year-olds are ready to play it safe and unleash their imagination.

What are the ingredients in non-toxic crayons?

Non-toxic crayons are made with ingredients that are safe for children to use and do not contain harmful substances. The ingredients list includes both vegan and non-vegan options, such as:

  • Beeswax and Soy Wax: 2024’s best non-toxic crayon brands choose beeswax and soy wax because they are natural and safe. You know, just like our favorite sustainable candles. Soy wax is made from natural soybean oil, while beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees of the genus Apis. 
  • Pigments: Pigments are what give crayons their vibrant colors. Non-toxic crayons use pigments that are specifically formulated to be safe for children. Of course, they are completely free from harmful chemicals or heavy metals.
  • Binders: Binders help hold the crayon together and ensure it doesn’t crumble or break easily. Some non-toxic crayons use natural binders like plant-based waxes to avoid synthetic additives.
  • Fillers: Non-toxic crayons usually avoid cheap fillers or additives that may compromise their safety. Instead, non-toxic crayon brands focus on using high-quality ingredients that are safe for babies and toddlers.

Are all crayons non-toxic?

No, not all crayons are non-toxic. While many brands prioritize safety and produce non-toxic crayons, it’s important to check the product descriptions to ensure they meet safety standards. Non-toxic crayons are specifically formulated to be safe for children to use, as they do not contain harmful substances or toxic chemicals that could be dangerous if ingested or come into contact with the skin. Today, you can also find an array of edible crayons for babies – but keep in mind that they have to be labeled as such.

How do I know if crayons are non-toxic?

Whether you’re looking for beeswax crayons for toddlers, the best crayons for 1-year-olds, or just a non-toxic crayon set for your own creations, there are some simple ways to determine whether they are, indeed, safe to use.

  • Check the packaging or labeling of the crayons. Reputablenon-toxic crayon brands are not afraid to show off their credential with pride. Look for phrases such as “non-toxic,” “safe for children,” or symbols such as the AP (Approved Product) seal.
  • Non-toxic crayons usually comply with safety standards set by regulatory organizations. In the United States, look for ASTM D-4236 certification, which ensures that art materials, including crayons, have been tested and deemed safe. Similarly, in Europe, the CE mark indicates compliance with safety regulations.
  • If you’re unsure about a particular brand, do some research. Visit the brand’s website or contact them directly to inquire about their crayon ingredients and safety standards. Again, non-toxic crayon brands will always be transparent and willing to provide information about their product’s safety.

Are Crayola crayons non-toxic?

While Crayola does state that they are entirely non-toxic and even safe to ingest (but not recommended, of course), we prefer the more transparent and petroleum-derived paraffin wax-free brands. Our main issue with Crayola is their lack of transparency: they refuse to share their full ingredient list because of their “proprietary nature.” One extra issue we have is the amount of lead found in Crayola crayons. While the amount is deemed safe for “toys,” we truly believe that crayons should be tested under the same standards as food – because of how many pets and children ingest crayons on a yearly basis!

This post is about the safest crayon brands for kids.

Best Non-Toxic Crayon Brands for Toddlers & Babies

1. Filana

Beeswax Crayons For Toddlers

Filana’s beeswax crayons for toddlers are crafted using organic beeswax and non-toxic pigments. No harmful paraffin or petroleum waxes, GMOs, or cheap fillers are included. Ever!

In addition to adding a delightful scent to the crayons, setting them apart from paraffin-based alternatives, Filana crayons are proudly handmade using ethically sourced beeswax in the United States, specifically in Colorado.

Ethics: Organic beeswax hand-poured in small batches

Price: From $15.95+

Location/Shipping: Ships worldwide from the USA

2. Crayon Rocks

Crayons For Babies 1 Year Old

Crayon Rocks offers a fantastic selection of sixteen non-toxic crayons made from soy wax. What we love most about them is the shape!

Occupational therapists and preschool teachers highly recommend them because they are specially designed to help strengthen the tripod grip muscles in young children, improving their fine motor coordination.

So, using these crayons encourages proper grip and control, making them ideal for early childhood development.

They are also rigorously tested for safety and meet the standards of ASTM D-4236, ASTM F-963, EN71-3, and CPSIA. They are non-toxic and safe for children to use.

Ethics: Non-toxic, soybean wax, vegan

Price: From $6.50+

Location/Shipping: Ships worldwide from the USA

3. Veggie Baby

Beeswax Crayons For Toddlers

Veggie Baby’s best crayons for toddlers and kids are made with organic herb, vegetable powders, and food-grade soy wax.

In addition to being vegan and free from wheat, no sugar, and no preservatives, these little cubes are extremely easy for tiny hands to hold, plus fun for stacking and building!

If your little one decides to chew on them, no worries. Veggie Baby’s products are, in fact, edible crayons for babies who want to explore everything around them. 

Ethics: Vegan, veggie-based ingredients, including food-grade soy wax, plants trees

Price: From $12.99+

Location/Shipping: New Zealand, ships to USA & Australia

4. A Childhood Store

Crayons For Babies 1 Year Old

A Childhood Store offers a fantastic set of 6 oversized handmade soy & beeswax crayons which are housed in a metal tin.

Touted as one of the best non toxic crayons USA has to offer, this set is 100% handmade using soy and beeswax.

Plus, these beeswax crayons for toddlers can go everywhere with you – travel-friendly, safe, and Eco-Friendly Biostone approved. What more do we need for a stellar coloring set?

Ethics: Natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly soy and bees waxes 

Price: From $12+

Location/Shipping: Ships from USA, worldwide

5. Earth Grown Crayons

Edible Crayons For Babies

Next up is Earth Grown Crayons–aka one of the most adorable non-toxic crayon brands in 2024.

What makes them unique is the adorable shapes and all-natural formulas.

You can opt for fish crayons or dinosaur crayons or choose the animal & bug sets. So cute!

On top of that, they are made from ACMI certified, 100% biodegradable soy wax, free from herbicides and pesticides. In other words, you just found the best gift for any toddler!

Ethics: Sustainable, American-grown soy wax and nontoxic earth minerals.

Price: From $7.49+

Location/Shipping: Ships from USA to USA and Canada

6. Eco Kids

Beeswax Crayons For Babies

Eco Kids’ non-toxic crayons are thoughtfully crafted to deliver a delightful coloring experience. With a smooth texture and vibrant colors, they effortlessly glide across the paper, and they are very eco-friendly too!

By harnessing the power of beeswax, we ensure that our crayons are safe for children and gentle on the environment.

The best part? They come in a slew of shapes to choose from. Think eggs, dinos, and more! 

Ethics: Beeswax, an all-natural, renewable, natural, plant-based, eco-friendly packaged

Price: From $6.99+

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada

7. Azafran

Honeysticks Crayons

Azafran’s non-toxic beeswax crayons for babies are clinically-tested, safe & plant-based. In fact, they are entirely made with soya wax, soya butter, and food-grade colors.

The options range from block crayons to regular, pencil crayons – all hand-poured in small batches. To top it all off, the products are vegan, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free. 

Ethics: Certified Organic, Non-toxic, Vegan & Cruelty-free 

Price: From $10+

Location/Shipping: India, worldwide shipping

8. Crayon Station

Crayons For Babies 1 Year Old

Touted as one of the most creative non-toxic crayon brands on the eco market, Crayon Station offers small dinosaur sets, transportation sets, birthday sets, and many more seasonal options!

In other words, you won’t find a better gift for the toddler in your life (or their friends). What do we love most about these giftable beauties? They are CE-certified and non-toxic!

Ethics: CE-certified and non-toxic

Price: From £1.60+

Location/Shipping: UK

9. Sea of Grass Studio

Crayons For Babies 1 Year Old

Sea of Glass Studio’s non-toxic beeswax crayons for toddlers are lovingly handmade from natural beeswax and quality pigments.

Sustainable chemistry at its finest! All products are crafted with care in a small studio in North Cornwall.

Plus, the natural materials are responsibly sourced and the suppliers are small eco-friendly businesses.

So, you’ll be supporting more than one small business, which is pretty awesome!

Ethics: Natural beeswax and quality pigments from the earth

Price: From £15.00+

Location/Shipping: UK

This post was about the best non-toxic crayon brands

As we wrap up this colorful list of non-toxic crayons, it’s safe to say that there are wonderful options available for parents who prioritize the safety and well-being of their children. From organic beeswax crayons for babies to non-toxic crayons for toddlers, these natural pigments carry rigorous safety certifications. You know, as they should!

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