Are you looking for the best eco-friendly and non-toxic candles on the market? Well, you are in luck! We have compiled a list of the 13 most loved sustainable and non-toxic candles to beautifully accent your sustainable home.

This post is about Non-Toxic Candles.

sustainable non-toxic candles
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Finding a great non-toxic candles in a world filled with scary ingredients can be a downright Debby downer sometimes. Just when you think you found “The One”, you find out another harmful ingredient is inside.

What makes the majority of candles so harmful?

It’s usually the paraffin wax (a petroleum waste product that is chemically bleached) which, when lit, create highly toxic benzene and toluene (carcinogens). I’m looking to relax and breathe deep – not breathe in deep amounts of carcinogens – know what I’m saying?

What makes a candle sustainable?

When looking for a sustainable candle, you want the ingredients to be sourced sustainably as well as the candle to burn clean – thus not harming our air. The two best types of candle wax are made from beeswax and coconut wax. The beeswax has a very bright flame that many eco friendly candle consumers adore. Always ensure that the beeswax and/or coconut wax are sourced from trusted brands and farms. Stay away from any candles with the word “paraffin wax” on its label.

We are so thrilled to have compiled this essential guide to non-toxic candles to keep you safe, relaxed, and healthy!

After reading through this list, we hope you will find some great new sustainable candle brands to support and adore for years to come.

This post is about the best non toxic candles on the market!

Best Non-Toxic Candles for Your Home

First up for non-toxic candles, none other than the amazing Be Ambiance Candles. It is perfect for eco-friendly warriors because it is made of 100% pure natural beeswax, and it is fragrance-free, paraffin-free, and plastic-free. It comes in a cute 100% recyclable carton, making it all ready to gift to a special someone. The wick is made of cotton and can last up to 65+ hours. You’ll love its natural honey scent! This non-toxic candle is also soot-free and drip-free. Plus, inspirational quotes are printed on the candle to keep your spirits high!

Price: $34.95

Ethics: Woman-owned, Plastic Free, Soot Free, 100% pure natural beeswax, 100% cotton wick, fragrance free, paraffin free, 

Location: USA – Ships to USA, Canada, and Switzerland

Wax Type: 100% Beeswax

Shop Be Ambiance Candles Here

It all began with a one-woman Etsy shop that believed that a DIY candle would grow into a company prioritizing the design, environment, and the community. The scents (even the candle) are like the finishing touches of your interior design – making you feel calm. Also, because they care for the environment, it is cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and made with responsibly sourced ingredients. Every year, P.F. Candle Co donates a part of their net income to local and international charities like Los Angeles Regional Food Bank!

Price: $28.00

Ethics: Vegan, cruelty-free, climate-neutral certified 

Location: USA – Ships to USA and Canada

Wax Type: 100% Soy Wax

Shop P.F. Candle Co. Here

Our next non-toxic candle is from The Little Market. It is a woman-owned, non-profitable, charitable organization that not only empowers woman they also help to end poverty. Artisans worldwide create the beautiful products that they are selling to help them extend their works and distribution to have a sustainable income. The candles are hand-made in the USA by women who settled as refugees. This candle uses a recyclable glass vessel, Coconut-Soy Wax blend with pure cotton wick. We love that it is vegan, phthalate-free, and not tested on animals.

Price: $44.00

Ethics: Fair Trade, Woman-owned, Vegan, Cruelty-Free 

Location: USA – Ships Internationally

Wax Type: Coconut-Soy Wax Blend

Shop The Little Market Here

Balance, calmness, energy, and inspiration – these are what these wellness, sustainable, non-toxic candles give to you. It is curated upon a proven blend of herbalism, aromatherapy, and Ayurveda. With the combination of their knowledge and science infused in their products, they found proven benefit in all of their self-care practices. Made By Yoke candles are made of a coconut-soy wax blend, essential oils, lead-free cotton wicks, and brass-plated vessels. In addition, it is phthalate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. We love their Dream Catcher candle – it gives a clean, fresh, and brightening scent that sets the mood in every room.

Price: $55.00

Ethics: Vegan, Cruelty-free, Carbon reduction, Woman-owned

Location: USA – Ships Internationally

Wax Type: Coconut-Soy Wax Blend

Shop Made by Yoke Here

Do you believe that living well is the key to happiness? Well, Dani Naturals does! That is why they curated a sustainable, eco-friendly, non-toxic candle that will bring joy to every home. It is made of Soy Wax and essential oils without harmful chemicals like sulfate or Phthalate. Because of their love for the environment, the containers are recyclable, and the packaging is 100% biodegradable. Their candles inspire relaxation with the different scents they offer, like the Passion Fruit Scent that is bright and fruity but not too sweet. It will feel like summertime every time you light this up.

Price: $24.00

Ethics: Leaping Bunny Certified, Sulfate-free, Vegan, Recyclable

Location: USA – Ships to USA and Canada

Wax Type: 100% Pure Soy-Wax

Shop Dani Naturals Here

Beautiful moments deserved handcrafted, eco-friendly, non-toxic candles from Ritual and Fancy. They are inspired by ancient herbal wisdom all over the globe to bring about a sense of balance and relaxation. Using therapeutic-grade and ethically-sourced materials like 100% Vegan Soy Wax, they made a bit of magic and produced a natural healing power with their candles and bath products. The packaging that they use is recyclable. I love these candles because each candle has a unique floral design using dried flowers and has a wooden wick. No nasty ingredients like Paraben, Phthalate, or lead are added to these candles.

Price: $32.00

Ethics: Woman-owned, Ethically-sourced materials, Vegan, Plastic-free 

Location: USA – Ships Internationally

Wax Type: 100% Vegan Soy Wax

Shop Ritual & Fancy Here

Who wouldn’t love a clean-burning, non-toxic beeswax candle? Mo&Co Home offers you sustainable, eco-friendly beeswax candles that are sourced carefully and thoughtfully. Their dipped beeswax is handmade with a cotton wick, and they use mica minerals to achieve the perfect hue. Why do they love beeswax? Beeswax has the natural scent of honey and flowers. Plus, when burned, it emits negative ions that purify the air. That is why it is the cleanest burning wax. By purchasing their dipped beeswax candle, you also help bee farmers. In addition, their candles are packed using recyclable materials.

Price: $15.00

Ethics: Woman-owned, Recycled packaging, 

Location: USA – Ships Internationally Via Made Trade

Wax Type: Beeswax

Shop Mo & Co Here

non toxic candles
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Are you getting stressed in your daily life? Atmosphere Threesixty offers an eco-friendly, vegan, and non-toxic candle that can help improve your surrounding atmosphere. Their aromatic candles are made of virgin coconut soy wax blend, essential oils, crackling wood wick, quartz crystal gemstone, and a reusable glass vessel. Harmful chemicals like paraben, Phthalate, and sulfates are not present in its ingredients. I don’t know about you, but I love that each candle is packed using eco-friendly sustainable packaging along with an affirmation card and guide of simple everyday wellness rituals. Reconnect with your inner guide with these wellness candles.

Price: $39.00

Ethics: Vegan, Cruelty-free, Non-GMO, Pet-friendly

Location: USA – Ships Internationally

Wax Type: Virgin Coconut Soy Wax

Shop Be Atmosphere Threesixty Here

You’ll surely fall in love with the next eco-friendly, hand-poured and non-toxic candle. La’ F.E.M. is a woman-owned business that desires to bring happiness not only to your home but also to your well-being. Each candle is composed of Coconut Wax Blend with perfume-grade fragrances. It is hand-poured on a high-quality glass vessel with a minimalist design to re-use and re-purposed. Their Gardenia Candle has the scent of Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Green Floral with a hint of Lemon Peel – which gives a fresh, inviting aroma to your home. Fresh, Eco-conscious, Minimalistic – that’s what La F.E.M. stands for.

Price: $34.00

Ethics: All natural, Ethically harvested, woman-owned

Location: USA – Ships USA and Canada

Wax Type: Coconut Wax Blend

Shop La’ F.E.M. Here

Be the best version of yourself with these wellness candles from Scentered Me. Did you know that artisans individually and wonderfully handcraft their blends? They use 100% natural waxes and natural blends of essential oils, which are sustainably and consciously sourced to ensure the quality and scent are at the highest rate. The packaging is sensibly designed so it can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. Reducing waste is also one of their advocacy, so they reuse and repurpose what they can during production whenever possible. Say goodbye to stressful days – STOP. INHALE. RESET.

Price: £16.95 – £49.95

Ethics: 100% Natural, Cruelty-Free 

Location: USA & United Kingdom – Ships to the UK and Northern Ireland

Wax Type: Plant-based Wax

Shop Scentered Me USA Here

Shop Scentered Me UK Here

Longing for that nature vibe? Isle de Nature will bring your senses back to paradise with vegetarian, non-toxic candles. Unspoiled nature is what they believe is luxury; that is why they created eco-friendly candles from Dominican Beeswax with sustainable soy wax and coconut oil. Furthermore, this perfect mixture is blended with top-grade, Phthalate-free fragrance oil to produce a clean blend, slow-burning candle for you to enjoy and relax. Plus, the vessel is carefully handcrafted using a fantastic translucent clay that softly illuminates from within to show the honeycomb pattern. By purchasing their candles, you also support bee farmers.

Price: $125.00

Ethics: Vegetarian, Plastic-free, Green Business Bureau Certified

Location: USA – Ships Worldwide

Wax Type: Dominican Beeswax, Soy Wax, Coconut Oil

Shop Isle De Nature Here

We are looking for sustainable products, but most of the time, the quality suffers. With Itemerie, you don’t have to choose between sustainability or quality. Because they offer ecologically responsible artisan candles. A piece of a candle is made of 100% American Grown Soy Wax with 100% cotton wick. A Premium mixture of botanicals, essential oils, and fragrances is then infused with Soy Wax to create the non-toxic candle. Have a luxurious feeling and sustainable home with these candles.

Price: $32.00

Ethics: All natural, Vegan, Ethically made, 

Location: USA – Ships to USA and Canada

Wax Type: 100% American Grown Soy Wax 

Shop Itemerie Here

Our last but not the least non-toxic candles are from Fontana Candles. The world is full of toxins, and they don’t want to contribute to it. That is why they curated an eco-friendly candle from Beeswax, Coconut oil, and essential oils that are carefully picked. Aside from that, they use a wooden wick and reusable jar. Because of this, they are named the Best Natural Living Product of 2020. You’ll also love the aesthetic of their candles. I can’t get enough of their Blue Tansy & Bergamot Essential Oil Candles. Moreover, the color is oh so relaxing, and the scent is light and perfect for a staycation.

Price: $10.00 – $19.99

Ethics: Made-safe Certified, Family-owned and operated, 

Location: USA – Ships to USA and Canada

Wax Type: Beeswax and Coconut oil

Shop Fontana Candle Co Here

This post was all about non-toxic candles.

Hopefully this post was super helpful for your sustainable and safe candle needs. We also hope you learned some valuable information and will know what to look out for next time you go candle shopping!

Thank you to BeAmbiance Candles for sponsoring this blog post and supporting our work.

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