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Are you on the hunt for some beautiful natural and non-toxic perfume brands? You’re in luck!

Our team has gathered the best nontoxic perfume brands on the 2024 market to restock your heavenly collection. You’ll learn everything you need to know about eco-friendly perfumes and why traditional products don’t abide by sustainable values.

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This post is about non toxic & natural perfume brands.

non-toxic perfume brands

Do you know what’s hiding in your brand-name perfume? Even the most conscientious shoppers feel shocked when they learn what’s in their perfume collection.

Brand-name fragrance companies rely on technically safe chemical ingredients to increase their profits, but you can outsmart them by learning about the most popular, all-natural perfume lines.

When you’re ready to invest in a new sustainable perfume brand, check out these leading companies. They have rigorous production methods and eco-friendly values, resulting in sustainable ingredients you can feel confident wearing.

What toxic ingredients are hiding in most perfumes?

Perfumes contain more than rose water and sandalwood. They can also have long lists of chemicals that trigger health conditions and pollute the planet.

Some of the most common are carcinogens and toxic chemicals such as:

  • Phthalates
  • Styrene
  • Benzyl acetate
  • Musk ketone
  • Methylene chloride

Spraying traditional perfume exposes you to these chemicals and may also affect those around you. The particles could irritate lung tissue for people with breathing conditions, even if you sprayed it on in a different room. Chemical compounds in perfumes contain strong scents that remain potent long after application.

Since over 300 million people have asthma and even more have other lung-related conditions, avoiding harmful ingredients that trigger breathing problems is sustainable and compassionate. All you need to know is how to read the ingredient list with each new potential perfume brand.

What is the best natural alternative to perfume?

If you want to skip the perfume aisle altogether, there’s another alternative you can try. Many people make homemade essential oil blends. Essential oils are derived directly from natural sources like flowers, fruits, and more. They’re nontoxic and all-natural, but they’re also potent. You’ll need to dilute them with various ingredients so they don’t irritate your skin.

You can find various recipes for sprays and lotions that don’t utilize any chemicals. Just use caution when creating new fragrances. Trusted and certified aromatherapists will show you how to use essential oils safely since many can be too potent when misused.

Pick your favorite scent with expert guidance and you’ll be minutes away from an eco-friendly, homemade product. You can make a scent that’s unique to you and also make memorable gifts for your friends and family.

How can I tell if a perfume is safe to wear?

It’s a good idea to avoid perfume products described as a fragrance. The bottle or other packaging should list the individual ingredients. If it doesn’t, the company likely cut costs by using unsustainable and toxic chemicals.

You can also tell if a perfume is safe to wear by learning about the individual brands. Although any product on a store shelf passed the testing phase, companies have unique mission statements that advertise their beliefs. Green or sustainable efforts mean the ingredients are more likely to align with eco-friendly values.

This post is about non toxic & natural perfume brands.

Best Non Toxic Perfume Brands

1. The Nue Co

best natural and non toxic perfume brands

You’ll find nontoxic, vegan perfume whenever you shop with The Nue Co. Each phthalate and paraben-free bottle uses scientifically proven ingredients to boost your mood and potentially improve your cognitive function.

Center yourself with each inhale by selecting the blend formulated for your unique mental health needs.

Price: From $48+

Ingredients: Bergamot, benzoin, pine, patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver

Ethics: 95% recyclable packaging, FSC-approved packaging, community-sourced ingredients, 1% for the planet

Location/Shipping: USA

Natural Fragrances from The Neu Co:

2. Ellis Brooklyn

best non toxic perfume brands

Bee Shapiro spent over a decade writing about beauty for the New York Times before jumping into the industry with her Ellis Brooklyn brand.

Each new fragrance line finds inspiration in written works like poetry, literature, articles, and nonfiction. The brand also uses clean ingredients to align each product with the Earth’s well-being.

Price: From $25+

Ingredients: Cedarwood, honey, magnolia oil

Ethics: FSC-certified suppliers, carbon-neutral shipping, organic ingredients

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada

Non Toxic Perfume from Ellis Brooklyn:

3. Sana Jardin Paris

Natural Perfume Brands

The Sana Jardin perfume line dedicates each sale to improving societal inequality and the environment. The locally sourced ingredients come from Moroccan farms run and operated by women.

It provides year-round employment for women without that opportunity otherwise. Each ingredient also becomes part of a product so components like excess flower blossoms don’t create waste.

Price: From £28+

Ingredients: Alcohol denat, linalool, cinnamyl alcohol

Ethics: Leaping-Bunny Certified, vegan, ethical sourcing

Location/Shipping: UK, ships worldwide

Non Toxic Perfume via Sana Jardin:​

4. Vyrao

All Natural Perfume Brands

Wellness is an entire-body effort, which includes your sense of smell. The founder of Vyrao launches each new perfume to benefit consumers holistically without harming the planet.

Recyclable glass bottles, sustainable partners, and recycled packaging make this all-natural perfume brand worth exploring. The ingredients will lower stress, improve your mood and align with your sustainable values.

Price: From $55+

Ingredients: Organic sugarcane alcohol, frankincense, benzyl salicylate

Ethics: Animal-cruelty free, plastic-free packaging, pesticide-free, organic ingredients

Location/Shipping: UK, ships worldwide

5. Mason Louis Marie

Non Toxic Fragrance Oils

When Maison Louis Marie’s founder first made candles with flowers from her mother’s greenhouse, she had no idea she’d one day use the same building as inspiration for a sustainable beauty company.

The Los Angeles-based production facility uses only nontoxic ingredients, so the planet and everyone who lives on it benefits from each bottle. Consumers trust the brand’s unique selection of fragrances when they want to try more floral scents.

Price: From $32+

Ingredients: Safflower seed oil, water, rosemary oil

Ethics: Animal-cruelty free, vegan, ethical sourcing

Location/Shipping: Los Angeles, California; worldwide shipping available

6. The 7 Virtues

certified organic perfume

The 7 Virtues offers perfume and perfume oils. The nontoxic brand creates both to empower women in war-torn countries.

Each organic ingredient comes from locally owned, all-natural farms and is processed in production factories powered by renewable energy. You’ll enjoy wearing this with the knowledge that your purchase helped people in need.

Price: From $25+

Ingredients: Essential oils, water, geranium

Ethics: FSC-approved packaging, vegan, ethical sourcing

Location/Shipping: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Canadian and U.S. shipping available

7. For Strange Women

Non Toxic Perfume

The all-female powerhouse behind For Strange Women perfume relies on only natural ingredients for their fragrances.

They believe perfume is genderless and therapeutic, so each product supports the health of humans and the environment while establishing sublime personal care rituals.

Price: From $12.95+

Ingredients: Capric triglyceride, triethyl citrate, water

Ethics: Small-batch production, vegan, wild-harvested ingredients

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

8. Define Me

affordable non toxic perfume

The award-winning affordable non toxic perfumes at DefineMe use sustainable ingredients to promote positive self-identities in each consumer.

There is a natural fragrance line, crystal-infused, line, and scent diffusers. Each purchase includes a donation toward global campaigns to educate young women in developing nations.

Price: From $26.95+

Ingredients: Sugarcane alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, bulnesia sarmientoi wood oil

Ethics: Animal-cruelty free, vegan, locally made

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

9. Dolma Perfumes

long lasting non toxic perfume

When industrial chemist Jim Payne became a Buddhist, he became committed to a vegan lifestyle. His foundational beliefs merged with his passion for chemistry when he began making essential oil perfume, and he sold his first bottle of non toxic perfume in 1982.

Since then, Dolma Perfumes has been a leading nontoxic beauty brand that sets the standard for cruelty-free, organic fragrances.

Price: From £3.75+

Ingredients: Alcohol denat, hexyl cinnamal, precious woods

Ethics: One tree planted per bottle sold, IFRA-approved ingredients, recyclable products and packaging

Location/Shipping: UK, European shipping available

10. Heretic Parfum

natural perfumes without chemicals

The fragrance team at Heretic Parfum finds inspiration in nature and the rejection of conforming to norms.

Heretic makes nontoxic perfumes that feature naturally derived and functional ingredients. The nongendered packaging ensures everyone can enjoy the fragrances for daily, day-long use.

Price: $20-$165 per bottle

Ingredients: Ambrettolide, sugarcane alcohol, patchouli

Ethics: Vegan, phthalate- and paraben-free, nontoxic ingredients

Location/Shipping: Venice, California; U.S. shipping only

11. Rainwater Botanicals

what is the best organic perfume?

People often seek natural perfume brands when concerned about the ingredients their body absorbs. The creators behind Rainwater Botanicals want to ease that worry.

The brand’s perfume oils use only nontoxic ingredients that come from nature, so your skin will never come into contact with synthetic fragrances or chemicals.

The packaging is also eco-friendly. Take each bottle and shipping packaging to your local recycling center when you’re ready for your next perfume.

Price: From $14.40+

Ingredients: Comfrey, hamamelis virginiana, rice bran oil

Ethics: Recyclable packaging, local organic ingredients, nonsynthetic extracts

Location/Shipping: Hoquiam, Washington; worldwide shipping available

This post is about non toxic & natural perfume brands.

And there you have it— you’re about to discover your next favorite natural perfume brands! Have fun trying new fragrances and researching your preferred ingredients. You’ll easily find non-toxic and natural perfumes from trusted companies that prioritize the planet’s and consumers’ health.

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