19 Sustainable Shoe Brands for Women to Love Year Round

Danielle Alvarado

January 9, 2022

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sustainable shoes women
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Are you looking for the best sustainable shoe brands for women on the sustainable market? Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the 19 most loved sustainable shoe brands for women that will complete that eco wardrobe of yours!

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Full Guide to Sustainable Shoes for Women

sustainable shoes for women
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Finding the perfect pair of shoes is already hard enough, but finding the perfect pair of sustainable shoes can seem down right impossible sometimes! As a shoe lover myself, I have gone through my fair share of rabbit hole searches, only to be left empty handed.

We are so thrilled to have compiled this essential guide to sustainable shoe brands for women for you today – you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. 

After reading through this list, we hope you will find some great new sustainable brands to support and adore for years to come. 

This post is all about sustainable shoes women love!

Best Sustainable Shoe Brands for Women

Stylish you say? This first beloved sustainable shoe brand is the perfect pair for your trendy outfit. We love this brand so much because their shoes are extremely comfortable, washable, and sustainable!  VIVAIA turned the PET plastics bottles that are floating in the ocean into fashionable and comfortable shoes. Moreover, they use recycled cardboard as packaging and deliver it straight to you to reduce the carbon footprint in shipping the goods. 

Price: $79 – $199

Ethics: Zero-waste process, carbon-neutral shipping, safe and fair labor.

Location: Europe and USA

Size Range: Women’s 5-10.5 

Shop Vivaia Here

A few favorites from Vivaia:

Our next brand also prioritizes living wages and strives to fight climate change. Nisolo shoes are designed and produced with raw materials that are durable, timeless, and have less impact on the environment.

Most fast fashion industries heavily consume natural resources and toxic chemicals. With Nisolo they ensure wastewater treatment, waste generation, and recycling. 100% of the leather used in producing shoes is from meat products that end up in landfills. They converted it and turned it into these amazing shoes!

Price: $85 – $98

Ethics: Safe and Fair Labor Standards, Climate Neutral Certified Brand, Leather Working Group Certified, Recyclable packaging

Location: USA, Ships to USA, UK & Canada

Size Range: Women’s 5 – 11 

Shop Nisolo Here

A few favorites from Nisolo:

Earth shoes mindfully crafts sustainable shoes that are good for you and good for the planet. Earth Shoes are constantly improving how they make shoes – using water based glues, natural rice husk, and rubber materials.

We especially love their sustainable sandals and eco-friendly sneakers!

Price: $100 – $245

Ethics: Safe and Fair Labor Standards, LWG leather, organic cotton, recycled materials

Location: USA & Canada

Size Range: Women’s 5 – 11 

Shop Earth Shoes Here

A few favorites from Earth Shoes:

We love how this next sustainable shoe brand develops slow fashion shoes and apparel to stop the cycle of poverty and help women who have experienced extraordinary circumstances!

Able uses eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton, in handcrafting their products to lessen the climate impact. The leather that is used in their shoes is sustainably sourced. Also, the water used in the production is recycled and purified.

P.s. We also just featured them in our sustainable denim shorts roundup!

Price: $38 – $158

Ethics: Recycled Mailers for shipping, Safe and Fair Trade, Sustainably Sourced Material

Location: USA

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-11

Shop Able Here

A few favorites from Able:

Next up is Veerah, a cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable shoe brand. They use innovative materials like apple leather and recycled plastic textile in manufacturing their shoes!.

What’s interesting about their shoes is that you can buy one pair of shoes and add accessories to have different looks. Veerah is derived from the word veerabhadrasana, which means warrior pose – a name that is very suitable for the brand for empowering women by giving back to the community.

Price: $129 – $398

Ethics: Cruelty-free, Vegan, Woman-owned, Recycled Packaging, Fair-trade

Location: USA

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 4-12 

Shop Veerah Here

Are you looking for comfortable, classic looking, sustainable shoes? Rothy’s innovative shoes might be just what you are looking for!

Plastic bottles retrieved from the ocean are the main component of Rothy’s shoes and bags. To lessen their waste, they use a knit method in manufacturing their products instead of cutting and sewing. As a result of exceptional design and production, they developed machine washable and durable shoes and, in 2021, they launched their recycling program to keep used Rothy’s out of the landfill!

Price: $125 – $185

Ethics: Recycled materials, low-waste production, Recycled Packaging, Fair-trade

Location: USA

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-13

Shop Rothy’s Here

Next on our list of must-have sustainable shoes is Cariuma. A very versatile, cozy, and stylish footwear company that knows all about that skater life!

Because of their love for skateboarding, the founders made sure that the design would be good for the people and better for the planet. They use eco-friendly materials like organic cotton that are responsibly sourced and pay attention to their worker’s safety and needs. Also, they give back to their community and fellow eco-friendly organizations to pay it forward. Classic white sneakers for the win!

Price: $79 – $169

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Social Responsible, B Corp Certified

Location: Brazil, Ships Worldwide

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-13 

Shop Cariuma Here

Our next sustainable shoe brand, Bhava Studio, believes in a more warmhearted approach to designing its shoes. They use 100% vegan alternatives such as organic cotton linings, hand painted embossed cork, and premium recycled microfibers. These shoes feel just as wonderful as they look! 

Price: $129 – $345

Ethics: Cruelty-free, safe and fair labor, all-vegan material, and ethically made

Location: USA

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-11 

Shop Bhava Studio Here

A few favorites from Bhava Studio:

‘m sure you’re going to love this next sustainable shoe brand – because I do. Wilding Shoes offers the best fit for your feet with its barefoot build. Our family wears Wildling Shoes consistently throughout the year!

One of the best things about this shoe is it allows your feet to move freely without restriction. Your feet are able to have all the benefits of barefoot walking without being barefoot! Moreover, using recycled materials and manufacturing them locally reduces its carbon footprint. These shoes will definitely be your sole mate!

Price: $79 – $168

Ethics: Locally sourced and sustainably harvested natural wool, Handcrafted by local artisans, Fair Trade Certified

Location: USA & Germany

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-15 

Shop Wildling Shoes USA Here


Shop Wildling Shoes EU Here

Made Trade, a fantastic sustainable marketplace, believes in being “ethically elevated” and has the most gorgeous selection of sustainable shoe brands for women. They choose to showcase brands paying fair and livable wages while also showcasing gorgeous artisanal masterpieces.

With Made Trade, you can shop guilt-free with their ingeniously handcrafted, responsibly obtained, and sustainable materials from the most trusted brands out there!

Price: $55 – $425

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Vegan, BIPOC-Owned, Recycled Packaging, Fair-trade

Location: USA

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-15 

Shop Made Trade Here

Next on our list is All Birds, an eco-friendly shoe brand with high regard for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They use eco-friendly materials like Tencel Lyocell and use renewable energy in their supply chain to lessen the impact.

Their design is straightforward – no flashy logo or unnecessary design. The shoes are very cozy on your feet that you can use all day long!

Price: $98 – $138

Ethics: Regenerative agriculture, Renewable materials, Carbon offset

Location: USA

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-11 

Shop All Bird’s Here

This popular brand made our list because of their social responsibility. Toms give 1/3 of their profit to Grassroots Goods – an organization that creates change at a local level. They also aim to expand the use of organic cotton, which is sustainably harvested.

Moreover, they also intend to reduce their carbon footprint and improve it year by year. We love how they have every intention to be more sustainable day by day.

Price: $95 – $149

Ethics: B-Corp certified, Earthwise, Plastic-free packaging

Location: USA

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-12 

Shop Tom’s Here

Everybody wants cozy, playful, feminine shoes that you can wear all year round. Fortress of Inca designs sustainable footwear from 100% natural materials. They have a collection of leather and suede mules that can work as a great staple to your wardrobe.

For Fortress of Inca, the people who are handcrafting their shoes are just as important as those who buy them. That is why fair wages, gender equity, and good working conditions are their top priorities.

Price: $130 – $275

Ethics: Handmade by local artisans, 100% natural materials, Fair-trade, Ethically sourced leather

Location: Peru, ships worldwide

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-11 

Shop Fortress of Inca Here

A few favorites from Fortress of Inca:

The first sustainable sneaker in the world. Veja produce sustainable shoes by giving a new life to waste and turning them into higher quality and more valuable products!

The team at Veja collects used plastic bottles and cotton recycled from the textile industry and recycled polyester as their raw materials. Their innovative B-Mesh fabric is light, breathable, and waterproof.

Price: $130 – $195

Ethics: Vegan options, B-Corp Certified, Fair-trade

Location: Paris, France | Available worldwide

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 4-10

Shop Veja Here

If you love wool as much as we do, you are going to love this next sustainable shoe brand for women. Baabuk’s entire line of sustainable shoes is made from responsibly sourced wool that keeps your feet cozy and dry!

Be sure to check out their repair kit to keep those shoes lasting even *longer* !

Price: $65 – $135

Ethics: Sustainably sourced wool, Fair-trade, B corp certified

Location: Europe

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-12

Shop Baabuk Here

I love this next brand; it offers lightweight merino wool shoes that are ethical and ecological. They use high-quality merino wool to produce and develop unique fabrics that will be transformed into sustainable shoes.

Giesswein has 0% material waste. 90% of the water used during production is recycled and they use 100% renewable materials. They also have a collection of vegan footwear that uses unbelievably comfortable cactus leather.

Price: $99 – $169

Ethics: 100% renewable materials, Zero-waste, Renewable energy

Location: Austria

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-11

Shop Giesswein Here

Do you want to be the center of attention at every party? This sustainable shoe brand will make sure that you’ll be noticed. This handmade footwear is made in Guatemala by local artisans in the area!

While The Root Collective’s sneakers are a big hit, don’t forget about their other amazing pieces. Their sandals are perfect for summer, while their high-quality and comfy wedges are a must-have on every women’s shoe collection.

Price: $148 – $338

Ethics: Women-owned, Handmade in small artisan production, eco-friendly material

Location: USA

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-11 

Shop The Root Collective Here

Bringing art to life, that is who Matisse Footwear is. They produce fashion-forward designs and unique shoe collections that will allow you to flaunt your style from the beach to the high street. Each piece is timeless and fashionable – you’ll adore them even in the days to come. 

Price: $55 – $265

Ethics: Family-owned, Made by local artisans, Zero plastic packaging, eco-friendly materials

Location: USA

Size Range: Women’s Sizing 5-11

Shop Matisse Footwear Here

This post was all about sustainable shoes for women

Hopefully this post was super helpful for your sustainable closet needs and you can *literally* walk away with a smile on your face. There really is nothing better in the fashion world than high-quality fashion pieces that we can wear over and over again – without having to worry if the fashion piece will stand the test of time. Let’s get back to adventuring and moving our bodies with mindful, slow fashion pieces that are built to last.

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sustainable shoes women
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sustainable shoes women
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sustainable shoes women
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