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Looking for the best organic cotton dresses online, according to dozens of eco-conscious reviewers? From ultra-chic organic cotton summer dress options and flirty minis to organic cotton t-shirt dresses ideal for lounging, our list has something special for every taste!

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The Best Comfortable & Stylish Organic Cotton Dresses In 2024.

organic dresses for spring and sommer

Just like our favorite spring and summer linen dresses, utterly soft organic cotton dresses too have a special place in our vestiary rotation. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite shows, conquering your to-do list, or turning heads at a wedding, organic cotton summer dresses have got you covered. 

Seriously, from brunch dates to dinner dates, organic dresses are versatile, easy-to-wear, timeless, and, most importantly, sustainable!

By choosing a 100 organic cotton midi dress, for example, you’re saying “no way” to harmful pesticides and toxic chemicals that are used in traditional cotton farming. Plus, organic cotton is free from genetically modified seeds, so you know you’re wearing all-natural goodness. Most importantly, GOTS-certified organic cotton ensures the health and well-being of the cotton farmers.

To make your hunt for the best organic cotton dresses the UK, USA, and Australia have to offer easier, we curated a list of 21 options worth living in for the seasons to come.

So go ahead, slip into that organic dress, and conquer the world one twirl at a time!

Is Organic Cotton Better Quality Than Regular Cotton?

Textile Exchange describes organic cotton as “working with nature, rather than against it.” Organic cotton farming centers on using place-based practices that promote soil health, and biodiversity, and consider the humans involved. 

There are a lot of myths out there, like the one about organic cotton using 91% less water than traditional cotton, but that just isn’t true. But there are some huge benefits we do want to highlight.

Conventional cotton farming typically goes hand in hand with chemically-intensive fertilizer, irrigation, and genetic modification as external factors to influence crop cultivation rather than working with the land and ecosystem of the farm. 

Truly organic cotton would be farmed without the toxic chemical treatment that occurs when a conventional cotton textile is stabilized, bleached, dyed, processed, and finished in the production stage. Organic cotton production usually offers increased worker protection due to the regulations and standards that must be met in the certification process.

Beyond just the production processes, organic cotton is often considered a superior product to cotton due to an increase in quality, softness, and durability. These improvements can be attributed to the lack of chemical damage that can occur in conventional cotton harvesting and production. Many with sensitive skin prefer organic cotton to avoid any reactions because of the chemicals used in traditional cotton processing.

How do I properly take care of an organic cotton dress?

Let’s dive into some fun and helpful tips for keeping your best organic cotton dresses looking fresh and fabulous.

  • Wash it gently: Organic cotton is more delicate than traditional cotton, so it’s essential to wash it with care. Use a gentle, eco-friendly laundry detergent, and avoid using bleach or fabric softeners to give your organic cotton summer dress some extra love.
  • Keep it cool: Hot water can be harsh on organic cotton, so it’s best to wash your dress in cool or cold water. Plus, this will also save energy and help the planet!
  • Air dry it: Organic cotton can shrink in the dryer, so it’s best to air dry your dress instead. Hang it up on a clothesline or lay it flat on a towel to dry. Your dress will thank you for the extra TLC.
  • Store it properly: When it’s time to put your organic cotton dress away, make sure it’s completely dry first. Then, store it in a cool, dry place to keep it looking its best. Avoid hanging it in direct sunlight, as this can cause fading over time.
  • Iron it gently: If your organic dress gets wrinkly, don’t worry – gentle ironing can do the trick. Just make sure to use a low heat setting and iron on the inside of the dress to avoid any damage.

By following these simple tips, your organic cotton dresses will stay beautiful and sustainable for years to come. So go ahead, rock that organic dress with confidence, and feel good knowing you’re taking care of the planet too!

This post is about the best organic cotton dresses.

Best Organic Cotton Dresses (Maxi, Mini, Midi, Tshirt & More)

1. Pact

organic cotton summer dress

Pact’s breezy and lightweight organic cotton dresses with pockets are every conscious gal’s dream! Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, the lineup of mini, midi, and maxi dresses is available in solids as well as patterns! 

Think tie-dye, florals, and an array of organic cotton tshirt dress options featuring stripes! AND with prices under $100, you can refresh your closet without breaking the bank. Plus, with Pact, you’re supporting Fair Trade-certified factories that prioritize safe working conditions and the well-being of local communities. 

And if you want to take your eco-consciousness to the next level, you can even offset the carbon footprint of your shipment.  

Price Range: From $89

Sizes: XS to 2XL

Ethics: Eco-friendly materials, Fair Trade Certified factories, sustainably and ethically made

Location/Shipping:  USA, worldwide shipping

Organic Cotton Dresses For Warm Weather:

2. Happy Earth

best organic cotton dresses

Organic workout leggings, organic t-shirts, organic cotton dresses – Happy Earth is the mecca of ethical fashion!

This certified B-corp also works with fair trade and WRAP-certified facilities, which means they ensure proper support for their garment workers and farmers.

So rest assured that your 100% organic cotton maxi dresses are as natural and kind as they are eco-friendly.

Price Range: $98

Sizes: XS – 3XL

Ethics: Woman-owned business, ethical, small batch production, GOTS certified, fair trade.

Location/Shipping: USA, Ships Worldwide

3. Reformation

organic dress

Reformation’s limited edition collection of organic cotton dresses runs the gamut from airy mini dresses and print-adorned morning dresses with smocked back bodices to organic cotton wedding dresses. 

Of course, you can also opt for sustainable wedding guest dresses made of 100% organic cotton. 

No matter your preferences, keep in mind that the brand makes some of its clothes in its LA factory and some at partner factories around the world. Heck, even their dying facilities are Bluesign and OEKO-TEX® 100 certified.

Price Range: From € 125

Sizes: XS – XL

Ethics: Transparency, living wages, certified Climate Neutral

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Chic Organic Cotton Dresses:

4. Amour Vert

organic cotton summer dress

Ready for some ‘green love’ in your wardrobe? Look no further than Amour Vert!

This fab Cali-based brand is all about chic and sustainable fashion, with collections full of flowy organic cotton dresses.

You can find everything from soft bodycon-styled mini dresses, organic cotton midi dresses, short sleeve minis, and maxi organic cotton summer dresses in a slew of prints.

Plus, they make their clothes in limited quantities, so you can be sure you’re getting something special and made to last. And get this – 97% of their clothing is made just a stone’s throw away from their San Francisco office.

Price Range: From $148

Sizes: XS-XL

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, zero-waste manufacturing, recycled packaging donations

Location/Shipping: USA

USA-Made Organic Cotton Dresses:

5. Threads 4 Thought

organic cotton summer dress

Threads 4 Thought is a Fair Trade-certified slow-fashion brand that specializes in comfy, super soft casualwear and long-lasting monochrome basics.

In other words, they are an amazing destination for the best organic cotton dresses, including 100% organic cotton summer dresses and fantastic romper dresses.

We absolutely love their line of ruffle tiered dresses, which is available in many solid and printed fabrics.

Also, this sustainable clothing brand recycles 80% of its industrial wastewater while also using a revolutionary dye technology that eliminates all harmful chemicals.

Price Range: From $78

Sizes: XS-3XL

Ethics: Sustainable materials, recycles water, innovative dyeing technology, eco packaging, ethical manufacturing

Location/Shipping: USA

6. Outerknown

organic cotton dress

From sustainable socks, and organic cotton sweatpants, to swimwear, sustainable denim, and some of the best organic cotton dresses, Outerknown has all our sartorial needs covered. 

The brand is all about sustainability, using organic materials, and promoting fair labor practices, and thus, all organic dresses are made using a heavyweight organic cotton twill that’s even softer than it sounds. 

You can also find hoodie dresses made of a plush blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester as well as 100% organic cotton maxi dresses! They’re soft, conscious, and designed for outside adventures.

Price Range: From $171

Sizes: XS-XL

Ethics: Organic & recycled materials, renewable energy, fair trade factories

Location/Shipping: USA

Lounge Worthy Organic Cotton Dresses:

7. Fair Indigo

100 organic cotton midi dress

This Wisconsin-based brand is all about crafting quality organic clothing that lasts for years! Every piece of their collection is made with organic Peruvian Pima cotton and eco-friendly dyes.

From organic cotton midi dresses with pockets and chic minis to organic cotton tshirt dresses for comfort-seekers, they have something special for everyone.

And if that’s not enough to make you swoon, Fair Indigo also supports educational opportunities for kids in Peru.

Price Range: From $69

Sizes: S-XL

Ethics: Organic fabrics, donations, ethical and sustainable, fair labor

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

8. Thought Clothing UK

organic cotton dress

Thought, the UK-based sustainable fashion brand, is on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry with their eco-friendly practices.

They’ve got it all, from stylish tops to cozy sweaters, to organic cotton dresses and beyond. Plus, they are a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), a leading alliance of companies, trade unions, and NGOs that promotes respect for workers’ rights around the globe.

So when you slip on one of their chic organic cotton midi dress or floral cami dress, you can feel good about not only looking great but also supporting a company that cares about both fashion and the environment.

Price Range: From £64.95

Sizes: 6-18

Ethics: Natural and recycled materials, responsible sourcing, vegan-friendly

Location/Shipping: UK, worldwide shipping available

Organic Cotton Dresses from UK:

9. Beaumont Organic

organic cotton dress

If you are looking for the best organic cotton dresses uk has to offer,  Beaumont Organic is the brand for you!

They are on a mission to create timeless, conscious clothing diving headfirst into the organic cotton, fair trade movement. Their fantastic organic cotton dresses can be easily dressed up or down and come in a range of prints or plain block colors to suit any taste. 

From black organic cotton tshirt dresses and breezy organic cotton summer dresses in midi and maxi silhouettes, the options are so many! Of course, the fabrics are all GOTS-certified and treated with low-impact, hypoallergenic dyes. 

Also, Beaumont is all about circular fashion, so they’re re-selling their clothes to new homes. In return for your donation, you’ll receive gift vouchers for a new item to treasure for years to come.

Price Range: From €135

Sizes: XS-L

Ethics: certified sustainable fabrics, ethically made in Portugal, low-waste manufacturing

Location/Shipping: UK, ships worldwide 

10. Universal Standard (Pima Cotton)

100 organic cotton midi dress

Universal Standard is one of our favorite sustainable plus-size clothing brands on the eco market. The materials of choice? Premium Pima cotton!

Their best organic cotton dresses, for example, come in sizes up to 40 and the company makes sure every style fits every body shape! If your size changes (within one year), Universal Standard’s got your back!

They’ll replace your clothes and send you the new size for free! Oh, and did we mention that any returned clothing goes to charities?

Whether you are looking for an organic cotton maxi dress, a sultry mini, a casual midi, or even an organic cotton tshirt dress, Universal Standard has something just for you!

Price Range: $110.95 

Sizes: 00-40 (XXS – 7XL)

Ethics: Premium materials, Fair Trade Certified, upcycling/recycling, charity 

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Premium Pima Cotton Dresses:

11. Toad & Co

organic cotton dress

Your research for the best 100 organic cotton midi dresses ends here! Toad & Co encourages us to “go sustainable, or go nude” since 1991.

That’s exactly why their sustainable basics clothing is meant to be functional, comfortable, and stylish so that we can wear them on an array of different occasions – whether it’s for work or leisure.

Aside from skillfully designed organic cotton dresses in midi silhouettes, you can also find beautiful flower-printed minis and an array of lightweight organic cotton maxi dresses! So chic!

Price Range: From $90

Sizes: XS-XL

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Bluesign & Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified, GOTS and Forest Stewardship Council Certified, circular fashion efforts, 1%for the planet

Location/Shipping: USA

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Dresses:

12.  Quince

organic cotton dresses

Quince’s lineup of organic cotton dresses won’t break the bank. Their secret?

Cutting out intermediaries and shipping directly from their BSCI-certified factories. 

Quince crafts their garments using recycled polyester, organic cotton twill, and silk, proving that luxury can indeed be accessible. 

Plus, the just-below-the-knee silhouette is hyper-versatile!

Price Range: From 59.90+ 

Sizes: XS-XL 

Ethics: Organic cotton, 100% recycled polyester, 100% compostable packaging  

Location/Shipping: USA

This Post Was About The Best Organic Cotton Dresses For Ultimate Style And Comfort.

That’s a wrap on our list of the best organic cotton dresses out there! Remember, when you choose organic cotton summer dresses, you’re not only making a fashion statement but also a statement for the environment. Soft, stylish, and otherworldly durable, these staples will remain in your wardrobe for years!

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