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sustainable plus size clothing brands


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Are you looking for the best sustainable plus size clothing brands that 2024 has to offer? We rounded up the top 50 high-quality plus size clothing brands that are stylish, comfortable, and made with the best materials on the ethical market.

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The 50 best high-quality plus size clothing brands.

high quality plus size clothing brands

Though the average American women’s clothing size is between 16 and 18, the options for sustainable plus size clothing seem to be quite limited. However, in 2024, many inclusive clothing brands have taken it upon themselves to dress each one of our curves in the most ethical way possible. 

To make your quest to find affordable sustainable plus size clothing a bit easier, we rounded up 50 fantastic e-destinations to score gorgeously-crafted styles that are equal parts stylish and eco-friendly.  

The high quality plus size clothing brands below are ready to upgrade our sartorial arsenal with gorgeous tops, bottoms, outerwear, undies, and swimwear – all crafted ethically and consciously!

What size is considered “plus size”?

The term “plus size” is used to indicate clothing sizes that are above the standard or average range. While there is no universally defined “rule”, plus size generally refers to sizes 14 and above in the United States. However, the definition of plus size may vary between countries, brands, and fashion industry standards. In the UK, for example, A plus- size woman is generally UK size 12 or above. For the sake of this article, we are featuring brands that offer clothing over a size XL. 

Who makes the highest quality plus size clothing?

There are loads of sustainable plus size clothing brands ready to outfit us with high quality plus size clothing from day to night. Universal Standard, Altar, The Standard Stitch, and Big Bud Press are only a few companies that deserve to be on your radar. Have a look at our curated list below for even more amazing brands!

Who is the most size inclusive brand in the slow fashion world?

While there are many size-inclusive brands out there, Smart Glamour, Loud Bodies, Universal Standard, and On The Plus Side are by far the most sustainable plus size clothing brands in 2024. For reference, Smart Glamour goes up to 15XL. How cool is that?

Are more sustainable brands going to increase their size range?

Finding stylish and high quality plus size clothing used to be an impossible task; however, in 2024, more and more sustainable fashion brands are striving to increase their size range. As the fashion industry becomes more aware of the importance of diversity and inclusivity, many sustainable brands are recognizing the need to cater to a broader range of body types. So yes, more companies will join the size-inclusivity movement very soon.

This post is about the best plus size clothing brands in 2024.

The Best Sustainable Plus Size Clothing Brands!

1. Hernest Project

luxury plus size clothing

Hernest Project embodies the true essence of slow fashion by prioritizing sustainable materials like organic cotton, linen, and Tencel in crafting their comfy and conscious lounge and sleepwear.

Moreover, just like all our favorite sustainable plus-size clothing brands, Hernest Project strongly emphasizes ethical production practices.

It maintains partnerships with small family-run factories in Portugal certified by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Size: XS-4XL

Price Range: From $30

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Made In Portugal, Fair Wear Foundation-Certified, Donations

Shipping/Location: Canada, ships to Canada, USA, Europe, NZ, and Australia 

2. Universal Standard

high quality plus size clothing

Universal Standard isn’t afraid to point out that, sometimes, the world isn’t “made” for women above a specific size. But their affordable, sustainable plus-size clothing range is on a mission to change this outdated theory once and for all. 

They are hailed as the world’s most inclusive apparel brand thanks to their size range and “See It In Your Size” option, which allows customers to have more than just one frame of reference.

Size Range: 00-40 (XXS – 8XL)

Price: $35+

Ethics: Premium materials, Fair Trade Certified, upcycling/recycling, charity

Location/Shipping: Sold from the United States, international shipping

3. Unbelts

best comfortable plus size clothing brands

Just as the name suggests, Unbelts crafts stretch belts for adults and kids that make pants fit perfectly without bumps or gaps.

The Yarn is made from recycled water bottles through zero-waste manufacturing methods. What’s more, the belts are beep-free through airport security and comfy when you’re sitting for hours. Custom sizing is also available.

The best part? This sustainable plus size clothing brand offers a lifetime guarantee!

Size: Fits various sizes

Price Range: From $45

Ethics: recycled materials, B-certified corporation, fair wages,zero-waste manufacturing

Shipping/Location: USA, international shipping

4. Knickey

organic plus size underwear

Knickey‘s thoughtfully designed 100% cotton underwear aims to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day and night, regardless of your size or aesthetic preferences.

With certifications from Fair Trade, GOTS, and OEKO-TEX, you can trust that your new favorite bras, low-rise bikinis, thongs, hipsters, and briefs are fashionable and environmentally responsible.

You can choose from an array of gorgeous colors and prints to curate your ideal underwear rotation.

Size: XS-3XL

Price Range: From $17

Ethics: Recycled Packaging GOTS & OEKO-TEX Certified Organic & Sustainable Materials

Shipping/Location: USA, ships to most countries

5. Tom Boy X

best plus size brands

Hailed as one of the most inclusive and fun plus-size brands of 2024, TomboyX is ready to ship gender-neutral pieces crafted with OEKO-Tex-certified fabrics to your doorstep!

From organic period panties, affordable sustainable swimwear, and stylish PFAS-free leggings created with antibacterial, odor-resistant, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics, there’s something for everybody!

To top it all off, TomboyX has partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality to support transgender rights and inclusivity.

Size: 3XS – 6XL 

Price Range: From $26.99

Ethics: Sustainable materials, fair labor, ethical manufacturing practices

Shipping/Location: USA

6. Girlfriend Collective

the best sustainable plus size clothing

On the hunt for a size-inclusive place to choose stylish clothes with sizes going up to 6XL? The Girlfriend Collective ensures every beautiful body finds its perfect fit in organic cotton sweatpants, eco hoodies, undies, and leggings. All Sa8000 Fair Trade Certified, of course! 

It’s also a haven for recycling old clothes that can’t find a new home. Their range is not only affordable but also a celebration of curves, giving you that flawless, smooth fit you’ve always wanted. 

Size: XXS-6XL 

Price Range: From $36+ 

Ethics: Made from recycled materials, planting trees with our community, apart of Tatiana Ringsby community 

Location/shipping: USA, ships to Australia, Canada, UK 

7. Loud Bodies

best ethical plus size clothing brands

Loud Bodies, a Romania-based fashion brand, is making waves in the industry with its ethical practices and commitment to size inclusivity.

Leading the charge towards inclusivity, Loud Bodies has proven that fashion can embrace diversity and cater to all body types.

Their awe-inspiring collection, which boasts stunning designs adorned with look-at-me-know prints and reminiscent of the vibrant ’70s era, proves that it is possible to include everyone. The materials of choice? GOTS-certified Ecovero!

Size: XXS- 10XL

Price Range: From € 50

Ethics: Sustainable materials, made in small batches, inclusivity, fair wages, 

Shipping/Location: Romania, worldwide shipping

8. Smart Glamour

top high quality plus size clothing brands

Smart Glamour’s affordable sustainable plus-size clothing collections are handmade in the US using fabrics (cotton-based with spandex) purchased from small local businesses.

They dedicate their clothing to all shapes, sizes, heights, ages, identities, and styles!

Size Range: XXS to 15XL

Price: $60+

Ethics: Fair labor, ethical production, woman-owned, small-batch production

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

9. On the Plus side

high quality plus size brands

The affordable sustainable plus size clothing brand On The Plus Side is dedicated to revolutionizing the market by providing a diverse selection of utterly fashionable high quality plus-size clothing that fits flawlessly. 

The clothing is made in a fair work environment, and the company is committed to using sustainable techniques in its manufacturing and headquarters.

Over 90% of the apparel is created from natural fabrics that are both eco-friendly and comfortable to meet all your sartorial needs.

Size Range: XS-8XL

Price: $49+

Ethics: Ethical labor standards, eco-friendly business practices

Location/Shipping: USA, also ships to Canada

10. Tuesday of California

best eco-friendly plus size brands

Tuesday of California aims to outfit us with versatile, timeless, and high quality plus size clothing pieces that can be effortlessly incorporated into any wardrobe.

We absolutely love their vibrant dresses and wear-me-everywhere skirts! They prioritize eco-conscious practices throughout their supply chain, including ethical manufacturing processes and fair labor practices.

By partnering with local artisans and manufacturers, they ensure transparency and maintain a small environmental footprint. Plus, they offer a take-back program, encouraging customers to return their old Tuesday of California items for recycling or upcycling. 

Size: XXS-8XL

Price Range: From $154

Ethics: sustainable materials, made in California, preloved and take-back programs 

Shipping/Location: USA

11. Big Bud Press

high quality plus size clothing brands

This small, unisex, and sustainable plus-size clothing brand aims to soak us in the most vibrant, unapologetic colors produced in the heart of California. 

Big Bud Press is touted as one of the most inclusive clothing brands for all genders who want to make a statement with their fashion choices. 

Size Range: XXS to 7XL

Price: $68+

Ethics: Ethical and local manufacturing practices, natural & sustainable fabrics, non-toxic dyes, hand-dyed

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping

12. Altar

organic plus size brands

The affordable sustainable plus size clothing  Altar focuses on alternative and custom apparel, apothecary, and gifts that emphasize “zero waste” protocol in their production methods. 

The brand honors independent manufacturers and artists from across North America, highlighting beautiful stories through their work paired up with sustainable deadstock materials.

Size Range: S to 6XL

Price: $68+

Ethics: Deadstock materials, fair labor, “zero waste” production methods

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

13. Buttercream Clothing

fashionable plus size clothing

Granted, ethical manufacturing is possible anywhere in the world, but the high-quality plus size clothing Buttercream Clothing decided to keep things locally in Canada. And we dig that.

Their business model is based on pre-sales, which means that each garment is made-to-order just for you. No excessive inventory and resources!

There are so many options, from flowy dresses and easy-to-wear tops to breezy skirts and figure-flattering trousers! Just keep in mind that pre-sale pieces ship in approximately 8-10 weeks.

Size Range: XS – 6XL

Price: $59+

Ethics: Ethical production, made-to-order, local manufacturing

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships internationally

14. Igigi

eco-friendly plus size clothing brands

Igigi is an award-winning plus size American designer brand for women who aren’t afraid to show off their curves.

Instead of uncomfortable seams and unflattering elements that dig into our skin, the sustainable brand offers fantastically comfortable prices with no constraining waistbands or seams that pull when you move.

From officewear to formalwear, you can feel sexy in their exclusive custom-designed and custom-fit, high quality plus size clothing staples.

Size: 12-30 (custom sizes available)

Price Range: From $165

Ethics: Sustainable materials, ethically hand-sewn in USA or Mexico, 3D model patterns

Shipping/Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

15. Happy Earth Apparel

Happy earth plus size

With a strong focus on quality and attention to detail, Happy Earth stands out by carefully sourcing premium fabrics to create gorgeous organic cotton plant-based clothing.

The sustainable plus-size clothing brand is a certified B-corp brand and incorporates its eco-friendly values into every stage of the garment’s lifecycle.

With every item purchased, Happy Earth gives back to protect our planet. Think tree planting, picking up trash, and fighting climate change!

Size Range: XS-3XL

Price: $32+

Ethics: B-corp, plant-based fabrics, Ethical production

Location/Shipping: USA, ships internationally

16. Alder Apparel

eco-friendly plus size clothing

Lauded as one of the best sustainable plus size clothing brands, Alder Apparel is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be outdoorsy through a collection of six pieces that fit seamlessly. 

The affordable sustainable plus size clothing brand’s purpose is to increase inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability by using eco-friendly textiles such as Lenzing modal, recycled polyester, and nylon to “Leave it [the world] better than we found it.” 

Size Range: S-6XL

Price: $50+

Ethics: Sustainable & recycled fabrics, fair labor, recyclable tags

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada

17. Sotela

organic plus size clothin

Sotela strives to help us accept and embrace the constant changes we see in our bodies. 

Instead of squeezing our curves into restrictive clothing, this brand offers both size inclusivity and extreme flexibility using natural fabrics like Tencel and linen to create high quality plus size clothing.

They carry a non-traditional size chart to take the stigma off curvy bodies and lead the way to a more comfy lifestyle.

Size Range: Sotela uses a different approach to sizing – you will need to measure yourself and follow their sizing guidelines.

Price: $199+

Ethics: Made-to-order, natural & sustainable fabrics

Location/Shipping: Sold from The United States, worldwide shipping

18. The Standard Stitch

stlyish plus size clothing

“Create clothing that is as gentle on the world as they are on your body — EVERY body,” is the motto behind The Standard Stitch’s sustainable line. 

With sizes ranging from XXS to 5XL, it’s achieving just that. Every style is manufactured with recycled and/or organic cotton to match your existing wardrobe staples seamlessly. 

Their bold, vibrant hues are also made with safe and low-impact dyes.

Size Range: XS to 5XL

Price: $52+

Ethics: Organic & sustainable fabrics, ethical labor, nontoxic dyes, eco-friendly packaging

Location/Shipping: USA, International Shipping

Discount: SKL20 for 20% off

19. Londre Swim

best organic plus size clothing

Londre’s stunning collection of plus-size swimwear is a vibrant celebration of color and captivating prints.

These swimsuits feature ultra-feminine silhouettes and are lovingly crafted with a strong commitment to ethical practices and the use of recycled materials.

All pieces are made from recycled plastic waste sourced from certified factories adhering to OEKO-Tex standards.

Remarkably, they have repurposed over 750,000 plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended up on our beaches, transforming them into high-quality, eco-friendly swimwear.

Size: XS – 5XL

Price Range: From $49

Ethics: Sustainable and recycled materials, biodegradable packaging, OEKO-TEX-certified factory

Shipping/Location: Canada, ships to the USA

20. Oge Ajibe

best sustainable plus size brands

This sustainable plus-size clothing brand was created with ethical production, sustainability, and inclusivity in mind. 

Oge Ajibe’s owner believes that “ people should feel beautiful in their own skin; color, body size and everything in between” without compromising on her sustainability pledge. 

Size Range: XS to 5XL

Price: $50+

Ethics: Eco-friendly materials, responsible manufacturing

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships to the USA

21. Hara the Label

best eco-friendly plus size clothing

HARA the Label is a gorgeous plus size clothing brand dedicated to revolutionizing the world of fashion with sustainable practices made of bamboo.

Their collection features irresistibly soft underwear, bras, and garments that are crafted from bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource requiring minimal space and resources compared to conventional fiber sources.

What sets HARA apart is its use of natural, plant-based dyes and its commitment to ethical production methods, all proudly crafted in Australia.

Size: XS-5XL

Price Range: From $24+

Ethics: Plant Dyed Bamboo Lyocell, Ethical Production, Made In Australia

Shipping/Location: Australia, ships worldwide

22. Free Label

best eco-friendly plus size clothing brands

The sustainable plus size clothing brand Free Label uses eco fabrics, such as linen and Tencel, as well as American-grown and OEKO-TEX certified to create wardrobe staples for every curvy woman to enjoy. 

Size Range: XS to 5XL

Price: $89+

Ethics: Eco-friendly materials, responsible manufacturing

Location/Shipping: Canada, worldwide shipping

23. Origami Customs

best eco-friendly plus size brands

Origami Customs is a remarkable sustainable plus size clothing brand for lingerie and swimwear that stands out for its strong social consciousness. This brand takes pride in creating inclusive lingerie for individuals of all genders.

The founder, a Non-Binary Queer Femme with a Transmasculine partner, has a deep understanding of the community’s unique needs and offers fully customizable options to cater to diverse gender identities.

Handmade with care in Montreal, Origami Customs follows sustainable practices and embodies the essence of “slow fashion.

Size: XXS-5XL (custom sizing)

Price Range: From $28

Ethics: sustainable materials, free custom sizing, gender equality, hyperlocal manufacturing, ethical labor, trans-owned

Shipping/Location: Canada, international shipping

Discount: Community for 15% off!

24. Encircled

best eco-friendly plus size brands

Encircled is one of our favorite slow fashion brands on a mission to help us build a conscious wardrobe filled with ethical clothing while minimizing social and environmental impact.

This female-founded business is committed to using organic and regenerated fibers, including Modal, Tencel Lyocell, Bamboo, and organic cotton, reinforcing their circular approach.

By producing their high-quality plus size clothing in small batches, Encircled creates versatile pieces suitable for both work and leisure.

What’s more, Encircled offers pre-curated capsule wardrobe suggestions known as “Kits.” These thoughtfully curated assortments include jumpsuits, blazers, skirts, tops, bottoms, and dresses that effortlessly enable you to create a variety of stylish outfits.

Size: XXS-4XL

Price Range: From $50

Ethics: Organic And Regenerated Materials, Oeko-Tex Standard 100® Certified, B-Certified Corporation, Female-Owned, Size-Inclusive

Shipping/Location: Canada, ships worldwide

25. Tradlands

zero waste plus size clothing

Tradlands is a brand that aims to create women’s business clothes that will become cherished wardrobe staples, worn again and again.

Their entire clothing collection is thoughtfully crafted using organic fabrics like linen and Tencel, ensuring both comfort and durability.

What’s even more remarkable is that every order contributes to the fight against deforestation through donations.

Additionally, Tradlands offers a pre-loved corner where you can explore secondhand pieces at discounted prices, making it an excellent option for your work-from-home attire, casual city strolls, and semi-formal outings.

Size: 2XS-4XL

Price Range: From $55

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Size Inclusivity, Donations, Secondhand Options

Shipping/Location: USA, Free International Shipping

26. Wulfka

ethical plus size clothings

Wulfka is best known for its gorgeous sustainable knitwear, which is adorned with unique design details that certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Their materials of choice? Eco-friendly French Terry fabric is Oeko-Tex certified Tencel and Organic Cotton.

To top it all off, the small, independent fashion company in Chicago sews every piece locally in their Irving Park neighborhood studio!

Size: 2XS-4XL

Price Range: From $65

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, eco dyes, locally made, fair wages  

Shipping/Location: USA

27. Hackwith Design House

affordable plus size clothing brands

HDH is where trendy plus size fashion and classic, timeless style collide. In order to minimize their environmental impact as much as possible, they design their high quality plus size clothing locally in their studio with the help of skilled seamstresses. 

Their beautifully-crafted floral dresses are arguably all-year-round staples. 

Size Range: XS to 4XL

Price: $54+

Ethics: Natural, sustainable fabrics, a second-hand shop

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

28. Hours

affordable plus size clothing

With its roots in NYC, Hours is an ethical women’s brand that prioritizes both low environmental impact and high-quality fashion.

They offer a wide range high quality plus size clothing essentials, from basic tees to cozy knit cardigans, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s ideal capsule collection.

Plus, Hours reminds us that clothes should fit us, not the other way around, emphasizing the importance of embracing our unique bodies.

Size: XS-4XL

Price Range: From $38

Ethics: Ethically made, sustainable & upcycled materials

Shipping/Location: USA, ships to Canada

29. Thunderpants

top high quality plus size clothing brands

If you’re searching for USA-made organic cotton underwear, Thunderpants is your ultimate destination.

Their high quality plus size underwear range includes wedgie-proof panties that provide exceptional comfort and supportive bralettes suitable for various body types.

But what truly sets this brand apart is their array of vibrant and unabashed prints and color combinations, thanks to their talented textile artists.

From striking tiger prints to captivating snakes, feathers, straps, and solid colors, your top drawer is guaranteed to receive a remarkable burst of color. 

Size: S-4XL

Price Range: From $26

Ethics: Made in the USA, sustainable materials, GOTS, and Fairtrade Certified

Shipping/Location: USA, Worldwide Shipping


best eco-friendly plus size clothing brands

CHNGE’s high-quality plus-size clothing collection is built with longevity and comfort in mind using 100% organic materials that make a statement. 

For every shirt they produce, they offset 48.5 lbs of CO2 to ensure the CO2 from their supply chain is 100% carbon neutral.

Size Range: 2XS to 4XL

Price: $9+

Ethics: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, 100% carbon neutral, donations

Location/Shipping: USA

31. Miakoda

best affordable plus size clothing

Miakoda is a leading sustainable slow fashion brand specializing in crafting women’s comfortable and versatile women’s clothing.

Drawing inspiration from the Native American word for power, the brand embraces a beautiful name that resonates with strength.

Miakoda is dedicated to choosing eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and Tencel, along with using low-impact dyes and printing methods.

Plus, they collaborate with small-scale factories in the USA that uphold fair wages and safe working conditions.

Size: XS-4XL

Price Range: From $42

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Women-Owned Small Business Made In The USA, Fair Wages, Donations

Shipping/Location: USA

32. Lucy & Yak

best organic plus size clothing brands

Known as one of the best sustainable plus size clothing brands in the UK, Lucy & Yak works with factories that are certified by the Fair Wear Foundation, ensuring fair labor practices and safe working conditions for their employees.

In addition to ethical jeans, the company also offers an array of wardrobe staples.

But if you are specifically interested in their dungarees and bright, colorful prints, have a look at their ‘New Sizing Edit’ to find items from their expanded size range.

Size: S-4XL

Price Range: From €69

Ethics: Organic and sustainable materials, ethically made in India, fair trade certified, low impact dyes, a bring-back program for old clothes

Shipping/Location: UK, ships worldwide

33. Summersalt Swim

best comfortable plus size clothing brands

When it comes to plus-size swimwear, Summersalt sets itself apart by offering ethically made options that are both stylish and sustainable.

Their one-piece and two-piece swimsuits are crafted from post-consumer materials like recycled polyamide and Lycra, ensuring a positive environmental impact.

In addition to their eco-friendly approach, Summersalt’s swimwear also provides UPF 50+ protection, keeping you safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

With a wide range of colorful and uplifting prints, their swimwear is designed to flatter all body types, guaranteeing the perfect fit for your upcoming sun-soaked adventures.

Size:  XS-3XL

Price Range: From $45

Ethics: Sustainable and recycled materials, manufacturing partners with WRAP certification, GOTS, and GRS certified

Shipping/Location: USA, worldwide shipping available

34. Christy Dawn

sustainable plus size brands

Christy Dawn stands out from other non-fast fashion brands on our list due to its unique fairy-tale offerings.

This brand specializes in enchanting sustainable dresses, ethical denim, trousers, sweaters, outerwear, and footwear, all boasting a distinctive clean aesthetic and nostalgic charm with earthy tones.

What sets Christy Dawn apart is their remarkable “farm to closet” approach, where each piece in their collection is crafted from organic cotton grown on their very own 25-acre land in Erode, India. They also use regenerated cotton, deadstock fabric, and alpaca wool. 

Size: XS-3XL

Price Range: From $150

Ethics: Sustainable And Upcycled Materials, Ethically Made In LA, Fair Labor

Shipping/Location: USA, ships worldwide

35. Kirrin Finch

comfortable plus size clothing

Kirrin Finch offers a wide range of menswear-inspired styles for women, trans, and non-binary folks.

Their dapper, gender-neutral clothing is made with sustainable materials in the US to minimize their impact on the environment while making us feel comfortable & confident.

Size Range: XS to 3XL

Price: $185+

Ethics: Sustainable & natural materials, donation programs

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

36. Pyne & Smith

plus size dresses

Pyne & Smith’s high-quality plus-size clothing is made ethically and responsibly at a production studio in LA by experienced seamstresses.

The conscious brand harvests the natural powers of European flax linen – a material touted for being breathable, durable, and hypo-allergenic.

The result? Gorgeous staples that are as functional as they are elegant. Made sustainably in small batches, you can find everything from socks and dresses to shoes, overalls, and so much more!

Size Range: XS to 3XL

Price: $128+

Ethics: Ethical production, woman-owned brand, sustainable fabrics, made in the USA, sustainable packaging

Location/Shipping: USA, ships internationally

37. Uye Surana

best ethical plus size clothing brands

Ethical and sexy lingerie, ethically made in the US and Colombia? Yes, please!

Uye Surana offers up to up to 70 bra sizes ranging from patent-pending ultra-adjustable bralettes, eco-friendly wireless bras, and alluring high-neck bralettes adorned with captivating prints.

You can also find matching bottoms and stockings!

Size: XS-3XL

Price Range: From $50

Ethics: Ethically Manufactured In NYC And Colombia, Reduced-Waste Printing, Recyclable Packaging, Made In Small Batches

Shipping/Location: USA, ships worldwide

38. Proclaim

zero waste plus size clothing brands

Proclaim, the Los Angeles-based sustainable fashion brand, is committed to crafting ethically made, inclusive, and minimalist underwear using the most environmentally friendly materials.

You can find the perfect nude underwear on their virtual shelves, thoughtfully designed to cater to most skin tones.

Each piece is skillfully crafted from eco-conscious fabrics such as Tencel Lyocell (or Modal), Organic Cotton, Hemp, and Repreve Recycled Polyester.

Plus, with a strong focus on local production, you can trust that your new favorite bras and panties are created under fair working conditions. 

Size: S-3XL

Price Range: From $24

Ethics: Sustainable And Recycled Materials, Fair Wages, Inclusivity

Shipping/Location: USA, ships to Canada, UK & Australia

39. Mara Hoffman

best organic plus size clothing

Mara Hoffman is one of the best luxury sustainable plus size clothing brands out there.

It goes as far as to use digital printing to reduce water and fabric waste created by women and small producers in their Tier 1 factories.

Their diverse range of high-quality pieces, including swimwear and dresses made of recycled and organic fibers, embrace materials that minimize environmental impact.

Size: XS-3XL

Price Range: From $155

Ethics: Climate Neutral certified, transparency, compostable, and recycled packaging

Shipping/Location: USA 

40. Karen Kane

fair trade certified clothing brands

Karen Kane does not only have some of the most gorgeous sustainable plus size clothing of 2024, but it also has some amazing prices as well to fit our budgets!

Think wear-anywhere dresses, capsule wardrobe basics, t-shirts, perfectly fitted pants and leggings, and so much more.

Size Range: XS-3XL

Price: $60+

Ethics: Ethical production, transparent supply chain, sustainable materials, giving back

Location/Shipping: USA

41. Symbology

sustainable plus size brands

Prepare to be dazzled by the vibrant world of Symbology, a brand that embraces color in the most magnificent way.

Their catalog is a treasure trove of high quality plus size clothing, adorned with intricate prints and captivating hues. Whether you prefer bold statements or more understated classics, they’ve got you covered (literally) with fabrics like Modal and cotton, ensuring your wardrobe choices are both fashionable and responsible.

Additionally, the company empowers women artisans who handcraft each piece using traditional art techniques.  

Size: XS-3XL

Price Range: From $100

Ethics: Natural and sustainable materials, fair trade & working conditions & livable wages, sustainable packaging

Shipping/Location: USA 

42. Mayana Geneviere

affordable plus size brands

The sustainable plus size clothing brand Mayana Genevieve offers luxury maternity lingerie and underwear, including sexy shapewear, supportive control panties, and even non-toxic nursing bras.

Their organic nursing bras, for example, feature a patented ALUXTRA clasp-free feature. Also, each intimate piece is meticulously manufactured in Mayana Genevieve’s Toronto factory, embracing ethical practices and tailored to your unique measurements.

Size: XS-3XL

Price Range: From $125

Ethics: Natural and sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing, sustainable packaging

Shipping/Location: Canada, ships worldwide

43. Warp + Weft

best organic plus size clothing brands

Looking for affordable and sustainable denim shorts, trousers, and other jean staples? Setting a new standard in the industry, Warp + Weft prides itself on being the world’s cleanest denim brand.

So much so that their size-inclusive ethical clothing requires less than ten gallons.

What’s more, they go above and beyond by recycling and treating 98% of the water used in their manufacturing process, thanks to their innovative in-house self-generating power plant.

Plus, all pairs are crafted with recycled and regenerative fibers, certified cotton, and safe dyes, all with the well-being of our planet in mind.

Size:  Over 75 sizes, shapes, and heights represented!

Price Range: From $84

Ethics: Fully Transparent Family-Owned Company, Fair Trade, Sustainable Materials

Shipping/Location: USA, ships worldwide 

44. Eileen Fisher

eco-friendly plus size brands

Eileen Fisher‘s pledge to sustainability is well known. Their minimalistic aesthetic, combined with high-quality plus-size clothing made from sustainable and organic fibers, is what makes it one of the most prominent sustainable plus-size clothing brands to date. 

While many companies scale up their regular sizes to product ‘size inclusive’ collections, Eileen Fisher designs perfectly proportioned styles with brand-new patterns.

Size Range: XS to 3XL

Price: $54+

Ethics: Fairtrade certified, sustainable fabrics, donations program

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

45. Mien

best eco-friendly plus size brands

Mien’s collection of organic essentials seamlessly transitions through every phase of motherhood, offering versatility from pregnancy to nursing.

They solely use premium, preshrunk eco-friendly fabrics, including bamboo, modal, linen, and 100% organic cotton, as well as AZO-free dyes throughout their entire high quality plus size clothing range, ensuring sustainability at every step.

Plus, Mienproudly manufactures its garments in small batches within the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California.

Size:  XS-3XL

Price Range: From $68

Ethics: sustainable materials, fair wages, local production, donations

Shipping/Location: USA

46. Pact

ethical plus size clothing brands

If you’re in search of affordable, high-quality organic and sustainable basics, PACT is the ethical clothing brand that meets your needs.

They offer many different collections featuring GOTS-certified organic cotton tees, tank tops, and even comfortable maternity wear.

PACT is committed to ethical practices, as its clothing basics are sourced directly from Fair Trade Certified factories. With PACT, you can be confident that you’re making a conscious choice for both your wardrobe and the planet.

Size:  XS-2XL

Price Range: From $15

Ethics: Sustainable materials, fair wages, local production, donations, Eco-friendly materials, Fair Trade Certified factories, sustainably and ethically made

Shipping/Location:  USA, worldwide shipping

47. Dazey LA

high quality plus size swimwear

Dazey LA stands out by combining organic and deadstock fabrics with intricate, hand-drawn graphics to instantly uplift your spirits.

Their swimwear is fashion-forward and designed to provide a comfortable and supportive fit.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Dazey LA produces its ethical swimwear in small batches, ensuring minimal waste. 

Size:  XS-2XL

Price Range: From $82

Ethics: Recycled and sustainable materials, made in small batches in LA, hand-drawn prints

Shipping/Location:  USA 

48. Threads for thought

best comfortable plus size clothing brands

Threads for Thought utilizes many sustainable materials, including Lenzing Modal harvested from the limbs of beech trees.

They are currently Fair Trade USA certified and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production-certified.

Size Range: XXS to 3XL

Price: $48+

Ethics: Fair labor, organic materials, ethical production, two sustainability certifications

Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping available

49. Prana

comfortable plus size clothing

Prana’s Fair Trade Certified™ program has made a positive impact by giving back over $400,000 to more than 33,000 workers globally.

Emphasizing quality, durability, and versatility, they quickly managed to become one of the best sustainable plus size clothing brands for basics, accessories as well as underwear and swimwear.

Last but not least, Prana takes pride in using eco-friendly materials such as hemp and organic cotton, among other sustainable fibers, in the production of their clothing.

Size:  XS-2XL

Price Range: From $45

Ethics:  Fair Trade Certified, sustainable and recycled fabrics, plastic-free packaging, fair labor, circular business model, donations

Shipping/Location:  USA, worldwide shipping available

50. KOTN

ethical plus size clothing brands

Recognized as one of the top 5% B corporations globally thanks to their stellar fair trade policies.

KOTN uses natural fabrics such as sustainably grown organic cotton in combination with resource-efficient manufacturing protocols that limit waste and recycle water.

We really love their high quality plus size clothing line for the highest quality plus size basics that will last for years in your wardrobe. KOTN is our go-to for capsule wardrobe building!

Size Range: XXS – 3XL

Price: $20+

Ethics: Sustainable fabrics, B corporation, non-toxic dyes, fair trade

Location/Shipping: Canada, worldwide shipping

This post was about the best plus size clothing brands.

Now that you have a foolproof list of the best sustainable plus size clothing brands, feel free to give your wardrobe arsenal a killer refresh! Hope you were able to find your new favorite high quality plus size clothing for this season and beyond.

And remember, you can always use our listicles at Sustainably Kind Living to search the brands names provided on your favorite online marketplaces. Secondhand shopping is a great way to make sustainable brands much more affordable and even more sustainable.

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  1. Ally Anna says:

    Yay! Love this list. So many of my favorites are on here like The Standard Stitch and Girlfriend. It is so hard to find clothes my size, so I am excited to learn about additional brands.

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  3. Sustainablyu says:

    I absolutely love reading about sustainable brands! It’s great to see so many companies prioritizing eco-conscious choices. If you’re looking for more sustainable fashion options, be sure to check out our website. We offer a curated collection of eco-friendly clothing and accessories from top brands. Together, we can make a positive impact on the planet while staying stylish

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