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21 Amazing Sustainable European Brands To Love in 2023

eco friendly European brands
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Danielle Alvarado


Updated December 30, 2022

Are you looking for the best sustainable European brands to shop at in 2023? We have scoured the internet to find the 25 best sustainable fashion brands that Europe has to offer! Keep reading below to find out which 21 brands we know and love!

This post is about the best Sustainable Brands in Europe.

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While we at SKL look to be inclusive of all sustainable companies we were asked for a special focus. As a result of community members shopping as locally as possible, we have had a resounding request for a focus on European-based brands. Combining our tried and tested SKL favorite sustainable European brands with an in-depth internet search (so you don’t have to!) we curated this list of amazing sustainable European-based brands to support in 2022.

In curating this Sustainable European Brand guide, we asked a few important questions…

  • What kinds of materials does the company use?
  • Who actually makes the products? Are they paid fairly and treated respectfully?
  • What kind of business model does this business have: Linear or Circular?

A sustainable European brand will answer all of these questions with ease and transparency. If the answers are too hard to find, you’re most likely looking at a non-sustainable brand that puts profits over people

21 Amazing Sustainable European Fashion Brands

1. Tripulse : Sustainable Activewear Essentials From Sweden

The people at Tripulse set out to solve a problem. Most athletic clothes today are made from plastics like polyester which affects our environment and health significantly.

Thankfully Tripulse has taken a different approach by putting sustainability as the focus for everything they do. To do this Tripulse uses a premium Tencel blend, that is free from harmful plastics and toxins, is soft, breathable, and perfect for any activity. The brand also ensures a transparent, responsible supply chain and uses fully recyclable and compostable packaging. As a result, this sustainable European-based company is transforming the athletic wear industry and producing stylish, high-quality activewear- a win-win for all!

Materials: Tencel™ Lyocell, Roica® V550 (a compostable version of elastane), water-based ink prints, dyes free of toxic chemical

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Safe and Fair Labor standards, Non-Toxic dyes, Recyclable and compostable packaging, Climate Neutral Certified

Tripulse Sustainable Activewear
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100% Sustainable Tencel Racerback Tank in Calypso Coral

Price: €74,00

Sizes: XS-XXXL

Details: Non-toxic and skin-friendly material that is super soft and breathable, naturally antibacterial, Climate Neutral Certified

Shop Tencel Tank Here

Tripulse Sustainable Activewear
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TENCEL™ Made To Move Shorts

Price: €82,00

Sizes: XS – XXXL

Details: Hidden inner pockets in the front waistband to put keys/card, adjustable inner drawstring, made of TENCEL™ and Roica® V550 stretch

Shop Tencel Shorts Here

Tripulse Sustainable Activewear
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TENCEL™ Workout Leggings With Side Pockets

Price: €124,00

Sizes: XS – XXXL

Details: Side pockets on thighs to place phone, naturally antibacterial, odor resistant, Made from TENCEL™ and Roica® V550 stretch, Climate Neutral Certified

Shop Tencel Leggings Here

2. Noctu Organic: Sustainable U.K. Fashion Brand

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Photo by Noctu

Noctu is a sustainable European-based company that thinks sleep, and caring for the world we live in is invaluable for a quality life. As a result, they have created a sustainable line of sleepwear and bed linens. These products not only look good but feel incredible. Their unisex sleep shirts and lambswool hot water bottle are some of our favorites.

Materials: 100% GOTS and Standard 100 Oeko-Tex®’ certified cotton

Ethics: Sustainable and organic materials, World Land Trust member- for every single purchase made through their website, Noctu Organics donates enough money to save 10 square meters of endangered wildlife across the planet, and Safe & fair labor standards.

Shop Noctu Organic here

3. Colorful Standard: Portugal

eco friendly gifts for teens
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Photo by Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard strives to hold the fashion industry to a higher standard; one where the health of workers and the environment are not at risk. This sustainable European-based company focuses on ensuring that they produce long-lasting, ethically made products. Their desire to stop the cycle of overconsumption, waste, and human rights violations is at the core of what they do. On top of that, when you look at their garments, in a wide array of delightful colors, you can’t help but feel joy!

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton and recycled extra-fine merino wool, Oeko-Tex® certified cotton.

Ethics: Safe & fair labor standards, Recycled Packaging, PETA approved Vegan, OEKO-Tex

Shop the Colorful Standard Here

4. Nae : Portugal

vegan boots
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Photo by Nae Vegan

Based in Portugal, Nae works to produce stylish vegan shoes, bags, and accessories. They do this by creating products from recycled and organic materials. Not only are these items good for the environment, but they are gender-inclusive with many unisex options. How great is that!

Materials: Vary based on the product but include: Pinatex (natural fabric from pineapple leaf), organic cotton, cork, Recycled PET, and vegan leather.

Ethics: 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free, 100% Recyclable packaging,

Shop the Nae Vegan here

5. Honest Basics: Denmark Company

Honest Basics
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Photo by Honest Basics

The Denmark company Honest Basics is a standout on the list of sustainable European-based brands. They do this by sustainably creating underwear, activewear, and essentials. As a result, Honest Basics is changing the culture of affordable basics- maintaining high-quality garments at a price point that we all enjoy!

Materials: Use of Recycled Fabrics in, Organic Cotton and Tencel

Ethics: All products have GOTS-certification, ethical and respectable care for workers, Certified Climate Neutral, Vegan Certified by Honest Factory

Shop the Honest Basics here

6. Jan N’ June: Sustainable Fashion From Germany

JanNJune Sustainable Fashion
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Photo by JanNJune

This beautiful and minimalistic sustainable brand, Jan N’ June, is a transparent fashion label from Germany. Years ago founders of Jan N’ June saw a problem- there were no stylish, sustainable and affordable fashion labels. Thus they have worked to fix that, and sure enough, they succeeded! As a result of their work, Jan N’ June has a collection of Men’s and Women’s pieces that are highly versatile, sustainable, and stylish.

Bonus fact: Jan N’ June has maintained their Cut-Off Collection since 2018 by creating new pieces out of leftovers from other products!

Materials: Sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, lyocell, and many more.

Ethics: Fair and sustainable business practices, GOTS-certified, Recycled and recyclable shipping materials,

Shop the Jan N’ June here

7. Beaumont Organic: U.K. Based

Beaumont Organic Sustainable Fashion
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Photo by Beaumont Organic

With the goal of creating ‘Contemporary Conscious Clothing’ Beaumont Organic is sure to get a place on this list. Their approach to sustainably combining classic style with a contemporary twist allows them to stand out. As a result, these are the pieces that you will buy and wear over and over for years to come. As an outfit repeater, I am thrilled!

Beaumont Organic sets a new standard for transparency. To do this they put a “Sustainability Chart’ on each of their items. The shopper can see the item’s material, source, production location, and finishing- a new level of knowing your clothes.

Materials: Organic Cotton, Lyocell, RWS Certified wool, and Recycled materials

Ethics: Transparency in supply chain and production, Sustainable materials, Fair and Ethical work environment.

Shop Beaumont Organic here

8. Son de Flor: Made With Love In Lithuania

Sondeflor Sustainable Fashion
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Photo by Sondeflor

The beauty in Sondeflor is not only how their clothing makes you feel- confident. beautiful, and special. But most importantly, their garments are made from natural materials by loving hands.

Extra special to Son de Flor and their timeless sustainable focus is their Pre-Loved shop. Here you can find secondhand items that have been cleaned and touched up, ready for their new owners.

Materials: Local EU-raised yarn turned into Linen

Ethics: Oeko-Tex®100 certification, Plastic-free shipping, Second-hand shop options.

Shop Son de Flor here

9. Oh Seven Days: Turkish-based Sustainable Fashion

deadstock clothing
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Photo by Oh Seven Days

The Turkish-based company, OhSevenDays produces mindfully made, sustainable womenswear from deadstock fabrics. In short, they make slow fashion from fast fashion’s leftovers! How great is it that? In doing this, they divert fabric destined for a landfill and turn it into multi-functional, timeless pieces.

Ethics: Safe & fair labor standards, Upcycled headstock materials

Material: OEKOTEKS-certified European Flex, Organic cotton, Tencel, and other deadstock materials.

Shop Oh Seven Days here

10. Langer Chen: Sustainable Fashion From Germany

Sustainable European Brands
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Photo by Langer Chen

Fair. Conscious. Sustainable. These are the words that come to mind when you think of Langer Chen, the German company that creates timeless eco-outdoor wear. Langer Chen is very open about their overall goal- having the smallest possible ecological footprint and high-quality products, and that they do!

Materials: Organic cotton, Eco-wool, Tencel, Organic linen, and Recycled polyester

Ethics: GOTS Certified, Carbon Reduction policy (Carbon Neutral shipping in Europe), Significantly limited plastic use.

Shop Langer Chen here

11. Elvis & Kresse: U.K. Based

Sustainable Brands Europe
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Photo by Elivsh & Kresse

The mission behind Elvis & Kresse is inspiring. Not only do they have a dream- a time without landfills, when everything is reused, revalued, recycled, or composted- but everything they do moves them closer to it. Elvis & Kresse set out to rescue decommissioned fire hoses and did so by turning them into modern, stylish, practical bags. They continue to expand their upcycled materials creating new, exciting, and highly sustainable accessories.

Ethics: Donates 50% of profits to charities, Vegan, Upcycled Materials, B-Certified Corp,

Materials: Upcycled materials such as decommissioned fire hoses, parachute silk, printing blanket, leather, coffee sacks, shoe boxes, and more!!

Shop Elvis & Kresse here

12. Swedish Stockings: Sweden-based Company

swedish stockings
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Photo by Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings, a European-based circular hosiery brand is making tracks in the fashion industry. Not only have they worked to divert waste materials from landfills by using pre/post-consumer materials, but they launched the Swedish Stockings Recycling Club in 2016. With this program, anyone can send in their worn, torn, or used tights, and they will grind them down to use as filler material.

Materials: Recycled Polyamide, Recycled Polyester, Organic and Recycled Cotton, Orgain wool, Cashmere

Ethics: Pre-consumer or post-consumer waste materials, All materials are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, Bluesign certified, which implies acting responsibly and sustainably in regard to people

Shop Swedish Stockings here

13. People Tree : U.K.-Based Sustainable Fashion

People Tree
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Photo by People Tree

Every product that People Tree makes meets the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. Not only are their materials sustainable, but People Tree also employs artisans with skills such as hand weaving, knitting, or embroidery creating employment in rural areas where work is often scarce.

Materials: Organic cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell, and responsible wool

Ethics: GOTS Certifed, WFTO certification, PETA approved vegan 

Shop People Tree here

14. EcoAlf: Based in Spain

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Photo by EcoAlf

In an aim to use the least amount of natural resources, EcoAlf has created a line of clothing and accessories for the whole family using recycled materials As a result they have timeless, premium goods that you will want to keep around forever (best way to be sustainable!).

Materials: Recycled materials- Polyester, Nylon, Wool, Cotton, and rubber

Ethics: B- Corp Certified, Recycled Materials

Shop EcoAlf here

15. The Ethical Silk Company: Ireland Sustainable Brand

ethical silk
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Photo by The Ethical Silk Company

For many people sleeping on silk is essential, for others like myself, the hype is very compelling- better for your hair, and skin, and much more hygienic! However, not super ethical with little to no regard for the creatures that create the silk.

Enter The Ethical Silk Company- producing all their silk in a post-moth, ethical manner. At the end of the sustainable harvesting, they have beautifully rich mulberry silk. Due to the particular way it is produced the silk is more like fine linen with a beautiful matte luster rather than the shiny finish of traditional silk. – More ethical with a side of luster for the win!

Materials: Mulberry silk – is produced through a process known as sericulture. extracting the silk from the cocoon after the moth has left

Ethics: Certified World Fair Trade Organization, Donates 10% profits to charity, Water conservation measures in place

Shop The Ethical Silk Company here

16. Organic Basics: Sustainable Fashion Brand Denmark

Organic Basics
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Photo by Organic Basics

The Denmark company Organic Basics is a standout on the list! They sustainably create underwear, activewear, and essentials with their #1 rule in mind- design everything to last. I speak from experience when I say they succeeded in their mission of quality, lasting products. The TENCEL Lite Bralette I purchased 18 months ago is as good as the day first put it on!

Materials: Recycled cashmere, Rolygine, Silver Tech, Recycled wool,  TENCEL™ Lyocell, Recycled Nylon, and GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Ethics: Eco-Friendly materials, Low Impact website, Safe and Fair Labor standards

Shop Organic Basics here

17. Know The Origin: U.K. Based

Sustainable European Brands
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Photo by Know The Origin

To be a conscious consumer takes time and effort! In some cases, this is good. It results in making us slow down and really assess if we need a product. However, it can feel limiting when you are in a hurry. Thankfully, Know The Origin founders felt the same way, frequently discouraged and confused by greenwashing. They have put together a gold mine of certified brands with the goal of making sustainable and ethical shopping the norm for everyone.

Ethics: Based on product, but Know The Origin has a searchable database for the ethics you desire.

Shop Know The Origin here

18. Simply Grey Life: Based in Slovakia

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Photo by SimplyGreyLife

Simply Grey Life, an online Esty brand, is trying to improve the garments we wear so we can wear them throughout our life. They create great quality clothing while ensuring that the person wearing it looks and feels good. Simply Grey Life wants to promote the message that there is a story behind every item, a story of people, their work, joys, and their life. To top it off, all items are made by loving hands, with attention to detail in their small shop in Slovakia.

Ethics: Hand-made by local artisans, High-quality products with the goal of years of wear, Natural and Sustainable materials.

Materials: 100% High-quality medium-weight, washed linen

Shop Simply Grey Life here

19. Kuyichi: Netherlands

sustainable fashion brands
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Photo by Kuyichi

After being shocked by the pollution and poverty they saw on a trip to Peru, the founders of Kuyichi were on a mission to transform the denim industry. And change it they did! The sustainable European brand, Kuyichi, has worked to create timeless denim products that are sure to become your favorite season after season (no single-use clothes here!).

Materials: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton

Ethics: Limits the chemicals, water, and wastewater used in the production, GOTS Certified, Fair & ethical labor practices

Shop Kuyichi here

21. Armed Angels: Germany

sustainable denim
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Photo by Armed Angels

Last but not least, Armed Angels is here to make a change! They focus on sustainability at every level and have created a new look for eco-fashion- removing the stereotype “hippy’ look in place of hip, chic and sustainable fashion. While they make a whole array of apparel, their DetoxDenim is a standout.

DetoxDenim is designed with a circular economy in mind. They are made to easily dismantle and recycle at the end of their lifespan. They did this by replacing rivets with embroidery and keeping those precious fibers in the loop for as long as possible. If only everyone looked at fashion like this!

Materials: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton

Ethics: Promotes circular economy, Recycled materials, and Renewable energy in its direct operations, Member of the Fair Wear Foundation

Shop Armed Angels here

We hope you found this post on sustainable fashion brands in Europe useful. We are big advocates for buying as local as you can, so if you’re based in Europe, then buying from the brands above means your shopping is likely to have less of a carbon footprint than if you purchased from further afield!

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