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Looking for the best organic baby carrier to hold your little one close while running errands? We made a list of 2024’s most top-rated non-toxic body baby carriers for various ages below.

Of course, all options are perfectly safe and extremely durable and promote healthy development for the child. Our top three picks for organic baby carriers go to Stokke’s 100% organic cotton baby carriers, LILLEbaby’s Organic cotton & natural hemp blend baby carriers, and The Hippie Joey Co’s GOTS Certified organic cotton, TENCEL™ LYOCELL Baby Wraps!

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This blog post is all about organic baby carriers. 

organic baby carriers

Between scouring the internet for the best natural wooden baby toys, finding skin-friendly organic baby clothes, and reviewing some of the most coveted nursery collections, let’s just say that we take our little ones’ health very seriously.

However, the one thing we haven’t discussed yet is picking the right non-toxic carrier for the ultimate cozy hold.

In the whirlwind journey of parenthood, the concept of baby-wearing aims to help caregivers and little ones come closer – both mentally and physically.

Organic baby carriers that keep your little bundle snug against your chest have become the ultimate parenting accessory, and let me tell you, they are nothing short of amazing.

It’s about being there for those precious “firsts” – the first giggles, the first steps, and all the tiny moments in between that shape your parenting journey.

Whether it’s folding laundry, vacuuming, or doing the dishes, a sustainable baby carrier turns routine household chores into a breeze. Moms can move seamlessly from one task to another without sacrificing the comfort and closeness their little one craves. 

But are organic baby carriers really healthy for babies? The international hip dysplasia institute says so!

According to their latest study, parents and caregivers are encouraged to choose a baby carrier that allows healthy hip positioning and other safety considerations. Just keep in mind that the institute recommends inward-facing carrying for the first six months of infancy to promote optimum hip development.

Trust me, once you experience the joy of having your little one close, cozy, and connected, there’s no turning back.

Read on to find the best organic baby carriers from sustainable brands.

What are organic baby carriers?

Organic baby carriers are made of the best skin-friendly fabrics: all-natural organic cotton, hemp, and Tencel. Carriers help parents or caregivers carry infants or toddlers hands-free while keeping them close and secure. They are designed to distribute the little babies safely’ and toddlers’ weight evenly, making it more comfortable for both the caregiver and the child.

You can find structured carriers with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt, adjustable ring slings that are suitable for newborns to toddlers, and many different wrap-style baby carrier options that consist of a long piece of fabric that is wrapped around the caregiver’s body and tied to create a secure hold for the baby. 

Organic baby wraps and carriers are a healthier and more eco-friendly option compared to carriers made with conventional cotton or synthetic materials that may involve the use of chemicals and harmful substances in their production.

This means that they are also less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions in babies with sensitive skin due to the absence of chemical residues from pesticides and fertilizers.

What are the best materials for a baby carrier?

When selecting materials for a baby carrier, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, comfort, and sustainability. Opting for carriers made from organic materials, such as organic cotton or blends certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the best way to make sure that the fabric is free from toxic chemicals, azo dyes, and heavy metals as well as harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms.

Organic cotton

The most popular choice is organic cotton, cultivated without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These organic cotton baby carriers not only promote environmental sustainability but also provide a soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable fabric, ideal for the sensitive skin of infants.  


Hemp, another eco-friendly option, offers both durability and sustainability. Known for requiring minimal pesticides and water, hemp is a robust material that holds up well over time.

Its strength, breathability, and resistance to mold make it an excellent choice for those seeking a long-lasting and environmentally conscious baby carrier.


Bamboo, a renewable resource, is gaining popularity in organic baby carrier materials. With natural antibacterial properties, bamboo fabric is soft, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Its moisture-wicking capabilities provide additional comfort, making it suitable for various climates.


Tencel Modal or Tencel Lyocell is yet another great option for non-toxic body baby carriers. It’s derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp and is widely recognized for its softness, breathability, and moisture-absorbing properties.

This blog post is all about organic baby carriers. 

Best Organic Baby Carriers & Wraps for Newborns Up to 2

1. Stokke

organic cotton baby wrap carrier

The Stokke limas carrier is crafted with soft organic cotton, seamlessly combining the flexibility of a baby wrap with the ergonomic design of a carrier. 

Designed to support newborns starting from 7 lbs, the brand’s best organic baby carrier boasts an adjustable base and back panel that expands as your baby grows, accommodating up to 33 lbs. 

The half buckle carrier is made from wrap fabrics, offering freedom of movement for both you and your baby. 

What’s more, the double-layered wrap fabrics and spreadable shoulder straps work in tandem to evenly distribute your baby’s weight. 

For added convenience, a sewn-in pocket is included between the layers, perfect for inserting shoulder pads (included) to enhance comfort.

Price: $149 

Materials: 100% organic cotton  

Notable Features: 1-year warranty | 3 ways to wear | Ergonomic support & comfort | Suitable for babies to toddler weighing 7-33 lbs | Machine washable 

Location/Shipping: United States 

Best Organic Cotton Carrier from Stokke:

2. Baby K’tan

Best organic cotton baby wrap carrier

Next up is the Baby K’tan organic cotton baby carrier.

This easy-to-use wrap streamlines the process into three easy steps, making it a breeze for even the most sleep-deprived parents.  

This versatile carrier comfortably adapts to up to six different positions, providing flexibility for both you and your baby. 

It features a carrying pouch that cleverly doubles as a supportive sash for your back, adding an extra layer of convenience for on-the-go parents.

While it may take some practice to master the looping steps for various positions, the reward is the snuggly comfort of a wrap without the typical 10-plus steps. 

Plus, unlike traditional wraps that can be adjusted to fit all-size wearers, the Baby K’tan organic cotton baby carrier comes in specific sizes corresponding to your fitted (tight) t-shirt size.

Price: $69.95 

Materials: 100% organic cotton, GOTS Certified jersey knit 

Notable Features: 5 possible ergonomic configurations | XS-XL | Suitable from newborn to babies weighing 35 lbs | Ages 0–3 years (approximately) | Machine washable  

Location/Shipping: United States 

3. Solly Baby

organic baby carriers

Made from soft 100% organic cotton, the loop by Solly Baby is a short front cross-carrying style wrap that boasts a sewn-in ring design for fuss-free use and straightforward adjustments.

Plus, it comes with a step-by-step tutorial, making it simple and accessible for caregivers of all experience levels. 

All you have to do is pick the right size for your little one and voila!

Price: $125 

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Notable Features: Suitable for babies to toddlers weighing 15-45 lbs (9+ months) | Available in 2 sizes | Machine washable 

Location/Shipping: United States 

4. LÍLLÉbaby

Best organic baby carrier ergobaby

LILLEbaby is a sophisticated blend of organic cotton and natural hemp fibers that redefines babywearing with a focus on quality, comfort, and effortless style.

The carrier is designed for easy wear – simply tie it around your waist. 

The shoulder straps ingeniously cross in the back, ensuring optimal weight distribution and long-wearing comfort, allowing you to enjoy extended periods of bonding with your little one without sacrificing style or ease. 

What’s more, it supports a weight range of 7-36 lbs, making it versatile for various stages of your baby’s growth. 

With three carrying positions – fetal inward, infant inward, and back carry – this carrier adapts to your baby’s changing needs and provides optimal comfort for both parent and child.

Best Organic Cotton Carrier from LÍLLÉbaby: 

Price: $99.99 

Materials: Organic cotton & natural hemp blend 

Notable Features: 3 ways to wear | Ergonomically designed | Designed for babies to toddlers weighing 7-36 lbs | FREE 1-on-1 fit checks with certified baby-wearing educators

Location/Shipping: United States 

5. The Hippie Joey Co

babybjorn harmony baby carrier

The Hippie Joey Co is simple, sleek, and luxurious. 

Designed to gently embrace both you and your little one, the brand’s best organic body baby carriers offer versatile womb-like support that’s perfect for lighter babies or shorter-term toddler outings, especially in hotter weather. 

The company uses Oeko Tex Certified, soft natural fabric including TENCEL™ LYOCELL, GOTS Certified organic cotton, and lycra as well as ultra-soft tags made with GOTS Certified organic cotton and printed with CPSC-approved inks. 

What’s more, versatility is key – all organic body baby carriers are fully reversible, allowing you to effortlessly change up your style while enjoying the same impeccable support.

Price: From $74+ 

Discount Code: SKL10 for 10% off

Materials: Made with OEKO-TEX® Certified fabric, GOTS Certified organic cotton, TENCEL™ LYOCELL, lycra

Notable Features: 9 ways to wear | Fully reversible | Suitable from pregnancy to toddler weighing 35 pounds | Machine washable 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

6. Boba

Best baby carrier for 1 year old

The Boba organic baby wrap carrier is designed for everyone, from wrap enthusiasts to buckle carrier fans. 

Their 4G classic organic boba wrap is streamlined for simplicity, featuring a trustworthy minimalist design, playful new prints, and an unbeatable price. 

You’ll get to enjoy different carrying positions: Newborn, front-inward, and back. 

Plus, it is a soft-structured carrier with a zippered waist belt pocket for added convenience and a unique breastfeeding buckle for added comfort.

Price: $120  

Materials: 100% organic cotton 

Notable Features: 3 ways to wear | Ergonomic design | Suitable for babies to toddlers weighing 7-45 lbs | Unique breastfeeding buckle | Machine washable  

Location/Shipping: United States

7. Beco

best organic body baby carriers

Beco’s amazing best baby carrier for newborns and toddlers has an all-timeless design crafted from the finest organic fabrics for unparalleled comfort and durability. 

This sleek carrier ensures that you and your little one will make a sharp statement wherever your adventures take you! 

It’s designed with a fully adjustable seat to keep your baby safe and comfortable in four different carry positions: Front facing in, front facing out, hip and back carry! 

To top it all off, it comes in 10+ beautiful prints.

Price: $89.99 

Materials: GOTS Certified organic cotton 

Notable Features: 4 ways to wear | Suitable for newborns to toddlers, weighing 7-35 lbs | Hands-free breastfeeding | Machine washable 

Location/Shipping: United States 

8. Tula

organic baby carrier ergobaby

Tula’s best organic baby carrier line has something for every parent. 

Made with a blend of 60% BCI organic combed cotton, 30% cotton, and 10% silk, these non-toxic body baby carriers boast luxurious woven fabric on both the front and back. 

Plus, with multiple adjustment capabilities, it aims to offer the perfect fit for you and your baby as they grow, accommodating a weight range from 7 to 45 pounds. 

And look at the colorways! They are so pretty!

Best Organic Cotton Carrier from Tula: 

Price: From $300+  

Materials: BCI organic combed cotton 

Notable Features: 2 ways to wear | Ergonomic fit | Suitable for babies to toddlers weighing 7-45 lbs | Hand wash only 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

9. Artipoppe

Best organic baby carriers

Artipoppe’s best organic baby carrier – ”zeitgeist angels & devils” – has a contemporary design that seamlessly combines the structure of a classic baby carrier with a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic. 

Crafted from M.C. Escher’s iconic angels & devils design, the jacquard woven fabric features an organic cotton blend. 

What’s more, it is adjustable to four sizing positions meeting your baby’s growth. 

In addition to being incredibly stylish, this baby carrier for 1-year-old and 2-year-old complies with both the European CEN/TR 16512-2015 and the American ASTM F2236 safety standards for baby carriers.

Price: $420 

Materials: 100% organic cotton 

Notable Features: 4 ways to wear | Multiple ergonomic positions | 1 size fits all | Suitable from newborn to 2 years weighing 45 lbs | Machine washable 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

10. Mushie Baby

organic baby wrap carrier

The Mushie Baby organic cotton baby wrap carrier is designed to foster bonding and connection while keeping your little one cool and calm. 

The universal fit offers a great customized experience for parents. 

Additionally, with a built-in pocket for convenient storage, this safe, durable, and breathable organic cotton baby wrap carrier will become an everyday essential that you and your baby will cherish.

Price: $59.99 

Materials: Organic cotton 

Notable Features: Suitable for babies weighing 8–33 pounds | Universal fir | Breathable | Pocket for storage | Machine washable 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada

11. Oscha Slings

Best organic baby wrap carrier

Featuring flowing ecru trees against a black background, the Oscha Slings organic baby carrier takes its inspiration from the magical substance made from mithril. 

In the world of fantasy, ithildin is used to create inscriptions that are revealed only in the reflected light of the moon and stars when the correct incantation is spoken.

Each tree in this pattern represents a part of the lineage of the white trees, with roots deeply embedded in Elvish lore. 

The original white tree, beloved by the Elves, emanated silver light, and it’s said that the moon itself was formed from its last silver flower. 

To top it all off, this breathable baby wrap is woven with 100% organic cotton, so it’s not only soft but also remarkably strong, making it an excellent choice for newborns and bigger kids alike.

Price: $121  

Materials: 100% organic combed cotton 

Notable Features: 3 ways to wear | Newborn to preschool, weighing up to 45 lbs | Handcrafted in Scotland | Machine washable  

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

12. Happy Baby

best organic baby carrier

Happy Baby’s best organic body baby carriers are the perfect companions for parents who want to get things done while cherishing closeness with their baby. 

This carry is ideal for hot weather and is designed to keep you and your baby cool and comfortable. 

Plus, the fully adjustable design can support your baby up to 25 lbs in a way that’s gentle on both of you.

And to top it all off, it’s 100% made in the USA.

Price: $55 

Materials: Organic cotton & modal blend 

Notable Features: Ergonomically designed | Supports baby up to 25 lbs | Fully adjustable | Machine washable 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

13. New Native Baby

Paediatrician recommended baby carrier

The New Native Baby organic baby wrap carrier is designed to carry your baby or toddler in a way that supports natural bonding as well as healthy hip development.  

With the help of the ring slings, you can easily breastfeed, and offer gentle support without pressure on the developing infant’s spine and hips. 

Plus, it can be used in 3 different positions to suit your and your baby’s needs. And no worries! 

The lightweight aluminum rings have undergone rigorous strength testing to ensure their safety and durability.

Price: $87.50 

Materials: Organic cotton 

Notable Features: Multiple carrying positions | XXS-XXL |  Suitable for babies weighing 8-25 lbs | Machine washable | Fits in purse 

Location/Shipping: United States 

14. TotCraft

organic cotton baby wrap carrier

Next up is one of the best organic body baby carriers Amazon has to offer. 

The TotCraft is OCS certified, crafted with at least 95% organically grown materials.

We love that this infant carrier prioritizes stability with head and neck support. 

It features a tucked-away baby hood for protection against sun or rain, privacy, and convenient breastfeeding. 

Additionally, the non-toxic body baby carrier is equipped with a bottle holder, removable storage pocket, and customizable cotton teething pads for added convenience. 

The best part? It is designed for the outdoorsy parent – yes, the hiking baby backpack carrier is perfect for all outdoor activities.

Price: $89 

Materials: GOTS & OCS Certified organic cotton  

Notable Features: 4 ways to wear | All-in-one ergonomic baby carrier | Suitable for 3+ months & up | Removable storage pocket | Bottle holder | Customizable cotton teething pads | Full adjustable 

Location/Shipping: Worldwide 

Organic Baby Carriers FAQs:

What are the benefits of baby-wearing?


Baby-wearing fosters a strong emotional bond between the caregiver and the baby by keeping them physically close.

In fact, multiple studies have shown that the close physical contact of babywearing promotes attachment and bonding. This closeness helps build a secure attachment, promoting feelings of trust and security.

Sensory Stimulation

Being carried exposes the baby to the caregiver’s movements, voice, and heartbeat, providing sensory stimulation that supports cognitive and emotional development.

Plus, the gentle motion and body warmth experienced during baby-wearing can contribute to better-regulated sleep patterns in infants.


Baby-wearing allows caregivers to have their hands free for daily tasks, making it easier to manage chores, run errands, or engage in other activities while keeping the baby close.

Easy breastfeeding

Baby-wearing allows for easy and discrete breastfeeding. The close physical connection also enhances the caregiver’s ability to recognize and respond to the baby’s hunger cues.

Reduced Stress

The physical closeness and responsiveness of baby-wearing can reduce stress levels for both the baby and the caregiver. The release of oxytocin, often referred to as the “love hormone,” is stimulated through close contact.

Correct and healthy development

Many modern organic baby carriers are designed to support the baby’s hips in a healthy position, promoting optimal head support, and hip development and reducing the risk of hip dysplasia. Having hip-healthy products is particularly important during the early months of a baby’s life.

What are the different types of baby carriers? 

Soft Structured Carriers (SSC)

A popular choice for parents seeking comfort and ease, SSCs have padded shoulder straps and a waist belt for even weight distribution. They offer versatility with support for multiple ergonomic carrying positions, making them suitable for different ages.

Ring Slings

Quick and adjustable, ring slings feature a long piece of fabric with rings for easy customization. Perfect for on-the-go parents, they allow for quick adjustments and are suitable for various different wearing positions, including breastfeeding.

Wrap Carriers

Known for versatility, wrap carriers consist of a long fabric that wraps around the caregiver and baby. Customizable for different carrying styles, these organic baby wrap carrier options are suitable for newborns to toddlers, offering a secure and snug fit.

Backpack Carriers

Ideal for outdoor adventures, backpack carriers have a sturdy frame and a waist buckle to allow caregivers to carry older babies or toddlers on their backs. 

Hybrid Carriers

Blending features from different types, hybrid carriers offer a mix of comfort and versatility. They may incorporate elements from wraps, SSCs, or other designs, providing a unique carrying experience.

Buckle-Free Carriers

Offering a customizable fit without buckles, these organic baby carriers are secured with knots or ties. They are suitable for those who prefer a more traditional and adjustable carrying experience.

Half-Buckle Carriers

Combining the convenience of a buckle waist belt with wrap-style shoulder straps, half-buckle carriers strike a balance between ease of use and the comfort of traditional wraps.

What important features of a child carrier should I look for?


Firstly, make sure that the carrier has sturdy straps and buckles that can be fastened securely to support the weight of the child.

Also, check if the carrier complies with safety standards and certifications to see whether or not it meets established safety guidelines.

Comfort for the Child

Look for non-toxic baby carriers with adequate head and neck support for younger babies and proper back and hip support for older ones.

Always choose an organic baby carrier with an adjustable seat to accommodate your child’s growth and ensure a comfortable and ergonomic position.

Comfort for the Caregiver

Padded shoulder straps and a waist belt help distribute the weight evenly, reducing strain on the caregiver’s back and shoulders.

It would be best to opt for a pediatrician-recommended baby carrier with adjustable straps to customize the fit based on the caregiver’s body size and shape.


A good organic body baby carrier should offer different carrying positions, such as front, back, and hip, to accommodate the child’s developmental stages and the caregiver’s preferences.

Consider carriers that can be used for infants and toddlers by adjusting the size or adding additional inserts.

Weight Capacity

Finally, be aware of the weight limits specified by the manufacturer to ensure the carrier is suitable for your child’s size and age.

This blog post is all about organic baby carriers.

There you have it – 15 amazing organic baby carriers in 2024. Now, you can easily cradle your little one close while simultaneously tackling everyday chores, pursuing personal interests, or even squeezing in some much-needed “me time.”

Plus, these non-toxic body baby carriers are made with your baby’s sensitive skin in mind. Durable, sustainable, and oh-so-stylish – what more do we need?

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