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Looking for the best organic children’s mattresses to keep your little one comfy and, most importantly, safe through the night? We made a list of top-rated non toxic mattress options for kids that actually grow with them!

Non-Toxic, safe, and healthy, read on to find the best kids’ mattress for every age.

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Best Organic & Non Toxic Children’s Mattresses for Kids, Toddlers & Newborns.

best chemical-free children´s mattresses

Whether you are a first-time parent or about to have your fifth little human, finding the best single mattress for kids can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But why is it so darn challenging? 

First and foremost, we need natural crib mattresses and organic twin mattresses that are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic materials, and allergens. We want our children to sleep soundly through the night, so seeking toxic chemical-free children’s mattresses that provide adequate support and pressure relief for growing bodies is a no-brainer.

Durability is also crucial since kids can be quite active. So, finding an organic mattress for kids that can withstand their energy is key. Ideally, we’d also love to have a mattress that grows along with our kids – because who wants to keep spending money on something meant to last years?

Luckily, many ethical and sustainable brands are here to offer organic toddler mattresses that tick all our aforementioned boxes. So without further ado, here’s our round-up based on thousands of eco-mattress reviews online.

What is an organic kids mattress?

Organic kids mattresses are designed for children and families prioritizing organic and natural materials. Think certified organic cotton, organic wool, and natural latex. These single mattresses are created with the aim of providing a safe and non-toxic sleep environment for children. They are crafted without the use of harmful chemicals, synthetic materials, and allergens that may be found in conventional mattresses. Some organic mattresses may also have customizable features, such as adjustable firmness or dual-sided designs to accommodate different stages of a child’s development.

How do I choose the right organic kids mattress?

Here are some things to consider before hitting “add to cart”:

  • Organic Certifications

Look for organic mattresses that have credible organic certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard). These certifications ensure that the mattress meets strict organic and sustainability standards.

  • Materials

Obviously, you need to check the materials used in the mattress. Some amazing options include organic cotton, wool, and natural latex. Don’t forget to ensure that the organic kid’s mattress materials are sourced from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources.

  • Comfort and Support

Consider the comfort and support level of the mattress. Look for the best single mattress for kids that provides proper spinal alignment and pressure relief for your child’s growing body. The right firmness level and mattress thickness will provide the perfect balance of comfort and support.

  • Safety Features

We need our organic toddler mattress to be free from harmful chemicals, allergens, and flame retardants. Look for certifications such as CertiPUR-US® and GREENGUARD Gold, which ensure low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Size and Fit

Choose the right size of mattress that fits your child’s bed frame or crib. Pay attention to the dimensions and thickness of the mattress to ensure it fits properly. There are even some great options for bunk beds!

Where can I buy an organic twin mattress?

There are many brands ready to ship organic children’s mattresses right to your doorstep. Avocado, Naturepedic, Birch, 5 Little Monkeys, Saatva, Esentia, and Plush Beds are all great options.

This post is about the best non toxic twin mattresses and more!

Best Brands for Organic Children’s Mattresses in 2024

1. Plush Beds

non toxic organic mattresses for kids

Plush Beds’ organic single mattress for kids is the miniature version of their award-winning Botanical Bliss. 

Their organic crib, toddler, and twin mattresses are handcrafted with the same breathable, moisture-wicking organic cotton; temperature-regulating organic wool; and pressure-relieving, comfort-inducing, certified organic latex. 

All of the above make it the perfect mid-to-firm option for growing kids who want to reap the benefits of luxurious organic latex without the hefty price tag.

Ethics: Forest Stewardship Council Certified, GreenGuard Gold Certified, Certified Organic Latex, Cotton, and Wool

Notable Features: 100 Night Sleep Trial | Lifetime Warranty

Size: Twin to full

Price: From $649

Shipping/Location: USA, Worldwide Shipping Options

Best Organic Sigle Mattresses from Plush Beds:

2. My Green Mattress

best organic toddler mattress

Here’s a mattress you’d love to steal for yourself as well! With an impressive count of up to 1,140 individually pocketed coils, the My Green Mattress Kiwi X offers ample support and responsiveness. 

Each coil works independently to contour to your kid’s unique shape, providing targeted support where you need it most.

Also, designed for optimal breathability and temperature regulation, the Kiwi organic single mattress features a quilted cover made from GOTS Certified organic wool and cotton as well as layers of GOLS Certified Organic Latex. 

Plus, it can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds!

Ethics: GOTS-certified organic cotton, GOTS-certified organic wool, GOLS-certified organic and OEKO-TEX-certified Dunlop latex 

Notable Features: 1-Year Sleep Trial | 20-Year Warranty

Size: Crib to Full

Price: From $299

Shipping/Location: Ships from the USA to Canada

Best Organic Children´s Mattresses from My Green Mattress:

3. Soaring hearts

best safe and healthy kids mattresses

Available in standard firm or extra firm options, Soaing Hearts’ organic twin mattress harnest the power of the naturally thermal regulating wool and latex to provide a cool sleep all night long.

The GOLS-certified mattress is handcrafted in Seattle from a single piece of 100% organic latex. As for the wool, the brand uses selected it from only the finest sheep farms in New Zealand.

The Cotton is 100% organically grown in the cotton fields of Texas to boot.

Ethics: No chemical fire retardants. Organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton

Size: Crib to Cal king

Price: From $499

Shipping/location: Ships worldwide from the USA

4. 5 Little Monkeys

non toxic organic mattresses for kids

5 little Monkeys’ Sleep System Bed includes a meticulously crafted triple-layered mattress, a waterproof kids mattress protector, and a custom-fill pillow. 

Say goodbye to worries about spills or accidents, as their waterproof mattress protector, made from soft organic jersey knit, safeguards the mattress against moisture while adding an extra layer of comfort. 

The organic toddler mattress features cutting-edge temperature-regulating technology. This innovative feature ensures that your little one’s body stays comfortably cool or warm throughout the night, promoting restful sleep. 

Ethics: Toxin-free & allergy proof, CertiPUR-US® Certified

Size: Twin to Queen Kids

Price: From $749

Shipping/Location: USA only

Best Non Toxic Organic Mattresses for Kids from 5 Little Monkeys:

5. Essentia

chemical-free children´s mattresses

Essentia’s best organic children’s mattresses are ethically crafted in Canada’s GOLS and GOTS-certified organic factory with safe & non-toxic Beyond Latex™ certified organic foam. 

Inside, you can find a heavy-duty certified organic Hevea latex support core, all wrapped in an organic cotton cover that is easily removed and cleaned. 

Plus, it is ideal for growing kids up to 110 pounds. In fact, Essentia is so sure about the quality of their organic twin mattress that fo as far as offering a 20-year limited warranty.

Ethics: GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), allergy-friendly

Notable Features: 120 Night Sleep Trial | 20-Year Warranty

Size: Crib to cal king

Price: from $699

Shipping/Location: USA only

Best Non Toxic Organic Mattresses for Kids from Essentia:

6. Saatva

best organic children´s mattresses

The Saatva Youth mattress is dual-sided and designed to help growing kids ages 3 to 12 reach their full potential through great sleep. 

The conscious brand chose to incorporate naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial organic cotton, nontoxic natural thistle flame barrier, and CertiPUR-US® certified foams to keep our little ones safe and protected. 

Plus, to avoid any unhappy accidents, the organic toddler mattress also comes with a  water-resistant finish and an internal waterproof barrier to protect it against spills *wink.*

Materials & Ethics: GREENGUARD Gold Certified, GOTS, cradle-to-cradle cert, Naturally Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial, 

Notable Features: 1 Year Sleep Trial | Lifetime Warranty

Size: Crib to cal king

Price: From $355

Shipping/Location: USA only

Best Children´s Mattress from Saatva:

7. Avocado

best chemical-free children´s mattresses

In addition to healthy, safe, and ultra-comfortable adult mattresses, Avocado also offers some of the best organic children’s mattresses from crib to cal king! 

Created specifically for children under 115 pounds, the Eco Organic Kids’ Avocado mattress is designed to fit seamlessly on a regular twin bed, bunk bed, or trundle bed. 

To enhance your little one’s sleep experience, the brand also offers a trundle bed frame that pairs perfectly with the organic kids mattress and a range of organic toddler pillows and other bedding accessories. 

Materials & Ethics: GOTS organic certified cotton, GOTS organic wool, and GOLS certified latex, climate neutral, vegan 1% for the planet, b corp.

Notable Features: 1-year sleep trial | 25 Year Warranty

Size: Crib to Cal king 

Price: From $349

Shipping/Location: USA only

Best Safe and Healthy Kids Mattresses from Avocado:

8. Happsy Mattress

non toxic organic mattresses for kids

Happsy Mattress’ affordable non toxic children’s mattresses are a fantastic investment. While the 8 inches steel pocket springs aren’t organic, the rest of the mattress is crafted using organic wool batting and organic cotton filling. 

It’s important to note that Happsy manufactures its springs in-house, ensuring they are free from glues and adhesives. 

Plus, for added comfort, you have the option to include an organic pillow top–it’s recommended for older kids (tweens and up).

Materials & Ethics: Organic cotton, Organic wool, certified latex, pocketed springs, 1% for the planet, rainforest alliance, FCS cert

Notable Features: 120 Night Trial | 20-Year Warranty

Size: Twin to Cal King

Price: From $899+

Shipping/Location: Ships from the USA to Canada

9. Naturepedic

non toxic organic mattresses for kids

Naturepedic offers two organic mattresses for kids: the 2-in-1 and the Verse. Both are crafted with GOTS organic cotton while being MADE SAFE and GREENGUARD Gold certified. 

The 2-in-1 organic twin mattress is an excellent choice for your child’s transition to a “grown-up” bed. It features a waterproof side that proves invaluable during potty training. The waterproof layer is ethically crafted with sugarcane, avoiding any toxic PFAS materials. 

Once potty training is complete, flip the mattress to the other side, offering a quilted surface for long-term comfort. The Verse organic kids mattress can accompany your child through their teen years.  

Materials & Ethics: GOTS certified organic, Greenguard Certified, Made Safe, 1% for the planet, rainforest alliance, FCS cert

Notable Features: 30-Day Money Back | 1-Year Warranty

Size: Crib to Full Kids

Price: From $699

Shipping/Location: Ships from the USA to Canada

Best Organic Twin Mattress from Naturepedic:

10. Brentwood Home

organic toddler mattress

Brentwood Home offers some of the best organic children’s mattresses for cribs up to split king– the single mattress Hybrid and the Cendar. 

The Greenguard Gold certified Hybrid organic kids mattress (which comes with a water-repellent REPREVE® topper) incorporates GOLS organic latex, organic wool, and a spring system. 

However, it also features flax seed fiber and upcycled/recycled denim padding, enhancing performance and comfort. 

Brentwood Home’s Cedar Natural Luxe is a medium-firm hybrid mattress meticulously crafted using organic and natural materials.  

Ethics: Hypoallergenic, recycled materials, GOTS organic cotton, climate neutral, Fair Trade® certified cotton, Cradle to Cradle® certification

Notable Features: 1-Year Trial | 25-Year Warranty

Size: Crib to split king

Price: $459

Shipping/Location: USA only

11. Birch

best safe and healthy kids mattresses

Birch’s best twin mattress for kids caters to the evolving needs of growing children, offering a firmer side for ages 3 to 7 and a less firm side for ages 8 to 12. 

Crafted with a focus on organic materials, both sides feature a GOTS organic cotton cover. Beneath it, there’s a layer of organic wool that acts as a natural flame retardant. 

Plus, the organic twin mattress further boasts a combination of natural latex and steel coils. 

Lastly, the entire construction is stitched together without the use of glues or adhesives, ensuring a healthier sleeping environment for your little one.

Ethics: Organic Cotton and Organic Wool, Hypoallergenic & Naturally Breathable eco-INSTITUT Certified Latex, Fair Trade Certified Organic Cotton, GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Fair Trade

Notable Features: 100-Night Free Trial | 25-Year Warranty

Size: Twin to Full Kids (Up to a Cal King)

Price: From $899

Shipping/Location: Ships from the USA to Canada

12. Nolah

best non toxic organic mattresses for kids

Next up is Noah’s best kids’ mattress. Crafted with organic wool, organic cotton, and recycled steel coils, it’s a great organic twin mattress for any bed, whether a standard single bed, mid-sleeper, or the top bunk of a bunk bed. 

Plus, it offers two-sided flippable firmness, making it perfect for every stage of your child’s development. That feature alone extends the lifespan of this single mattress for kids by A LOT!

Ethics: Oeko-Tex® 100 certified sheets, organic wool, organic cotton, and recycled steel coils. FSC Certified, Cradle to Cradle cert, Rainforest Alliance 

Notable Features: 120-Night Trial | Lifetime Warranty

Size: Twin to full

Price: from $1,549 

Shipping/Location: USA only

13. Obasan

organic children´s mattresses

On Obasan’s digital shelves, you can find some of Canada’s best organic children’s mattresses. This is also where a team of 15 skilled individuals meticulously handcrafts every single mattress!

Their materials of choice? GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton as well as GOLS-certified organic rubber to ensure optimal support and comfort. Even their foundations are crafted using locally sourced wood–free from glues, dyes, and all other synthetics. 

To top it off, the brand’s best organic mattresses for kids accommodate children up to the age of 15 or a maximum weight of 150 lbs.

Ethics: Organic Wool, GOTS, and GOLS-certified organic

Notable Features: 180 Night Sleep Trial | 20-Year Limited Warranty

Size: Crib to cal king

Price: From $349

Shipping/location: Ships from USA to Canada

14. Organic dream

chemical-free children´s mattresses

Out of the three organic mattress options, Organic Dream’s 2-Stage Crib & Toddler Mattress ComfortSupreme® reigns supreme. This 100% washable single mattress is made in the USA with hypoallergenic organic cotton on top of the DreamCore® food-grade Polymer woven core.

Plus, the organic cotton surfaces have open-air channels to provide a safer air supply to your baby while they are sleeping or face down on their belly. Of course. It’s also hypoallergenic and completely free from harmful chemicals.

Ethics: GreenGuard GOLD Certification, organic cotton

Size: Crib only mini and standard

Price: From $199

Shipping/Location: USA only

15. Nest Bedding

best single mattress for kids

Nest Bedding offers some of the best organic children’s mattresses, enhanced with certified organic Cooling Energex™ foam and a breathable cover to help the body’s natural ability to regulate temperature.

The organic twin mattresses are made in a USA factory with absolutely no chemical fire barrier or anything toxic.

So whether your child is a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination of each, they’ll find this mattress comfortable and cozy.

Ethics: e CertiPUR-US® certified and made in the USA, Global Organic Latex Standard, fair trade

Size: Twin to full 

Price: From $499

Shipping/Location: USA only

16. Savvy Rest

best non toxic organic mattresses for kids

Savvy Rest’s Earthspring is an innerspring mattress that offers the ideal blend of comfort and support, with a touch of bounce that kids adore. It is layered with GOLS-certified Dunlop natural latex, known for its luxurious feel and pressure-relieving properties. Next, a layer of coconut fiber blended with natural latex adds additional support and breathability. Enhancing the natural resilience of the mattress, a layer of certified organic wool batting provides temperature regulation and moisture-wicking benefits. Finally, the organic kids mattress is encased in a certified organic cotton fabric cover –so soft!

Ethics: Certified organic wool, GOTS-certified

Size: Crib to cal king

Price: From $399

Shipping/location: USA only

This post was about the best organic children’s mattresses.

Investing in an organic twin mattress is a wonderful choice for parents who prioritize the health and well-being of their children. In addition to being free of harmful chemicals, allergens, and flame retardants, the best single mattress for kids are crafted with sustainable and eco-friendly materials that are gentle on the environment. So let’s create a cozy, healthy, and sustainable sleep sanctuary for our little ones!

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