15 Best Linen Bedding Brands and Sets, Tested & Reviewed in 2024

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Looking for the best linen bedding brands to add a touch of understated luxury to your shut-eye routine? The entire SKL team swears by linen bedding sets – and for a good reason. 

Synthetic sheets are laden with chemicals, which could make skin sensitivities and allergies worse. Just like fast-fashion clothes, bedding can contain formaldehyde, flame retardants, and various dyes and finishes that have been linked to a slew of health concerns, including hormone disruption, neurological issues, and even cancer. 

Plus, every time you give your synthetic sheets a wash, thousands of microplastics find their way into the ocean

Luckily, 2024’s best sustainable bedding brands choose natural fibers like organic cotton, bamboo, or, my personal favorite, linen to create healthy, breathable, and hypoallergenic sets.

Read on to find 15 amazing pure linen bedding sheets. From lightweight linen duvet covers to splurge-worthy bundle options.

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The Best Linen Bedding Brands for Naturally Comfy Sets!

linen bedding brands

Here’s the thing – I’m always looking for ways to elevate my snooze game to new heights. 

From testing 12+ top-rated organic pillows and pure linen bedding sets to reviewing the comfort levels of dozens of non-toxic mattresses, let’s just say that at SKL we take our zzz time too seriously. There’s a darn good reason for that. 

We all know that sleep is important, but did you know just how crucial it is for your overall health and well-being?

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion makes it clear that most adults need 7 or more hours of good-quality sleep on a regular schedule each night. The benefits of slumber are many! From boosting your immune system to improving cognitive function, quality sleep is the secret to living your best life. 

And one of the most important keys to unlocking that sweet, sweet slumber? You guessed it – high-quality bedding that keeps you cool, comfy, and oh-so-cozy. Experts call these healthy sleep habits “sleep hygiene.” 

To put it simply, your sheets can influence how your body temperature fluctuates throughout the night. Natural fabrics such as linen bedding boast natural moisture-wicking properties that keep you feeling fresh and fabulous all night long. No more waking up in a sweat-soaked stupor – linen has got your back (literally).

That’s definitely not the case with synthetic fibers. Synthetic fabrics trap heat and moisture, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. Plus, let’s not forget about the environmental impact. Synthetic materials are derived from non-renewable resources and end up clogging our landfills for centuries.  

Investing in high-quality linen bedding brands sets the stage for a restorative night’s sleep, so you can wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way. 

What are the benefits of linen bedding?

Linen sheets are naturally breathable: Linen fibers have a hollow structure with a unique ability to absorb and release moisture rapidly. This natural breathability allows air to flow freely, preventing heat buildup and ensuring a comfortable sleep temperature. Additionally, linen’s thermo-regulating properties adapt to your body’s temperature, keeping you cool in hot weather and cozy in colder climates.

Pure linen bedding is hypoallergenic: Linen is inherently hypoallergenic, as its smooth surface prevents the accumulation of dust mites, allergens, and bacteria. This makes it an excellent choice for folks with allergies or sensitive skin, (that’s me!) as it reduces the risk of irritation.

Linen is extremely durable: Linen is praised for its exceptional strength and durability. Its long fibers contribute to its resilience, and thus, the sheets are able to withstand frequent washing and everyday wear without losing their shape or integrity. With proper care, linen bedding can last for decades!

Linen is moisture-absorbing: One of linen’s most remarkable properties is its high moisture absorption capacity. It can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp, quickly wicking away perspiration, and keeping you dry throughout the night. This moisture-wicking ability also helps regulate body temperature and prevents clamminess! 

What to look for in the best linen sheets?

Fabric Quality: First and foremost, pay close attention to the quality of the linen fabric itself. Opt for linen sheets made from 100% pure linen rather than blends or mixed fabrics. You always want to look for linen with a high thread count – this number basically indicates how tightly woven are the fibers.

Weave: The weave of the linen bedding can affect its texture, weight, and breathability. While there are different weave patterns available, such as plain weave or twill weave, what matters most is the overall feel and performance of the sheets. Aim for a balanced weave that offers a combination of softness and strength.

Weight & Texture: Linen sheets come in varying weights and textures, ranging from light and airy to heavier and more substantial. Think about your personal preferences and the climate in which you live. Lighter-weight linen sheets are ideal for warm climates, providing a cool, breathable feel, while heavier-weight linen sheets offer extra warmth and coziness, perfect for colder nights.

Softness: Contrary to popular belief, linen sheets don’t have to feel rough or scratchy. Look for pre-washed or stone-washed linen bedding, which has been specially treated to enhance softness and reduce initial stiffness. Additionally, keep in mind that linen softens with each wash, so don’t be deterred by the slightly rough feel of the package.

Ethical Sourcing & Production: Last but certainly not least, pay attention to the sourcing and production practices of the sheets you’re considering. Choose sets from linen bedding brands that prioritize ethical sourcing, sustainable manufacturing processes, and transparent supply chains. 

The Best Linen Bedding Brands, Tested & Reviewed:

1. Magic Linen

Best Linen bedding sets

Magic Linen is on a mission to deliver the softest, most comfortable 100% linen bedding with a vintage-like feel straight to your doorstep. 

Unlike other flax linen bedding companies, this one does not stop at bright white.

On the contrary, there is a slew of color options – from mustard and dove to blush. 

I have personally reviewed this brand for years and couldn’t recommend them enough.

Their sets will last you years and years – and get softer with each wash! 

Price Range: From $267+ for the Queen Linen Duvet Cover

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Double/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified, 100% European flax, fair labor, made-to-order, biodegradable packaging, supports local communities

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

Our Top Picks from Magic Linen:

2. Buffy Inc

linen bedding pros and cons

While we love 100% flax linen bedding, Buffy’s line had us hooked on their eco-friendly and utterly durable hemp linen bedding for quite some time. 

Also, they have a TENCEL™ eucalyptus lyocell sheets line, which is pretty awesome. 

The multi-award-winning brand allows you to build your own set that includes 4 pieces dyed with OEKO-TEX-certified botanic dyes. 

The highlights? Their cloud comforter and the lightweight breeze comforter – which are ideal options for hot weather. Hemp fiber is naturally antibacterial and resistant to mold. 

On top of that, Buffy claims that their linen materials absorb 5x more CO2 from the air than trees!

Price Range: From $239+ for the Queen Linen Duvet Cover 

Sizes: Full/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: Responsible materials, offset all CO2 emissions generated, FSC Certified recycled material boxes & Global Recycling Standard (GRS) or Recycled Claims Standard (RCS) certified recycled polyester 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada 

Our Top Picks from Buffy:

3. Quince

lightweight linen duvet cover

From the best linen duvet cover options to breathable sheets, quilts, and quilt sets, Quince offers one of the largest selections on the eco market with 300+ available options. 

Most bedding sets and singles come in 20+ neutral colors, including dusty mauve, soft blush, and more. 

What’s more, the company uses the finest European flax to create their OEKO-TEX line which is free of harmful chemicals and toxins. 

What I love the most about Quince is their transparency – scroll down to find a complete breakdown of their prices.

Price Range: From $179.90+ for the Duvet Cover Set 

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King  

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified, 100% European flax, made without harmful chemicals & pesticides 

Location/Shipping: United States 

Our Top Picks from Quince:

4. The Modern Dane

stone washed linen bedding

Known as one of the best linen bedding brands for the finest organic European linen bedsheets, Modern Dane was born in Scandinavia, but it’s currently based in Seattle.  

Their artfully designed printed and solid linen bedding sets are crafted from organic flax linen harvested with zero waste in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. 

Then, the threads are woven in Portugal with zero chemicals – those sets are surely well-traveled.  

Our Top Picks from The Modern Dane: 

Price Range: From $372+ for the Queen Duvet Cover Set 

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: GOTS Certified, OEKO-TEX® Certified, European Flax® certified, 100% organic Belgian, French, and Dutch flax linen, ethical manufacturing, free from harmful chemicals & irritants  

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland & Australia 

5. Linoto

best linen bedding brands

Linoto might be one of our favorite simple and rustic yet elegant flax linen bedding companies, they also offer products across the entire decor spectrum. 

You can opt for 100% linen bedsheets, Belgian eco linen, or organic linen sheets in 25 dazzling colors pre-washed with nontoxic detergent. 

Seriously, they have everything –  duvet covers, pillowcases, fitted sheets, flat sheets, quilted coverlets, and made-to-measure bed skirts made from responsibly farmed linen.    

Our Top Picks from Linoto: 

Price Range: From $345+ for the Queen Duvet Cover 

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: Eco manufacturing practices, sustainable materials, plastic-free corozo nut buttons, zero-waste program

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

6. The Citizenry

pure linen bedding

The sustainable home decor brand The Citizenry offers some amazing linen bedding sets, that include a sheet set, duvet cover, and two extra pillowcases. 

You can also find flax linen duvets, quilts, and bed covers to upgrade your boho-inspired bedroom and keep yourself cool and comfy through the night. 

The color list includes blue, beige, red, orange, pink, purple, and green. So pretty!

To create those pure linen bedding sets, The Citizenry works closely with the oldest, family-run linen mill in Portugal. 

Each piece is Oeko-Tex® certified and made start-to-finish in a fair trade environment.

Our Top Picks from The Citizenry: 

Price Range: From $657+ for the Bed Bundle 

Sizes: Full/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified, 100% French flax, family-run linen mill in Portugal, fair trade, stone wash process 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

7. April Notes

best linen duvet cover

Aside from being one of the best linen bedding brands, April Notes also offers an array of bath towels, dining napkins, tablecloths, and curtains, all handmade from certified, 100% European linen. 

Their affordable duvet cover bundles, pillowcases, and best linen bedsheets promise to transform your bedroom into a blissful retreat, all while keeping you cool thanks to the body temperature-regulating properties of linen. 

Rest assured that your new linen bedding sets are not only extremely durable but also hypoallergenic! 

Our Top Picks from April Notes: 

Price Range: From $259+ for the Queen Linen Duvet Cover 

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: Handmade from high-quality European linen, Certified linen fabric free from harmful chemicals, earth-friendly materials, biodegradable & compostable packaging, donations 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

8. Coyuchi

linen bedding bundle

In Coyuchi’s catalog, you’ll find pure linen sheets, pillowcases, and linen duvet covers – all highly breathable and temperature-regulating, of course. 

The eco-friendly brand opts for organic flax grown in France and woven into linen in Portugal. 

To keep the fabric as healthy as possible, all sheets are finished with gentle 100% plant-based softener. 

So, rest assured that these crisp, luxurious sets will offer years of enduring strength and increasing softness.

Our Top Picks from Coyuchi: 

Price Range: From $498+ for the Queen Duvet Cover 

Sizes: Full/Queen/King/King Cal 

Ethics: GOTS Certified, MADE SAFE®, linen is woven in Portugal from flax grown in France, low-impact dyes 

Location/Shipping: United States 

9. QE Home

stone washed linen bedding

For minimalist, OEKO-TEX® Certified,  white linen bedding, check out QE Home

Each one of their 100% French flax linen products is both wonderfully warm for chilly winter nights and beautifully breathable for those sunny summer mornings. 

And the best part? It only gets better with age. 

From sourcing sustainable fabrics to testing the latest textile technology craftsmanship, this B-certified corporation has been specializing in bedding for over 30 years – so quality is guaranteed!

Our Top Picks from QE Home: 

Price Range: From $259.99+ for the Queen Duvet Cover  

Sizes: Queen/King  

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, OEKO-TEX® Certified, 100% French flax 

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships to the United States 

10. Yaya & Co

Best linen bedding bundle

Your hunt for sustainable and ethically-made organic throws, bedding, sheets, pillows & more ZZZ-inducing bed products is officially over. 

Yaya & Co, known as one of the most ethical, designer bed linen brands, offers premium bed sheets crafted from Belgian Flax Linen – A sustainable natural linen in a slew of muted and bright colors. 

Their reversible organic Belgian flax linen duvet cover set (which also includes pillowcases) for example, comes with much-needed thermoregulating properties to keep you feeling cozy in bed for years to come. 

On top of that, Yaya & Co is pretty affordable!

Our Top Picks from Yaya & Co: 

Price Range: From $274+ for the Duvet Cover Set 

Sizes: Twin/Queen/King 

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified, 100% organic Belgian flax linen, Fair Trade USA 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

11. Bed Threads Linen AUD

Best linen bedding white

There is nothing quite like a 100% French flax linen bedsheet set, crafted ethically and sustainably in ethical Chinese factories that value and respect their workers. 

Bed Threads is touted as one of the best linen bedding brands for customizable sets that cover all our sleeping needs. 

From duvets and fitted sheets to color-rich throws and pillowcases, the linen bedding sets are your one-way ticket to a quality snooze, period!

Our Top Picks from Bed Threads Linen: 

Price Range: From $290+ for the Queen Duvet Cover 

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified, 100% French flax linen, carbon-neutral 

Location/Shipping: Australia, ships worldwide 

12. Sömn Home

Best ruffled linen bedding

Sömn Home, one of the most trusted linen bedding brands in Canada, offers an array of 100% linen bedding options that can be fully traced through the whole minimal-waste manufacturing process. 

They aim to outfit our eco bedrooms with beautifully textured sheets that come in 10 eye-catching yet neutral hues. 

And much like our other favorite flax linen bedding companies, they also carry a wide range of bath and table options made from the same durable fabric. 

Price Range: From $435+ for the Duvet Cover 

Sizes: Twin XL/Double/Queen/King 

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified, ethically sourced, 100% premium European flax, small batch production, eco-friendly packaging, gives back 

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships to the United States

13. Wonderlinen

Best linen duvet cover king

Did you know that Etsy’s virtual shelves carry pure linen bedding straight from Lithuania? 

Yes, WonderLinen’s sheets come in 17 colors to add cozy comfort to bedtime thanks to the stone-washing process; it gives linen sheets a soft handle and a relaxed look that doesn’t require ironing! 

Plus, the linen company has over 61,833 sales, which is no surprise considering the array of swoon-worthy options they have. 

Price Range: From $264.83+ for the Queen Duvet Cover 

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Double/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: Handmade in Lithuania, 100% linen, organic coconut buttons, stonewash process 

Location/Shipping: Worldwide 

14. Lenok Linen

Best pure linen bedding

What makes Lenok Linen one of the best linen bedding brands on Etsy is that they went a step further to get the OEKO-Tex® and Hoffenheim ecological certifications for their otherworldly soft linen bedsheets. 

Available in standard and custom sizes, their handcrafted sheet skirts, bed skirts, flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases come in 29 gorgeous colors to match your aesthetic to a T. 

And with pillowcases starting at only $16, you already know that you’ll get more bang for your buck! 

Price Range: From $310+ for the Queen Duvet Cover 

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified, Hoffenheim Ecological Certified, 100% European linen, stonewash process

Location/Shipping: Worldwide 

15. Old Linen Mill

Best 100 linen sheets

Seems like Etsy has more than enough linen bedding brands at our disposal!

With over 12,403 sales and dozens of glowing reviews, Old Linen Mill’s linen bedding bundles are handmade in Lithuania by creative tailors. 

They have turned the thermoregulating 100 % European linen fabric into duvets, pillowcases, and sheets as well as nightwear, jumpsuits, and many more sustainable clothing options for women! 

Also, you can choose from 19 different colors and 17 sizes – now, that’s impressive.

Price Range: From $314.62+ for the Duvet Cover 

Sizes: Single/Twin/Double/Queen/King/Cal King 

Ethics: Handmade in Lithuania, 100 % European linen fabric, coconut buttons  

Location/Shipping: Worldwide 

Where does the best pure linen for bedding come from?

The best linen for bedding typically comes from regions known for their optimal growing conditions for flax, the plant from which linen is derived.

European countries such as Belgium, France, and the Netherlands are renowned for producing high-quality linen. The climate and soil conditions in these regions are ideal for cultivating flax, resulting in linen with superior strength, softness, and durability.

Countries in Eastern Europe, such as Ukraine and Belarus, also produce top-notch linen. The temperate climate and rich agricultural land in these regions support the growth of flax, resulting in linen with excellent texture, breathability, and longevity.

Northern Ireland has a long tradition of linen production, dating back centuries. The cool, damp climate and fertile soil contribute to the cultivation of high-quality flax, producing linen known for its exceptional softness, strength, and luster.

China is one of the largest producers of linen in the world. While the quality of Chinese linen can vary depending on factors like cultivation methods and processing techniques, certain regions within China, such as Shandong and Jiangsu provinces, are known for producing high-quality linen suitable for bedding.

Is linen bedding better than cotton?

Both cotton and linen bedding have unique properties that make them worthy additions to our arsenals. Nonetheless, if you are a hot sleeper or live in warmer climates, you should probably choose linen as it is highly breathable which allows air to circulate freely and moisture to be absorbed and evaporated quickly.  

Both fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic, resisting dust mites, mold, and bacteria, which makes them ideal for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin.

Cotton is easier to care for and can withstand frequent washing without losing its shape or integrity. Linen bedding sets require careful handling and hate high water temperatures.

Linen is derived from the flax plant, which requires minimal water and pesticides to grow. It is biodegradable and has a lower environmental impact compared to cotton.

Cotton bedding is more affordable than linen.

At the end of the day, everything comes down to personal preferences. Some may prefer the crisp, breathable feel of linen, while others may gravitate towards the softness and versatility of cotton. 

This was your full guide to the best linen bedding brands!

There you have it – 2024’s best linen bedding brands for comfortable sleep.

Unlike synthetic sheets laden with chemicals and toxins, linen bedding sets offer a natural, breathable haven that keeps you cool, dry, and allergy-free all night long. 

Its moisture-wicking properties and hypoallergenic nature make it a dream for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, while its durability guarantees that your pure linen bedding will stand the test of time, getting softer with each wash.  

The options are endless! From complete, 100% linen bedding sets to monochromatic and printed linen bed sheets for every season, the best linen bedding brands aim to turn our safe space into a sleeping oasis with one of the world’s strongest natural fibers that’s equal parts soft and eco-friendly!

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linen bedding brands
linen bedding brands

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