25 Best Sustainable Bedding Brands For Eco-Friendly Sheets & Duvets

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Looking for the best sustainable bedding brands in 2024? Here’s a list of the most luxurious and affordable eco-friendly bedding options –from organic cotton duvet covers and linen bedding sets to TENCEL and bamboo pillowcases.

Whether you’re into the crisp coolness of organic cotton sheets, the laid-back luxury of linen, or the silky embrace of eucalyptus fibers, there’s a sustainable set to match your vibe. 

From earthy tones to vibrant hues, these brands know how to make eco-friendly look downright stylish. Read on to find 2024’s most eco-friendly bedding brands.

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Non-toxic, organic, and sustainable bedding for ethical zzzs.

sustainable bedding brands

To put it simply, sustainable bedding is the secret ingredient for a dreamy night’s sleep that’s not just cozy but also kind to the planet. 

Those utterly soft, cloud-like, ethical bedding sheets and duvets make your bed look like a Pinterest masterpiece!

However, affordable eco-friendly bedding isn’t just about feeling warm and fuzzy (although it does that too). It’s about avoiding the not-so-friendly stuff – harmful chemicals, questionable dyes, and a hefty carbon footprint.

Most conventional bedding may contain harmful chemicals such as pesticides, synthetic dyes, and finishes. These chemicals can lead to various side effects like skin irritation and respiratory issues. 

So, it goes without saying that, when buying sheets, it’s crucial to avoid synthetic fabrics, opt for much more healthy, natural & organic materials, and choose products that are free from harsh chemicals.

We personally have a soft spot for sustainable linen duvet covers, organic cotton bedding sets, and artisan-made fair trade bedding *wink*.

What is sustainable bedding?

Sustainable bedding refers to natural bed linens and accessories produced with environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices throughout their entire supply chain. 

This involves using high-quality natural materials, employing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and supporting fair wages for workers. 

In other words, non-toxic and sustainable bedding aims to minimize its environmental impact, from raw material cultivation to the end product.

What toxic chemicals are hiding in most bedding?

Sadly, in most conventional bedding, a range of harmful and toxic chemicals lurk, posing potential risks to both your health and the environment. These chemicals can be found in various components of bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers.

  • Pesticides in Conventional Cotton: Bedding made from conventional cotton often involves the heavy use of pesticides during cultivation. These pesticides can linger in the fibers, exposing you to harmful residues while you sleep.
  • Toxic Dyes and Finishes: The vibrant colors in many bedding sets are achieved through the use of synthetic dyes, which may contain toxic chemicals. Additionally, finishes applied to create certain textures or wrinkle resistance can introduce harmful substances into the material.
  • Synthetic Fabrics and Flame Retardants: Beddings made from synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, may contain flame retardants to meet safety standards. These flame retardants often include chemicals like polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), known for their potential health hazards.
  • High Thread Counts: While high thread counts are often associated with luxury, some manufacturers achieve this by using thinner, lower-quality fibers treated with harsh chemicals. These chemicals can compromise the durability and overall quality of the bedding.
  • Adhesives and Glues: Some bedding may use adhesives and glues during the manufacturing process. These substances can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to indoor air pollution and may cause respiratory issues.

To avoid these harmful chemicals, consider opting for bedding made from natural and organic materials, such as organic cotton sheets or linen sheets. Look for certifications like OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which ensures that the bedding has been tested for and is free from harmful substances. 

Choosing bedding from eco-friendly brands that prioritize sustainable practices in their production process further reduces your exposure to toxic chemicals and contributes to a healthier sleep environment.

This post is all about the best sustainable bedding.

The best eco-friendly and sustainable bedding brands of 2024

1. Saffron Marigold

Fair trade bedding

Saffron Marigold is a beloved luxury, handcrafted textile company, on a mission to infuse our homes with boho-chic elegance. 

With designs that inspire wanderlust, the diverse range of products includes everything from sustainable duvet covers and airy bedspreads to vibrant pillow covers and traditional Jaipuri Razai quilts. 

What’s more, Saffron Marigold’s products are meticulously crafted on demand and in small batches by local artisans through Fair Trade practices to prevent excess or waste.

Plus, all materials are sourced from the community, utilizing low-energy production techniques, predominantly through handcrafted methods

Price: From $275+ for duvet cover | From $180+ for sheet set 

Sizes: Twin/Queen/King

Materials: Fair Trade cotton, organic cotton, preshrunk cotton 

Location/Shipping: United States

Best Organic Cotton Bedding from Saffron Marigold:

2. Pact

pact bedding

Pact, one of 2024’s best sustainable fashion brands, offers durable and affordable eco-friendly bedding as well.

Their GOTS Certified sheets are available in two irresistibly cozy lines: The Room Service Sateen and the Favorite Tee Jersey. 

The Room Service Sateen delivers a luxurious, silky feel reminiscent of high-end hotel bedding.

On the other hand, the Favorite Tee Jersey boasts a soft-stretchy fabric that mirrors the comfort of your beloved t-shirt.

What’s more, both sheet lines are Fair Trade Certified, ensuring that your sleep is not only peaceful but ethically sound.

If you lean towards muted tones, the Favorite Tee Jersey is your go-to option. For those who love a splash of color, the Room Service Sateen offers a vibrant array of choices.

Price: From $120+ for duvet cover | From $75+ for sheet 

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: GOTS, Fair Trade USA organic cotton

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

Best Organic Cotton Bedding from Pact:

3. Plush Beds

Best linen bedding sets

Plush Beds’ affordable non-toxic bedding harvests the natural benefits of fantastic eco fibers such as bamboo, tencel, and GOTS Certified organic cotton!

Plus, all of PlushBeds sheet sets are either eco-friendly, organic, natural, or vegan.

From sustainable duvet covers and sheets to pillowcases, they have everything!

Additionally, the minimalist hypoallergenic and moisture-resistant, ethical bedding comes with a 5-year warranty, and they also carry a range of impressive certifications for their social and environmental responsibility.

Best Sustainable Bedding from Plush Beds: 

Price: From $274+ for duvet cover | From $299+ for sheets

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: GOTS-certified organic cotton, bamboo, Tencel, Silk

Location/Shipping: United States

4. Magic Linen

Best ethical bedding Amazon

In addition to gorgeous linen dresses, Magic Linen is also a top destination for the best sustainable linen sheets & duvet cover options! 

Think 100% European flax linen bedding with a vintage-like feel! 

The bedding bundle and duvet covers are available in a spectrum of colors, from the warmth of mustard and dove to the soft elegance of blush. 

What’s more, Magic Linen’s products are OEKO-TEX certified. 

Their affordable non-toxic bedding is not only free from harmful substances and toxic chemicals but also made in-house!

Best Organic Linen Bedding from Magic Linen: 

Price: From $178+ for duvet cover set | From $272 for sheet set

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King

Materials: Stonewashed 100% Fine French Flax Linen

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

5. Cozy Earth

Best pact bedding

Sustainable pillowcases? Check! Bamboo duvet covers? Check! Bamboo sheets? You bet.

Cozy Earth aims to help us relax our sore muscles and feel refreshed.

The ethical bedding boasts effortless style, this bundle is an easy way to elevate your space. The premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric feels like a cloud.

Plus, the enhanced weave is guaranteed not to pill even after washing and drying ethical, stylish, and soft. What more do we need?

Best Sellers from Cozy Earth: 

Price: From $319 for duvet covers | From $119 for sheet sets  

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King/Split King

Materials: Bamboo viscose, linen, silk, cashmere 

Location/Shipping: United States, worldwide shipping

6. Coyuchi

ethical bedding Amazon

Coyuchi, one of the most beloved sustainable loungewear brands, extends its commitment to eco-conscious living to our sleeping sanctuaries with GOTS Certified organic cotton sheet sets that redefine comfort and durability.

Their Fairtrade Certified 300-thread count organic percale sheets are designed to provide a cool and comfortable feel, and ensure that warm sleepers find their ideal sleep climate.

When the weather heats up, Coyuchi has you covered with their sustainable linen bedding – a breathable and airy solution for those warmer nights.

And for the winter chill, their flannel sheets are expertly crafted to keep you extra cozy.

Best Sustainable Bedding from Coyuchi: 

Price: From $198 for duvet cover | From $208+ for sheet sets

Sizes: Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: GOTS, MADE SAFE, And Fair Trade Certified organic cotton, linen, wool

Location/Shipping: United States

7. Made Trade

sustainable linen duvet cover

The raved-about marketplace Made Trade offers some options from some of the world’s best sustainable bedding brands.

Explore a range of options, including sheets, pillows, and baby blankets, all crafted from natural and sustainable materials such as bamboo, wool, and organic cotton.

Elevate your bed with sustainable duvet covers from renowned eco-friendly brands like Coyuchi and Ettitude.

Complete the coziness with fair trade blankets and quilts, along with decorative and functional pillows and eco-friendly bedding shams that infuse modern vibes into any space.

Plus, while you are there, have a look at their plus-size swimwear and slew of Tencel clothing and fair trade jewelry from some of the world’s most popular brands!

Best Sustainable Bedding from Made Trade: 

Price: From $105+ for duvet cover | From $95+ for sheet set

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: Bamboo, TENCEL, linen, and organic cotton, hemp 

Location/Shipping: United States

8. Avocado

sustainable linen bedding

From sustainable linen duvet covers and hemp sheets to affordable non-toxic bedding made of organic cotton, Avocado knows a thing or two about quality and comfort.

Entirely biodegradable, Standard 100 OEKO-TEX®, and made SAFE® certified, these luxurious options are healthier for you, your family, and our farmers.

Plus, Avocado donates one percent of all revenues to environmental nonprofits through their membership with 1% For The Planet.

Best Sustainable Bedding from Avocado: 

Price: From $199+ for duvet cover | From $129 for sheets

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: MADE-SAFE certified Organic cotton, hemp, linen

Location/Shipping: United States

9. Takasa

pact bedding

Takasa takes sustainable bedding to a new level with their ethically manufactured GOTS Certified, Fairtrade cotton duvet covers. 

Currently, there are 3 three swoop-worthy options offered. First, there’s the warm and opulent sateen finish for a touch of luxury. 

Alternatively, you can choose between the light and crisp percale weave for a refreshing feel or the warm and cozy flannel for those extra chilly nights.

No matter your preferences, Takasa ensures that their softest affordable, non-toxic bedding is crafted ethically in India – a journey from farm to mill to the finished product. 

Best Organic Cotton Bedding from Takasa: 

Price: From $203+ for an organic Duvet cover

Sizes: From $203+ for duvet cover | From $203 for sheet set 

Materials: Fair Trade 100% organic cotton

Location/Shipping: Canada & United States 

10. Ethical Bedding

Best ethical bedding

Duvet covers, sheet sets, fitted sheets, pillowcases – Ethical Bedding covers all our zzz-related needs. 

The sustainable bedding brand uses one-of-a-kind Eucalyptus Silk in a Super-soft, 300 single-ply thread count. 

The Oeko-Tex certified fabric is crafted from eucalyptus and grown with a commitment to sustainability – using 95% less water than cotton, no farmable land, and absolutely no herbicides or pesticides. 

Naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria growth, these sustainable sheets and duvet covers provide the same sleep benefits as conventional silk but with an eco-friendly touch.

Plus, everything is colored using plant-based, all-natural dyes.

Best Sellers from Ethical Bedding: 

Price: From €116,95+ for duvet cover | From €57,95+ for sheets

Sizes: Single/Double/King/Super King/Emperor

Materials: 100% eucalyptus fibre

Location/Shipping: UK, ships worldwide 

11. Boll & Branch

Best affordable non-toxic bedding

From sustainable throws and eco-friendly towels to organic bedding, Boll & Branch has all our needs covered.

You can find sustainable sheets, giftable bundles, bed blankets, inserts, and pillows made of GOTS, Fair Trade, and OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED organic cotton and linen on their virtual shelves.

The prints and colors are simply amazing! The best part? The brand works with family-owned farms and factories to ensure traceability.  

Best Sustainable Bedding from Boll & Branch: 

Price: From $249+ for duvet sets | From $168+ for sheet set

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: GOTS, Fair Trade, and OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED Organic Cotton, linen

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada

12. SOL Organics

affordable eco-friendly bedding

For sustainable sheets, duvets, comforters, and pillows, check out SOL Organics’ ethical bedding collections.

The brand uses percale cotton, sateen cotton, flannel, and linen. So, all you have to do is pick the right fabric for your sleep sanctuary.

Also, keep in mind that all of SOL Organics’ suppliers are certified (FLO, Oeko Tex, and Fair Trade) and experts in sustainable fibers.

So your new affordable eco-friendly bedding will be healthy, expertly made, and premium-quality.

Best Sustainable Bedding from Sol Organics: 

Price: From $99+ for duvet set | From $199+ for sheet sets

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: Organic cotton, linen

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada

13. The Citizenry

affordable ethical bedding

The Citizenry is the mecca of sustainable home goods, including organic rugs, eco-friendly furniture, and ethical bedding.

The brand uses Oeko-Tex® and Global Organic Textile Standard Certified Fabrics to create organic cotton and linen bedding sets.

We especially love their soft, sustainable duvet covers and quilts. However, you can also find amazing bundles, sheet sets, and all-year-round pillowcases.

To top it off, from sourcing to finishing and every step in between, each piece is made sustainably in a fair trade working environment.

Best Sustainable Bedding from The Citizenry: 

Price: From $269+ for duvet cover | From $139+ for sheets

Sizes: Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: Oeko-Tex® and GOTS Certified, Fair Trade, Organic cotton and linen

Location/Shipping: United States, worldwide shipping

14. Ettitude

best sustainable duvet cover

Ettitude might be one of the most amazing organic bamboo clothing brands, but they also offer affordable, non-toxic bedding for the same panda-feeding plant. 

Ettitude offers 1000 thread-count organic bamboo duvet covers crafted from the finest CleanBamboo – an exclusive bamboo lyocell sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified forests. 

Also, they go the extra mile by using a more recoverable solvent and minimizing water usage. All pieces are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX as well!

Best Organic Bamboo Bedding from Ettitude: 

Price: From $132+ for duvet cover | From $74+ for sheets

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: 100% bamboo lyocell

Location/Shipping: United States

15. Nest Bedding

linen bedding sets

Nest Bedding is one of the best places to find amazing, award-winning organic bedding that won’t break the bank.

The brand uses 100% Certified Organic and Fair Trade cotton that is specialty woven to provide optimal airflow and durability.

You can also find ethical bedding made of 300 Thread Count Rayon from bamboo, linen bedding sets, and even TENCEL sets! The options are endless. 

Best Sustainable Bedding from Nest Bedding: 

Price: From $149+ for duvet cover set | From $170+ for sheet set

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: OEKO-TEX® , fair trade, FSC® Certified Bamboo, linen, organic cotton

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada

16. Grund

best sustainable linen duvet cover

Made from 100% organic cotton, Grund’s OEKO-TEX-Certified, sustainable sheets offer an unparalleled softness that ensures a blissful night’s sleep. 

Rest easy, as your organic bedding is entirely chemical-free, with no trace of bleach, formaldehyde, or any other toxic substances or dyes. 

Pick between the top 2 best-selling options: The “Savannah” 300 thread organic cotton sateen weave or the “Prague,” which includes three different specialized patterned designs for a touch of opulence to your sleep sanctuary. 

To top it all off, the brand backs everything with a 5-year warranty as their pledge to manufacturing for the long term.

Organic Cotton Bedding from Grund: 

Price: From $70+ for sheets | $20 for pillowcases 

Sizes: Full/Twin/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

17. Linoto

Best affordable eco-friendly bedding

Look no further than the affordable, eco-friendly bedding brand Linoto for a premium-quality, sustainable linen duvet cover. 

The USA-made pieces come equipped with plastic-free corozo nut buttons (sewn on by hand) as well as natural cotton twill tape in all four corners, which helps to keep your duvet insert in place. 

The best part? You can choose from the long list of 19 amazing colors! Who says organic bedding is plain and boring?

Best Organic Linen Bedding from Linoto: 

Price: From $289+ for duvet cover | From $429+ for sheet set

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: Belgian eco linen

Location/Shipping: United States

18. Eucalypso Home

best affordable ethical bedding

Crafted from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell, Eucalypso Home’s sustainable duvet covers and sheet sets redefine bedtime luxury. 

All ethical bedding options are expertly designed to support the body’s natural thermal regulation, ensuring your skin stays cool and dry throughout the night. 

And you know how amazing TENCEL is at effective moisture management, regulating the absorption and release of moisture! You can read all about it here.

Best Eco-Friendly Tencel Bedding from Eucalypso Home: 

Price: From $169+ for duvet cover | From $229+ sheet set

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell

Location/Shipping: United States

19. Brooke Linen

Best bedding

Known as one of the best sustainable bedding brands, Brooke Linen offers a wide range of ethical bedding options for every taste.

You can find luxe sateen sheets, linen bedding sets, classic percale options as well as heathered cashmere, classic cotton, and flannel.

The affordable, non-toxic bedding comes in sets and splurge-worthy bundles.

All STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety, of course.

Best Sellers from Brooke Linen: 

Price: From $119+ for duvet cover | From $188+ sheet sets

Sizes: Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: OEKO-TEX® certified Linen, organic cotton, Himalayan Cashmere

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada

20. Under The Canopy

affordable non-toxic bedding

Under The Canopy’s OEKO-TEX® Certified sheet sets, quilts, blankets, and sustainable duvet covers are equal parts eco-friendly and luxurious.

The lowest-impact dyes are carefully chosen to ensure that every wash enhances the sheets.

Whether you prefer the crispness of percale, the lustrous finish of sateen, the relaxed elegance of linen, the eco-friendly touch of eucalyptus and TENCEL™, the purity of organic cotton, the warmth of Flannel, or the laid-back comfort of Washed Cotton – the range caters to every taste.

Best Sustainable Bedding from Under The Canopy:

Price: From $138+ for duvet set | From $118+ for sheet set  

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: Organic cotton, TENCEL, wool, Linen Eucalyptus, 

Location/Shipping: United States 

21. Terrera

Best sustainable bedding brands

Made with organic viscose from bamboo and Oeko-tex 100 certified dyes, Terrera’s sustainable sheet & duvet cover sets are gentle and soft on the skin. 

They solely use viscose from bamboo, which is comfortable, breathable, and oh-so-soft. 

The fabric is SOURCED AND PRODUCED ETHICALLY. As for the beautiful colors and prints, they can match every aesthetic with ease. 

Plus, Terrera has a genuine care for everyone involved in producing their bedding, from farms to factories.

Price: From $116+ for duvet cover | $101+ for sheet sets

Sizes: Double/Queen/King

Materials: OEKO-TEX® Certified, hypoallergenic viscose from bamboo

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships internationally 

22. Amour Linen

best organic bedding

Amour Linen’s sustainable bedding includes dozens of fine, lightweight, breathable, thermoregulating, and moisture-wicking bed linens in an array of colors. 

Crafted from high-quality, natural softened linen, all OEKO-TEX 100 Standard certified duvet covers, pillowcases, and sheets are stone-washed to provide that extra layer of comfort that makes bedtime a true luxury. 

Plus, they are handcrafted by talented artisans.

Price: From $161 for duvet covers | $253 for sheet sets

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King

Materials: OEKO-TEX 100 Standard Certified linen

Location/Shipping: Vilnius, Lithuania ships worldwide 

23. Evenfall

sustainable sheets

Evenfall is one of the best sustainable bedding brands for non-toxic organic bedding, including duvet covers and shams. 

Woven from ultra-soft 100% hemp and expertly garment-dyed in Portugal by fourth-generation textile artisans, their ethical bedding accentuates the nuanced dye technique that makes each piece unique. 

What’s more, the is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, 100% hemp fabric is soft-to-the-touch, naturally moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial, ensuring a fresh and comfortable night’s sleep. And the colors are beautiful to boot.

Price: From $78+ for duvet covers | From $175+ for sheet sets

Sizes: Queen/King

Materials: 100% hemp

Location/Shipping: United States

24. Anchal

best sustainable linen bedding

Touted as one of the best sustainable bedding brands of 2024 for one-of-a-kind, fair-trade quilt bedding, Anchal deserves your attention.

Every piece is made with layers of incredibly soft organic cotton or vintage cotton saris. 

Plus, their quilted bedspreads seamlessly blend traditional Kantha quilting techniques with contemporary geometric designs, bringing a touch of modern charm to any bedroom. 

Detailed stitch patterns and paneling create a bold and playful pattern, with hand embroidery adding an extra layer of texture. 

To top it all off, the ethical bedding is lovingly made by artisans in Ajmer, India, and features the maker’s hand-stitched signature. How cool is that? 

Price: From $275 for a duvet 

Sizes: Twin/Queen/King

Materials: 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, vintage cotton saris 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

25. Creative Women

organic bedding

For unique, sustainable duvet covers and throws, have a look at the lineup of the ethical brand Creative Women.

Meticulously crafted on traditional hand looms and perfected through stone washing, these textile masterpieces are beyond beautiful.

Plus, linen, with inherent temperature-regulating properties, moisture-wicking capabilities, and a delightful softening effect over time and washes, a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience.

And no worries, the use of natural dyes not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures the set is safe for both you and the planet.

Price: From $65+ for duvet cover set

Sizes: 90 x 120

Materials: Cotton, linen

Location/Shipping: United States

26. Area Home

ethical bedding

Area Home’s collection boasts a soft-to-the-touch, crisp, and classic percale weave made from washed, dyed cotton.

Dyed in small batches and prewashed, the sustainable bedding has an easy, sink-into-bed modern style.

The medium weight of the fabric makes it breathable, fresh, and effortlessly casual.

But fair warning: It will be extremely hard to choose your favorite set. The options are all absolutely beautiful!

Price: From $220+ for duvet cover | From $320+ for sheet sets

Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Materials: Cotton, Linen

Location/Shipping: United States 

Sustainable Bedding FAQs:

What should I avoid when buying sheets?

  • Synthetic Fabrics: Polyester and other synthetic fabrics may offer a budget-friendly option, but they often come with a downside. These materials can trap heat, leading to discomfort, and may contain synthetic dyes and finishes that emit harmful chemicals.
  • Uncertified Bedding: If the sheets lack certifications like OEKO-TEX Standard 100 or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), you might be missing out on crucial information about their safety and sustainability.
  • High Thread Counts Without Quality: While high thread counts are often associated with luxury, some manufacturers achieve this by using lower-quality fibers and applying chemical treatments. Focus on quality materials like long-staple cotton for durability.
  • Poorly Transparent Supply Chains: Opt for brands with transparent supply chains. If a brand isn’t clear about where and how its sheets are produced, it could indicate a lack of commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Is bamboo bedding eco-friendly?

Yes, bamboo bedding can be eco-friendly if produced using sustainable practices. However, some bamboo fabrics involve chemical-intensive manufacturing processes. We’ve created an entire guide for you to check out here.

To ensure eco-friendliness, choose bamboo bedding from reputable brands that use a closed-loop system in their production, minimizing environmental impact. So, make sure to look for certifications and transparent supply chain information to confirm the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

What should I look for in organic bedding?

  • Organic Materials: Opt for bedding made from certified organic cotton, linen, or eucalyptus fibers. These materials are cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, promoting environmental sustainability and minimizing the carbon footprint.
  • Certifications: Seek out reputable certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or OEKO-TEX Standard 100. These certifications guarantee that the bedding meets strict standards for organic integrity and is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthier sleep environment.
  • Transparent Supply Chain: Choose brands that prioritize transparency in their supply chain. This ensures that the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to the final product, adheres to high ethical and environmental standards.
  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process: Look for bedding produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes. This involves using sustainable practices, minimal water usage, and a closed-loop system to reduce the overall environmental impact.
  • Fair Wages: Support brands that prioritize fair wages for workers throughout their supply chain. This ensures that the manufacturing process aligns with ethical standards, contributing to positive social impact.
  • Thread Counts and Material Quality: Consider the thread count and material quality. While high thread counts can indicate softness, the quality of the material is equally important. Long-staple cotton, for example, signifies a durable and high-quality fabric that will stand the test of time.
  • Avoidance of Harsh Chemicals: Lastly, ensure that the bedding is free from harmful and toxic chemicals. Organic bedding avoids the use of synthetic pesticides, harsh dyes, and finishes that can have adverse effects on your health.

Is organic cotton better for bedding?

Yes, organic cotton is better for bedding compared to conventional cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, reducing environmental impact and promoting healthier ecosystems. It also avoids the harsh chemicals present in conventional cotton production, providing a more natural and sustainable choice for bedding.

What type of bedding is best for healthy sleep?

Bedding made from natural fibers like organic cotton, linen, or eucalyptus is best for healthy sleep. These materials offer breathability and moisture-wicking properties and are less likely to harbor allergens. Additionally, choosing bedding from eco-friendly brands that prioritize sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing contributes to a healthier sleep environment.

What is the most environmentally friendly duvet?

The most environmentally friendly duvet is typically made from organic materials like organic cotton, linen, or eucalyptus fibers. Look for duvets produced by brands committed to sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly dyes, minimizing water usage, and having a transparent supply chain. Certifications like GOTS or OEKO-TEX Standard 100 can help identify environmentally friendly options.

This post was all about the best sustainable bedding.

There you have it – 2024’s best sustainable bedding brands for organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, TENCEL, and linen bedding sets. Eco-friendly bedding comes in so many prints, colors, and styles! So, make sure to choose your favorite affordable, non-toxic bedding

For countless luxurious and environmentally conscious slumbers, free from harmful chemicals and with a reduced carbon footprint.

This post was graciously sponsored by Saffron Marigold. As always, we only work with brands that we stand behind. Would you like to sponsor one of our sustainable round-ups? Contact us here!

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