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What Are Fair Trade Flowers? 5 Reasons To Support Fair Trade This Valentine’s Day

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Danielle Alvarado


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My name is Danielle and I am a mother of two, wife, CEO, and lover of vintage treasures. I created SKL in 2020 to help our community in their need for well-researched and trust-worthy articles, listicles and guides to live a more sustainable and healthy life. So happy to have you here!


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What are Fair Trade flowers and why do they matter so much?

During colder months, most of the flowers we buy in western countries come from halfway across the world. How else would it be possible to satisfy such a rise in demand for roses in the middle of February?

If you can’t imagine going without some colorful flowers to decorate your home, worry not – there are some great sustainable options for buying ethical flowers and bouquets. Among these, one of the best is to choose Fair Trade flowers.

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what does fair trade mean
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Why choose a more expensive flower in the first place? Aren’t all flowers created equal and sustainable? It’s a natural resource!?

All great questions, and in all honesty, unsustainable flowers should have never existed in the first place. Long gone are the days when folks could walk into a store and guarantee that those gorgeous roses were grown ethically and safely nearby – from a neighbor’s garden house or plot of land.

Today, we are seeing even the most natural and beautiful sustainable items (such as flowers, vegetables, and fruit) turn ugly with mass production, overseas production, and endless sprays and toxins.

What Are Fair Trade Flowers?

Straight from the source, Fairtrade flowers are traceable back to the original farm. Fair trade-certified farms must ensure safety and working conditions for their employees. These farms receive a Fairtrade Premium of 10% for every stem sold, which allows workers to invest in healthcare, education, and other social benefits.

How Are Fair Trade Flowers More Sustainable?

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1. Reduced water use​

It takes a lot of water to produce flowers – Fair trade means finding innovative solutions to save as much of it in the process as possible. Rainfall collection and water recycling are just some examples of how this is being done.

That way, the water can be reused to water the plants time and time again, perfectly in line with circular economy principles.

2. Protecting vulnerable habitats​

Pesticides and other chemicals from flower farms can leak into the surrounding environment and pollute natural habitats. Fairtrade is finding ways to keep pests away without endangering these habitats, thanks to the use of gentler pesticides and improved waste management.

3. Fair wages and harassment protection​

One of the most crucial reasons that Fair Trade is so important? The promotion of female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

The working conditions on non-Fair trade farms are poor and the workers – mainly women – in the supply chain aren’t paid a fair wage. Fair Trade is changing this by improving working conditions, promoting the importance of fair wages, and fighting against harassment.

4. Investing in a fair product​

Fair Trade flowers do come at a higher price than their unethical counterparts. When choosing between the two, it’s important to remember that the extra money you spend on Fairtrade flowers isn’t going into the pocket of a rich CEO – it’s invested into improving working conditions and reducing the environmental impacts on Fairtrade flower farms.

Not to mention, studies show time and time again that sustainable flowers last almost 3x as long as nonsustainable flowers!

Where Can I Find Fair Trade Flowers?

fair trade flowers UK
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1. Buy online​

One of the easiest ways to do so is to hop online and see if there are any flower delivery services delivering to your desired address that stock Fairtrade flowers. 

Arena Flowers in the UK offers a range of Fairtrade flowers and so do Sense Equador and Whole Foods in the US.

When ordering online, it’s a good idea to also see the delivery practices of the brand you’re buying from, such as packaging or carbon offsetting, and look for the most sustainable one you can find.

2. Search in your area​

In some area, this will be easier than in others. For example, Aldi, Lidl, Whole Foods in the US, and Co-op in the UK are two large national store chains that regularly stock Fairtrade flowers. However, don’t restrict yourself to these options, as availability will largely vary by your region.

3. Support small businesses​

If you have a choice between buying your Fairtrade flowers from a small business instead of a large chain, we certainly recommend that you do so. By choosing to support a small, independent store in your local area that sells Fairtrade flowers and bouquets, you’re not just helping raise the standards in the supply chain – you’re also making sure a lot of the money you invest is going directly back into the community and economy of your home town, city or village.

This post was about sustainable & Fair trade flowers.

Hopefully this short but sweet break down of fair trade flowers and their importance has inspired you to look for that glorious fair trade label the next time you go in search of flowers for your loved ones. Have a very happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at SKL.

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sustainable flowers
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