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11 Best Sustainable Sunglasses For Ultimate UV Protection

ethical sunglasses
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Danielle Alvarado


Looking for the best sustainable sunglasses with amazing sun protection? We made a list of the top eco-friendly sunglasses that protectively shield your eyes while also doubling as the ultimate finishing touch in every outfit.

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This is your guide to the best sustainable sunglasses on the eco market.

ethical sunglasses
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No matter if you are a die-hard minimalist with an eye for the discrete or in love with those super bright colors, 2022’s best eco-friendly sunglasses can help you protect your eyes in style! While most options are relatively affordable, sometimes it’s hard to discern which sunnies are really worth the investment.

That’s why we rounded up a list of sustainable sunglasses brands that offer full UVA/UVB protection, eco-conscious materials, and scratch-resistant lenses to survive your clumsiness. From 100% recycled plastic and FSC-certified wood to recycled metal, scroll through our top eco-friendly sunglasses choices below.

What makes sunglasses bad for the environment?

Sunglass lenses are by far the cheapest part of the sunnies. Unfortunately, most unsustainable sunglasses carry lenses made from petroleum-based plastics. If you take into consideration that around four million pairs are thrown away each year, ending up in landfills or oceans, we quickly realize how polluting these shades really are. Additionally, with unsustainable sunglasses, we can’t really monitor the supply chain in order to determine whether or not the manufacturing processes and supply chain is ethical.

Are sustainable sunglasses worth the cost?

Yes, sustainable sunglasses absolutely worth the cost. 

While many sustainable fashion options come with a higher price tag, we can definitely find affordable eco-friendly sunglasses for under $60. This is a fairly reasonable price point if you consider that eco sunnies are made from ethically-sourced recyclable and recycled ingredients. Once a pair reaches the end of its lifespan, you can freely dispose of it without leaching harmful chemicals into the environment.

On top of that, sustainable sunglasses brands ensure that workers get paid fairly and craft the products in safe factories. At the end of the day, eco-products cost more to produce, and thus, they can be more expensive. 

This post is all about sustainable sunglasses.

Best Sustainable Sunglasses for Ultimate UV Protection

Pela’s sustainable sunglasses range from boho-chic lavender hues to classic, all-black frames and beyond. The B-certified brand also allows us to swap our sunnies’ lenses with blue light lenses to protect our eyes in style. Rest assured that your new pair will offer full UVA/UVB protection. Furthermore, these eco-friendly sunglasses use 33% less CO2e emissions and 82% less waste compared to the basics.

Price: $65

Ethics: B-Corp Certified, Compostable, Recycled Materials, Closed Loop Program

Location: USA, worldwide shipping

Shop Pela Sunglasses Here


Some of Our Favorites From Pela Sustainable Sunglasses:

The women-led sustainable sunglasses brand Covry works with talented artisans to handcraft their eco-friendly sunglasses in small batches using their trademarked Elevated Fit to design each frame with our comfort in mind. Think larger nose pads, reduced frame curvature, and a narrowed nose bridge. They use plant-based acetate and 100% UV protection lenses. Additionally, they offer Hassle-free try-ons at home for up to 5 frames. 

Price: $95 – $135

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Handmade, Responsible Production

Location: USA

Shop Covry Here


A few favorites from Covry:

Genusee’s range of eco-friendly sunglasses follows the principles of circular design. The brand uses 15 single-use water bottles to craft each pair of sustainable sunglasses locally in Flint, Michigan. From bronze and brown gradient shades to look-at-me-now orange mirror lenses, the made-to-order options are all in your favor. On top of that, they employ low-income individuals and donate some of the profits.

Price: Starting at $99 

Ethics: Recycled Materials, Handmade, Donations

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Shop Genusee Here

A few favorites from Genusee:

Sunski is on a mission to rescue plastic waste from the landfills and turn it into stylish affordable sustainable sunglasses “for wild humans.” The climate-neutral brand offers 3 different collections to meet our lifestyle’s needs (Everyday, Sports, Kidskis, Classic, and Premium) with UV400 protection. On top of that their recycled sunnies come with a Forever Warranty. Plus, they are members of 1% for the planet – what more can we ask for?

Price:  $58 – $89

Ethics: Recycled Materials, Climate-Neutral, Donations

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Shop Sunski Here

A few favorites from Sunski:

If you want your sustainable sunglasses to make a true impact, look no further than Proof Eyewear. Apart from the use eco-materials such as FSC-certified wood, cotton-based acetate, and repurposed skateboard decks, the brand also helps an array of causes around the world. They commit to planting trees, and hosting health screening clinics through their Do Good projects. Their collection includes dozens of sunnies with polarized anti-reflective lenses and UVA/UVB 400 protection,

Price: $65–$114

Ethics: Sustainable & Recycled Materials, Fair Wages, Donations

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Shop Proof Here

A few favorites from Proof Eyewear:

The UK-based sustainable sunglasses brand Pala uses plant-based, biodegradable material across their entire collection. Furthermore, they’ve partnered up with artisans in Ghana to weave gorgeous cases from recycled plastic. Apart from offsetting their carbon emissions and committing to small batch production, the B-certified corp also participates in man eye-care projects in Africa.

Price: $141–$167

Ethics: Materials, B-Certified Corporation, Fair Wages, Carbon Offsetting, Donations, Partnership With One Tribe. 

Location/Shipping: Sold from the UK, worldwide shipping available

Shop Pala Here

Avid journeyers and wonderlusters, rejoice! SOLO’s sustainable Sunglasses feed into our love for the outdoors while also giving back to the less fortunate. The brand uses repurposed bamboo and recycled plastic across their entire eco-friendly sunglasses lines. True to their #LiveandGive, with every purchase, they restore vision for a person in need. Thus far, they’ve helped over 13,000 people across 32 countries.

Price: $59-$99

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Fair Wages, Partners Of Aravind Eye Care System And Restoring Vision

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Shop SOLO Here

Wear Panda’s eco-friendly sunglasses are crafted from, you guessed it, FSC-certified bamboo. Their free lifetime warranty on manufacturing is certainly a bonus, but the brand’s pledge to offer free exams and prescription glasses for those in need is the ultimate is what makes them shine. From honey-toned frames to darker options with 100% polarized lenses, they have all our needs covered.

Price: $120

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Donations

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Shop Wear Panda Here

With chic and sophisticated 100% UVA/UVB protection sustainable sunglasses that run the gamut from classic metal aviators to round frames, Woodzee is one of the best eco-friendly sunglasses brands of 2022. You can send them your old pair for recycling and receive 50 percent off your next order. Every pair is shipped in recycled paper stock packaging, brushed cotton soft pouch, and natural plant-based plastics.

Price: $50–$199

Ethics: Sustainable & Recycled Materials, Recycling Program

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Shop Woodzee Here

Sticks & Sparrow’s preppy sustainable sunglasses come packed with 100 percent UV protection and scratch-resistant lenses for heavy-duty use. The brand allows us to try our favorite pairs at home before committing to a purchase. Additionally, they use cork, plant-based acetate, and bamboo to craft their frames and minimize their impact on the environment. Plus, they are one of the chicest and most feminine eco-friendly sunglasses options out there.

Price: $99–$395

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Renewable Resources

Location/Shipping: Sold from Australia

Shop Sticks & Sparrow Here

Bonnie Clyde’s sustainable sunglasses are bright, bold, and unapologetic. With a team of only 4 people and a pledge to maintain the highest sustainability standards, they quickly became a top eco-friendly sunglasses e-destination. They use premium Italian plant-based cellulose, nylon 100% UV protection lenses, and stainless steel core & Hinges to craft their street style-approved sunnies in LA.

Price: $138–$148

Ethics: Eco-Friendly Materials, Independent Team Of 4, Made In LA

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Shop Bonnie Clyde Here

This post was all about the best sustainable sunglasses for ultimate UV protection

No matter your preferences, the 11 aforementioned sustainable sunglasses brands are here to offer ethically-made frames with colorfully tinted lenses, and classic colors to match all your outdoor needs. From 90s-inspired eco-friendly sunglasses to round, or butterfly frames, you’ll definitely find a pair of shades to call your own.

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pela sunglasses
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pela sunglasses
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