21 Sustainable American-Made Clothing Brands To Support In 2024

top american made sustainable clothing brands


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Are you eager to support sustainable American-made clothing brands this year? If so, check out our epic list of brands proudly made in the USA! No fast fashion here, folks – these ethical brands are built to last. 

Did you know that local manufacturing not only reduces the transportation costs of clothes (being shipped from country to country) but also supports all of our amazing American artists and designers?

Let’s put the mom-and-pop shops we all know and love back in business and support these amazing American-made clothing brands. Read on to discover 21 of our favorite USA clothing shops!

sustainable American made clothing

Did you know that the fashion industry produces about 10% of annual global carbon dioxide emissions? That’s more than all shipping and international flights combined worldwide!

So, what can we do about it? Lowering our fashionable carbon footprint can mean choosing sustainably produced materials and eco-friendly packaging.

On the other hand, it can also mean reducing the distance that the clothing has to travel before it reaches us!

Enter: American-made clothing brands.

You see, clothes made in countries far from us require more energy to be shipped overseas, resulting in a larger carbon footprint.

On top of that, brands that are based in the US but get their clothes made overseas often have very complex supply chains. 

Usually, these brands are connected to several different factories and manufacturers for their clothes, each with its own policies (or lack thereof) for pay, working conditions, and workers’ rights.

So, it’s nearly impossible for consumers to verify how these clothes have been made, who made them, and under what conditions. 

Fast fashion brands, in particular, are pros at using loopholes to avoid taking accountability for garment workers in their supply chain. No surprise there, I guess. 

That’s why it’s so important to have a list of sustainable American-made clothing brands ready each time you want to go shopping.

Read on to find the best American-made sustainable clothing brands in the USA.

What does “American Made” clothing mean?

American-made clothing simply means the garment or footwear has been made or “assembled” in the United States. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the material, dyes, threads, fastenings, etc are made in America. It just means that it’s been put together here.

When we know a product has been made in America, we have a better idea of the working conditions and safety regulations that garment workers operate within. 

However, just because a product or garment says ‘Made in the USA’ doesn’t guarantee that item’s quality or sustainability. 

But do not fear; our roundup has only the most ethical and sustainable American-made clothing brands!

Why should we buy American-made clothing?

First off, buying locally-made threads supports our own economy. When you pick up a piece made in the USA, you’re putting money back into businesses right here at home. That means more jobs, more growth, you get the drift.

Now, let’s talk about quality. Sustainable American-made clothing brands take pride in what they do, which translates into well-crafted pieces.

You know that feeling when your shirt lasts longer than years vs. just a season? That’s the kind of durability you can find with American-made stuff.

Opting for top American-made sustainable clothing also helps the environment. When you choose American-made, you’re cutting down on the carbon footprint. Less shipping, less pollution – simple as that. 

Plus, it’s kind of cool to know exactly where your clothes are coming from, right?

Lastly, when you’re dealing with local manufacturers, the whole production process tends to be more transparent. You know what you’re getting, and that’s always a win.

So, to put it simply, buying American-made clothing boosts the local economy, helps you get quality stuff, cuts down on the environmental impact, and supports fair and transparent practices. 

The Best Sustainable American-Made Clothing Brands

1. Mate The Label

Supporting US clothing manufacturers

Mate The Label is a female-founded American-made clothing brand, producing “clean essentials” made sustainably in the United States (Los Angeles) with non-toxic, natural, and organic materials.

Their loungewear sets are perfect for the post-pandemic style, and their activewear looks good enough to get us working out again!

The MATE supply chain is localized to a 15-mile radius, with all products being cut, sewn, dyed, packaged, and shipped from their LA factory.

Price Range: From $46+ 

Size Range: XS-3X 

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral Certified, sustainable materials, made in Los Angeles, Remate Circularity Program, plastic-free 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide

2. LA Relaxed

Ethically produced American fashion

LA Relaxed designs and makes all its ethical women’s apparel under one roof in Los Angeles, California.

The sustainable American-made clothing brand uses plant-based and deadstock material to create high-quality organic dresses, shirts, and pants for everyday use. 

To top it all off, LA Relaxed produces its garments in limited runs to avoid waste.

Price Range: From $40+ 

Size Range: XS-XL 

Ethics: GOTS Certified, made in Los Angeles, sustainable & ethical, made in small batches, pays employees a living wage 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide

3. Amour Vert

best sustainableamerican made clothing brands

Based in San Francisco, Amour Vert creates business casual women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories.

As well as being made in America, they plant a tree for every t-shirt they sell!

Bonus? Their sustainable products are shipped using compostable and recycled materials.

Amour Vert uses materials like cupro from repurposed cotton seed waste, Tencel, organic cotton, and linen and produces their clothes in limited quantities to reduce waste.

Price Range: From $50+ 

Size Range: XXS-XL 

Ethics: Bluesign®, Global Recycle Standard (GRS), FSC Certified, ethically made, low impact dyes, conscious packaging, every purchase of a tee, we plant a tree in North America in partnership with American Forests® 

Made In: San Francisco, California | Ships within the United States 

4. Christy Dawn

american made sustainable clothing brands for ladies

Christy Dawn prides itself on being an American-made farm-to-closet company committed to practices that honor Mother Earth and all her people.

They create beautiful, ethically-made dresses using regenerative materials (an approach to managing agroecosystems that provide fibers and materials in ways that create positive outcomes for nature) and deadstock fabrics.

Their main production center is in LA and India, and they are working towards creating a fully regenerative fiber shed.

Price Range: From $58+ 

Size Range: XS-3X 

Ethics: Fair labor, sustainable & upcycled materials, ethically made in LA, carbon-neutral, trade-in program 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide 

5. Reformation

best Sustainable American made clothing brands list

One of the most beloved American-made sustainable clothing brands for ladies IS Reformation

On their virtual shelves, you can find a slew of sustainable basics clothing, from dresses to workout clothes

Reformation makes some of its clothes in its LA factory and some at partner factories around the world.

They disclose 100% of their tier 1 finished goods manufacturers and subcontractors within their supply chain.

Since 2020, every employee of Reformation has received a living wage, and they are working towards the goal of every partner factory having fair wage programs by 2025.

Price Range: From $58+ 

Size Range: XS-3X 

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified, Bluesign®, Climate Neutral Certified, sustainable & recycled fabrics, low waste manufacturing, women-owned, made in LA   

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide

6. Passion Lilie

Top-rated American-made fashion labels

Passion Lille, an American-made clothing brand from New Orleans, combines classic silhouettes with the craft of handwoven ikat and playful block prints. 

Each piece is ethically handmade in small batches in India.

Talented artisans pour their hearts into preserving heritage techniques, weaving a story of culture and craftsmanship into every thread. 

Plus, Passion Lille partners with a handloom weaving studio to transform textile ‘waste’ into a precious resource.

Leftover cotton finds new life, evolving into usable fabric for more exquisite creations.

Price Range: From $38+ 

Size Range: XS-2XL 

Ethics: GOTS Certified, ethical production, organic fabrics & dyes, Fair Trade Federation Member, Fair Trade Certified factory 

Made In: New Orleans, Louisiana | Ships worldwide  

7. Command Knitwear

best eco-friendly American made clothing brands

When Christine Dennett founded the sustainable American-made clothing brand Command Knitwear, she only had one thought in mind. 

To create truly compostable fashion that leaves a lighter footprint on the world. It’s safe to say that she succeeded. 

The made-to-order, fully fashioned pieces are made of 100% American wool sourced from Climate Beneficial ranches in Northern California.

In fact, each pound of wool produced represents hundreds of pounds of carbon removed from the atmosphere!

Also, all made-to-last knitwear is “drenched” in plant-based colors, completely free of microplastics and toxic finishes. 

This means that all pieces are breathable, allergy-free, thermoregulating, and ridiculously stylish.

Price Range: From $40+ 

Size Range: S-XXL 

Ethics: Climate Beneficial Wool™ Certified, 100% natural dyes, small batch production, made-to-order, no plastic 

Made In: Seattle, Washington State | Ships within the United States 

8. Whimsy & Row

best American made clothing brands

Whimsy and Row, an LA-based, American-made clothing brand, draws inspiration from the carefree vibes of California living. 

They offer a beautiful lineup of breezy dresses, comfy jumpsuits, and effortlessly stylish pieces. 

The clothes are infused with vibrant colors and playful prints, which we absolutely adore.

What’s more, this ethical brand collaborates with small, family-owned factories in Los Angeles, making sure that all products are made responsibly under fair and safe conditions using top-quality sustainable fabrics. No sweatshops here, folks!

Price Range: From $96+ 

Size Range: XS-XL  

Ethics: Locally made, ethical production, fair wages, low-impact dyes, zero-waste, carbon-neutral, recycled packaging

Made In: Downtown Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide

9. Harvest & Mill

eco-friendly American made clothing brands

The sustainable American-made clothing brand Harvest & Mill aims to outfit us with responsibly-made organic cotton clothing that’s not just grown but also sewn right here in the USA. 

Their core mission? Supporting local farmers and artisans while making clothes that not only feel good but last long, too. 

The brand also measures the impact metrics of each individual product throughout the entire manufacturing process. Transparency at its finest!

You’ll find plenty of cruelty-free and vegan looks for all your future casual and formal outings.

Price Range: From $48+ 

Size Range: XS-XL 

Ethics: Sustainable materials, vegan, low carbon USA supply chains, carbon-neutral, transparency, plastic-free packaging 

Made In: Oakland, Berkeley & San Francisco | Ships worldwide

10. Proclaim

american made clothing manufacturers

From organic cotton underwear to curve-hugging plus-size clothing and loungewear, Proclaim is as sustainable as it can get.

Based in LA, the American-made sustainable clothing brand for ladies uses eco-friendly fabrics to create inclusive and minimalist undies for various skin tones. 

Think Tencel lyocell, organic cotton, hemp, and repreve recycled polyester. 

Amazingly, the company also thrives on being as zero-waste as possible by collecting scraps since PROCLAIM began in 2017 to repurpose new building materials like insulation.

While they don’t own a factory, the entire manufacturing process is local under fair working conditions.

Plus, all orders are packed in 100% home compostable mailers.

Price Range: From $24+  

Size Range: S-3X 

Ethics: Family-owned factory, local manufacturing, fair wages, low-impact dyes, minimal packaging 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships to Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia 

11. Groceries Apparel

american made sustainable clothing brands in usa

Next up is one of the most innovative, American-made clothing brands in 2024! 

Groceries Apparel aims to redefine transparency and human responsibility by supporting family farms, localized manufacturing, living wages, and Monsanto-free post-consumer ingredients.

They use organic cotton, eucalyptus, recycled plastic, hemp, recycled cotton, and natural dyes made from plants in their collections.

They manufacture all their products in their factory in Los Angeles to ensure their standards are fully executed and keep their supply chain as local as possible to reduce their carbon footprint.

Price Range: From $44+ 

Size Range: XS-XL 

Ethics: Plant-based materials, living wages, transparency 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide

12. Buck Mason

best made in usa brands

American-made classics, proudly designed and made in the USA? That’s what we want to hear!

Buck Mason specializes in durable, timeless menswear and womenswear, from sustainable tees and shirts to coats and jackets, all designed to be wearable for years to come.

They also make all their staple tees with ethical cotton grown in the US. 

Price Range: From $45+  

Size Range: XS-XXL 

Ethics: Ethical manufacturing, durable design, indigo dyes, American-grown cotton 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide

13. Mara Hoffman

made in usa brands

When it comes to luxury American-made sustainable clothing brands in the USA, Mara Hoffman is at the top of the list.

The premium company creates high-quality pieces ranging from swimwear to dresses using natural, recycled, and organic fibers.

They list all the factories they work with, both within the US and around the world, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Price Range: From $140+ 

Size Range: XS-XL | 00-12 

Ethics: Fairtrade Certified™, transparent supply chain, factories women-run & owned, made in the USA, recycled packaging

Made In: New York, New York State & Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide

14. Vitamin A

Sustainable American made clothing brands list

Next up is one of the most vibrant and fun American-made clothing brands!

Vitamin A is on a mission to make sustainability sexy! 

That’s why all of their bikinis and bodysuits are sustainably made in the USA, California to be exact, from plant-based and recycled materials. 

The silhouettes and prints are simply to die for!

On top of that, they are also a member of 1% for the planet, giving back to organizations that work to protect our oceans and the environment.  

Price Range: From $100+ 

Size Range: XS-XL 

Ethics: Sustainably made in California, recycled materials, fair wages, 100% recycled & recyclable packaging, donations 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide

15. The Checkroom

eco-friendly american made clothing manufacturers

Liz Williams, the Founder of The Checkroom, made a commitment to creating modern women’s outerwear that is built to last and designed with functionality.

All of their coats and jackets are made in her home studio in Chicago using small-batch production methods and American-made fabrics like Tencel, cotton, and wool. 

Liz also has a ‘made to order’ option on most styles, so rest assured that this American-made sustainable clothing brand for ladies cares deeply about people and the environment.

Price Range: From $795+  

Size Range: XXS-1X 

Ethics: Ethically made, size-inclusive, small batch production, made-to-order 

Made In: Chicago, Illinois | Ships worldwide 

16. Big Bud Press

best Sustainable American made clothing brands list

The American-made clothing brand Big Bud Press produces unisex, everyday pieces and prides itself on its ethical and local manufacturing practices.

More than 98% of the fabric they use is grown and made in America and is NAFTA-certified.

We absolutely love that 70’s style heavily inspires their high-quality and sustainable tops, pants, and jumpsuits and come in gorgeous earth tones and colorful prints. 

Price Range: From $45+ 

Size Range: P-6XL 

Ethics: GOTS Certified, ethical and local manufacturing practices, low impact and non-toxic dyes, 100% recycled packaging 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships to Canada 

17. Dazey LA 

best american made sustainable clothing brands for ladies

This one is for the unapologetic maximalists! 

Granted, it’s notoriously hard to find dopamine-inducing American-made sustainable clothing brands in the USA. But Dazey LA defines all odds.

The company blends organic and deadstock fabrics with detailed, hand-drawn graphics to uplift your spirits instantly. Colors, colors, and more colors! 

Who says sustainable fashion can’t be vibrant? 

Price Range: From $130+ 

Size Range: S-XL 

Ethics: Sustainable & ethical, handmade to order in LA, made in small batches 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide

18. Brooke There

top made in usa brands

Looking for organic cotton lingerie designed and made in America?

Brooke There creates minimalist lingerie in effortless styles and colors you can wear and love for years. 

They use organic cotton made from GOTS-certified yarn, milled and dyed in the sunny state of California. 

Plus, all American-made clothing comes “dressed” in recycled packaging to further minimize waste.

Price Range: From $42+  

Size Range: XS-XXL 

Ethics: GOTS Certified, low-impact fabrics, recycled packaging 

Made In: Fall River, Massachusetts | Ships worldwide

19. Avocado

Best American-made apparel brands

Avocado produces timeless and functional pieces, all of which are designed, knit, sewn, and hand-dyed entirely in the United States (Los Angeles). 

This way, they manage to massively reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting goods.

Their leggings, bras, and tops are made of sensil nylon which provides odor control and sweat-wicking abilities. 

Price Range: From $55+  

Size Range: XS-XL 

Ethics: Fair wages, locally made, hand-dyed materials 

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships within the United States 

20. The Classic T-Shirt Company

best american made clothing manufacturers

The Classic T-shirt Company has a very clear mission: To create luxury GOTS-certified organic cotton short sleeves, long sleeves, v-necks, and crew neck t-shirts. 

That’s it! Just one wardrobe staple to rule them all – yes, this was a LOTR reference.

Just like most of the top American-made sustainable clothing brands of 2024, The Classic T-shirt Company pays living wages to all of their workers. More than the minimum wage in California, to be exact.

Price Range: From $64+  

Size Range: XS-XXL 

Ethics: GOTS Certified, fair labor, sustainable & recycled fabrics, plastic-free, 100% recycled & recyclable packaging, donations  

Made In: Los Angeles, California | Ships worldwide 

21. 337 Brand 

Sustainable American clothing options

337 Brand is here to upgrade your capsule wardrobe with stylish, sustainable American-made clothing finished with low-impact dyes.

The ethical company uses eco-conscious printing methods to minimize environmental impact further.

They also opt for the most durable eco materials, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel, to create their versatile clothing.

And because certifications speak louder than words, all fabrics are GOTS Certified, OEKO-TEX® Certified!

Price Range: From $45+  

Size Range: XS-L

Ethics: GOTS Certified, OEKO-TEX® Certified, vegan, recyclable packaging, one tree planted, donations  

Made In: New York, New York State | Ships worldwide 

Are all American-made clothing brands ethical?

Unfortunately, not all American-made clothing is ethical or sustainable. 

While many brands solely use fair labor practices, there have been many cases of clothing and footwear made with prison labor or child labor in the USA. 

This is only one of the many shocking facts about fast fashion. Unbelievable I know! 

Clothing Brands Using Prison Labor

Prison labor in the United States has been a controversial issue. Many reports have shown inmates working for extremely low wages or even no pay at all. 

Some American companies (West Coast, we’re looking at you) have been criticized for using prison labor to produce goods, including clothing.  

Want me to name-drop? Gladly! It has been reported that UNICOR, a division of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, employs over 12,000 inmates across 80 prison factories covering all its product segments. 

Popular brands like Victoria’s Secret, JC Penney, and other major retailers have been linked to the use of prison labor in their supply chains.

In one single year, sales of clothing and textiles from UNICOR reached $177 million, generating a profit of $16 million. 

But, despite these numbers, prison inmates working for UNICOR are compensated at just over 23 cents per hour. How is this possible? I have no idea! 

Child labor In The USA 

Sweatshops exist in the USA too! In 2016, they discovered that 85% of surveyed factories in Los Angeles were engaged in unjust labor practices, with certain establishments paying their workers as little as $4.50 per hour. 

Popular fast fashion brands like Fashion Nova are notorious for taking advantage of undocumented workers to produce those “oh-so-flattering” ensembles we see on social media. Obviously, this goes against the United States’ Fair Labor Standards Act (1938).

Are clothes made in the USA more sustainable?

Yes, clothes made in the USA generally have a lower carbon footprint than those manufactured overseas. 

That’s mostly because the raw materials and finished products do not have to travel long distances. 

So, by reducing transportation distances, brands can easily lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

However, that doesn’t mean that all American-made clothing brands are ethical. Many brands have managed to find loopholes. 

While manufacturing in the USA is subject to more stringent labor and environmental regulations, there have been many instances where brands were caught red-handed using child labor!

It would be best to keep an eye out and double-check the claims of all American-made sustainable clothing brands in the USA.

How can I tell if an American-made brand is sustainable?

As with any brand, the way to check if an American-made clothing brand is sustainable is to make sure they offer you, as the consumer, all the information you need.

  1. Are they transparent with their supply chain and where they get their materials from? 
  2. Have they told you what they’re doing to minimize their environmental impact? 
  3. Do they produce a sustainability report each year available for you to read?

You can also see if any official regulatory body accredits them regarding their materials, ethical practices, and sustainability claims. 

For example, GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certifies organic textiles, and B Corporation is a certification given to companies that balance purpose and profit.

It is also important to look out for greenwashing, where a brand makes environmental claims that cannot be backed up, often using vague, green-sounding language or misleading or irrelevant statistics.

Do all American-made companies pay their workers a living wage?

It is important to note that not all American-made clothing brands pay a living wage. As of March 2024, the living wage in the United States is $25.02 per hour.

This amount has been calculated to support an individual’s average requirements for food, childcare, health care, housing, transportation, and other necessities.

The federal minimum wage in America is $7.25 per hour. Many fashion brands operate through a piece-rate payment system that compensates workers at just a few cents per article of clothing. 

This often means that workers are paid even less than minimum wage. In 2021, a Department of Labor investigation found that the brand Fashion Nova relies on a network of sweatshops in Los Angeles, California, paying workers as little as $2.77 an hour.

Several other brands have been linked to factories in Los Angeles that have been exposed for paying below the minimum wage and even wage theft (when your employer doesn’t give you, the worker, what they owe you), including Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Harley Davidson, and Urban Outfitters.

Why don’t more brands make their clothes in the USA?

Since 1960, the amount of clothing manufactured in the USA has dropped from 95% to 2%. The main reason why most US brands still produce their clothing overseas is down to cost. 

It is much cheaper to produce clothes in countries like China and India, where they have cheap labor, easier access to raw materials, and the ability to mass produce orders fast.

We hope this list of amazing sustainable American-made clothing brands has inspired you to shop locally the next time you shop online! 

When we decide to ditch fast fashion and support the most American-made sustainable clothing brands, we actively contribute to reducing carbon footprints associated with global transportation. 

This simple act not only enhances the country’s economic stability but also reduces our reliance on overseas production.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that our clothes are made ethically, responsibly, and under fair working conditions.

P.S. If you want to check which other American-made sustainable clothing brands in the USA are paying a living wage, we recommend using the Fashion Checker website. 

They also look at supply chain transparency and whether a brand has made a public commitment to paying their workers a living wage.

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sustainable American made clothing
sustainable American made clothing

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