33 Best Vegan Handbags & Vegan Purses To Love in Your Conscious Closet

Danielle Alvarado

August 23, 2022

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best vegan bags
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Looking for the best vegan handbags and ethical vegan purses to fuel your capsule wardrobe with timeless, durable accessories? We cherry-picked the most noteworthy vegan handbag brands just for you!

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This post is about the best vegan handbags & vegan purses 

best vegan purses
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Ethical, timeless, and affordable vegan handbags — the icing on the sartorial cake that can make even the laziest outfit pop. Nonetheless, good vegan handbags are hard to come by — especially with the slew of greenwashing examples that keep circulating the eco corner of the web lately. 

So as much as you love ogling the latest bag releases, there are some things you should keep in mind before you click “add to cart.

You probably already know that real leather is pretty much catastrophic in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, deforestation, and biodiversity loss. 

However, there are many pressing issues with PU and PVC leather as well because it continues to be the single most environmentally damaging type of plastic. But even if an accessory is crafted from recycled plastic and natural materials, we still have to make sure that it’s created under fair working conditions where workers are not treated poorly. 

That’s why when we finally discovered that once-in-a-blue-moon kind of sustainable and ethical accessory, we had to share! Below, check out the best vegan handbags brands that are as ethical and transparent as possible.


What is a vegan leather bag made of?

Vegan leather bags are entirely made of made polyurethane and other plastic-based synthetic materials that are cruelty-free but nothing close to sustainable. Luckily, many innovative sustainable materials are not only eco-consious but also affordable and renewable. Pineapple leaves, cork, mushrooms, and apple peels are only a few examples. Some vegan handbag brands also opt for recycled plastic to help divert waste from landfills. Ultimately,  the impact of vegan leather production can be one-third lower than that of animal-based leather.

What is the best vegan leather?

Mushroom leather (MuSkin) is touted as one of the best vegan leathers due to its extreme durability. Also, cork is another great animal-leather alternative because it can biodegrade completely and can be easily recycled without producing any toxic residues. As for Piñatex pineapple leather, it helps farmers take advantage of the previously unusable part of their pineapple crop, and 100% recycled plastic leather helps divert waste from the ocean and landfills, giving it a second life. There are only a few of the most popular options the best vegan handbags brands use to craft their collections.

This post is about the best vegan leather handbags and purses.


The 11 best vegan handbag brands

What are the most important elements of a gorgeous ethical handbag? Traceability, transparency, and conscious consumption. Staying true to their core values of uniqueness, sustainability, and empowerment, Noiranca is definitely one of the best vegan handbag brands of 2022.

With refreshingly unique everyday statement silhouettes and sculptural lines that do not go unnoticed, the brand put aims to add a modern twist to our wardrobes.

To ensure the highest quality, the designs are crafted in a 50-year-old atelier run by the family’s second-generation siblings. Noiranca is also using PETA-approved vegan leather with 58% recycled elements that meet both EU REACH and US CA65 standards. 

Price: Starts At $200

Materials: Water-Based Polyurethane, Recycled Micro Suede, Recycled Cotton, Rsc Paper Packaging

Ethics: Recycled & Sustainable Materials, PETA-Approved Vegan Transparency, Ethical Manufacturing, Donations

Location: NY, USA

Shop Norianca Here

Noah’s Vegan is one of our favorite sustainable European brands for good vegan handbags that certainly stand the test of time. Created ethically by skilled artisans with GOTS certified organic cotton and GRS certified recycled materials, these vegan bags and purses are free from free phthalates, PFCs, nanotechnology, and APEOs.

Instead of artificial leather, the brand ops for pineapple leather, cork, Oeko-Tex Certified Ecological Microfiber. We absolutely love their vegan crossbody bags and beautiful vegan leather backpacks!

Price: Starts At $69,00

Materials: Pineapple Leather, Cork, Oeko-Tex Certified Ecological Microfiber 

Ethics: Certified Sustainable Materials, Ethically Made In Portugal, Co2-Free Manufacturing, Plastic-Free Packaging

Location: Italy, ships worldwide

Shop Noah’s Vegan Here

With the motto “sustainable luxury without the traditional 250% retail markup,” Svala is one of the best vegan handbag brands with a slew of premium, innovative, animal-friendly, PVC-free materials in their fabric arsenal. 

Their wide range of vegan leather handbags includes boho-inspired natural cork backpacks, totes, mini clutches, wallets, and purses lovingly handcrafted in LA. There are plenty of minimalistic and statement options to choose from — black metallic, florals, and snakeskin, just to name a few. 

Cork bags are not only beautiful but also waterproof, stain-resistant, and durable. And while they do carry PU leather, they also choose BioVeg, an innovative vegan fabric made in Italy with recycled polyester from plastic bottles and bio polyols.  

Price: Starts At $220

Materials: Piñatex,Cork, Vegan Leather Pu, Bioveg

Ethics: Renewable And Sustainable Materials, Made In LA, Ethical Manufacturing, Donations

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Shop Svala Here

Aside from the line of stylish sustainable rain boots that have taken the sartorial ecosphere by storm, Wills Vegan also carries some of the best vegan handbags and vegan purses. 

Made ethically in small workshops in Tuscany, Italy, and Portugal, their accessories feature natural and recycled materials —  like bio-oil from organic cereal crops and viscose —  and no PFCs, nanotechnology, and APEOs. You can opt for neutral colored duffle bags and saddle bags to backpacks and even briefcases for workaholic cruelty-free enthusiasts. 

Price: Starts At £97

Materials: Bio Oil Sourced From Organic Cereal Crops

Ethics: Certified Sustainable Vegan Leather, Made In Small Batches In Europe, Carbon Neutral, Plastic-Free Packaging, Solar Energy, Fair Wages

Location: USA, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Will’s Vegan Here

With 100% cruelty-free and earth-friendly materials, Sinbono definitely deserves a spot on our best vegan handbag brands list. 

Currently, there are 6 different affordable vegan handbag collections with trend-driven silhouettes that are still ethically and sustainably made with full transparency. The mini drawstring brands come in a lew of dopamine-boosting colors, but if you need something more classic, have a look at their Amelia and Alyssa lines. 

Also, the PETA-approved brand responsibly recycles plastic bottles into polyester, breaking down the single-use plastic bottles (PET bottles) to create stylish vegan leather handbags in ISO 9001 certified factories. Quality, longevity, and sustainability – what more can we ask for?

Price: Starts At $79

Materials: Recycled PET Bottles 

Ethics: Recycled Materials, Ethical Manufacturing, PETA-Approved Vegan, Iso 9001 Certified Factories, Donations

Location: USA

Shop Sinbono Here

Bucket bags, pouches, totes, saddlebags— the fashion-froward yet versatile vegan handbags on Angela Roi’s digital shelves are to appeal to every taste. Aiming to support animal welfare, they use EPUL (Exquisite Polyurethane Leather), durable thread, and quality fabric as well as modern technology and CAD (3D software) for pattern and sample designing to avoid any unnecessary waste. 

On top of that, Angela Roi’s best vegan handbags and purses are handcrafted by skilled artisans and reliable factories in Korea.

Price: Starts At $55

Materials: Cactus Leather, 

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Ethically Made In Korea, Low-Waste Manufacturing Processes, Transparency, Donations

Location: New York, USA

Shop Angela Roi Here

What started as a small business from a Manhattan studio apartment turned into one of the best vegan handbag brands! 

We are talking about Gunas, a pioneer of the fully vegan fashion movement, that took advantage of canvas, nylon, and more upcycled materials to create vegan leather handbags with unapologetic pops of color including all-over prints, color blocking. Granted, their aesthetic caters to preppy gals on the lookout for good vegan handbags, but there are many “quit” options available s well. 

Each bag is handcrafted in the heart of Seoul, Korea. And in case you need something a la cart, there is also a made-to-order option.

Price: Starts At $198

Materials: Recycled Plastic Bottle Lining (rPET), Recycled Metals For Our Hardware, Microfibers Upholstery Fabrics & More

Ethics: Sustainable And Recycled Materials, Made In Korea, Donations

Location: NY, USA

Shop Gunas NY Here

Entirely crafted from recycled plastic bottles, and vegetable oil, LaBante London’s best vegan handbags and vegan purses are incredibly versatile and evidently timeless. Their gorgeous PVC-free styles are manufactured ethically in China in a SEDEX Certified factory. No matter if you are interested in affordable vegan handbags with chic, neutral-colored quilted textures, wear-me-everywhere hobo bags, and crossbodies or clutches, this PETA-approved brand has you covered! To top it all off, they also offer 10% of their profits to charity which is a great thing to hear!

Price: Starts At £129.99

Materials: Recycles Plastic Bottles, Vegetable-Based Polyurethane (PU),

Ethics: Recycled Materials, Ethical Working Environments, Made In Korea,  SEDEX Certification, Donations

Location: London, UK

Shop LaBante London Here

From sustainable hands-free bags and belt bags to fanny packs, HSF Collective is touted as one of the best vegan handbag brands in the US. 

Lovingly made in Los Angeles with attention to detail, they aim to help us “celebrate living life hands-free.” As for the designs themselves, they are as modern as it gets. Some are adorned with ethically-mined, glimmering Pyrite stones, while others are more subtle with eathy hues and contrasting metals. No matter your preferences, these bags will take you from day to night with ease.

Price: Starts At $138

Materials: Recycled, Upcycled & Deadstock Fabrics, Hemp, Cork, PINATEX, Organic Cotton

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Made In LA, Fair Wages, Ethical-Minded Stones, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified

Location: LA, USA

Shop HFS Collective Here

JW PEI believes that the future of fashion should be ethical and sustainable and thus they only create affordable vegan handbags locally in LA with top-notch eco materials such as canvas, polyurethane, and certified fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Their modern minimalist aesthetic is pretty evident although they never shy away from bold hues. Their nostalgia-inducing croc shoulder and saddlebags, for example, are drenched in neutral tones while their hobo vegan leather handbags come in statement blue, orange & more vibrant colors. The most interesting silhouettes of them all? The Rantan & Abacus Bags! So if you love ethical fashion with a trend-driven edge, this one is for you!

Price: Starts At €69,95

Materials: Canvas, Polyurethane, And Recycled Plastic

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Made In Los Angeles, Affordability, Fair Wages

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Shop JW PEI Here

Pixie Mood, one of the most popular vegan handbag brands of 2022, takes animal welfare and eco-consious fashion very seriously. That’s exactly why they’ve created an ah-mazing line of Waste bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, and bucket bags entirely made from recycled vegan leather “inspired by light and refreshing botanicals.” 

Additionally, they test all materials to ensure they meet the California Prop 65 standard while also visiting their manufacturers yearly to monitor the working conditions. With so many affordable vegan handbags in a slew of colors and silhouettes, it’s safe to say that your bag hunt ends here!

Price: Starts At $80.00

Materials: Recycled Plastic, Cork, Recycled Vegan Leather, Solvent-Free Vegan Leather, Recycled Canvas

Ethics: Recycled And Sustainable Materials, Ethical Manufacturing, Fair Wages, Eco Packaging

Location: USA

Shop Pixie Mood Here

This post was all about the best vegan handbags & vegan purses 

No matter your personal preferences, the best vegan handbags & vegan purses are definitely worthy investments. Each one of these affordable vegan handbags is created ethically and sustainably with deep care for the earth and the animals and that’s exactly what makes the aforementioned brand stand out from the bag crowd.

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