11 Best Affordable Sustainable Swimwear Brands (2024)

affordable sustainable swimwear


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Looking for the best affordable sustainable swimwear for all your future sun-soaked adventures? 

We take our seaside ensembles a bit too seriously around here. That’s why we made a list of top-rated super budget-friendly sustainable bathing suits for women of all shapes and sizes. 

From recycled bathing suits to splurge-worthy reversible sustainable swimwear, check out the 11 ethical options below.

P.S. For more options, check out The Best Plus Size Swimwear Made With Eco Friendly Materials

affordable sustainable swimwear

Can you believe that summer is a breath away? Grab your non-toxic sunscreen, and get ready to put up those beach umbrellas – safety first, right?

Now is the perfect time to start adding the cutest one-pieces and affordable sustainable bikinis to your warm-weather shopping list. Only if you need it of course!

If you’re anything like me, finding affordable eco-friendly swimwear isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Sure, I’ve tried almost a dozen different brands, but most of them don’t quite hit the mark. Especially when it comes to accommodating different cup sizes. And those that do? The price tag is far too hefty.

Granted, sustainable fashion will never be cheap. The use of high-quality, eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes inherently incurs higher production costs.

So, of course, I am not expecting my affordable sustainable bathing suits to cost $10. These are fast fashion prices, which, if you didn’t know, rely heavily on mass production, low-cost labor, and cheap materials.

Enter: Ethically made swimsuits that don’t break the bank!

I am more than happy to go with the medium in the price range of around $40 to $100. 

After much trial and error, I’ve finally discovered a slew of affordable sustainable swimwear brands that tick all my quality and price boxes.  

And I’m thrilled to share them with you today!

A few years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find cute affordable eco swimwear or budget-friendly ethical modest swim dresses.

Now? Recycled bathing suits are at the forefront of the fashion sphere. From full-coverage silhouettes to bold and vibrant styles with frills, unexpected cut-outs, and barely-there patterns, there’s no shortage of sustainable swimwear to choose from.

Best Of The Best In Affordable Sustainable Swimwear!

1. Quince

affordable sustainable swimwear

From affordable sustainable swimwear for women to wedding guest dresses, sweatpants, and workwear, Quince has all our sartorial needs covered.

The collection includes affordable sustainable bikinis, one-piece styles as well as swim bottoms, and cover-ups

Moreover, all OEKO-TEX-certified styles are made to last with Italian-crafted fabric, and recycled materials that offer UPF 50 sun protection. 

We also love that the affordable eco swimwear is fade, snag, and pilling resistant!

Our Favorites from Quince:

Price: From $49.90

Size Range: XS-XL 

Ethics: GOTS certified, OEKO-TEX Certified, ethically made in BSCI-Certified factories, organic & recycled materials  

Location/Shipping: United States 

2. Summersalt

best affordable sustainable swimwear for women

Next up is Summersalt and their amazing range of affordable sustainable bikinis and one-piece swimsuits.

In addition to being affordable, the styles are made responsibly and ethically with 78% recycled polyamide.

The UPF fabric, which boasts UPF 50+ protection, is derived from post-consumer plastic and nylon waste, even old fishing nets. Simply amazing!

Also, Summersalt is on a mission to give you the perfect fit, and thus, they got up close and personal with measurements from 10,000 amazing women to come up with the perfect size chart.

Our Favorites from Summersalt:

Price: From $50+ 

Size Range: XS-2X | 2-22 

Ethics: GOTS & GRS Certified, BIPOC business, manufacturing partners with WRAP certification

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

3. Kitty & Vibe

best Affordable sustainable swimwear uk

Kitty and Vibe, the amazing affordable sustainable swimwear brand for inclusive recycled bathing suits, is revolutionizing bikini bottoms. 

They’ve got sizes tailored to your unique booty. Oh, and no more stress about too much or too little fabric, just choose the 1 option for a smaller bum or the 2 option for a curvier look.

What’s more, all styles come with SPF 50+ sun protection.

Crafted ethically, these swimsuits are made from  ISO 14001-certified recycled fabrics and X-Life Lycra in a woman-run factory in beautiful Bogota, Colombia. 

Our Favorites from Kitty & Vibe: 

Price: From $56+  

Size Range: S-5XL 

Ethics: ISO 14001 certified, eco-friendly fabric, 100% recycled materials, ethically made, women-run factory, size-inclusive, SPF50+ UV protection

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

4. Wolven

best sustainable and affordable swimwear

Wolven aims to “make sustainability sexy” which is evident throughout their collection of affordable sustainable swimwear for women.

Get ready for a tropical escape because Wolven’s eco-friendly swimsuits come with vibrant, geometric-inspired designs that not only make a style statement but also take you to faraway destinations without the guilt of a hefty carbon footprint. 

How? Each bold swimsuit is crafted with love from OEKO-TEX-certified recycled P.E.T. fabric, a magical transformation of recycled plastic bottles.

That’s not all! Many of their suits are reversible, offering two looks in one. 

Plus, get creative by flipping them front to back for a fresh take on the same suit.

And, there are currently 54 affordable sustainable swimwear options to choose from.

Our Favorites from Wolven: 

Price: From $52+ 

Discount Code: SKL20 for 20% off

Size Range: XS-XL 

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified, Global Recycled Standard (GRS), ethically made fair wages, circular fashion, offset projects, 1% for the planet, recycled packaging

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

5. Carve Designs

affordable sustainable swimwear

Carve Designs’ entire affordable sustainable bathing suits lineup is made using UPF 50+ recycled materials. 

That’s right! Each swimsuit keeps five plastic bottles out of the landfill – or worse, the ocean.

Whether you fancy solid colors, floral prints, or nautical vibes, Carve Designs has got you covered. 

You can also find amazing stay-put suits for surfing, paddling, and more. 

In fact, Carve Designs caters to those who prefer full coverage, making it a top choice for modest eco-friendly swimwear or for those ready to make a splash while staying active in the water. 

Plus, many of their suits are reversible, giving you double the style in one. 

Our Favorites from Carve Designs: 

Price: From $52+ 

Size Range: XXS-XL 

Ethics: Recycled swim fabric, SPF50+ UV protection, planet first packaging

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships worldwide 

6. Alohas

affordable sustainable swimwear

In addition to offering a wide range of ethically-made shoes for women, Alohas is also one of the best affordable sustainable swimwear brands of 2024. 

Their Spanish craftsmen create wonderful bikinis and one-pieces from recycled nylon or recycled polyamide locally. 

They’ve also embraced an on-demand production model, meaning they only manufacture what you truly desire. 

How? By taking pre-orders before diving into production. And here’s the cherry on top – you snag a fantastic 30% off at launch!

Our Favorites from Alohas: 

Price: From $50+ 

Size Range: XS-XL 

Ethics: Designed in Barcelona & handcrafted in Alicante, fair wages, plant-based materials, recyclable packaging 

Location/Shipping: Alicante, ships worldwide 

7. Organic Basics

affordable sustainable swimwear

Organic baby clothes, maternity clothes, organic cotton underwear, affordable sustainable swimwear – is there something Organic Basics can’t do right?

The brand uses fair-trade factories to create affordable eco swimwear for every taste, and here’s the twist – each style comes with its own “Impact Index.” 

Crafted with recycled plastic from oceans and landfills, these affordable sustainable bikinis not only provide UPF 50+ sun protection but are also resistant to sun lotion and chlorine. 

Thanks to their ethical business practices, a whopping 2.43 tonnes of waste have been saved from entering landfills. 

Our Favorites Organic Basics: 

Price: From $29+  

Size Range: XS-XXL 

Ethics: GOTS Certified, PETA approved vegan, recyclable & organic materials, ethical production, donate to sustainable projects 

Location/Shipping: Denmark, ships worldwide

8. Boden

best affordable sustainable swimwear brands

When it comes to the best affordable sustainable swimwear UK has to offer, Boden is at the top of the list.

Their motto is simple but impactful: Buy better. Buy less. Wear more. 

That’s why they use premium quality ECONYL® derived from discarded fishing nets, transforming ocean waste into all-over-printed styles that not only look stunning but also hold, smooth, and accentuate in all the right places. 

Their catalog includes one-pieces and affordable sustainable bikinis with adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit. 

And for those sun-soaked days, they even have neoprene sleeve swimsuits with maximum sun protection.

Our Favorites from Boden: 

Price: From $45+ 

Size Range: 2-18 

Ethics: Members Of The Ethical Trading Initiative, fair wages, recycled materials, clothing recycling program, recycled packaging, donations, support charities

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom, ships worldwide 

9. Colie Co

affordable sustainable swimwear

Colie Co is yet another fantastic destination for affordable sustainable bathing suits in Europe. 

They craft their swimwear using reclaimed Italian knit Lycra, ensuring style with a sustainable touch – all at affordable prices. 

Each piece is handmade to order to avoid overproduction, minimize textile waste, and give you the option of custom sizes. 

Plus, in addition to using recycled packaging, they also offset the carbon footprint of every order.

Our Favorites from Colie Co: 

Price: From $26+ 

Size Range: 2XS-3XL + Custom sizing available 

Ethics: OEKO-TEX® Certified fabric & elastics, 100% ethically made in Europe, UV protective (UPF 50+), 100% recycled packaging, 100% carbon-offset 

Location/Shipping: Europe, ships worldwide 

10. TomboyX

affordable sustainable swimwear brands

Lauded as one of the best brands for gender-neutral clothing and underwear, TomboyX is also the star of inclusivity in affordable sustainable swimwear. 

You can find an array of gender-neutral swimsuits with UPF sun protection, made ethically with OEKO-Tex certified fabrics. 

Also, the hypoallergenic swimwear is antibacterial, odor-resistant, breathable, and moisture-wicking. 

From unisuits to shorts and swim tanks, TomboyX has your back with a range of options. 

Our Favorites from TomboyX: 

Price: From $49+ 

Size Range: XS-6X 

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, OEKO-TEX® Certified, fair wages, made from recycled materials, SPF50 UV protection, biodegradable packaging

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

11. Do Good Swimwear

sustainable and affordable swimwear

Do Good Swimwear is exactly where colorful or neutral suits meet classic, comfy cuts!

All affordable sustainable swimsuits are made from ECONYL, a regenerated nylon made from ocean waste, including discarded fishing nets. 

Each suit is responsibly designed for easy mixing, matching, and loving for many summers to come. 

What’s more, Do Good Swimwear ensures maximum transparency and minimal waste by crafting their pieces from a local manufacturer. 

Plus, with initiatives like donating to Trees for the Future, Surfrider Foundation, Tahanan (a women’s crisis center in the Philippines), and Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, Do Good Swimwear is certainly a force for positive change.

Price: From $24+  

Size Range: XS-XL 

Ethics: Small batch production, ECONYL® yarn, carbon offsetting, repair & recycle program, compostable packaging 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

Can swimsuits really be sustainable?

YES, swimsuits can be sustainable if slow fashion brands have strict regulations in place for their sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution process. 

The $5 swimsuit might look cute, but it was probably mass-produced in Bangladesh or India with polyester and elastane. 

Slow fashion brands, on the other hand, use sustainably sourced and recycled materials to create their ethical swimwear collections in certified fair labor factories in small batches.

What is the most sustainable fabric for swimsuits?

Recycled bathing suits are the new craze and for a pretty good reason. Basically, synthetic textiles crafted from recycled plastics are turned into luxurious swimwear. 

The most sustainable fabric for swimsuits is ECONYL. This Italian fiber is made from plastic waste, textile waste, and nylon fishing nets – just to name a few. 

Fabrics made from recycled PET plastic bottles are another popular option for sustainable bathing suits. One of the most loved brands for recycled swimsuits is Wolven!

What makes a bathing suit sustainable?

Unlike unethical swimwear, sustainable bathing suits are crafted from eco-conscious fabrics in fair trade-certified factories. 

Slow fashion brands usually carry certifications that prove their pledge to sustainability. 

Other slow fashion brands take it a step further and focus on carbon-neutral production and renewable energy. 

Can sustainable swimsuits be affordable?

When looking at clothing and cost, we must begin to look at cost-per-wear vs the initial sticker price. 

For instance, say we purchase an ethical swimsuit for $50 and wear it 50 times in the first year – this comes to $1 per wear for year one. Next year, it will be down to $.50. 

For a fast fashion suit, that may cost $10 at the purchase point, we will only get a very limited amount of wears before it begins to fall apart or lose its shape/color/vibrancy. The investment truly pays off in the long run!

This was your full guide to budget-friendly sustainable swimwear!

While the initial cost of sustainable fashion may seem a bit steep, it’s important to remember that those pieces are made ethically and therefore have a reduced environmental impact. Plus, that affordable sustainable bathing suit will be inside your summer bag for years.

From recycled bathing suits and reversible sustainable swimwear, the ethical and affordable sustainable swimwear options are seemingly endless! 

Heck, you can even find affordable sustainable swimsuits with ultra-modest cuts! 

So why opt for regular, chemical-packed options when you can have style, sustainability, and social responsibility come together in a beautiful blend? 

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affordable sustainable swimwear
affordable sustainable swimwear

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