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11 Best Sustainable and Organic Maternity Brands of 2023

best sustainable maternity brands
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Danielle Alvarado


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Are you on the hunt for the best organic maternity brands to keep you and your growing bump safe and cozy? These sustainable organic maternity brands below are sure to have exactly what you need during your 9-month-long journey and long after into postpartum and mom life!

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The best organic maternity clothes brands of 2023

sustainable maternity brands 2023
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Whether you want to be prepared ahead of time or you are already in the middle of your pregnancy journey, desperately trying to squeeze into your favorite stretchy jeans, sustainable organic maternity clothes will always be here to save the day!

No one really wants to create a brand new rotation of boring basics with added belly ruching. What we need are skin safe, stylish, bump-friendly staples that won’t force us to abandon our sense of style during pregnancy and post-pregnancy months.

Enter: the best organic maternity clothes brands.

Are sustainable maternity brands worth the cost?

Regular cotton garments are chock full of harmful chemicals like parathion, malathion, and AZO dyes. Other well-known additives are ammonium sulfate, hydrochloric acid, benzidine, and oxalic acid which are known for causing many health issues including bladder cancer, respiration problems, and major skin irritation. 

Also, unlike organic maternity clothes from sustainable maternity wear brands, you can’t really know for sure the origins of your fast-fashion pregnancy essentials. They may very well be made in sweatshops where workers experience inhumane conditions.

Do I need to buy maternity clothes?

This really all depends on your current closet and how much your body grows during pregnancy. Some women carry the weight all in their bellies, while others carry it everywhere (like I did!). I was able to use what I had in my own closet up until the 5th month with my twin pregnancy.

That’s exactly where bump-friendly organic maternity clothes come in handy. Comfortable maternity clothes can help dramatically reduce discomfort and make the overall experience of being pregnant a lot easier to manage. Most importantly, tight clothing can cause various health issues, such as pain, reduced blood circulation, even yeast infections, and a condition called meralgia paresthetica. Which is closely related to diabetes mellitus and obesity.

What is the most sustainable way to find maternity clothes?

Before you staring browsing the lists of the best organic maternity clothes brands on the market, there are a few alternatives you can consider. The most sustainable way to find maternity clothes is by opting for second-hand/pre-loved options. 

In fact, second-hand shopping can reduce a garment’s carbon, waste, and water footprint by up to 82%. 

Another great way is to simply borrow from friends and family. Also, if there is a special event coming up, there is always the option to rent maternity clothes from an organic maternity wear brand like Boob Design or even non-sustainable brands and renting companies like Le Tote, Rent The Runway, Stitch Fix.

Who makes the most affordable organic maternity clothes?

There are so many organic maternity clothes brands ready to choose from. For example, Warp + Weft makes the most affordable organic jeans; Pact offers fair trade certified and GOTS certified ethical organic maternity clothes and the European maternity brand Isabella Oliver has both pre-loved and brand new organic maternity wear. 

Tip: The most affordable organic maternity clothes are going to most likely be second hand – so be sure to use this list of best maternity brands to search your favorite secondhand online sites!

This post is about the best sustainable maternity brands of 2023.

The Best Organic & Sustainable Maternity Brands

Aside from being one of the most well-known eco-friendly nursing bra brands on this list, Storq also carries a wide range of small-batch sustainable & organic maternity clothes that includes everyday basics and capsule wardrobe collections for expecting moms.

Whether you are on your first week or your 40th, their affordable maternity clothes will help you feel and look as stylish as possible without forgoing comfort.

Their eco fabrics are certified standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® which means that no harmful dyes, phthalates, or formaldehyde will come in contact with your skin. And when you are ready to kiss your organic maternity wear goodbye, Storq will help you donate them to the Homeless Prenatal Program.

Price Range: $48+

Materials: Tencel Modal, Spandex, Organic Cotton, Alpaca, Wool 

Ethics: Sustainably And Ethically Made, Safe And Non-Toxic Fabrics, Made To Last Years

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Storq Here

From organic kids underwear and affordable sustainable underwear for women to organic cotton sweatpants and eco hoodies, Pact has us covered. 

Just like their “regular” lines, Pact’s maternity collection is manufactured in GOTS and fair trade certified factories to ensure safe working conditions. 

The ethical organic maternity clothes options include 6 stylish dresses, many different tops, and leggings as well as pjs. Also, the Give Back Box program allows us to donate our used items (even if they aren’t Pact’s organic maternity wear) to new moms.

Price Range: $37+

Materials: Organic Cotton

Ethics: Organic Materials, Give Back Box® Program, Fair Trade Certified Factories, Sustainably & Ethically Made

Location/Shipping: USA

Discount: SKL15 to get 15% off for first-time customers – Full priced items only and cannot be used with other offers

Shop Pact Here

The UK maternity company Isabella Oliver comes with an impressive sustainability record. Their ethical and sustainable maternity capsule collections and pre-loved maternity collection are made from organic and biodegradable fibers that adhere to the highest EU environmental standards. 

The brand’s maternity tops, leggings, dresses, jeans, skirts, and knitwear are crafted in ethical factories in the UK, Portugal, Romania, and Bulgaria with the lowest possible environmental impact. 

On top of that, you can send them your used maternity clothes to be recycled, re-loved, or repurposed and avoid any potential waste.

Price Range: $37.00+

Materials: EcoVero, ECONYL, Greencash, Lyocell, Leather, Wool, Organic Cotton

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, B-Certified Corporation, Pre-Loved Collection, Ethical Manufacturing

Location/Shipping: UK, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Isabella Oliver Here

If you are on a quest to find vintage-inspired organic maternity wear, Christy Dawns is the brand for you. 

Using a low-waste knitting process and water-based dyes to create their ethical organic maternity clothes locally in LA, the maternity-friendly line features wrap tops and adjustable waists and a slew of loose and flowing fits to keep you and your bump comfy throughout your pregnancy.

Price Range: $‌155+

Materials: Regenerative Cotton, Deadstock, Organic Cotton, Alpaca Wool, Recycled Polyester 

Ethics: Sustainable And Upcycled Materials, Ethically Made In LA, Fair Labor

Location/Shipping: USA, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Christy Dawn Here

Frugi may be known as a top destination for Organic Kids Clothing that surely passes the test of time, however, they are also one of the best organic maternity clothes brands for comfort-seeking eco mums. 

They carry many different maternity and nursing jumpsuits with elasticated waistbands and handy ties that allow you to adjust around your growing bump as needed for extra comfort, dresses, and tops. 

On top of that, every year the UK maternity company donates 1% of their turnover to charity whether they make a profit or not.

Price Range: $25+

Materials: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Ethics: Recycled Polyester And GOTS Certified Cotton, Ethical Manufacturing

Location/Shipping: UK, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Frugi Here

Warp and Weft focus on offering new moms the most comfortable, breathable, and easy-to-wear jeans on the market. 

While, normally, a pair of jeans takes about 1,500 gallons of water to produce, Warp + Weft uses only 10 gallons! 

Size inclusive and very affordable, the ethical jeans are made locally in the USA with a blend of cotton, modal, and lyocell using Energy Saving Technology.

Price Range: $98

Materials: Organic Cotton, Modal & Lyocell

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Ethical Practices, Fair Wages, Made In The Us, Dry Ozone Technology, Water Recycling

Location/Shipping: USA

Shop Warp & Weft Here

Best sustainable maternity jeans from Warp & Weft:

Joli Bump is a top destination for sustainable maternity wear to opt for before, during, and after pregnancy. These beautiful pieces are ethically made from natural sustainable eco-responsible Oeko-Tex certified fibers. 

Designed in France and produced in Portugal, Joli Bump’s eco collections run the gamut from bump-friendly jackets and tops to leggings, swimwear, dresses, underwear, and nightwear – just to name a few categories. 

However, the highlight is definitely their stripped top line that’s ideal for mums-to-be and young mums that wish to breastfeed.

Price Range: $69+

Materials: Organic Cotton, Linen, Tencel, Modal, Lyocell

Ethics: Organic Materials, Made In Portugal, Ethical Manufacturing

Location/Shipping: France, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Joli BumpHere

Mamarella aims to outfit moms-to-be with the most stylish and affordable wardrobe staples that will last way beyond your due date. 

The European maternity brand has more than 15 different clothing categories featuring wear-me-everywhere styles with special materials and clever cuts including organic jersey joggers, ecovero nursing shirts, and many more eco viscose and organic cotton options to choose from. 

Price Range: $34.99+

Materials: Organic Cotton, Ecovero, Jersey, Livaeco Viscose

Ethics: Organic Materials, Female-Owned

Location/Shipping: Germany, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Mamarella Here

Boob design is one of the best organic maternity clothes brands with GOTS-certified maternity wear for every pregnancy stage. 

Think neutral-colored bras, tops, skirts, leggings, jumpsuits, dresses, swimwear, loungewear and so much more. 

Their factories are located in Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Greece, India, and Morocco where they use the most incredible organic and regenerated materials. On top of that, the European maternity brand has a stellar rental program which you can take advantage of if you live in Sweden.

Price Range: $55+

Materials: Organic Cotton, LENZING ECOVERO, Lyocell, Modal, Wool, Grs-Certified Recycled Polyester, Q-Nova

Ethics: Sustainable And Regenerated Materials, Renting Program, Ethical Manicaturing, Fair Wages, Eco Packaging

Location/Shipping: Sweden, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Boob Design Here

Hessnatur stands for fair fashion and naturally produced ethical organic maternity clothes including underwear, loungewear, basics, and outdoor-approved options. 

The company uses the most eco-consious fibers, Organic cotton, hemp, and Lenzing Modal, to create GOTS-certified organic maternity wear that is equal parts easy to wear, feminine and sustainable. On top of that, Hessnatur also offers ethical bedding from natural fibers and baby clothes.

Price Range: $39.95+

Materials: Organic Cotton, Hemp, Lenzing Modal

Ethics: Sustainable And Organic Fibers, Ethically Made In Germany, Conscious Manufacturing, Eco-Packaging

Location/Shipping: Germany, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Hessnatur Here

Mien Studios is one of the best organic maternity clothes brands with size-inclusive nursing-friendly styles soaked in neutral and statement colors. 

These sustainable organic maternity clothes are GOTS certified and custom knit in California by a local fabric mill in small batches. Also, all of their garments are dyed locally using non-toxic AZO-free dyes. 

And just in case you want to save some extra money, don’t forget to take a look at their “sample sale items” list where you can find tees for as low as $28.

Price Range: $58+

Materials: GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

Ethics: Certified Organic Materials, Female-Owned, Conscious Manufacturing, USA-Made, Safe Dyes, Size-Inclusive

Location/Shipping: USA, Worldwide Shipping Available

Shop Mien Studios Here

The best sustainable maternity brands of 2023

There you have it! The best organic maternity clothes brands with stylish, bump-friendly ethical organic maternity clothes crafted from natural and regenerated fibers. Don’t forget that some of the aforementioned organic maternity wear companies also offer fantastic give-back programs to help you give your used clothing a whole new life in the hands of another soon-to-be mom.

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sustainable maternity
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sustainable maternity
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