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11 Sustainable Ukrainian Brands to Support and Love

Sustainable Ukrainian Brands
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Danielle Alvarado


Are you looking for some amazingly small and sustainable Ukrainian brands to support and love? We are thrilled to share these small and local shops from Ukraine with you all today.

This post is about Sustainable Ukrainian Brands.

sustainabe Ukraine Brands
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We were utterly heartbroken this week to see what is happening in Ukraine. While our team has been donating, amplifying, and sharing ways to help Ukraine get through this terrible time, we also thought it would be great to share some of the amazing sustainable Ukrainian brands that have been changing the sustainable world in their beautiful country. 

Please note: many of these shops are on break for shipping and creating due to the war (of course). To showcase your support, you can follow, donate, place orders for the future, and simply send a message of love and encouragement from afar. We will update as the shops reopen, or sadly, close down.

Sending our love to Ukraine and all the other countries and people living through terrible wars and injustice. 

Where can I donate to help Ukraine?

Here is a short but mighty list of trusted aid groups to send support to Ukraine:

  • Global Giving Ukraine: All donations to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund will support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled. GlobalGiving’s local partners are bringing relief to terrified and displaced communities, and they need resources to continue their life-saving work.
  • International Rescue Committee: Your emergency gift will help them provide food, medical care and emergency supplies to refugee families in countries like Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen.
  • Save the Children: Donations help provide children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance. Together, we can protect children in crisis.

This post is about Sustainable Ukrainian Brands.

Sustainable Ukrainian Brands to Love & Support

Idea Shop UA is small and local shop in Ukraine owned by Sophia who creates handmade natural fibre dresses and pieces to bring the beauty of Ukraine to your wardrobe. 

Each piece is handmade with 100% linen by Sophia and delivered with the utmost care to your doorstep. The reviews are out of this world…

“This dress is unbelievably beautiful. The handiwork and detail that went into making this dress is spot on. The packaging is adorable and the postcards really made my day”

We have been big fans of this Sustainable Ukrainian Brand, Cotton Candy Wear Shop, for many many years here at SKL. The gorgeous Romana has been creating the most stunning linen pieces that you may have seen all over social media – and for good reason. These pieces are one of a kind and perfect for all the romantic and woodland things.

Romana has been forced to shut down her shop, but please follow her on Instagram here or Etsy here to send her love and support.


If you follow medieval or fairy tale like content creators on social media, you may already know of ArmStreet! Every single product is designed in house (all artists under one roof!) in Ukraine.

ArmStreet is the place to go for all history-related costumes, fantasy dresses, LARP costumes, handmade accessories, and so much more.

Their armour kits are even made of stainless steel! These folks do it right. ArmStreet is still taking orders despite the war, just asking for patience to reorganize.

This amazing sustainable vintage shop is owned by Oksana from Lubny, Ukraine. Oksana finds the most amazing vintage Ukrainian pieces, cleans them up, and sells them to people around the world who want a piece of gorgeous Ukraine in their closet. 

The shop is unable to ship right now, but you are more than welcome to place orders for the future. You can also help support Oksana by purchasing one of these photos!

This stunning sustainable Ukrainian shop, created by Liza, is an ode to the cultural beauty of Ukraine. 

“VyshyvankaShop1 is primarily a social project created for the preservation and development of the Ukrainian cultural heritage, which in our opinion is unique and some of its types are listed in the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage.”

Liza’s pieces are made of all natural materials and there are even some amazing options for men.

non.Lbs. is an amazing upcycling brand from Ukraine created by Natalia Stovpova and Anastasia Kolesnik. They have found unique ways to create beautiful new clothes from recycled unwanted clothing/vintage scraps!

In Spring 2022, non.Lbs. took those big flour canvas bags from the U.S.A. and turned them into gorgeous fashion staples.

This is one of those sustainable brands that can inspire and educate other brands around the world on how to be truly zero waste from start to finish. 

Poshtushna is a fairly new sustainable Ukrainian brand created by Yulia Postushna just two years ago. It is created from 100% recycled secondhand items!

You all know how much I love a functional closet and that is what Postushna is all about; “functionality through the prism of aesthetics“. The fashion pieces are created to mix and match and  blend in beautifully with any closet. 

One of Yulia’s collections was made of all discard DHL uniforms!

This sustainable Ukrainian brand, which is primarily made of upcycled and recycled pieces (200 kg of waste saved a year!), was created by Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, and is one of the most popular brands in Ukraine.

One of the most popular collections that KS creates is their super fun and popular denim collections. They have been experimenting with sewing two sets of jeans together and it has turned out great!!

Today an estimate of 50% of the collection is from upcycled materials and all of the production is done in house. 

Melmana, Created by Anastasia Melnyk-Mankovska, is the next sustainable Ukrainian brand on our list!

Melmana loves to Upcycle fabrics like linen, wool, and viscose into gorgeous pieces that will grace anyone’s closet. One of the coolest upcycle creations of Melmana that I have seen are the Lavazzabags made from Lavazza coffee packs that cannot be recycled in Ukraine!

Reviclo, by Markova, is an amazing sustainable Ukrainian brand that has been described as iconic, vintage, and individual. 

Reviclo uses vintages materials to create tailor-made pieces for their amazing community. 

Mimicry is a gorgeous Etsy brand by Bohdana Voitenko that is made up of upcycled high-quality and natural fabrics. All natural fabrics and dyeing techniques allows this brand to stay as zero waste and authentic to nature as possible.

Shirts are dyed with the aid of plants; using the same technique from centuries ago!

Follow along on their social media journey here.

This post was about Sustainable Ukrainian Brands to show your support and love

We sure hope this list of small and local Ukrainian brands plus places to donate to help those in need has been helpful! If you know of any more brands or relief funds, please do not hesitate to add them below.

As always, if you are looking for a quick sustainable directory to brands, head to our sustainable brand directory here.

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