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Looking for the safest eco-friendly laundry detergents with sustainable packaging and earth-friendly ingredients? You’re in luck! 

Unlike toxic cleaning agents, plant-based pods, tablets, and sheets are made with biodegradable ingredients that break down naturally, which means they don’t leave behind nasty chemicals that can harm the earth. 

Plus, due to the lack of harsh chemicals, sustainable laundry detergents are gentler on your skin. 

Read on to find the top earth-friendly, natural laundry detergents that are great for even the most sensitive skin.

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eco laundry detergent

How to choose the most eco laundry detergent?

Safe Ingredients:

Natural, plant-based, or organic ingredients are preferable because they are biodegradable and less harmful to the environment. Artificial fragrances, petroleum-based chemicals, chlorine, and optical brighteners can contribute to water pollution and harm aquatic ecosystems. Opting for products like Kind Laundry sheets, which rely on natural stain-fighting ingredients like enzymes and Camilla japonica that guarantee effective cleaning without environmental drawbacks.

Gentle on fabrics:

Eco-friendly detergents should not only clean effectively but also be gentle on fabrics and washing machines. Septic-safe options are essential to maintain the balance of your septic system without introducing harmful chemicals. High-efficiency (HE) compatible detergents are designed to work efficiently in HE washers, using less water and energy. 

Brand Transparency:

Look for brands committed to reducing their carbon footprint, using renewable energy sources, and supporting environmental initiatives. Transparency is key, so choose brands that openly disclose their sustainability efforts.  


Concentrated laundry detergents reduce packaging waste and lower transportation emissions. Because you need less product per load, concentrated detergents last longer and require less energy to manufacture and transport.  

The Most Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergents in 2024:

1. Meliora

Best eco friendly laundry detergent

With a pledge to be completely plastic-free and only use natural, natural scents from Certified organic essential oils, it’s no surprise that Meliora’s line of eco-friendly washing detergents is so well-loved. 

Their vegan, cruelty-free, and MADE SAFE Certified formulas easily remove stains and odor from 64 standard wash loads. 

Furthermore, the B-Corporation ships everything in 100% recyclable packaging. 

Our Top Picks from Meliora: 

Price Range: $18.99 for one-time purchases | $17.09 with subscription (64 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate | Sodium carbonate | Sodium cocoate | Cocos nucifera oil | Glycerin & more!  

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, MADE SAFE® Certified,  Leaping Bunny Certified, organic content, family-business, safe & fair labor, cruelty-free, 100% recyclable & plastic-free packaging, 1% for the planet, donations 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

2. Blueland

best eco friendly laundry detergent no plastic

Blueland offers amazing natural alternatives to some of the most toxic household items, including toilet cleaners, eco-cleaning products, and sustainable laundry detergents. 

In addition to their compact, plastic-free design, the tablets are made with clean ingredients, free from dyes, bleach, and harsh chemicals. 

Plus, they’ve been independently tested and proven to perform alongside major brands, so you can trust that your clothes will come out sparkling clean every time. 

The “forever tin” can easily hold a pack of 60 plastic-free laundry tablets and is three times smaller than your typical container for the same load size. 

Just drop one tablet directly into your washing machine drum, and let it work its magic!

Need extra cleaning power for those big loads? No problem! Just toss in two tablets instead of one.

Price Range: $25 (60 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Sodium carbonate | Citric acid | Microcrystalline cellulose | Subtilisin | Hydrated silica | Cellulase | Amylase & more!  

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, Leaping Bunny Certified, Cradle to Cradle Certified™, 100% plastic-free, compostable refill packaging 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand 

Our Top Picks from Blueland:

3. Dropps

best cheapest eco friendly laundry detergent

Dropps’ eco-friendly laundry detergent comes in the form of pods that are equally as powerful as liquid detergents. 

Apart from the safe, plant-based ingredients, these pods also have naturally derived lavender, orange blossom, and eucalyptus scents along with the unscented version. 

The eco-detergents work wonders on stains and stinky odors while helping colors stay bold and bright. 

Plus, you can also find a “sensitive skin detergent” box with plant-based pods suitable for sensitive skin, pets, and cleaning delicates with gentle ingredients.

It’s suitable for all fabrics, including natural fibers and delicates like silk, cashmere and wool

Our Top Picks from Dropps: 

Price Range: $28 for one-time purchases | $21 with subscription (64 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Ethoxylated | Glycerin | Water | Alkyl glucoside | Fragrance | Lauramine oxide | Subtilisin | Citric acid | Amylase & more! 

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, USDA Certified, plant-based ingredients, 3rd party lab tested, cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable packaging, 100% carbon-neutral shipping 

Location/Shipping: United States 

4. Kind Laundry

eco friendly detergent ingredients

Staying true to their sustainability pledge, Kind Laundry’s eco laundry detergent sheets are formulated with only 5 superhero, plant-derived ingredients completely safe for sensitive skin. 

Think potent enzymes and premium plant-based extracts such as camellia japonica, sapindus mukurossi, kaolin, and sunflower seed oi.

You can opt for the fragrance-free version or choose the ultra-fresh ocean breeze scent. 

No matter your preferences, rest assured that this highly concentrated formula works in all water temperatures.

Dozens of magazines & zero-waste living pros have named them one of the best eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets for traveling with zero-mess guaranteed. 

Did we mention the 100% recyclable packaging? 

Price Range: From $14.98+ for one-time purchases | From $12.98+ with subscription (32 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Enzymes | Sapindus mukurossi | Camilla japonica | Kaolin | Sunflower seed oil & more! 

Ethics: USDA Certified, Leaping Bunny Certified, cruelty-free, vegan, travel-friendly, zero-waste, 100% recyclable packaging  

Location/Shipping: Canada ships to the United States, United Kingdom & Australia 

5. Eco Roots

most eco friendly laundry detergent

Are you on the hunt for the most eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets for sensitive skin?

The natural soap, skincare and hairare brand EcoRoots has all our needs covered.

Eco Roots’ plant-based ingredients are not only perfectly safe but also powerful enough to fight off dirt and stains for up to two loads.

You can even choose the scent of your biodegradable natural laundry detergent (either a fresh breeze scent or completely fragrance-free). 

On top of that, you can also rip it into two strips which is perfect for smaller loads or traveling. The packaging is also recyclable and compostable.

Price Range: $19.19 for one-time purchases | $16.31 with subscription (64 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Sodium dodecyl sulfate | Biodegradable polyvinyl alcohol | Biodegradable glycerol | Biodegradable trisodium citrate & more! 

Ethics: Women-owned, small-business, cruelty-free, vegan, zero-waste, plastic-free compostable cardboard packaging, gives back 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide  

6. Grove Collaborative

best eco friendly laundry detergent brands

Known as one of the best eco-friendly alternatives to Amazon, Grove Collaborative offers an array of cleaning staples – from floor cleaners to dishwasher tablets and laundry detergents. 

Their ultra-concentrated formula thrives on tough stain removal, including pesky spills like grape juice, spaghetti sauce, and coffee. 

Made with 98% plant-derived ingredients, the eco-friendly laundry detergent is tough on stains but gentle on your clothes and skin, with no harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or dyes in sight.

P.S. By pouring the detergent into the auto-dosing liquid laundry detergent dispenser, you’re not only simplifying your laundry routine but also reducing plastic waste by a whopping 70%!

Price Range: $9.99 for one-time purchases | $7.99 with subscription (33 Wash Loads)   

Main Ingredients: Water | Sodium lauryl sulfate | Sodium citrate | Sodium hydroxide | Citric acid | Sodium chloride & more! 

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, Leaping Bunny Certified, 96% bio-based, sustainable packaging 

Location/Shipping: United States 

7. Dirty Labs

eco friendly laundry detergent

Your active clothes need active ingredients, that’s why Dirty Labs’ best zero-waste laundry detergents use phytolase cleaning technology to target stains and odors effectively. 

USDA Certified and dermatologist-tested, their formulas are hypoallergenic and free of dyes, sulfates, and parabens. 

As an extra perk, this natural laundry detergent for sensitive skin will clean 32 standard loads for only $15. 

Our Top Picks from Dirty Labs: 

Price Range: $26 for one-time purchases | $23.40 with subscription (80 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Lauryl glucoside | Water | Glycerine | Coconut fatty acid | Sodium citrate | Potassium hydroxide | Sodium hydroxide | Allergen-free fragrances & more! 

Ethics: USDA Certified, Certified EPA, biodegradable formula, cruelty-free, vegan, bottle is made of recyclable aluminum, packaging & formula BPA-free 

Location/Shipping: United States 

8. Tru Earth

eco friendly laundry detergent powder

Tru Earth’s is well known in the best eco-friendly laundry detergent listicles for their amazing laundry sheets. 

Safe for the most sensitive skin completely safe and free from all chemicals. 

As they mention, the strips “dislodge dirt molecules and stains, keeping them in suspension until they are rinsed away for 32 loads.” 

The formula is certified by dermatologists and manufactured in Canada with no added dyes.

Plus, you can choose OECD 310D-certified biodegradable papers with linen scent or go fragrance-free. 

Either way, you will love these hypoallergenic, earth-friendly laundry detergent sheets. 

Our Top Picks from Tru Earth: 

Price Range: From $21.95+ for one-time purchases | From $16.02+ with subscription (32 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Corn starch | Polyvinyl alcohol | Glycerin | Aqua | Glyceryl cocoate | Sodium sulfate | Sodium chloride & more! 

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, vegan, plastic-free recyclable packaging, donations  

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships worldwide 

9. Earth Breeze

most eco friendly laundry detergent

Did you know that 2+ million people have already switched to Earth Breeze?

It’s safe to say that their super-concentrated sheets can easily fight the toughest stains. 

In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, the sheets are also phosphate-free, making them safe for the environment and your septic system. 

And because they work in both standard and HE machines, you can ditch that heavy plastic jug for good and lower your carbon footprint in the process. 

To top it all off, for every purchase of Earth Breeze detergent sheets, Earth Breeze donates 10 loads to those in need. 

Price Range: $20 for one-time purchases | $12 with subscription (60 Wash Loads)  

Main Ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfate | Polyvinyl alcohol | Kaolin | Aqua | Glycerin | Sodium citrate | lauryl glucoside | Citric acid & more! 

Ethics: Leaping Bunny Certified, cruelty-free, vegan, earth-friendly cardboard packaging, carbon off-setting, 1% for the planet 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

10. Package Free – Simply Co

best eco friendly detergent ingredients

Looking for the best eco-friendly laundry detergents with only 5 ingredients and a vintage flair to them? Yes, it’s possible! 

The Simply Co’s natural and vegan formula will clean up to 60 loads and get rid of stains easily and effectively. 

Choose between the lavender options or stick with the unscented version depending on your preferences. 

To top it all off, the glass jar packaging is recyclable. They also have an amazing zero waste skincare line! 

Price Range: $24 for one-time purchases | $20.40 with subscription (60 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Sodium cocoate | Sodium bicarbonate | Sodium carbonate

Ethics: Natural & 100% biodegradable detergent, zero-waste, made in the USA, recyclable packaging 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

11. Cleancult

cheapest eco friendly laundry detergent

With impressive recycling and carbon offset programs, Cleancult’s eco-friendly laundry detergents are definitely a guilt-free purchase. 

Each laundry detergent refill uses eco friendly, paper-based, 100% recyclable packaging and contains 32 oz which tackles 64 loads of laundry! 

Rest assured that your inherently cool laundry refill will not only fight stains and remove odors but also take your clothes from funky to fresh. 

Hypoallergenic and sensitive skin safe, you can choose between the sea spray aloe or juniper & sandalwood scent or go completely fragrance-free. 

Our Top Picks from Cleancult: 

Price Range: From $10.49+ for one-time purchases | From $9.97+ with subscription (64 Wash Loads)  

Main Ingredients: Sodium coco-sulfate | Distilled water | Sodium carbonate | Sodium citrate | Glycerin | Polyvinyl alcohol & more! 

Ethics: Leaping Bunny Certified, Certified Plastic Neutral, 100% recyclable paper drawer box 

Location/Shipping: United States 

12. Bestowed Essentials

eco friendly laundry detergent brands

We bet you’ve never seen a zero-waste laundry detergent in a compostable paper bag. 

Yes, Bestowed Essentials’ 4-ingredient formula promises to clean your clothes without fading your favorite fabrics with harsh chemicals. 

You will receive 64 loads worth of vegan and certified cruelty-free by PETA powder with a surprisingly affordable price tag. 

Also, it’s hypoallergenic which makes it the perfect natural laundry detergent for sensitive skin.

The reviews are amazing for this budget-friendly eco-choice!

Price Range: $15.99 (64 Wash Loads)  

Main Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate | Washing soda | Baking soda 

Ethics: Vegan & natural ingredients, made in the USA zero-waste, compostable paper bag packaging, lower carbon footprint, carbon-neutral shipping  

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada 

13. Biokleen

best eco friendly laundry detergent pods

Biokleen’s line is known as one of the best eco-friendly laundry detergents in powder form for sensitive skin with a delightful citrus smell (also unscented available). 

The sustainable, plant-based powder offers 150 loads and an impressive stain-fighting power thanks to oxygen bleach. 

Plus, your new favorite mineral-based environmentally friendly laundry detergent carries no artificial fragrances! 

Price Range: $39.98 (150 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Sodium carbonate | Sodium sulfate | Zeolite | laureth-7 | Sodium silicate | Cellulose gum | Sodium carbonate peroxide 

Ethics: Plant-derived & biodegradable ingredients, cruelty-free, made in the USA 

Location/Shipping: United States 

14. Zero Co AUD

best eco friendly laundry detergent powder

Don’t let the millennial pink packaging fool you. Zero Co’s formulas are lauded as the best eco-friendly laundry detergents for sensitive skin. 

Not only is the 2L bottle made from ocean, beach & landfill waste, but also carries the sensational scent of lemon myrtle & Australian grey gum. 

You can freely refill your bottle with the “ridonkulously effective”, vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based liquid once you run out. 

Thus far, the brand has removed almost 6,000kg of plastic rubbish from the ocean.

Our Top Picks from Zero Co:

Price Range: $42 for one-time purchases | $39.09 with subscription 

Main Ingredients: Water | Citric acid | Sodium carbonate | Sodium coco sulphate & more! 

Ethics: Plant-friendly formula, cruelty-free, vegan, grey water safe, made in Australia, forever bottle made from 50% recycled & ocean plastic, refillable, funds ocean cleanups 

Location/Shipping: Australia 

15. Happi Earth

liquid eco friendly laundry detergent

While we already know that earth-friendly laundry detergents help us save a ton of money in the long run, Happi Earth breaks down the exact amount for us. 

Formulated with 100% organic, all-natural ingredients, like soapberry extract, this zero-waste eco laundry detergent offers 400 washes at just $0.25 per wash. 

They use organic bean glycerine as a natural softener and powerful organic coconut vinegar for tough stain removal. 

Additionally, the packaging is made from kraft paper. 

Price Range: AUD $99.98 (400 Wash Loads) 

Main Ingredients: Organic soapberry nut super-concentrate | Organic vegan glycerine | Organic coconut vinegar | Organic essential oils 

Ethics: USDA Certified, Australian Certified Organic, 100% organic ingredients, fair trade, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging    

Location/Shipping: Australia, ships to the United States & New Zealand  

This was your full guide to the best eco-friendly laundry detergents!

There you have it – the 15 most eco-friendly laundry detergents in 2024!

Whether you are a parent, worried about your kid’s skin irritations, or an eco-fashionista who loves to preserve the quality of their clothes and the environment, the sustainable detergent options above are definitely worth it! 

In addition to being kinder to the environment and to our clothes, they are also a great way to give back to companies who are fighting for a better future as well as investing in the best washing options to take care of our beloved clothes.  

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