13 Best Eco Hostels For Your Next Ethical Adventure!

Konstantina Antoniadou

June 17, 2022

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best eco hostels
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Looking for the best eco hostels to relax and unwire your mind without forgoing comfort and all the necessary amenities? Luckily for us, Sustainable hostels all over the world are ready to offer the most memorable experience to avid travelers, backpackers, and families. So before you book your next stay, take a look at the best green hostels in the world below.

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This post is about the best eco hostels around the world

best eco hostels
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It’s 2022 and eco hostels are all the rage – and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. While we are always trying to stay away from sartorial and lifestyle fads, there is one trend that we are 100% on board with: slow traveling. Consider slow tourism as the adventure-packed equivalent of sustainable fashion free from frantic tourists and materialistic/ consumerist luxuries. 

Slow traveling feeds into our lust for authentic connection to local people, exploration of cultures, food, and music. From staying at the best eco hostels and enjoying the local cuisine, to mingling with fellow travelers, bonding over shared experiences, and discovering new paths, these “experience-based” getaways deserve all the hype.

With so many urban and rural sustainable hostels all over the world at your disposal, your leisurely-paced adventures will certainly be not only memorable but also kind to the environment.

The amazing green hostels below carry a slew of sustainability certifications for their energy and water-saving initiatives. Some are crafted entirely from renewable materials while others take extra measures to recycle and compost waste in the cleverest ways possible.

What is an “eco hostel”?

Eco hostels are low-cost social hubs where travelers can rent basic, shared accommodations. Sustainable hostels have a much lower environmental impact due to their efforts to reduce energy and water consumption, recycle/compose waste and use eco-conscious products. These places avoid single-use plastics, help the local community by choosing organic food ingredients and host many fun activities including bike rides, guided tours, and yoga classes.

In fact, research revealed that 56% of all travelers and 65% of hostel guests are more likely to stay in ‘green’ accommodation – impressive, right?

Are hostels more sustainable than hotels?

Hostels are way more sustainable than hotels as shared rooms consume way less energy than private accommodations. Imagine 20 private rooms with 20 different lights vs 5 group rooms with 5 lights – it makes a huge difference. Unlike hotels, hostels don’t produce excessive food waste from daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Plus, hostel guests use far less water per person as they tend to spend less time in shared wash facilities.

How can I make my trip even more sustainable?

Apart from booking a room at one of the best sustainable hostels, you can make your trip way more eco friendly by supporting the local economy. Also, you can reduce food waste with zero-waste storage bags, opt for reusable water bottles instead of plastic, and take part in sustainable activities like low-impact hiking and bike riding. Last but not least, try to use efficient modes of transportation (bus, train, etc) to make your trip even more sustainable.

This post is about sustainable eco hostels.

Best Eco Hostels In U.S.A.

Located atop a cliff next to a 115-foot-tall, functional lighthouse that overlooks the wild and wonderful coastline, Pigeon Point Lighthouse is known as one of the best eco hostels for thrill-seekers. From relaxing in the famous cliff-side hot tub to biking, hiking, and enjoying the unexpected seal & whale sightings around rocky reefs, this Certified Bay Area Green Business has you covered. The sustainable hostel also features a Picnic area, terrace, and garden to mingle with other visitors.

Ethics: Composting And Recycling, Minimizing Water And Energy Usage, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products, Energy-Saving Lighting, And Faucets

Location: Pescadero, California

Price: $399

Book With “Pigeon Point Lighthouse” Here

Located in the heart of a secluded valley on Point Reyes National Seashore, Point Reyes is one of the best eco-friendly hostels for animal seeing – Bobcats, foxes, and even harbor seals, just to name a few. In fact, it’s the first-ever eco-building that managed to earn the official LEED rating for its positive environmental initiatives. Travelers get to enjoy a quiet, tech-free escape in a stunning setting away from the noise of the big city.

Ethics: Reduced Potable Water Consumption, Energy-Efficient, Sustainable Building Materials, Better Indoor Air Quality

Location: Point Reyes National Seashore, California

Price: $500

Book With “HI-Point Reyes ” Here

Best Eco Hostels Europe

Located in Rome’s most bohemian neighborhood, Hostel Trastevere will allow you to experience the true beauty and tradition of the centuries-old city. Stroll the narrow alleyway to discover beautifully-preserved medieval houses, trattorias, craft beer pubs, and artisan shops on every corner. Featuring a beautiful garden and terrace, the eco hostel also has a very spacious spa and gym with fitness, cross-fit, yoga, and weight training sessions.

Ethics: Solar Panel Electricity, Green Air Conditioning, And Heating, Biodegradable Cleaning Products, Energy-Saving Double Glazing Windows, Fireproof Walls With Plasterboard To Avoid Energy Waste

Location: Trastevere, Rome, Italy

Price: €93

Book With “Hostel Trastevere” Here

Alter is lauded as one of the best sustainable hostels in Frace and for a pretty good reason. Apart from being a known meeting place for events, where travelers can mingle with the locals and take part in many activities, this eco hostel offers access to the most beautiful landmarks and viewpoints of Lyon – including Pentes de la Croix Russes and Vieux Lyon. Featuring a fully equipped shared kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as a very bright and spacious common area, the green hostel is a fantastic place to experience the Lyon way of life.

Ethics: Thermal Insulation, Renewable Energy, Rainwater Collection, Carbon Footprint Monitoring, Daily Organic Bread Deliveries By Bicycle.

Location: Quai Arloing, Lyon, France

Price: €51

Book With “Alter Hostel” Here

What makes Twentytu Hi-Tech one of the best eco hostels in Spain is the several sustainable tourism it has won over the years. In fact, it’s the first traveler’s accommodation in the world to get the BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM certification, scoring the highest possible rating in energy efficiency. The spacious, sun-soaked terrace is the meeting place where travelers can enjoy yoga classes, dance sessions, joined dinners, and parties. Fancy booking a bed at this sustainable hostel? It has 55 quadruples and 7 private doubles!

Ethics: Timing Detector Lighting, Water Reused Via The Hostel’s Water Recovery System, Water-Saving Taps With Timers

Location: Carrer de Pamplona, 114, Barcelona, Spain

Price: €86

Book With “Twentytu Hi-Tech Hostel” Here

With a slew of ecological credentials and multiple awards such as the Swan Eco-label, this sustainable hostel in Iceland will be your favorite checkpoint to relax after a busy day enjoying the sweeping views of the sea. Apart from the clean and tidy Scandi-style rooms, the eco hostel organizes hassle-free tours and day trips, from the Volcano Trip and the Blue Lagoon. Also, it’s conveniently located next to the largest geothermal swimming pool in Reykjavík – what more can we ask for?

Ethics: Recycling Facilities, Locally Sourced Organic Food Ingredients, Composting, “Reuse Corner” For Guests To Dispose Of Their Used Items And Grad What They Need From Previous Guests.

Location: Laugardalur Park, Reykjavík, Iceland

Price: €34

Book With “Reykjavík City Hostel ” Here

Best Eco Hostels in Asia

Located in Bangkok’s hippest neighborhood,  The Yard Hostel offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live a few days like a true local. Travelers can taste homemade yogurt and locally sourced milk while also getting their daily dose of organic coffee straight from farms in northern Thailand. This eco-hotel is also a secretary to avoid the hassle and bustle of Bangkok after a long day exploring the city. The local aerie boasts gourmet restaurants, cafes, and street food vendors while also having a fantastic local market.

Ethics: Sustainable Building Materials, Insulated Rooms ( Recycled Paper ), Water-Saving System For Toilets, Inverter Air Condition, Lighting Timers, Reusable Bottles

Location: Phahon Yothin, Bangkok, Thailand

Price: starts at $16

Book With “The Yard Hostel” Here

Serenity is a sustainable oasis known as one of Bali’s most eco-friendly hostels for avid explorers. Conveniently located in Canggu, near one of the most iconic temples, Tanah Lott, the hostel offers a backpacker’s house and private guesthouses “soaked” in greenery. The harmonious surroundings are perfect for surfers and yogis. Also, the hostel offers access to a 14-meter outdoor pool in the same smoking- and alcohol-free property.

Ethics: Solar-Powered Shuttle Buggy, Permaculture Garden, Grey Water Waste System

Location: Canggu, Bali, Bali Indonesia

Price: Starts at $10 

Book With “Serenity Eco Guesthouse” Here

While Gili Islands are known for being a motor traffic-free zone, Gili Meno takes tranquility to a whole new level. Made from renewable bamboo to seamlessly blend into the natural landscape, the island’s best eco hostel overlooks the crystal clear water. The best part? The compost toilets and bamboo showers. Take long walks at the beach to take in the serene views, swim with turtles, and enjoy delicious Banana pancakes, tea, and coffee made with love every morning.

Ethics: Eco Bathrooms, Bamboo Showers & Rooms, 

Location: Gili Meno, Indonesia.

Price: $61

Book Werith “Gili Meno Eco Hostel ” Here

Best Eco Hostels In South America

Located on the sun-soaked Colombia’s Caribbean coast, between the Lost City and Tayrona, YAY Sustainable Resort offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the breathtaking nature, natural pools, and flowing waters. Nestled deep in the rich green gardens, are 15 luxury cabins and cozy terraced cabins with shared bathrooms based on the principles of Permaculture. Travelers can explore the jungle, spend a relaxing day at the spa or visit the  Yoga shala to unwire by listening to the sound of the flowing water – the options are seemingly endless.

Ethics: Organic Gardens, Sustainable Building Materials, Permaculture

Location: Guachaca, Colombia 

Price: Starts at $35

Book With “YAY Sustainable Resort ” Here

With daily yoga classes and fruity cocktails, so many quiet reading spots, and lively salsa nights, it’s no wonder why  Palmar Beach Lodge is known as one of the best sustainable hostels in the area. The pet-friendly,rustic-style accommodation is located at the edge of the Isla Bastimentos rainforest; the ultimate spot to spend endless hours gazing at the greenery from your cabin-style shared room. You can enjoy the softness of filtered rainwater showers, Hike through an organic permaculture farm in the jungle, explore three of Bocas’ most famous destinations, or rent an  Ebike to discover all the hidden gems on your own time.

Ethics:  Winner of KAYAK Travel Awards 2021, Powered By The Sun And Rain, Filtered Rainwater Showers, Sustainable Building Materials

Location: Bocas del Toro, Panama

Price: Starts at $15

Book With “Palmar Beach Lodge ” Here

Best Eco Hostels In Australia & New Zealand

As one of Australia’s best eco hostels, Habitat HQ hosts many events for travelers who want to meet new, like-minded people during live music events, Trivia nights, and delicious BBQs. Additionally, the sustainable hostel has its own local bee population! They currently take care of thousands of bees in the hostel’s hives. Located minutes away from the beach, you’ll be pressed to find another backpacker-approved accommodation with so many awards-including the STAY WYSE 2012 Green Initiative Award.

Ethics: Water-Saving Bathrooms, 40% Green And Renewable Energy, Opportunity To Join The Local Bay Maintenance Program

Location: St Kilda, Australia

Price: Starts at $103

Book With “Habitat HQ ” Here

New Zealand’s renowned eco hostel is the epitome of sustainable tourism. With many self-contained cottages for up to 4 people made from untreated, recycled native timbers and earth bricks, this sustainable hostel offers exquisite views and a fantastic opportunity to become one with New Zealand’s nature. Manu Bay and Ocean Beach are very close to the premise, making this hostel the ultimate place for rest, rejuvenating your body and mind, and stretching out at the Solscape Yoga Centre. Additionally, they offer recycled railway carriages for solo travelers, groups, and families.

Ethics: Solar LED Lighting, Composting Toilets, Solar-Heated Showers, And Sustainable Building Materials

Location: Raglan 3225, New Zealand

Price: $20

Book With “Solscape Eco Retreat” Here

This post was all about sustainable & eco hostels

Whether you are ready to travel through Europe, visit Asia’s well-hidden gems, or backpack through Australia, the best eco hostels above will make your time way more fun and interesting. Sustainable hostels are not only a great place to mingle with new people, but also very budget-friendly and, of course, eco-conscious. 

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best eco hostels
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best eco hostels
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best eco hostels
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