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Ever wondered if the hundreds of Savvy Rest Serenity mattress reviews you’ve read online on the official website or elsewhere are actually accurate? 

Or perhaps you’d rather hear a review from someone you trust – like a mother of three who has been writing, researching, and exploring the sustainability and non-toxic living space for years and years. Welp. You found me and you’re definitely in the right place.

savvy rest review

You’d think that after so many years of writing and researching these topics, I’d have landed on a non-toxic and organic mattress years ago! Why the wait? Why didn’t I get my dream organic mattress when I first discovered the dangers of conventional mattresses?

The answer is pretty easy. 

I didn’t live in the United States. 

I lived in a small little village in northern Italy and slept as happy as can be on a hand stuffed wool mattress from a family friend of my husband’s grandmother. You know. Simple ways of life that don’t quite exist in places like Chicago anymore.

After eight years of living abroad in Europe with my wonderful husband and our three children, we made the big decision to pack our bags, sell off all of our things, and head back to my hometown of Chicago to be closer to family and friends. 

And I’ll be honest – I had a few “must-haves” on my shopping list for our arrival to the U.S. 

First? A Water Filter. 

Second? A Non-Toxic Mattress.

When I think of non-toxic living – I immediately think to myself “where do I spend most of my time during the day? What is entering my body the most during the day?” 

The answers are simple. I sleep roughly 8-9 hours a night in my bed (and even work from there sometimes!) and our family drinks water non-stop all throughout the day. These two staples are the most important swaps on my list of non-toxic living swaps.

Why Did I Choose Savvy Rest To Begin With?

I first wrote about organic and non-toxic mattresses in 2019 when our team dug deep into the dangers of conventional mattresses. It broke my heart that millions and millions of families around the United States were and still are unknowingly sleeping on a massive cocktail of toxic chemicals. 

As I was writing, a few brands and specific mattress selections stuck out to me and I told myself “If you ever make the move back home, this is the mattress I will get.”

One of those brands was Savvy Rest. Their fully customizable mattress allows customers to play with numerous combinations of Soft, Medium, and/or Firm natural latex to create the perfect sleeping surface for our bodies’ needs. 

savvy rest review

I really love how consumers are able to build the mattress as they wish and don’t just rely on a general guideline. Because, let’s be honest, we are not all built the same.

Plus, these organic mattresses are made ethically with GOTS-certified materials locally in the USA!

So, in this Savvy Rest mattress review, I’ll cover the materials, the comfort level, and firmness options and share my personal experience with its overall performance.

My Savvy Rest Serenity Mattress Review

Over the last few years, I have tested more than a few non-toxic mattresses from some of the most popular mattress brands on the eco market. Some hit the right spot while others unfortunately missed the mark. 

As someone who has spent endless sweaty nights tossing and turning, desperately seeking that perfect position, I can attest to one thing: our sleep quality matters. 

That’s why I have some set, non-negotiable criteria that every natural mattress should meet.

  • My mattress’ firmness levels should be customised for my own and my partner’s bodies
  • It should be made from completely non-toxic materials that will not off-gas harmful chemicals.
  • Eliminate motion transfer
  • Offer exceptional temperature regulation for hot sleepers like myself
  • And, be backed by at least a 10-year warranty

In this no-nonsense, straight-up Savvy Rest Serenity Mattress review, I’ll share my personal experience with this organic latex mattress. Let’s get into it.

Let’s Get To Know The Company: Savvy Rest

When Michael, the founder of Savvy Rest, first became aware of the harmful chemicals lurking in conventional mattresses, he couldn’t have imagined that one day he would be running his own top-selling organic mattress brand, serving thousands of people. 

After witnessing firsthand the adverse effects of conventional mattresses, he set out to create a company that offered safe, natural alternatives.

Savvy Rest, a certified B Corporation, took over the mattress market for its commitment to transparency, sustainability, and community. 

From sourcing GOTS-certified organic materials operating on a model of shared ownership and responsibility, the company is practically leading the way. 

Teams like the Women’s Council and the ESOP Team guarantee that every member has a say in the company’s direction and success. Plus, initiatives like the Safe Sleep Pillow Program further prove their commitment to giving back to the community.

Where is Savvy Rest made, you ask? Right here, in the United States – in central Virginia, to be exact.

Currently, Savvy Rest offers everything from organic mattresses and sustainable bedding to natural mattress toppers, organic pillows, and even eco furniture

Out of their 7+ different mattresses, I specifically wanted to try Serenity because it’s fully customizable. In fact, you can customise both sides and all three layers.

So, let’s kick start this Savvy Rest mattress review by examining the materials and certifications.

What Natural Materials Are in the Savvy Rest Serenity Mattress?

Serenity by Savvy Rest is made ethically from GOTS-certified organic materials in a  GOTS-certified facility.

Customizable Natural Latex Layers

The Serenity mattress comprises 3 fully customizable latex layers. 

Unlike most mattresses that offer either Dunlop or Talalay latex, the Serenity gives you the option to choose between both types of latex in three different firmness levels for each layer.

Savvy Rest sources GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex and Vita Talalay latex certified as Cradle to Cradle GOLD and FSC-ceritifed. 

This means that not only are the latex materials free from harmful chemicals, but they also meet rigorous standards for health impact, material re-use, water stewardship, and social fairness.

Organic Cotton Casing and Wool Batting

Another thing that I absolutely love about the Serenity mattress is that it is encased in an GOTS certified organic cotton casing with a sturdy brass zipper. 

Inside it, you’ll find GOTS-certified organic wool batting quilted to prevent bunching and also act as a natural flame barrier. This also provides an extra layer of plush comfort and temperature regulation which is something I was desperately looking for. 

Is There an Off-Gassing and Chemical Smell?

Absolutely not! Not even a hint of a whiff of anything.

Because the Serenity mattress is completely free from synthetic foam and chemical adhesive elements, it doesn’t off-gas harmful chemicals at all. You won’t find any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in this product. All materials are certified natural and non-toxic and thus they don’t impact our indoor quality. 

Is It Allergy-Friendly?

Yes, the Serenity mattress is allergy-friendly. 

While some people might be allergic to natural materials like cotton, wool, and latex, most folks choose them to help reduce the risk of irritation for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Natural latex, especially organic latex, is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mold. It’s inherently antimicrobial, which can help reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Comfort Level and Firmness Options of The Serenity Mattress 

The Savvy Rest Serenity Mattress is good for all types of sleepers including back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and couples.

My husband and I are very different sleepers and we opted for the king split serenity mattress option (so I have my half and he has his!). My side is full of the softest talalay latex and his side is a bit more firm with the medium and soft dunlop latex. We are both extremely comfortable and super happy with our mattress selection.

With the ability to customize the mattress with combinations of Soft, Medium, or Firm Dunlop and/or Talalay natural latex, the Serenity mattress is perfect for those who crave tailored comfort. 

Whether you prefer sinking into plush softness or prefer a firmer feel, there’s a configuration to suit your preferences.

Because picking the right configuration for the 3 layers can be a bit tricky, I made an easy-to-follow list of tips for first-time buyers. This goes from top layer to bottom layer.

  • Soft Dunlop | Soft Dunlop | Firm Dunlop: This all-Dunlop configuration blends softness with sturdy support. It’s a soft mattress overall without too much of a “sinking” feeling since Dunlop is denser than Talalay.
  • **Soft Talalay | Soft Dunlop | Firm Dunlop: This mattress configuration is for someone who loves a softer mattress that hugs you. A top layer of Talalay is great for pressure point relief.
  • Soft Talalay | Medium Talalay | Firm Dunlop: This configuration has stable core support while offering gentle pressure relief with two layers of Talalay latex.
  • Soft Talalay | Medium Talalay | Firm Talalay: This all-Talalay mattress has a soft cradling feel overall with support from the Medium and Firm layers. Talalay latex is also breathable and sleeps cool.
  • Soft Dunlop | Medium Dunlop | Firm Dunlop: This combo has a hint of softness on top but firmer support with the Medium & Firm Dunlop layers. It’s a bestseller and a great choice for many body types.
  • Medium Talalay | Medium Dunlop | Firm Dunlop: Luxurious Medium Talalay is responsive but not too sinking. Larger adults appreciate how well it transitions their weight to the denser Dunlop below.

**My Pick: I chose the soft talalay on top over the soft dunlop latex and it is exactly what I wanted! Perfectly cozy without any sinking.

How the Savvy Rest Serenity Mattress Performs

My Savvy Rest mattress arrived on April, 27, 2024 and I can confidently say that it delivers on its promise of personalized comfort and exceptional performance. Since writing this, it has been about 60 days of personal review from both me and my husband (and also our newborn little girl!) and we could not be happier. 

My mattress is super soft and cuddly (but without that deep sinking that cheap mattresses do). It’s a soft mattress with great support that my body needs. Especially while breastfeeding all day and night.

When the mattresses arrived:

While I completely understood that the Savvy Rest mattress was fully customisable, I was still surprised when the mattress came like this:

savvy rest review

All the layers came wrapped up and I had had to assemble the mattress myself! It was pretty amusing for my husband when the packages arrived and we just looked at each other like “this is going to be fun”.

But, good news. It was pretty quick and easy. The talalay latex was significantly heavier than the dunlop – which was cool to really understand the difference between the two.

We built our mattress, zippered the organic cotton cover, and that was that. Just wanted to give a quick heads up!

My husband needed a much more tailored sleeping customization for his back. Martin suffered from a slipped disc in February and he has been struggling to find comfort in bed ever since. The Savvy Rest mattress was exactly what he needed. He was able to mix and match the layers and we even did an exchange of one firm layer for a softer latex layer to make it just right. 

Savvy allowed us to do the exchange without any issues and my husband was sleeping like a baby right away. 

Also, another amazing feature of the Serenity mattress is its exceptional temperature regulation. The organic cotton casing and breathable latex layers allowed for ample airflow which helped both of us stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

For those who share a bed with a partner, rest assured that the Serenity mattress excels in minimizing motion transfer. Even when my partner tossed and turned throughout the night, I barely felt a thing thanks to the mattress’s superior motion isolation capabilities.  

In other words, the Savvy Rest Serenity mattress exceeded my expectations in every aspect. 

How Long Does a Savvy Rest Mattress Last?

Savvy Rest offers a 20-year warranty which means that they expect your mattress to last between 10 and 20 years.

That’s also the typical lifespan of most organic latex mattresses. Regular options, on the other hand, are expected to be replaced after five to 10 years – so it’s definitely worth the investment if you ask me.

Savvy Rest Return Policy & Trials

Obviously, you can’t commit to a mattress unless you’ve tried it for at least one month. Savvy Rest’s Serenity comes with a 90-day layer exchange period. This basically means that you can switch layers for free. 

Fair warning:If you do decide to switch your Dunlop layer for Talalay instead, you’ll have to pay an upgrade fee out of pocket

You cannot return Savvy Rest mattresses because the brand would be obligated to clean them with chemicals before reselling them to the next person. That destroys the purity of the natural materials, which is a big no-no.

Is the Savvy Rest Serenity Mattress Worth It?

savvy rest review

Let’s not sugarcoat it, the Serenity mattress is a splurge starting at $1,999 for a twin bed and going up to $4,299 for a Californian King size. However, in my opinion, it is definitely worth it. 

If we do the math, $4,299 divided by 20 years is roughly $215 per year for a non-toxic and organic mattress. I don’t know about you – but investing $18 a month for my health is worth it.

Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, you’ll find that the Serenity mattress provides the perfect balance of softness and support to keep you comfortable all night long. Whether you prefer a firmer feel for added support or a softer touch for enhanced comfort, the Serenity mattress allows you to create your ideal sleep surface. 

What’s more, unlike traditional mattresses that tend to lose their shape and support over time, the Serenity mattress is built to last. 

Even after months or years of use, you’ll find that this Savvy Rest mattress continues to provide the same level of comfort and support as the day you brought it home.

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