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12 Best Affordable Sustainable Denim Shorts for Summer!

eco friendly denim shorts
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Danielle Alvarado


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Sustainable denim shorts are a summer capsule wardrobe must-have. I’ve never been one for trends, but I have always been one for a hot pair of denim shorts in the summer. Lucky for you, our team has scoured the internet to find the best sustainable denim shorts on the eco market! 

Looking for more sustainable denim brands? Check out our full guide to the top 5 sustainable denim brands we love!

This post is about sustainable denim shorts for summer.

sustainable denim shorts
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So, what’s the deal with sustainable denim shorts vs fast fashion denim? The answer may shock you. Denim is actually considered to be one of the MOST environmentally-damaging fabrics out there. Let’s do a quick break down of what denim is, how unsustainable it can be, and how sustainable brands are changing the Denim industry, one conscious decisions at a time. 

What is denim made of?

Denim is made out of cotton or cotton blends. It consists of two yarns that are woven together. The yarn that runs across—known as the weft—is threaded over and under the yarn that runs downwards, which is called the warp. Denim is usually yarn-dyed with indigo. Methods such as enzyme washes, sandblasting, or bleaching soften the material and create the appearance of worn fabric. Denim that is not manipulated in this manner is considered raw denim.

How much water does it take to create one pair of jeans?

It takes roughly 2,900 gallons to produce one pair of jeans.

Can denim be sustainable?

Yes! A few ways for brands to make denim sustainable include upcycling old denim into new products, using 100% organic cotton, opting for non-toxic and safe dyes, having a strict fair trade working standard, and even offering free repair programs. More sustainability factors include made to order denim shorts, recycling old denim products, and utilizing sustainable zippers and buttons throughout the production.

This is your guide to sustainable denim shorts!

Sustainable Denim Shorts to Live in This Summer

Warp + Weft is the World’s cleanest vertically integrated denim company! They are dedicated to changing the fashion industry in every way to represent the wide array of conscious consumers. Their sustainable denim line is sure to appeal to nearly every denim-seeking customer and their sustainable denim shorts line is sustainably superb!

Price: $68 USD

Ethics: fully transparent family-owned company, fair trade, sustainable materials

Size: over 75 sizes, shapes and heights represented!

Location: USA, ships worldwide

Shop Warp + Weft Here

Able is an amazing company that invests in, trains, and educates women so they can earn a living wage and break the cycle of poverty. Super interesting fact: Able recycles the water that is used for their sustainable denim production – it undergoes a process to make sure that it is safe before it is released back into the land. Instead of using harsh chemicals, they use environmentally-friendly alternatives!

Price: $50 – $70

Ethics: Lifetime guarantee for all Able products, size inclusivity, size swap options, sustainable fabrics, fair trade working conditions

Size: XXS – 3XL

Location: USA, ships worldwide

Shop Able Here

From trash to fashion! DL 1961 turns trash into affordable and sustainable denim shorts, pants, and dresses. They’re taking old denim and plastic bottles out of the landfill and creates amazing apparel. 98% of the water used to create the apparel is recycled. As for the denim, they recycle and renew it for longer-lasting and higher-quality shorts/jeans. Lastly, the dyes that DL 1961 use are non-toxic and safe.

Price: $150+

Ethics: family owned brand, full transparency from start to finish, sustainable fabrics, turning trash into fashion

Size: 00-16 

Location: USA, ships worldwide

Shop DL1961 Here

They set zero-waste as their ultimate goal. Boyish Jeans designs sustainable denim with recyclable, traceable materials and minimal pollution. Because sustainability is the core of their fabrics, they use non-toxic dyes and harsh chemicals in processing their fabrics. Their jeans are cruelty-free and PETA approved, so it is 100% vegan. Aside from these facts, Boyish does a lot more effort for their denim’s sustainability. Bonus: Their sustainable denim shorts are super budget friendly!

Price: $150+

Ethics: made with REFIBRA™ Technology which takes fashion industry scraps and recycles the waste, which is then blended in with TENCEL™

Size: 00-14

Location: USA, ships worldwide

Shop Boyish Jeans Here

This post was all about sustainable denim shorts

Be sure to save this post for later because we will be updating it with the latest sustainable denim shorts on the market – and we just know these brands are going to blow us away with even more sustainability initiatives year after year! Check out our other blog posts below for more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion articles.

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sustainable denim shorts
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sustainable denim shorts
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