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Looking for the best non-toxic air freshener to help you enjoy the uplifting fragrance without any worries about negative health effects? We’ve got you covered! 

It’s no secret that traditional petroleum-based products are overpacked with harmful chemicals. Formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone, picric acid, and methyl vinyl ketone–scented products emit a bouquet of VOCs according to studies.

The SKL team created a roundup of top-notch non-toxic air freshener plug-ins and diffuser picks for the home and car. Made from plant-based ingredients and essential oils, toxic-chemical-free air freshener formulas offer a safer, more sustainable way to eliminate odors and create a pleasant indoor environment. 

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non toxic air freshener

The Safest Non-Toxic Air Fresheners for The Home and Car.

I have an affinity for beautifully scented homes. No, really, the moment I walk into a room, the first thing I notice is its scent!

From cozy winter evenings wrapped in the warm embrace of cinnamon and cloves to refreshing summer mornings filled with the refreshing aroma of citrus, there’s something truly magical about having a scented house. 

But have you ever stopped to consider the health impacts of using traditional air fresheners to achieve this aromatic ambiance? 

I’ve smelled more than my fair share of air fresheners in my lifetime. And let me tell you, I can spot the cocktail of synthetic chemicals from a mile away. You know exactly what I’m talking about – those overpowering and cloying scents that can be described as simply “unnatural.” 

The synthetic scent of artificial flowers or a sickly sweet aroma reminiscent of candy-coated chemicals gives me headaches. I’ve also experienced respiratory irritation which is another common adverse health effect. 

What are the most toxic chemicals in air fresheners?


Phthalates are a group of chemicals commonly used as fragrance carriers in air fresheners and other scented products.

These harmful chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption, reproductive issues, and developmental abnormalities.

Human studies have also suggested associations between phthalate exposure and adverse health effects, including asthma, allergies, and decreased lung function.  

Check out the ingredient list for names such as: 

  • Diethyl phthalate (DEP)
  • Dimethyl phthalate (DMP)
  • Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP)
  • Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are yet another diverse group of chemicals that easily evaporate into the air, contributing to indoor air pollution.

Found in many air fresheners, home decor, and paints, VOCs can react with other chemicals in the atmosphere to form harmful pollutants, such as ozone and fine particulate matter.

Prolonged exposure to VOCs has been associated with a range of adverse health effects, including headaches, dizziness, nausea, respiratory irritation, and exacerbation of asthma symptoms.

Also, certain VOCs, such as formaldehyde and benzene, are known carcinogens, increasing the risk of cancer with long-term or high-level exposure.

Check out the ingredient list for names such as: 

  • Formaldehyde
  • Benzene
  • Toluene
  • Xylene
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Acetone
  • Ethylbenzene
  • Limonene (although naturally occurring, it can react with ozone to form harmful secondary pollutants)

Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic fragrances are complex mixtures of chemicals designed to mimic natural scents and enhance the aroma of air fresheners and other products.

However, many of these fragrance ingredients are derived from petrochemicals and can contain hundreds of individual compounds, including phthalates, VOCs, and allergens.

Synthetic fragrances have been linked to allergic reactions, skin irritation, respiratory issues, and exacerbation of asthma symptoms in sensitive individuals.  

Check out the ingredient list for names such as:

  • Benzyl acetate
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Ethanol
  • Linalool
  • Coumarin
  • Alpha-pinene
  • Beta-pinene
  • Limonene (synthetic versions)
  • Geraniol

According to this study, 34.7 % of the USA population reported health problems, such as migraine headaches and respiratory difficulties, when exposed to fragranced products. 

On top of that, 15.1% have lost workdays or a job due to fragranced product exposure in the workplace. 

So, what’s the alternative? 

Enter: Non-toxic plug-in air freshener and natural air freshener spray options!

These plant-based formulas can tackle a variety of common household issues, from neutralizing lingering cooking odors in the kitchen to freshening up pet areas and eliminating musty smells in closets.

Instead of harmful chemicals, these “chemical-free” air fresheners are packed with sustainably sourced essential oils that can last up to 120 hours. To top it all off, they are suitable for pets, little kids, and every member of the family. 

Check out the best non-toxic diffusers and plug-in non-toxic air fresheners for cars and homes below!

Best Non-Toxic Air Fresheners in 2024:

1. Aera

best non toxic plug in air freshener

On Aera’s site, you can find an amazing non-toxic diffuser for small to medium-sized rooms and another air freshener diffuser to scent larger rooms.

Both options are equipped with hypoallergenic scent technology to help your family and pets enjoy the aroma without any worries. 

And thanks to Aera’s microdroplet technology, which disperses ultra-tiny scent molecules, your home will be filled with consistently beautiful fragrances for up to 60 days.

To top it all off, with the Aera app, you have complete control at your fingertips.

Create schedules, adjust settings from 1 to 10, and indulge in your favorite scents—all from your phone!

Choose from over 40 serene fragrances ethically crafted by master perfumers using pure fragrance and essential oils. 

From soothing lavender to invigorating citrus, there’s a scent for every mood and occasion.

Our Top Picks from Aera:

Price: From $95+ for the “Aera Mini Diffuser” | From $60+ for their fragrances

Type: Plug-In Diffuser

Free From: Parabens | Phthalates | Sulfates | Harmful VOCs | Residues

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

2. Pura

non toxic air freshener for pets

Whether you’re looking for a smart non-toxic air freshener for the car or for the home, make sure to check out Pura.

The company uses top-notch home fragrances crafted from ingredients that are both safe and clean. 

Also, both options feature Puralast™ technology! Lasting 120 hours for the home diffuser and about 30 days for the car refresher. 

You can easily unlock the full potential of your Pura diffuser with smart features accessible through the Pura app. 

Simply adjust fragrance intensity, set schedules and timers, and more, all from the convenience of your smartphone. 

Best Sellers from Pura:

Price: From 49.99+ for the “Pura 4” | From $12.79+ for their fragrances

Type: Plug-In Diffuser

Free From: Parabens | Phthalates

Location/Shipping: United States

3. Enviroscent

Non toxic air freshener plug in

Enviroscent offers the first-ever liquid-free, non-toxic plug-in air freshener, and a fantastic stand freshener. 

We love that the scents are not overpowering like some traditional air fresheners.

Instead, both Leaping Bunny-certified options offer a subtle yet invigorating scent that fills your space without overwhelming your senses. 

The best part? No leaks or messy clean-ups! Plus, the patented scent technology evenly scents for 45+ days! 

What’s more, Enviroscent created refillable, recyclable, and biodegradable paper scent refills in a variety of scents and strengths to suit your preferences.

Our Top Picks from Enviroscent:

Price: From $15+ for the “Plug Hub™ Starter Kit”

Type: Spray | Plug-In | Diffuser Sticks

Free From: Parabens | Phthalates | Phosphates | Acetone | Formaldehyde | Neurotoxicants

Location/Shipping: United States

4. Fresh Wave

natural air freshener spray

The sustainable company Fresh Wave creates natural air freshener spray options for every preference. But what really caught our eye is the odor-eliminating gel

Just remove the cap, peel off the foil lid, return the cap, and place the gel wherever odors are most prevalent. 

You can tuck it away on a shelf or countertop and let it attract, absorb, and neutralize odor molecules in the air and on surfaces. 

For quick fixes, grab the non-toxic air freshener spray. It operates like an aerosol but without the environmental drawbacks. 

Best Sellers from Fresh Wave:

Price: From $8.99 for the “Fabric Spray”

Type: Air/Fabric Sprays | Odor Eliminating Gels

Free From: Parabens | Phthalates | Sulfates | Alcohol | Synthetic Fragrance

Location/Shipping: United States

5. Attitude

non toxic air freshener for car

Attitude is our go-to destination for eco-friendly cleaning solutions for the entire house.

Think non-toxic dishwasher tablets, safe toilet cleaners, dish soap, and so many more options. 

Today we’ll focus on their non-toxic air freshener for pets and tiny humans. 

Harnessing the power of activated carbon from charcoal, these toxic-free air purifiers effectively eliminate odors and pollutants, leaving your space feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. 

But what makes charcoal so special? It’s one of nature’s most powerful filters!

With a lasting effect of up to six weeks (depending on room size), the vegan purifiers are both efficient and long-lasting. 

Our Top Picks from Attitude:

Price: $6.95

Type: Solid Air Purifiers

Free From: Parabens | Phthalates | Sulfates

Location/Shipping: United States

6. Airomé

non toxic air freshener spray

Next up is Airomé and their amazing non-toxic diffuser collection for minimalist decor lovers. 

Some options are equipped with LED Light colors and multiple mist settings while others look like a white porcelain succulent that wicks oil up into the porcelain piece and diffuses fragrance into the room. 

Need something for your kids’ room? Airomé offers many non-toxic diffuser options with whimsical designs and colorful glow. 

No matter your preferences, rest assured that all essential oils are non-GMO and tested for quality and harmful chemicals.

Price: From $14.99+ for the “Pluggable Diffusers” | From $4.99+ for their fragrances

Type: Plug-In Diffuser

Free From: Parabens | Phthalates | Sulfates | Non-GMO

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

7. Scent Fill

best non toxic diffuser

Scent Fill is a family-owned & operated company in the USA that offers the first-ever 100% natural plug-in air freshener. 

Because many folks like me are sensitive to synthetic perfumes, Scent Fill offers certified 100% plant-based options with absolutely no artificial additives or enhancements. 

Plus, there are so many certified cruelty-free scents to choose from for every season. Spicy, ambery, woody, floral, fruit, herbal – you name it, they offer it. 

If you are new to the non-toxic air freshener world, you can go ahead and select from 18 all-in-one starter kits. There is something for every taste!

Price: $2.95 for the “Plug-In Warmer” | From $5.03+ for their fragrances

Type: Plug-In

Free From: Parabens | Phthalates | Sulfates

Location/Shipping: United States

8. Grow Fragrance

best non toxic air freshener

If you’re on a quest to find the best chemical-free air freshener that eliminates odors, refreshes fabrics, and sets the perfect mood, check out Grow Fragrance’s formulas. 

Crafted from certified 100% plant-based ingredients, you can trust that these sprays are as pure as they come. 

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your living room, revitalize your linens, or create a serene atmosphere in your bedroom, there’s something for every need. 

Plus, the non-toxic air freshener options come in 10 different scents – from pomegranate fig to green tea matcha

Price: $15

Type: Air/Fabric Spray | Car Fresheners

Free From: Parabens | Phthalates | Petroleum | Synthetic Petrochemicals

Location/Shipping: United States

9. Citrus Magic

non toxic air freshener for cats

Citrus Magic’s lineup includes options such as the natural air freshener spray, the absorbing solid air freshener, and cute, pet odor control options that go directly into your cat’s litter box. 

Finding a non-toxic air freshener for cats is not easy, but Citrus Magic promises up to 7 days of round-the-clock freshness and odor control. 

As for the sprays, they are packed with 100% USDA-certified organic ingredients. 

Seriously, no matter the size of your space or the severity of your odor issue, they’ve got you covered. 

From tackling odors in old dogs to old cars, our just-plain-fresh formulas are here to save the day.

Price: From $8.91+ for the “Air Freshener Spray”

Type: Air Spray | Solid Air Fresheners

Free From: Parabens | Phthalates | Sulfates | Aerosols

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

10. Cowshed UK

diy non toxic air freshener

Cowshed is not only one of the best home and body brands but also a pioneer in the field of natural pampering.

Currently, they own spas in London, New York, Chicago, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam and Istanbul. 

What we love most about their wide range of non-toxic diffusers and candle sets is that every option is extremely giftable. 

Just look at the packaging – it’s a beautifully hand-illustrated box!

Made in England, these award-winning products use the very best organic and wildcrafted plant extracts that elevate your mood and evoke a sense of luxury.

Our Top Picks from Cowshed:

Price: From $45+ for the “Diffusers”

Type: Diffuser Sticks

Free From: Parabens | Mineral oils | Silicones

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom, ships worldwide

How can I make my own non-toxic air freshener at home?

If you want to create a DIY non-toxic air freshener for every room of the house, we have an easy recipe for you:

  1. Start by choosing your favorite essential oil or blend of oils – lavender, lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus, just to name a few options.
  2. Fill a clean spray bottle with distilled water. You can typically find spray bottles at your local grocery store or online.
  3. Add around 10-20 drops of your chosen essential oil(s) to the water. The number of drops will depend on your personal preference and the strength of the scent you desire.
  4. Optional: You can add a splash of witch hazel or vodka to the mixture. This helps emulsify the essential oils with water and can extend the shelf life of the spray.
  5. Close the spray bottle tightly and shake well to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  6. Your natural air freshener spray is now ready to use! Simply spritz it into the air whenever you want to freshen up your space.

This was your full guide to toxic-free air fresheners!

Unlike traditional formulas that are over-packed with nasty chemicals, toxic-free air fresheners won’t cause respiratory irritation, allergies, and other adverse health effects. 

Heavenly-scented essential oils offer a wide range of delightful natural scents derived from plants, allowing us to customize our sensory experience and uplift our mood without compromising on safety. 

Personally, I use my non-toxic air freshener plug-in every day. However, if you aren’t as obsessed with scents as I am, you can always save it for special occasions. 

One thing is certain, with a non-toxic diffuser, you can enjoy the benefits of a fresh-smelling home without compromising your well-being.

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