10 Best Brands with Vegan Friendly Wool Alternatives To Stay Cozy!

Danielle Alvarado

December 9, 2021

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vegan friendly wool alternatives
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vegan friendly wool alternatives
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Whether you do not want to wear wool for ethical reasons, allergy reasons, or whatever reason you may choose – we got you covered! Today we are educating our community all about Vegan-Friendly Wool Alternatives that are natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Why is wool not “Vegan-Friendly”?

While some vegans do choose to wear secondhand or recycled wool, there are many in the community who consider the wearing of any animal products to be a big no-no for ethical reasons. On top of this, many vegans believe that wearing wool encourages others to wear wool as well – which can have a negative effect on their mission to end animal-cruelty. Vegans strongly believe that animals need to be stop being seen as “products” and to be seen as living, breathing beings.

Can Vegans wear Secondhand Wool?

It really depends on which vegan you are asking! We conducted our own research and asked over 150 vegans if they believe wearing secondhand wool is ok or not, and here is what we found: 42 folks voted for yes to secondhand wool products and 108 voted for no to secondhand wool. Those who voted for yes primarily lived in much colder places vs those who said no!

Are there any true alternatives to Wool?

Wool is such a special material because of where it comes from – Sheep. Sheep stay cozy and cool in all sorts of weather because of their amazing wool. Wool garments are naturally breathable down to the fiber level – The fibers wick moisture away from your skin and can absorb around 30% of their weight before you feel wet. The closest vegan-friendly and sustainable fabric to wool would be Modal or Cotton.

What is the warmest vegan-friendly & sustainable material out there?

From our own experience, the warmest of the bunch would be modal or organic cotton. Modal or organic cotton thermals and then paired with thick organic cotton sweaters/hoodies/etc. Bamboo and hemp are also great for sweaters and hoodies too! We are also featuring heavy linen as a fantastic layering piece – that our team has truly fallen in love with.

10 Amazing Vegan Friendly Brands Offering Great Vegan Friendly Wool Alternatives for Chilly Winter Days!

1. Vetta Capsule

Vetta Capsule is one of my biggest crushes in the sustainable fashion (and ethical) world. Once you go to this website – you will be amazed too. They create their pieces to all pair together into a capsule wardrobe – and the pieces are all made of sustainable and ethical materials – AND they can be worn 2-5 different ways!

It’s mind blowing what they have created here.

Price: $32.00 +

Ethics: Safe and fair labor standards, Natural and sustainable materials, Sustainable packaging

Location: U.S.A.

Size Range: XS – XL

Shop: Vetta Capsule

2. LA Relaxed

vegan wool alternatives
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Next on our list for vegan alternatives to wool is none other than the ethically amazing LA Relaxed, based in Los Angeles, California. This company only uses sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free fabrics to create their beautiful line of must-have cozy basics. I LIVE in their cloud sweats!! Absolutely live in them.

Price: $32.00 +

Ethics: Safe and fair labor standards, Natural and sustainable materials, Sustainable packaging

Location: Los Angeles, California

Size Range: XS – XL

Shop LA Relaxed Here

3. Passion Lilie

You’ll find Passion Lilie featured on our blog a lot for good reasons: super gorgeous sustainable & ethical fashion, amazingly fair and respectful working, owned and operated by women, and just an all around wonderful brand to support. Bonus? Everything they have has pockets!

Price: $50.00 +

Ethics: Sustainable and ethical, fair trade, B corp, woman owned business, sustainable packaging

Location: U.S.A.

Size Range: XS – 2XL

Shop Passion Lilie Here

4. GOEX Apparel

GOEX Apparel is great for vegan alternatives to wool and for sustainable basics in your wardrobe! Think high-quality minimalist sweaters, hoodies, long sleeves, t-shirts, and cardigans made to last for years and years and throughout all those washes. Highly recommend!

Price: $18.00 +

Ethics: Natural and sustainable materials, fair trade & working conditions & livable wages, sustainable packaging

Location: U.S.A.

Size Range: S – 2XL

Shop GOEX Apparel Here

4. Tonlé Design

Tonlé is a fan favourite here at SKL and for good reason: this is one of the most inclusive brands on this list and they are truly a zero waste brand. All of tonlé’s designs are created from a combination of cut-waste, textiles, and deadstock that are high quality but were not used for some reason during industrial production!

Price: $50.00 +

Ethics: Sustainable materials, zero waste business model, sustainable packaging, fair trade working conditions

Location: Created in Cambodia, sold in the U.S.A.

Size Range: XS – 3XL

Shop Tonlé Design Here

5. The Good Tee

The Good Tee is a favorite in our little family! Martin wears their t-shirts to workout in and chill and I love their super comfortable dresses to just live in during spring and summer! I loved finding out that they seriously came through for Fall and Winter clothing too – lots of hoodies, long sleeves, and more!

Price: $30.00 +

Ethics: Safe and fair labor standards, B corp certified, Natural and sustainable materials, Sustainable packaging

Location: Los Angeles, California

Size Range: XS – XL

Shop The Good Tee Here

6. Colourful Standard

I really like this brand. Colorful Standard has an epic assortment of organic cotton gear that are BUILT for the cold – hoodies, sweaters, socks, long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, beanies, etc!

Price: $30.00 +

Ethics: Sustainable and ethical, Organic Cotton, Sustainable Packaging

Location: Denmark, ships worldwide

Size Range: XS – 2XL

Shop The Colourful Standard Here

7. Sondeflor

When we say “heavy linen” for winter, we are specifically talking about Sondeflor’s heavy linen (because we are obsessed). Their Fall and Winter collection has this amazing heavy linen that keeps you so warm and cozy in winter while also being breathable! It’s a great vegan alternative to wool that can be paired with gorgeous cotton thermals, sweaters, and scarves.

Price: $50.00 +

Ethics: Natural and sustainable materials, women owned and ran business, sustainable packaging

Location: Lithuania, Ships Worldwide

Size Range: XXS – XXL

Shop Sondeflor Here

8. Conscious Step

Good socks are extremely important in Winter – especially those wet and cold days. We love these organic cotton socks by Conscious Step that also give back to those we adore – the animals! Each sock (depends on which you choose) will donate money directly to help animals ranging from sea life to land life!

Price: $14.95 +

Ethics: Sustainable and ethical materials, sustainable packaging, give back programs, 1% for the planet

Location: U.S.A.

Size Range: S – L

Shop The Conscious Step Here

9. Zesst Organics

Zesst Organics has the comfiest and most cozy scarves and hats that are 100% vegan friendly! Their products are made from 100% organic cotton and are built to keep you warm. I personally own one of their scarves (gifted to me last year) and I use it all the time. It’s gorgeous.

Price: $25.00 +

Ethics: Woman-owned business, Sustainably and ethically made, fair trade working conditions, sustainable packaging

Location: U.S.A.

Size Range: One Size

Shop Zesst Organics

10. Mate The Label

Mate the Label is one brand that we have not personally reviewed here at SKL – but the reviews in the sustainable community have been great so we thought we would add them in! They have amazing options for organic cotton loungewear and super cozy pieces to add to your vegan closet. Sustainably and ethically made in Los Angeles, California.

Price: $50 +

Ethics: Sustainably and ethically made in Los Angeles, Fairtrade working conditions, sustainable packaging

Location: U.S.A.

Size Range: XS – 2XL

Shop Mate The Label Here

Did you enjoy this list of Vegan Friendly Wool Alternatives? Check out more below!

vegan friendly wool alternatives
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