The 10 Best Sustainable Maternity Brands for New Mamas

Danielle Alvarado

August 20, 2021

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Are you looking for the best sustainable maternity brands to wear or gift to a mum-to-be? We are here for you! Below are 10 of our absolute favorites that tick all the boxes of comfort, looks, ethics, and sustainability.

This blog is about Sustainable Maternity Brands for new mamas

Ethical Maternity Brands
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Trusted Maternity Brands

I have been wanting to post this list of sustainable and ethical maternity brands for quite some time, but after losing our son from an infection, I decided it was best to allow this post to sit in the drafts until my heart was ready to share on maternity and pregnancy again. A few days ago, I came across the draft and thought to myself, “It’s time to get back on this one. I’m ready.”

During my pregnancy, I had drafted about 12 different maternity and postpartum blog posts for our community. One by one, they will be published, starting with this one. I have gathered my favorite sustainable and ethical maternity brands, many tried and tested by yours truly, and hope they help you on your own journey.

The most sustainable option….

I would like to note that the most sustainable options are the ones we already have – so please take a look through your closet and do a mini-audit of what you already have. Once you know what you have, then you can truly understand what it is you need to make your pregnancy and postpartum the most comfortable.

Second-hand and/or renting is another wonderful option to extend the life of clothing and reduce our impact. I have listed many options at the end of the blog post for you with links to our full list of trusted secondhand shops.

Feel free to share this post with any new/experienced mothers who are looking for a more eco-friendly closet:)

This post is about the best ethical, sustainable maternity brands on the market

Best Sustainable Maternity Wear Brands

1. My Etsy Favorites

Etsy Maternity Dresses
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If you are new here, I must tell you that I am a big fan of small Etsy shops that create clothing in a very much “mom and pop shop” way. When you find the right shops, you will never have to venture out into the “real world” of shopping at all. Shopping through Etsy allows me to find clothing that is measured to my exact height and waist needs without the crazy costs associated with markups. Highly recommend Etsy for sustainable and slow fashion shopping to support small businesses and also save money.

I love to wear linen during my pregnancies because it breaths beautifully and does not irritate my skin in any way. So many sustainable maternity brands to choose from!

Recommended Sustainable Maternity Brands: The OdaLux Wrap Maternity Dress in 100% Linen, The Linen Loose Sleeve MAMA Dress, The Natural Linen Dress by Sondeflor, and the Linen Empire Goddess Dress.

Shop our list of favorites here.

Shop more Etsy products here.

2. Warp & Weft

This sustainable and ethical jeans company is one of our favorites for sustainable maternity jeans, which can be hard to find. The jeans are always priced below $100 and will last you years and years. They are extremely soft, sizes range from 00-24, and are perfect for maternity and beyond.

Recommended: JFK Maternity skinny jeans, Maternity overalls, and the basic stretch skinny jeans.

All of the products are made in the U.S.A. and are ethical in production.

Shop Their Products

3. Storq (U.S.A. Ships to Canada)

Super simple and classic; just what we love here at SKL. I love this sustainable maternity brand so much for how creative they are in making maternity wear work for all areas of motherhood. The three-piece lounge set (for ALL trimesters, 1-4) with the cutest tag line: “A very classy set of PJs to remind you that you are still people even if you are housebound, boobs-out 90% of the time.” haha, I love it! They also have amazing leggings and the super comfortable two scoop maternity dress that can be worn for years and years after birth. This brand goes up to a 3x in sizing and has a wide variety of colors.

Recommended: The cotton track shorts, 3 piece lounge set, and two scoop maternity dress.

Shop Their Products

4. Pact

We have featured Pact in many of our sustainable and ethical fashion round-ups for good reason: They are one of the most affordable sustainable options out there and their commitment to slow and sustainable fashion (even for a bigger brand) is exactly what we need to be seeing. I do see lots of room for improvement on the sizing – they only go up to an XL. Many of their products are made from 100% organic cotton and breathe beautifully.

Recommended: Maternity T-shirt Dress, Maternity Draped Joggers, Maternity Fold-over Undies, and the Maternity Nursing Bralette.

Shop Their Sustainable Maternity Line

5. Hatch (U.S.A., ships worldwide)

If you are looking to splurge a bit while also supporting a fantastic sustainable maternity brand, then Hatch is right up your alley! The clothes that they have for pregnancy are just beyond perfect. I spent WAY too long digging through their website and “oohing” and “ahhing” at all the selections! Hatch features items for every stage of pregnancy and beyond. I would personally wear any one of their items right now!

Hatch partners with nonprofit organizations that support mothers all over the world. I am also super excited to tell you that they offer a line of vegan beauty products safe for mamas!

Recommended: The Ultimate before, during and after bike shorts, The pointelle nightgown, The nurse to errands onesie, and the 24/7 feeding jumpsuit!

Shop This Sustainable Maternity Brand Here

6. Frugi (U.K., ships worldwide)

GOTS certified organic cotton that feels like an absolute dream in maternity clothing. I wore much of the Frugi sustainable maternity line during my third pregnancy and highly recommend this company. Their products are budget-friendly, made with natural materials, high-quality, and just beautiful. I loved the wrap dress and overalls so much. Frugi is known for its organic children’s clothing, but the maternity line should not be missed.

Recommended: The Wrap Dress, The unbelievably soft Chambray Trousers, Chambray Dungarees, and Winnie Maternity Nursing Top.

Shop their products here

7. Isabella Oliver *Preloved options available*

Isabella Oliver is another sustainable maternity brand that I wore for much of my third pregnancy and I was in love with the quality of the fabrics. I found them to be one of the most durable brands I have ever encountered. I reached for the Isabella Oliver maternity pants and this dress nearly every day – and they held up so well that I was able to give them to another pregnant mother after I no longer needed them. Perfect condition.

Recommended: Kelsey Tencel Maternity Dress, Maternity Jumper, The Oona Maternity Dress, The Maternity Active Leggings, and of course, the pre-loved and rental section!

Shop Isabella Oliver here

8. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective has developed such a fan following and for good reason. They produce some amazing, high-quality products with recycled or natural materials that their community loves. Not to mention, they have an eye for style.

Recommended: Maternity Bike Shorts, Seamless Maternity Leggings, and the Nursing Bras.

Shop their products here.

9. Sezane

When I think of Sezane, I think of just the most gorgeous and timeless pieces. This is the place to go when you want to add something extra special to your closet. I was thrilled when I found out that they had maternity clothing. “Discover our mater­­­­n­ity capsule designed in Paris to accom­pany you through­out moth­er­­­­­­­hood. Each piece has been tested and bump-approved by the moth­ers & moth­ers-to-be in our Sézane team.” We took a look and couldn’t fall more in love with this capsule maternity capsule wardrobe selection.

Recommended: Tomboy Mommy Shirt, the Clement Jumper, the Thalia Dress, and the Aurena Dress.

Shop their products here.

Second-Hand Options!

10. ThredUp (U.S.A.)

Second-hand maternity clothing? Heck yes, Mama! Honestly, if I lived in the U.S., I would use this company and all the other second-hand shops near to my home to stock up on maternity wear. I am such a second-hand lover!

Recommended: Simply use the search function for maternity!

Shop Their Products

11. OxFam Online Shop (U.K.)

Fight fast fashion with Oxfam! Whether choosing second hand or new products; purchasing from this company is always a great idea.

“We won’t live with poverty. Find a bargain or a unique treasure in Oxfam’s Online Shop and join thousands of supporters who help us to fight poverty and injustice around the world. Choose from 100,000+ donated and new products or buy a loved one a fun and quirky charity gift from Oxfam Unwrapped. The proceeds will go towards our life-changing work. “

Recommended: Simply use the search function for maternity!

Shop Their Products

12. Serendipity Maternity Boutique (Australia)

Where to find pre-loved, used, and second-hand maternity clothes in Australia. This amazing company has been around for 14+ years and is the number one second-hand maternity shop in all of Australia. That is such a great success!!

Recommended: EVERYTHING!

Did you enjoy this list of sustainable maternity brands? Check out more below!

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