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Are you looking for the best sustainable Latinx influencers you should be following in 2022? You’re in luck! We’ve done the research, looked into what they’re all about, how they use their platform, and the community they have built, all so we could put this list together so you know which sustainable Latinx influencers you should follow in 2022!

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sustainable latinx influencers to follow in 2022
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Sustainable Influencers are making a huge positive impact in our World! It’s time to announce our top favorite Latinx Influencers to follow in 2022 to keep the sustainable party going.

We’ve discussed the MASSIVE impact that digital creators, or Influencers, have on the fashion industry in this past blog post. After the amazing response from our community, we decided to take it a step further. We will be sharing all of our favorite sustainable influencers from various categories!

BIPOC influencers haven’t always been at the forefront of the sustainable fashion push (which is ridiculous). However, as more social media users recognize the importance of racial and social justice, influencers of color are finding their voices and bringing their unique style to the masses. Many of these creators are addressing not only conscious consumerism but also extremely important topics like race and colonialism, climate justice, mental health, and immigration. BIPOC influencers are offering their followers more than just trendy fits – though there is a lot of inspiring fashion happening here!

So, which Latinx influencers should we trust in the Sustainable Niche?

Let’s jump right into the list of our favorite 21 sustainable Latinx influencers of 2022!

1. Tania Gabriela

Tania Gabriela, entrepreneur, sustainable fashion blogger and advocate, activist.
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Tania is one of our favorite Latinx Influencers on this list – she is on a mission! Not only did she serve as Chief of Staff for a congressional race in New York City, she also started a peer-to-peer fashion rental website called StyleLend. On top of that, she serves on the board of Amplify Her, Unicef Unite, and the Planned Parenthoods’ Activist Council! As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she started her own sustainable style blog called Sustainably Stylish in 2016. Her Instagram is a peek into her sustainability journey and her life as a mother, homeowner, and activist. Follow her in 2022 to be inspired on the daily!

2. Danielle Alvarado

Danielle Alvarado, educator, sustainability and zero-waste living, conscious consumerism
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Danielle’s passion is education! The dedication she has to teaching her followers all she can about sustainability, zero-waste living, and slow fashion is evident in the engaging (and hilarious) content she provides. Sustainability, and especially the dire state of the fashion industry, can be a heavy topic, but this Latinx Influencer presents the material with a lightheartedness that makes it memorable and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty.

These days it can be hard to find influencers who aren’t afraid to call out the big-brands. Luckily, Danielle makes a habit of spotlighting these important topics! She provides endless options to avoid supporting these brands in accessible, inclusive, and affordable ways. Check out her website for comprehensive how-to’s on all things zero-waste, and definitely don’t miss out on her Instagram Reels for a good laugh!

3. Jazmine Rogers

Jazmine Rogers, thrifting and DIY fashion, race, colonialism and sustainability
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Jazmine has that special Influencer-You-Want-to-be-Friends-With thing nailed. She has built her brand on honesty, playfulness, and thrifting skills that put the rest of us to shame. Her Instagram and Youtube Channel are bright and bubbly – places where she showcases her latest thrift finds or DIY projects – but also acts as safe spaces for her followers to deep-dive into discussions around race, sustainability, colonialism, and how these topics interact in the real world.

Jazmine makes it clear: she isn’t an expert, and she doesn’t expect us to be either. But we can and should be accountable for our actions and keep working to make conscious changes towards the better. Lucky for us, She’s here to be our cheerleader along the way! 

4. Ana Fernanda

Latinx influencers Ana Fernanda, sustainable and zero-waste fashion designer, entrepreneur, sustainability blogger
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Ana Fernanda of The Second Runway has style oozing out of her. To glance at her Instagram, you would think you have stumbled upon a high-street fashionista, and indeed, you have! Ana has built an incredible company using entirely up-cycled materials to create stunning, hand-made, high-end garments that wouldn’t look out of place at Fashion Week. Mexican born and now working in Australia, Ana’s creations blend a Mexican romanticism with playfulness and inclusiveness. Check out her brand page, Fernanda Covarrubias, to shop her latest creations!

As if you needed another reason to be obsessed with Ana, she also runs a program called The Second Start, which provides mending and upcycling workshops, styling tips, and a sense of community for recent refugees and asylum seekers settling in her hometown of Geelong, Australia.

5. Cindy Villaseñor

Latinx influencers Cindy Villasenor, low-waste lifestyle influencer, workshops and education
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Cindy Villaseñor of Cero Waste Cindy is on a mission to bring practical sustainability to the masses! Her Instagram page is dedicated to easy low-waste lifestyle tips that really anyone can do! She is also an activist and educator and works as a Garden Ranger for a non-profit based in L.A. If you’re interested in starting your low-waste journey but don’t know where to start, Cindy’s website offers workshops! These workshops thatcover everything from examining our society’s overconsumption habits, examples of low-waste swaps for your everyday and easy tips on how to avoid excessive plastic packaging, and of course an overview of environmental issues like microplastics and monocropping which help put into perspective why this is all so darn important! Check out her full website here!

6. Karen Ramos

Latinx influencers Karen Ramos, outdoor enthusiast, sustainable adventure influencer
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Karen, AKA @naturechola, has a passion for the outdoors, sustainability, and her Oaxacan culture. Her Instagram is filled with laughter, adventure, zero-waste tips, and sustainable and ethical brands she supports! Karen goes deep and her posts feel raw and real in a way you rarely see on Instagram these days. She also works within her local community and with indigenous communities in Mexico to create zero-waste products like this hand-made clay mug. Keep an eye on her Instagram page or sign up for her Patreon to learn more as these pieces go fast!

7. Sally Garcia

Latinx influencers Sally Hutchison, Mexican-Salvadoran influencer, mindful closet advocate.
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Sally is a Mexican-Salvadoran influencer currently living in L.A. who describes herself as a “conscious & mindful closet advocate.” Her page is beautifully curated and gives me BIG urban jungle vibes. She is passionate about building more inclusive outdoor spaces and works regularly with the National Parks Service to raise awareness around conservation. Make sure to follow her Instagram for gorgeous sustainable outfit inspo AND super fun tips for getting more involved in the outdoors, especially within the Latinx community!

8. Manuela Barón

Latinx influencers Manuela Baron, educator, low-waste fashion and lifestyle advocate
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Ready for our next Latinx Influencer?! Manuela is here to help you create your most eco-friendly lifestyle possible! Education is a huge part of her activism, and her Instagram is absolutely full of useful information! She not only shares her favorite products to make starting the sustainability process easier for her followers, but she explains in detail why exactly she loves each product and why she believes we should be supporting the company. Understanding your “why” is a huge part of the sustainability journey, and Manuela makes it easy to understand!

9. Mariel Jumpa

Latinx influencers Mariel Jumpa, CEO, founder, sustainable fashion advocate, community builder
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Mariel is the founder and CEO of Slow Fashion World, a platform that aims to connect an international community of conscious change-makers, businesses, and innovators. She is also “Head of Community” at Common Objective, another social platform that matches sustainable fashion businesses with content, training, sustainable suppliers, buyers, or experts.

Mariel is obviously an expert in building community throughout the sustainable fashion world and has a wealth of experience in marketing, technology, sustainable sourcing, and diversity management. Her Instagram is full of inspiring projects and adventures in her current hometown of Paris.

10. Marina Testino

Marina Testino, entrepreneur, marketer of zero-waste lifestyle and conscious consumerism
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Marina Testino is the founder of Point Off View, a marketing agency focused on sustainable transformation. She is dedicated to educating her large following on conscious consumerism and a sustainable lifestyle! Her feed is filled with beautiful images of high-end fashion in stunning locations, but there is a real message behind her brand. She advocates for outfit-repeating, as evident in her #OneDressToImpress campaign. During this campaign, she wears the same suit every day for one month to raise awareness for women’s empowerment and conscious consumerism. She also educates about microplastics through her campaign #WeSeaThrough.

Throughout her page, you can find helpful tips on zero-waste and sustainable living, how to avoid food waste, and so much more. Check out her beautiful Instagram page here!

Loving this list of Sustainable Latinx Influencers to follow in 2022? Keep reading for 10 more amazing creators!

11. Yisel Bonifacio

Yisel Bonifacio, coach, sustainability and climate justice blogger
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Yisel is an environmentalist, a coach, a life-long learner, and the perfect Latinx influencer to follow if you find yourself needing a boost of kindness and gentleness in your feed! Her Instagram is filled with inspirational quotes and heartwarming images, and her blog offers discussion on everything from her favorite books to plant-based eating, to Yisel’s own musings about sustainability and climate change.

12. Charlotte Brum

Charlotte Blum, Latinx digital marketer and content creator
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Charlotte of @noseawaste is a digital marketing expert at NSW Agency, a content creator, and another one of our favorite Latinx influencers! She is leading the charge in educating her followers about easy ways to produce less waste and live more sustainably. Her page is full of helpful zero-waste swaps, advice, and discussions around living a more sustainable lifestyle. Follow her for some of the most comprehensive sustainability swaps out there!

13. Xochil Lilas

Xochil Lilas, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion blogger
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Xochil Lilas of Responsibly Stylish is one of those influencers who make sustainable fashion look easy-breezy! Her goal is to create a community of like-minded people who share the same values of fair trade, low carbon footprint, full transparency, and eco-friendly fashion. Xochil has a background in fashion design, and her Instagram page is chock-full of easy-to-style outfit inspiration and advice on creating a more sustainable wardrobe. She also shares her favorite brands which makes shopping for responsibly made products even easier!

14. Andrea Katerina

Andrea Katerina, Ecuadorian sustainability and low-waste lifestyle influencer
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Andrea (Dre) Katerina was born in Ecuador and currently lives in the UK. Her Instagram and Youtube Channel cover everything from immigration, environmental racism, and of course, some killer thrifted outfits. I find her page to be a major source of information, and she has a way of breaking down difficult concepts to make them easy to understand, even if you’re new to this whole sustainability thing!

15. Alisson Simmonds

Alisson Simmonds, vegan, digital creator, advocate for second-hand, sustainable fashion
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Alisson Simmonds is a mother, a vegan, a digital creator, and a huge advocate for second-hand, sustainable, and fair-trade fashion. Her Instagram provides her followers with a plethora of beautiful outfit inspiration and tips for shopping sustainably. Her blog offers ideas for parents including some of her favorite podcasts and sustainable baby brands!

16. Stevie Yay

Stevie Yay, climate activist and zero-waste skincare brand founder
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Stevie is the founder of Yay for the Earth, Earth-friendly lotions & oils for your face and body that use organic, all-natural ingredients and come in reusable glass containers. This Latinx Influencer is a runner and a climate activist and has been working towards a zero-waste lifestyle for the past 5 years. Her Instagram is full of chic second-hand outfit inspo and local and sustainable businesses she loves, including her own!

17. Natalia Trevino

Natalia Trevino, sustainable fashion designer and podcaster.
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Natalia Trevino is the designer and maker behind NATALIA TREVINO AMARO, a zero-waste clothing line that is entirely made to order. Her designs are fun and flirty, all bright colors and deadstock fabrics that are saved from landfill. She also hosts a podcast called Unfiltered Fashion Talks, where she discusses all things sustainable fashion. And make sure to check out her Instagram page for sneak peeks of her design process, sustainability tips, and photos from her travels!

18. Judy Lemon

Judy Lemon, slow-fashion advocate.
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Judy Lemon is a thrifter extraordinaire and a slow-fashion advocate. She is passionate about educating her followers about sustainable fashion, highlighting BIPOC businesses, and travel.

About her sustainability journey, Judy says: “It’s not linear and requires a lot of grace, like many other things in life. And the best way to keep it up and not give up is to know that it’s a slow journey, that you’ll make mistakes, and that you’ll grow and find your “why” with time.”

19. Jackie Rodríguez

Jackie Rodriguez, Salvadorian sustainable fashion influencer
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Jackie is a Salvadorian sustainable style curator with a passion for investing back into her community. She also loves educating about wealth justice, thrifting, and sharing zero-waste and sustainable brands with her followers! Her Instagram page, @jacquitabanana, is full of beautiful outfits created from colorful thrifted pieces mixed with sustainable fashion brands, climate justice insights, and BIPOC companies that Jackie loves to support!

20. Nataly Velasquez

Nataly Velasquez, digital creator, low-waste lifestyle advocate
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Next up is Nataly of NatsPlantLife on Instagram. Nataly is a digital creator advocating for a low-waste lifestyle, veganism, environmental sustainability, and mental health. Her website is full of drool-worthy vegan recipes and she shares tips on how to live your best, low-waste lifestyle. She also has a Youtube channel that lets you get a peek into her daily life and travels, and her Instagram page is a beautifully curated mix of all her passions!

21. Valeria Hinojosa

Valeria Hinojosa, yogi, vegan, entrepreneur, sustainable and low-waste lifestyle
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Last (but certainly not least) on our list of our amazing Latinx Influencers is Valeria of Water Thru Skin. Valeria, a Bolivian-born Miami transplant, describes herself as a vegan, yogi, social entrepreneur, and Earth-lover. Her Instagram and webpage feature colorful, beautifully curated but also beautifully raw photos where she shares her wonderful sustainable adventures. She is also a passionate mental health advocate, which I think is one of the major reasons her brand, Water Thru Skin, feels so authentic. It’s obvious that she truly believes that with small changes we can all achieve a more sustainable lifestyle, but there is no feeling of pressure or panic to make these changes all at once!

Thank you so much for following along! We hoped you enjoyed learning about these Latinx influencers and found a new favorite! If we’ve missed your favorite, let us know in the comments!

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December 16, 2021

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