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Healthy Fashion for Modern Wellness

Healthy Fashion for Modern Wellness
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Alyssa Couture


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Fashion for modern wellness is an upcoming trend in the fashion industry. In this article, I will share with you a few things that make an apparel item healthy for your mind, body, and soul. We all want more health in our lives, and we can use fashion as a tool to help support our lives in several ways.

Fashion for human health is a trend and a movement that approaches a new spectrum of advanced fashion and design for modern wellness. It is helpful to realize all the ways fashion can offer us true health.

We may not often think about fashion as a tool for our health.

We have to wear clothes anyway to survive, so we mine as well make use of our clothing. We are all aware of mainstream fashion, and sustainable fashion, but most of us are still new to the idea of healthy fashion– clothing and apparel that is designed and worn for human health and wellbeing. 

Fashion for health is a very exciting endeavor for both fashion consumers and the fashion industry. We already naturally and intuitively dress for our own better health, but there are many tools and specific things to do that can make our wardrobe more and more healthy.  


 All healthy fashion is sustainable fashion. If the product is healthy for our body, it naturally supports the Earth. Healthy fashion naturally extends itself in support of helping our environment. Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more common these days, we all want to support our planet Earth. 

We are all ready for a new, revamped fashion industry, and we are all ready for a new way of seeing and identifying with our wardrobe and other people’s wardrobes.  A large part of the idea of fashion made for health contributes to the health of our minds. Fashion psychology plays a large role in our health. 


Before I talk about what “healthy” fashion is, what exactly is an “unhealthy” fashion?

  1. Unhealthy fashion is fashion that lacks spirit, and/or fashion that stems from the ego and negativity. Fashion void of spirit creates an impure vibration that doesn’t support the body. 
  1. Additionally, fashion made from synthetic materials like petroleum-based polyester, nylon, and acrylic is not the healthiest. The photo above is an example of a crude oil factory, and some of these crude oil factories are not only polluting the Earth but they are polluting our bodies too. 

Of course, wearing small amounts of synthetic material is not going to threaten us. It is challenging to not shop or not wear apparel made from polyester. Synthetic polyester fabric is the #1 type of fabric used in the apparel industry. Neither can we hate synthetic fabric, it has kept us warm since the 1930s.

I wear a lot of leggings made of about 90-95% cotton. The additional material is made of nylon, about 5-10% nylon, and it is not plant-based nylon. Additionally, I do have several outer garments– like winter coats that are made with polyester fabric. I make sure the synthetic materials I choose to wear are very ergonomic and very comfortable. 

If the synthetic material is worn as an outer layer, it is generally fine because it still allows the skin to breathe. It is the type of ingredients in the synthetic fabric (the chemicals and crude oil that makes up synthetic fabrics) that do not support our body and may create some hazardous effects, because most synthetic fabrics don’t allow the skin to breathe. 

Healthy Fashion for Modern Wellness
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Healthy fashion is a new type of luxury fashion. It is apparel that supports the body, mind, and spirit. We all want to feel better, and not sacrifice in the name of fashion. So, it is about choosing garments that enhance our mood and make our bodies feel more energized and comfortable. 

Here is a brief breakdown of some things that can make your wardrobe healthy. You probably already do this, but knowing it and being aware of it helps make the healing properties of a garment actualize. There are many ways to make your wardrobe more healthy, these are just a few ways!

Specific ways to have a healthy wardrobe:


Plant-based fabrics like cotton, linen, natural bamboo, hemp, ramie, nettle– are important to wear for our health. Plant-based fabrics are ergonomic, therapeutic, and they are great for the skin because plant-based fabrics are breathable. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, so it needs to breathe. Plant-based fabrics also support our mental wellbeing– because plant-based fabrics are so comfortable to wear, the fabrics make our mood better. 


It is important to wear fashions that are high fashion and low fashion, as well as wearing outfits with a balance of high fashion aesthetic and low fashion aesthetic. For example, fashion styles that look budget-conscious yet also have a high aesthetic create a balanced look. We can choose to wear both high and low fashions for balance. 

When we wear all different types of brands– whether they produce high fashion or low fashion, it is good, because then we are not supporting the hierarchical dynamics of social classes. Choosing to wear fashions that look balanced– marketed and trending fashions that don’t look like they are from a specific social class helps us connect with everyone socially, and it keeps people from disconnecting. It dismantles the hierarchies in the fashion industry and public life when we wear fashion from all fashion markets- mass-produced, contemporary, ready-to-wear, and so on. 


 We can utilize fashion to make us feel like we are living in a higher realm of existence, and like we are living in a higher state of existence. Choosing to wear clothing that is personally spiritual to us in a creative way– and bringing divinity into the picture of fashion can help us achieve fashion that supports the mind, body, and soul. Choosing fabrics and fashion designs that celebrate the spiritual soul vs. the negative ego will help us.


Fashion for health is a modern way of thinking about fashion and a modern way of dressing. We step into another dimension of fashion when fashion is healthy for our mind, body, and spirit. In many ways, healthy fashion can be used as an alternative therapy and used as alternative medicine. I hope this article inspires you to create even more health in your healthy wardrobe, and help to support your personal style. There are so many ways to create more health through the power of fashion. 

Healthy Fashion for Modern Wellness
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Alyssa Couture is a fashion author and fashion entrepreneur. She is currently focused on her campaign: HEALTHY FASHION. HEALTHY FASHION creates + broadcasts enlightening content on fashion deemed medicinal. Stay tuned for her new, upcoming fashion book. For more info: www.hfcampaign.com  Instagram: @hfcampaign 

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