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10 Secondhand Online Shops for Children to Save Money and Resources!

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I sit here typing this as my identical twin sons are fast asleep in their bedroom (cuddling either each other or their toy cars) and while I am 14 weeks pregnant with our third child. It is such a magical time and one that also requires lots of budget planning and critical thinking. We are not a rich family….not by any means….and clothing our twin children has been increasingly hard on our budget.

We have a few second hand shops in our little village here in the mountains but most of them have closed down due to the pandemic. Our children still attend their forest school program and this requires layers upon layers of high quality clothing to keep them safe and warm from the very frosty mountain temperatures. I have never seen our budget hit so hard as this past year – and I have a feeling this is a very similar story for many parents out there. Especially for parents of multiples.

Shop Children

Losing our access to preloved clothing options made my love for them grow exponentially. It's a wonder to me why, when the shops are open, more folks are not flocking to them. Each year we see an increase in second hand shopping but there is a clear gap in this trend: Children's clothing tends to be bought new.

Let's change this. Shall we?

Let's give all of those billions of children's clothing (many never worn) another chance at life. Bring sustainability to your home through the closet of your children. Save money while saving the planet. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Here are 10 affordable and inspiring preloved online shops for the infant, toddler, and kinder years.

1. ThredUp

This is probably one of the most famous online preloved shops out there right now, and for good reason. ThredUP has truly made secondhand online shopping easy and enjoyable for the customer. Feel free to send clothes in for cash, purchase second hand items for a fraction of the price, take advantage of all the sales and incentives, and even opt to purchase a “box” filled with items for a specific age/gender/size for an even cheaper price.

ThredUP seems to have thought of everything. Shop them here.

2. Kidizen

Kidizen was created for those parents who are looking for the name brand / super stylish clothes. The website itself is extremely stylish and they have a wonderful stock of high-end, designer clothes that are sure to be high quality. I have actually used Kidizen a few times to search for gorgeous items that I found on social media but could not afford (sorry! just no way) and I was very lucky with my search results. Keep in mind, you are not going to get these clothes for dirt cheap prices like some of the other places – these are minimally worn and expensive items that are discounted greatly but may still seem excessive for some. I love to use this site for birthday/Christmas gifts, party outfits, or even photos.

Shop Kidizen here.

P.s. Bonus: they also have preloved maternity clothes for Mama!

3. Shop Tomorrows

I truly adore this second hand site. If you are a seller, you will receive 100% of the commission! This website uses tokens instead of cash (you can earn tokens through selling, activities, or purchase from your wallet). Instead of shopping from complete strangers, the point is to buy friend friends and neighbours. You are able to filter via zip code or town. The seller can opt to drop off or hand off the goods in person or the buyer pays for the shipping. Isn't that amazing?!

Try Shop Tomorrow here.

4. Secondkids (Switzerland)

Secondkids is all about second hand designer clothing and they even have adorable curated outfits that are already priced and ready to be purchased (think Ralph Lauren and Paul Frank). You are able to purchase full outfits, sets of 5 pieces or more, or one by one. The prices are affordable!

Shop Secondkids here.

5. KidsGoodsStore

The largest marketplace for buying and selling preloved kids goods. Buy and sell kids preowned goods with no middleman. Get best prices directly from owners. There are no commissions added to the final sale which is a huge plus for sellers and buyers alike.

While I do love what this company is doing, I find that when the parents have full control of the pricing, the prices are just outrageous (or is this just me?!). I recommend sorting by price on this website. I would never pay 25 dollars for a t-shirt because it has a brand name on it and I wouldn't expect someone to pay that either.

Shop KidsGoodsStore here.

6. OXFAM (Great Britain)

If you have yet to hear about OXFAM, you are missing out. This is a wonderful place to search for second hand clothes for the entire family. Not only clothes, but also books, music, collectibles, furniture, and even decorations!

There are always wonderful sales happening during the sale seasons and the entire Oxfam shop is run by the amazing volunteers. I couldn't love a second hand shop more!

Shop OXFAM here.

7. Facebook Marketplace

This has been our number one place to search for second hand items this past year. The stores have all been shut down and even our second hand shops have closed (the two that we have). So we relied heavily on facebook marketplace and careful drop offs and money deliveries to safely receive the packages.

Prices vary greatly and are fully at the discretion of the buyer, but I have found that most folks will work with your budget and just want to get rid of their items!

Shop Marketplace here.

8. Etsy

Most folks think that Etsy is just a selling hub for all of our wonderful creative types, but did you know that you can also find amazing second hand finds here?! I have found some of my favourite jean shorts, dresses, and head scarves through their second hand shops. You are going to love this!

Shop Etsy Secondhand here.

9. reCrib

The online marketplace for the best, gently used kids gear. This wonderful preloved website has everything from strollers, cribs, highchairs, furniture, toys, and more – all for over 60% off the retail value, if not more! We have been looking for strollers and continued to brainstorm for the most sustainable option when we found this wonderful website. Now we can choose one, filtered by our zip code, and pick up a nearby stroller from a local family! Give that stroller an extended life.

Shop reCrib here.

10. PoshMark

Poshmark has been around for quite some time and has a HUGE assortment of options for men, women, children, and more. Toys are also quite popular on this preloved site. The prices vary greatly but you can always use the filter! The options are seemingly endless so it will take some patience and a good list to go off of so you don't get lost.

Shop Poshmark here.

Have any favorite secondhand website for children you would like to share? Comment below!

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10 second hand online shops for children

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