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Looking for the most raved-about baby clothes rental services in 2024? A kid’s clothing rental service is not only a kinder way to clothe your baby but also a great opportunity to save big bucks. To help you rent baby clothes with absolutely no hassle, we curated a list of baby clothes rental subscription options – Wear. Grow. Return. Repeat – it’s that easy!

This Post Is About The Best Kid & Baby Clothes Rental Services.

rental baby clothes

Today we’re making a case for baby clothes rental subscription services – aka the most environmental-friendly and budget-friendly option that doesn’t skim on kiddie style. In fact, hoards of eco-conscious parents choose to rent baby clothes instead of constantly investing in new staples that will get used a handful of times before getting tossed aside.

Here’s why kids and baby clothing rental is sustainable and awesome:

There is definitely a relentless churn with children’s clothes. It’s no secret that kids get taller at a pretty steady pace, growing about 2.5 inches (6 to 7 centimeters) each year.

Unsurprisingly, more than 183 million items of kids’ clothing are thrown into landfill each year.

Before you know it, the adorable dinosaur-adorned romper is too small to fit – off to the storage box of clothes destined to never be worn again. Items are typically worn for around two or three months. After that, only 15% of clothing is donated or recycled.

Let’s just say that having a steady supply of comfy clothes with good fit and function that they can play in can be exhaustingly hard both for you, your wallet, and the environment.  

Kids clothing rental websites are here to ensure every piece of clothing is repurposed as many times as possible so that it can have the full “lifecycle” it deserves. Some even offer opportunities to buy used kids’ clothing at a very adorable price. Aside from cutting down waste, baby clothes rental services are a great way to teach your little ones about all the reasons we don’t treat our clothes like they can be worn twice and thrown away.

If you are ready to save money, time, and natural resources by reducing sartorial waste, here’s a list of the best baby clothes rental services for ultra cute, sustainable kiddie style.

Can you rent baby clothes?

Baby clothing rental is extremely easy! You can subscribe to a rental service, pay the monthly fee, and choose the size you need. As soon as your little one outgrows their pieces, you can send them back in order to receive a new box of size-appropriate clothes. Some rental websites like Rent A Romper offer capsule collections with unlimited swaps while others allow you to choose a selected number of styles per month. Shipping and returns are, in most cases, free and you can choose to add insurance as well. 

How do baby clothing rental subscriptions work?

Baby clothes rental usually works by stage of growth. Upon signing up, you have to add some information about the size and style preferences. Once your baby has outgrown the set, you’ll receive the next size up and return the previous set. You’ll receive credits on your next order once you return a set. Some kids clothing rental services offer monthly deliveries so that you never run out of new clothes. Alternatively, you can also rent clothes for the day for a small fee if there is a special occasion coming up.

Which clothing subscription is best for kids?

There are many kids’ clothing subscription services, but some certainly reign supreme. Rent A Romper is a fantastic USA-based website offering unlimited swaps of sustainable, curated looks from over 200 top brands in sizes from preemie to 5T. The Little Loop is UK’s leading baby clothes rental subscription with over 12,000 sustainable pieces for every season, size, and style.

How much do baby clothes rental subscriptions cost?

Baby clothing rental usually starts at around $24 and can go as high as $150 depending on the package you choose.

Can I return stained clothing to rental memberships?

Yes, most baby clothes rental services offer Worry-free full cover for damage & stains for a very small fee so that your little one can enjoy using their pieces for a flat weekly fee per item.

 Best Baby Clothes Rental Subscription Services For Kids Clothing

rental baby clothes USA

1. Rent a Romper

Rent a Romper is a beloved circular clothing rental membership for babies (and kids!) offering a more sustainable—and more affordable—alternative to buying retail. Consider them as the first shared closet for babies and that grows with your little one.

The company offers sustainable, curated looks from over 200 top brands in sizes from preemie to 5T. The Capsules include 7 or 15 pieces –and unlimited swaps. No worries, they sanitize all of the clothing in non-toxic, unscented detergent that’s super safe for babies sensitive skin.

Also, you can opt for The Snuggler or Crawler Subscription which includes a gift card for a 3-month to 6-month clothing rental membership and a curated collection of gifts to pamper mom (or yourself). Both of these can easily be added to your baby shower registry as well!

Sizes: Premie – 5T

Membership Options: 7 or 15 pieces of top organic baby & kids brands with unlimited swaps.

Price: Start at $24/month

Location/Shipping: USA

the little loop

2. The Little Loop UK

Little Loop Clothing is the number one baby clothes rental service in the UK with a mission to help new moms gain access to a whole wardrobe of stylish, ethical brands and “swap them as often as you like.”

The best part? All garments come straight from companies that thrive on ethical manufacturing and are pros at choosing the best sustainable materials possible.

All you have to do is sign up for their baby clothing rental subscription plan and get credits to spend on the wardrobe you need. Later on, you can return clothes back to The Little Loop and free up credits to spend on something new. No worries, all clothing is insured for stains and wear and tear.

Sizes: 12 months – 12Y

Memberships: The Outfit Maker, The Capsule Closet, & The Sibling Sharer

Price: Starts at £18 per month

Location/Shipping: UK

Discount: SKL20 for  20% off your order

best baby clothing rental shops

3. UpChoose

UpChoose is not your basic baby clothing rental service. On the contrary, they solely offer preloved clothes by other parents around the country who have returned their sets, as well as from anyone who has gently used, organic baby clothing they no longer need.

Parents can take the style quiz to determine their preferences and budget; enjoy the clothes and then exchange them for the next size up when they need them. That’s right! It works by stage of growth – from newborn to toddler. Oh, let’s not forget the Free shipping and returns deal!

Sizes: newborn – 2T

Memberships: Mini – 12 Items ($29), The Standard – 22 Items ($49) & The Full Set – 56 Items ($89)

Price: Starts at $29 per month

Location/Shipping: USA

best baby clothing rental subscriptions

4. Lullaloop

Lullaloop is a  sustainable baby clothes clothing rental subscription service with a fantastic mission: to style little ones, effortlessly, sustain our plane and save parents time, money, and space.

That’s why they allow us to pay monthly for our wardrobe and switch out the clothes in it whenever we need them. Their collection includes 100% organic cotton or cotton pieces for newborn babies to toddlers (ages 0-2). Plus, you can save at least £200 per size by renting, not buying which is a huge win for eco moms.

Sizes: newborn – 2T

Memberships: Savvy (17 pieces) & Super (22 pieces)

Prices: Pre-styled starting from £39 per month

Location/Shipping: UK 

best baby clothing rentals UK

5. Bundlee

Babies outgrow 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years. So it only makes sense to rent baby clothes instead of buying them, right?

That’s exactly where Bundlee, UK’s most popular baby clothing rental subscription, shines. Keeping pace with your growing baby from 0-24 months, you’ll be able to swap outgrown clothes for the next size up.

Whether you decide to pick a 15-piece seasonal wardrobe from Bundlee Originals or 15 premium pieces from sustainable brands, money, space, and time will surely be saved. Oh, let’s not forget that cleanliness and rental insurance are also guaranteed!

Sizes: newborn – 24 months

Memberships: Capsule Plan & Personalized Plan – both 15 pieces.

Price: Starts at £24 per month

Location/Shipping: UK

affordable baby clothing subscription

6. Grokinder

Grokinder offers us an affordable way to enjoy sustainable, premium brands through baby clothes rental services.

Choose your first bundle and when it’s time for the next size, just let the company know. They’ll gladly ship the next bag of organic, premium-quality baby essentials straight to you upon returning your previous bundle.

Each Gokinder bag is a capsule wardrobe of 6, 12, or 20 pieces, consisting of bodysuits, pants, shorts, and sleepsuits. Wear. grow. return. Repeat–it’s that easy!

Sizes: newborn – 24 months

Memberships: Lite, Standard & Premium

Price: Starts at $29.00 per month

Location/Shipping: USA

organic baby clothes rental subscription

7. Graceful Changes

Graceful Changes is a proudly family-run business ready to help us rent baby clothes and save 65-75% of the cost of buying new.

Their baby clothes rental services support small, independent brands making sustainable products and innovations. Over 3000 items, to be exact.

Receive your first box and when you’re ready to swap with another selection, all you got to do is return your outgrown selection and keep the new bundle. Keep in mind that all cotton clothing is GOTS-certified organic and Graceful Changes’outerwear is made of recycled materials. How cool is that? 

Sizes: newborn – 6T

Memberships: Various memberships from 5 items to 25 items

Price: Starts at £14.99 per month

Location/Shipping: UK

designer kids clothing rentals

8. Babu

Babu is the UK’s first rental service focusing exclusively on designer babies and kids’ fashion. That’s right–they are pioneers of the designer baby clothes rental subscription service in the country!

They offer worry-free full cover for damage & stains for a very small fee so that your little one can enjoy using their pieces for a flat weekly fee per item. Then, you can use the returns label included with your order to send the clothing back and repeat!

Sizes: newborn – 8Y

Memberships: This is meant for special occasions / short rentals: think fancy dresses, super cute aesthetic outfits, ski gear, summer holiday wear, etc. 

Price: Starts at £5.00 per week

Location/Shipping: UK

luxury kids clothing rentals

9. My Wardrobe Kids

If you are desperately looking for the best luxury baby clothes rental services, have a look at UK’s leading fashion rental platform, My Wardrobe Kids.

This kid’s clothing rental subscription service focuses on luxury fashion from 500+ designers. Let your little one enjoy wearing their rental from as little as 4 days to as long as 14 days. And when you are ready, just send the box back via your pre-paid DPD return label and the company will take care of all the boring stuff. Easy peasy!

Note: While most of the other rental companies are cool with stains, this company is not. Be very careful with these clothes if you choose to rent from here.

Sizes: 9 months – 8 years

Memberships: It’s a one-off deal – you choose individual items and rent for a set amount of days.

Price: Starts at £5 per day

Location/Shipping: UK

#1 kids clothes subscription boxes

10. Kidpik

Kidpik is a great kids’ clothing rental company that offers much more than just clothes – you can also get shoes and accessories as well!

In order to use Kidpik, parents will fill out a style quiz and select the frequency of the Kidpik box delivery. The stylist will curate 3 “head-to-toe” outfits for your child and ship them out! Parents and kids will have a commitment-free and risk-free week to decide on keeping the clothes or returning them.

Sizes: 12 months – Pre-teens

Membership: Personalized stylist creates 3 “head-to toe” outfits for your child.

Price: Average box price is $98

Shipping/Location: USA

Your Guide to Kids & Baby Clothing Rentals!

There you have it; the best places to rent baby clothes and minimize your impact on the environment without forgoing style –or cuteness.  Baby clothing rental is a fantastic option for parents who want to save money while helping eliminate landfill waste. So go ahead and try our favorite baby clothes rental services – we know you’ll love your box!

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