21 Affordable & Low Waste Stocking Fillers For The Entire Family in 2021

Danielle Alvarado

November 15, 2021

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Image of 4 low waste stocking fillers for Christmas
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Image of 3 low waste stocking fillers for Christmas
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Whether you are 5 or 50, diving into a stocking full of surprises is always fun. But sometimes filling them can be challenging. Although stuffing the stockings full of cute trinkets and novelties is tempting, try to keep in mind where most of them end up. All the plastic goods and packaging will remain in our landfills long after Christmas morning is over. Low waste stocking fillers would be a fantastic alternative.

Another way to fill those stockings is the traditional route…like my parents favored. Every year my stocking was filled with oranges, apples, and chocolates. This usually makes everyone happy, and let’s be honest, the orange fills that toe space perfectly!

But if you’ve been dreaming of a happy medium, an eco-friendly and low waste way of stuffing your loved one’s stockings with goodies, look no further. This year, we made it easy for you. We have composed a list of small yet satisfying gifts that will make anyone’s holiday a little brighter. From your readers to your gardeners to your music lovers, this list has something for everyone.

To make our list of low waste stocking fillers, all products must:

  • Be made from renewable resources, in other words, resources that can not be fully depleted.
  • The production, distribution, and/or consumption of the product uses as little energy as possible, and minimizes amount of waste.
  • It is made in a socially responsible manner.

The companies and small businesses that are in our gift guide have proven to be environmentally and socially responsible.

It is our mission to help you shop as eco-friendly as possible while putting smiles on all your loved one’s faces.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through our links we may earn a small commission – at no additional cost to you – that helps to fund Sustainably Kind Living. Thank you for your support!

Now, Our Top 21 Low Waste Stocking Fillers

1. Organic Cotton Dino Rattle

These dinosaur-shaped rattles are handcrafted with care using organic cotton, making them safe for play. They’re soft in your baby’s hands and entertain while developing motor and cognitive skills. 

Price: $22.00

Ethics: Pebble provides dignified work in safe working conditions and fair living wages to the more than 12,000 women artisans employed across 120 rural villages in Bangladesh. 

Range: Blue, Purple, Teal, Orange

Shop the Dino Rattle

2. Their Skin will Say ‘Ahhhhh’

organic skin care
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This tiny solid skin serum created by DewMighty is a miracle for your skin and the planet. It delivers vitamins, antioxidants, nourishing elements, and calming compounds directly to your skin. Pure magic and it comes in its own reusable tin (making it one of our favorite low waste stocking fillers)! And for those of us who are still wearing masks (that dry out my skin terribly), this is perfect for on-the-go use as well!

Price: $52.00

Ethics: Cruelty-Free and Vegan, Sustainable Packaging

Shop DewMighty Serum

3. Lather, Rinse, Repeat (With No Guilt)

Millions of shampoo bottles are tossed into landfills each year. How can you help? Try using Locust Grove Farm Co’s shampoo bars that are free of plastic packaging. These low waste stocking fillers create a surprising amount of lather for an amazing shampoo experience. No preservatives or fillers either.

Your hair (and the earth) will thank you!

Price: $12.50

Ethics: Handmade, Vegan, Sustainable packaging

Range: 6 scents to choose from

Shop Shampoo Bar

4. Books That Still Have a Story To Tell

One of my favorites! Paragon Books GB acquires books to save them from a landfill and then deliver them to your home. They are second-hand books that are previously loved but still have a story to tell. They are all in good condition and come with a handwritten message. This gift screams thoughtfulness and sustainability.

PS- you choose the genre

Price: $9.97

Ethics: Handmade, Eco-friendly gift presentation, mailed in recyclable packaging

Shop Paragon Books

5. Locally Sourced Wool Baby Booties

Felt Baby Zooties are the perfect natural and environmentally-conscious baby shoe. Made from 100 % locally-sourced sheep’s wool, these soft and cozy booties will keep an infant’s precious toes warm. These make a great gift and a beautiful keepsake for the baby in your life!

Price: $27.00

Ethics: Silk Road Bazaar is fair trade certified and pays living wages to all their artisans and makers, Every piece is made from locally sourced and sustainably harvested natural sheep’s wool.

Wool Baby Booties

6. Keep Their Garden Organized

eco stocking stuffer
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If you’re anything like me, you forget what you planted and where…

But with these WoodNSparks Co markers, you’ll stay organized. These little (and sustainable) wooden signs are functional but yet sweet enough to add as decor. For an outdoor garden or an indoor pot, they are just darling.

Price: $1.66 for each

Materials: Handmade, Sustainable material

Range: Every herb and veggie you can think of…if they don’t already have it, they will custom make one

Shop garden markers

7. Reusable Face Pads With Washing Bag

sustainable stocking stuffers
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Reusable pads and a beautiful drawstring wash bag in a choice of your fabric/color, tied with a gorgeous satin ribbon. These pads are made with 100% cotton and you have the option of super soft fleece or terry toweling on the reverse!

Price: $6.40+

Ethics: Handmade in the U.K.

Shop Reusable Pads

8. Keep Your Lips Healthy this Winter

Keep your lips hydrated and nourished this winter! These sustainable organic balms by River Organics combine cacao and mango butter that bring shine and moisture back to your lips. It comes in neutral and 3 different colors.

Price: $11.99

Ethics: Compostable Packaging, Cruelty-Free, 100% Organic, Family Business

4 Colors Available

Shop Lip Balm

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

9. Hands Free Keychain

Tiradia Cork has perfected the low waste keychain. It is durable and fashionable. The loop is the ideal size to fit in the palm of your hand or slide your fingers through for a more hands-free experience! Available in multiple colors.

Price: $16.00

Ethics: Women-Owned, Cruelty-Free, Sustainably Harvested, Vegan, a tree planted with every purchase, safe and fair labor

Shop cork keychain

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

10. Protect Yourself and the Planet with this Mask

They aren’t going anywhere yet, so keep single-use masks out of the landfills. This mask by Cotopaxi uses two layers of repurposed fabric and one layer of tightly woven cotton and makes a great low waste stocking filler. Reversible and machine washable. CDC Approved.

Price: $12.99

Ethics: Climate Neutral, Certified B Corp, Portion of profits to charity, Safe and Fair Labor, Upcycled Cotton

Size Range: One size

Shop Cotopaxi Low Waste Mask

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

11. Settle in for a Cozy Evening

These delightful candles by P.F. Candle Company are hand-poured into apothecary-inspired glass amber jars and brass lids and make a great sustainable stocking stuffer. Its scent fills an entire room! This candle is so favored, you may want to get yourself one too!

Price: $19.99

Ethics: Phthalate Free, Vegan, Handmade, Made in the USA

Shop cedar and sagebrush candle

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

12. A Hot Chocolate’s Dream Mug

Everyone on your list will love to sip their morning coffee (or tea) in United By Blue’s adorable mug! It is ceramic so it does not hold flavors from previous drinks. Three designs and colors to choose from!

Price: $19.99

Ethics: Certified B Corp, Vegan, Lead-free, One pound of trash from oceans and waterways removed with each product sold

Shop United by Blue mug

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

13. Low Waste Tea that Soothes Your Soul

Powerful apothecary and great taste in this low waste stocking filler! This handmade tea from Plum Brilliance comes in a “heart blend” for energy and emotional intelligence and a “serenity blend” for decreased anxiety and restfulness, providing a fantastic start and finish to your day.

Price: $19.00

Ethics: Organic, Sustainably Harvested, No GMO, Vegan, Handmade, Made in the USA

Shop Plum Brilliance Tea

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

14. Aromatherapy Kit for Every Mood

Badger’s aromatherapy kit contains 5 unique scents to soothe your mind, body, and spirit. Aromatherapy has proven to reduce stress, improve digestion, boost immunity, and sleep quality. This sustainable variety pack will supply you with what you need day to day!

Price: $14.99

Ethics: Certified B Corp, Cruelty-Free, Organic, Made in the USA

Shop Badger’s aromatherapy kit

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

15. Save Your Skin!

Who’s guilty of forgetting sunscreen? Yep, me too. Luckily, Fat and the Moon’s lotion provides instant relief for sunburned skin. It is sustainably made from such clean ingredients that it is ideal for your face and body. And well, the jar is pretty cool too.

Price: $15.99

Ethics: Organic, Handmade, Paraben and sulfate-free

Shop Aloe Lotion

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

16. Be a Bronze Beauty without the Damage

Ready for bronzed skin without the chemicals and sun damage? This oil hydrates your skin without clogging your pores leaving you with smooth tan skin in the middle of winter. And as a bonus, a sandalwood scent was added for a great smell.

Price: $35.00

Ethics: Organic, Sustainably Harvested, No GMO, Vegan

Shop natrural bronzing oil

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

17. Compostable Airpods Case

eco friendly AirPods case
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What would we do without our AirPods? *I don’t actually own any haha but they seem to be quite popular!* This compostable case is designed by Pela Case to keep your pods and the earth safe. It has an attached ring to secure to your keychain or belt loop for convenience. And with six colors to choose from, there is one for everybody in the family!

Price: $24.95

Ethics: Compostable, Sustainable Lifestyle, Vegan, 1% go profit is donated to ocean cleanup and preservation initiatives

Shop Pela Case

Save 20% with code BF2021 until December 2nd!

18. Khadi Sustainable Stocking

Gorgeous & Sustainable Holiday Stockings by Will & Atlas, which specialize in durable rugs, baskets, and bags made from jute and palm fibers. These rough weave Khadi stripe cotton holiday stockings have been handcrafted by talented artisans in Bangladesh. ll artisans are paid fair, living wages and work in safe working environments that adhere to fair trade standards.

Price: $32.00

Ethics: Women-owned, fair trade, jute & palm fibers

Range: Black Stripe / Blue Stripe / White Stripe

Shop the Sustainable Stockings

19. Beeswax Wraps for Everything!

sustainable stocking stuffers
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The beeswax wrap is the practical, natural, and reusable packaging for your food. It replaces aluminum and cling film, plastic and paper packaging as well as bulky lunch boxes and can be used in the fridge or freezer, at home, or on the go.

Price: 8 wraps for $80.00

Ethics: Made with bio-cotton, regional organic beeswax, traditional pine resin, fair-trade organic coconut oil

Shop the Wraps

20. Perfect Sunglasses for Every Season

Keep your eyes safe with these classically cool sunglasses by Colorful Standard. They provide UV400 protection within their sleek, thin, and sustainable frames. Perfect for every season!

Price: $115.00

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Recycled packaging, Fair Labor, Zero Waste

Range: Many colors to choose from

Shop Colorful Standard Sunglasses

21. Keep Their Little Piggies Warm All Winter

Keep your piggies warm in these ridiculously cozy and sustainable socks from Colorful Standard. They are reinforced at the heel and toes and hand-linked for a seamless feel and comfort. They also come in a wide variety of colors for every outfit and look.

Price: $11.50

Ethics: Sustainable materials, recycled packaging, Fair Labor, Zero Waste, Vegan, OEKO-TEX certified

Shop the Sustainalbe Socks

Did you enjoy this roundup of affordable & Low waste stocking fillers? Looking for more sustainable holiday gifts?

Image of 4 low waste stocking fillers for Christmas
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