101 Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List | 2023 Edition

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Looking for the best sustainable gift ideas to delight everyone on your Christmas and Holiday shopping list?

We have compiled our list of the very best sellers from 2023 to create this epic sustainable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly gift idea list for just about anyone in your life!

Whether you are ready to splurge on something fancy or looking for budget-friendly options to spread Christmas cheer, keep scrolling to find the best eco-friendly gifts for environmentally-conscious friends and family members. 

This post is about the best sustainable gifts in 2023.

eco friendly gifts 2023

Granted, the subtle art of gift-giving is by no means easy!

Obviously, we want to ensure our gifts leave a positive footprint on the environment while putting smiles on faces.

That’s exactly why we’re on the hunt for the ultimate eco friendly gift ideas for him, her, and the whole family that blend sustainability seamlessly with their passions. In other words, the perfect sustainable gift for Christmas is not just thoughtful but also environmentally conscious.

For the culinary aficionado in your life, consider eco-friendly cookware made from sustainable materials. These pans are “flippin'” fantastic for the planet and make cooking a “non-stick” breeze. Have a sartorial experimenter on your list? Opt for a stylish tote made from recycled materials or certified ethical leather.

Is your special someone renowned for his green thumb? Green sustainable gift ideas like indoor plants are perfect for adding a touch of nature to any home. After all, plants enhance indoor air quality and promote a sense of well-being, making them thoughtful presents that keep on giving. You get the gist.

The green choices are abundant, many of which are under $50 as well. Read on to find the best sustainable gifts for her, him, and the family that not only reflect the passions of those we care for but also honor the planet we all call home.

What is an eco-friendly gift?

An eco-friendly gift is a present chosen and crafted with the environment’s well-being in mind. It embodies a commitment to sustainability, aiming to minimize the negative impact on the planet. These sustainable gifts are typically made from environmentally responsible materials, often prioritizing renewable, recycled, or upcycled resources.

Additionally, eco-friendly gifts for her and him are designed to last longer, reducing waste and promoting a culture of reuse. They are conscious choices that align with a lifestyle focused on reducing carbon footprints and fostering a healthier, more sustainable world for generations to come.

How can eco friendly gifts help the environment?

For starters, eco-friendly gift ideas are often made from sustainable, renewable, and low-impact materials, reducing the demand for resource-intensive manufacturing processes. This decreases the overall environmental footprint associated with production.

What’s more, these sustainable gifts are typically designed to be durable and longer-lasting, resulting in less frequent replacements and, consequently, less waste being generated. Durability reduces the burden on landfills.

Lastly, by gifting eco-friendly items, individuals encourage the adoption of sustainable practices. Recipients may further explore and integrate sustainable choices into their daily lives, creating a ripple effect of positive environmental impact.

What toxic chemicals are hiding in most Christmas gifts?

It’s no secret that many Christmas gifts, particularly those made from conventional materials or undergoing certain manufacturing processes, can potentially contain or be associated with toxic chemicals.

Here are some examples to keep an eye out for:

Lead and Heavy Metals: Lead can be found in various products, including older toys, jewelry, or even some decorations. Heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, and chromium can also be present in paints, dyes, or plastics used in toys and ornaments.

Phthalates: Phthalates are often found in soft plastics, vinyl, and artificial fragrances. They are used to increase the flexibility and durability of products like toys, shower curtains, and some packaging materials.

Bisphenol A (BPA): BPA is a common chemical found in plastics, particularly older or low-quality plastic toys, food containers, and water bottles. It can disrupt the endocrine system and has been linked to various health issues.

Flame Retardants: Flame retardant chemicals are added to textiles, electronics, and plastics to reduce flammability. However, they can be harmful and may accumulate in the environment and human bodies.

Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is used in the production of certain resins and plastics. It can be found in textiles, composite wood products, and wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): PVC, commonly found in plastics and vinyl products, can contain phthalates and lead. It’s often used in toys, decorations, and packaging. P.S. Check out our favorite zero-waste gift wrapping ideas for non-toxic packaging options.

Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): PFAS are often used to make products water and stain-resistant, and they can be found in things like waterproof clothing, carpets, and even gift wrapping paper.

This post is all about the best sustainable gift ideas in 2023.

The Best Sustainable Christmas Gifts For The Home:

360 Stainless Steel Cookware

best eco friendly gifts

On the hunt for the most eco friendly gift ideas for home chefs? 360 Cookware offers top-notch, eco-friendly stainless steel cookware that’s built to last a lifetime. Their sets, perfect for safe cooking, sautéing, and frying, have an aluminum core and are oven-safe.

Plus, they’ve got this cool Vapor technology that ensures fast and even heat, promoting healthy, waterless cooking.

They’re PTFE-free and handcrafted right here in the USA! A true sustainable choice for a lifetime of delicious meals.

Price: From $59+ 

Discount Code: SKL20 for 20% off

Ethics: Vapor technology, handcrafted in the USA, non-leaching, surgical-grade stainless steel

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, UK

Best Sellers In Stainless Steel Cookware:

My Green Mattress

best eco friendly gifts

For the most luxurious eco friendly gift ideas for her, him, and the whole family, look no further than My Green Mattress.

Their “hybrid” model is a perfect blend of comfort and bounce, offering just the right amount of contouring support and breathability.

If they’re a side sleeper, “Hope” is your go-to—it’s designed to provide the best organic mattress experience for side sleepers.

On the other hand, “Pure” comes with a fantastic individually pocketed spring system, ideal for those who sleep on their stomach or back. There’s something for every zzz style!

Price: From $299+ 

Ethics: GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Wool, family-owned 

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada

More Organic & Non Toxic Mattress Brands: 

Caraway Non-Stick Cookware

best eco friendly gifts

Caraway’s lineup is basically your one-way ticket to every cooking enthusiast’s heart!

These sustainable gifts for Christmas are completely free of Teflon, PFAS, and heavy metals-free while being incredibly stylish!

Their ceramic nonstick-coated cookware is not just visually appealing but also ethically made. With a blend of stainless steel handles and an aluminum core, Caraway’s cookware is versatile.

You can steam, fry, sauté, and more—truly a cook’s best friend. And here’s the versatility kicker—it’s oven-safe up to a toasty 550F and recyclable, ticking off those eco-friendly boxes.

Price: From $90+

Discount: Use our link for an extra 10% off!

Ethics: Non toxic cookware, non-stick ceramic coated

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Sellers From Caraway:

Pact Organic Cotton Bedding

best eco gifts

Pact is the ultimate place to score some of the best eco friendly gift ideas for her and him! Their organic cotton sheets come in two super cozy lines that promise a dreamy night’s sleep.

The “Room Service Sateen” line mimics the luxurious feel of silky hotel-quality sheets, while the “Favorite Tee Jersey” line offers a soft-stretchy fabric that’s reminiscent of your favorite comfy tee.

The best part? Both of these lines are not only incredibly comfy but also Fair Trade Certified, ensuring fair and ethical production.

Price: From $53+

Discount Code: SKL15

Ethics: Organic cotton, carbon neutral, fair trade factory

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

More Organic Cotton Bedding:

More Amazing Sustainable Bedding Options:

Here I Am Box Customized Gift Boxes

Eco-friendly gifts

Help that special someone escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with Rejuvenation Pamper Box. 

Here I Am Box aims to help us rediscover the beauty of pure, eco-friendly pampering with a thoughtfully curated selection of organic and sustainable goodies. 

The giftable set includes an aromatherapy weighted eye pillow, handcrafted from organic flaxseed and lavender, nestled in a natural linen pouch; a wildcrafted and  ethically hand-poured lavender vegan candle housed in a recycled glass vessel; a plant-based rose blossom hand and body lotion and pure saffron.  

The perfect eco-friendly gift for a self care stan.

Price: From $49.95+ 

Ethics: Transparency & accountability, supports local economies, ethical & sustainable craftsmanship, commitment to diverse communities 

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada & UK

Our Place Airfryer/Wonder Oven

best sustainable gifts

Our Place is on a mission to help everyone craft irresistibly crispy air-fried delights, mouthwatering roasts that’ll leave their guests in awe, and reviving meals with their innovative steam infusion technology.

It’s not just an oven! It’s a guilt-free zone for air frying, baking, roasting, toasting, reheating, and broiling, all without the worry of harmful PFAS. The cutting-edge steam infusion tech adds that extra dash of magic to your dishes.

Plus, it heats up a whopping 75% faster than traditional ovens and cooks up to 30% faster, translating to energy savings that make both your giftee’s wallet and the planet smile.

Price: $195

Ethics: One Year Warranty, 100-day trial, free shipping & returns, six cooking modes, steam-infused technology, 360-degree air frying

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

The Best Selling Wonder Oven:

Click and Grow Indoor Garden

eco friendly gifts

Your quest to find unique eco-friendly gifts ends here. It’s time to help your plant-parent friend upgrade her gardening game with an Indoor Garden System

Click & Grow comes with biodegradable plant pods that are packed with seeds and nutrients and a patented nano-material that automatically releases nutrients, oxygen, and water to your plants with no extra effort. 

Plus, its power consumption is only 3.8 kWh/month. Simply choose the system’s size and opt for the brand’s 75 + varieties of herbs, flowers, and leafy greens — it’s by far one of our favorite sustainable Christmas gift ideas!

Price: From $99.95+

Discount Code: 25% off with code SKL

Ethics: Energy-Saving, Biodegradable Pods

Location/Shipping: EU & USA

More Indoor Garden Kit Options:

Public Goods

green Christmas gifts

Public Goods is practically the mecca of eco-friendly gifts with plenty of options ranging from haircare, body care, and home decor while also offering offers organic, healthy, and delicious groceries.

And let’s not forget about our beloved pets—they’ve got healthy treats, mealtime essentials, and bath care that’ll make tails wag and whiskers twitch in delight.

Let’s say that they are the ultimate sustainable alternative to Amazon.

Price: From $3.95+

Ethics: Natural fragrance, vegan, cruelty free, free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, phthalates

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Epic Gift Ideas from Public Goods:

Lomi Electric Composter

earth friendly gifts

While we have many Electric Kitchen Composters in mind for your sustainable Christmas gift ideas checklist, Lomi will always be at the top (it’s the one we use at home!). 

The device will help your friends minimize their kitchen waste by 50% to 80%. In 12 hours or less, this composter will create odorless, organic dirt to help their leafy friends grow and flourish. 

Also, it’s the only eclectic appliance with a net positive impact, consuming only 60kWh per 100 cycles. Did we spot one of the best luxury eco-friendly gifts? You bet!

Price: $499

Ethics: Certified B Corp, Zero-Waste, Energy-Saving

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Great Jones Non Toxic Dutch Oven

non toxic gifts

Great Jones is a kitchen game-changer when it comes to affordable, ethical, and non-toxic cookware.

They’ve got a beautiful array of stainless steel pots and pans, ceramic non-stick cookware sets, and stunning cast iron skillets that are both oven-safe and display-worthy.

The colors? Millennial pink, blue, white, and bright red—a true feast for the eyes!

Price: From $120+

Ethics: Dishwasher safe, oven safe, scratch resistant, stainless steel, non toxic ceramic coated, cast iron

Location/Shipping: USA 

More epic cookware from Great Jones:

100% Non Toxic Cork Yoga Mat

eco friendly gifts for her

Moving on to one of the best sustainable Christmas gift ideas for at-home workouts! 

Scoria makes 100% biodegradable, SGS REACH-certified, antimicrobial natural yoga mats ethically in Chinese factories.

As for the otherworldly gorgeous prints, the mats are colored with water-based inks and secured with eco-glue.

Non-toxic, safe, and enviably unique, let’s just say they are the ultimate eco-friendly gifts for the holidays.

Price: From $25+

Ethics: Sustainably-Harvested GOTS-Certified Cork And Rubber, Safe Inks & Glue

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

P.F. Non Toxic Candles

best conscious gifts

Shopping for cheap eco-friendly gifts for environmentally conscious friends has never been easier. All you have to do is opt for one of the Best Non-Toxic Candles

P.F. Candle Co. uses responsibly sourced ingredients to create scents that add the finishing touches to our interior design.

Fresh and earthy with a moderate scent of Sage, moss, and lavender, the Amber & Moss soy candle is long-lasting, sustainable and oh-so-cute to look at – aka the perfect Christmas gift!

Price: From $30+

Ethics: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Climate-Neutral Certified

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

More non toxic candles for the perfect Christmas gift:

Dooey’s House Slippers

eco gifts

Next up is one of the coziest eco friendly gift ideas for her who can’t stand cold floors – aka us!

They not only bring a chic style to the table but also promise ultimate comfort and versatility to match their day at home. These slippers come with cushioned insoles and arch support to keep your feet happy.

The best part? They’re crafted from premium, plant-based, and recycled materials like apple leather, sugarcane soles, recycled plastic lining, and cork insoles.

Price: $140 

Materials/Ethics: Premium, plant-based & recycled materials like apple leather, sugarcane EVA soles, recycled plastic lining, plant-based suede & cork insoles

Size Range: Women’s US 5-12 

Location/Shipping: USA, ships to Canada 

More Slippers from Dooeys:

Caraway Tea Kettles

eco friendly gifts

Caraway’s eco friendly gift ideas don’t stop at cookware! They also offer a stunning kettle available in seven display-worthy colors, ready to grace your kitchen with style and grace.

They’re a no-go zone for harmful substances like PFOA, PTFE, PFAs, Lead, and Cadmium. Plus, the stainless steel body is coated in ceramic, which is not only inert but also won’t leach any harmful toxins into your brew.

To top it off, the production of these kettles releases up to 60% less CO2 compared to traditional non-stick coatings. 

Price: $245

Ethics: Non toxic materials, free from PTFE, PFOA & PFAS, can be used on gas & electric stoves

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

More stunning tea kettles for holiday gifting:

The Best Sustainable Christmas Gifts For Her:

Aurate Ethical Jewelry

luxurious eco friendly gifts

Aurate is the best place to find luxurious eco friendly gift ideas for her who loves ethical jewelry.

Their jewelry pieces are not only gorgeous but also carry the proud badge of being recycled and sustainably handmade by seventh-generation craftsmen.

Also, Aurate is a female-founded company with a heart of gold, giving back to the community in meaningful ways. Sustainable and chic—what more could you ask for?

Price: From $60+

Ethics: Sustainable gold, gold is recycled, ethically sourced diamonds, sustainably harvested pearls, gives back, carbon neutral 

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide 

Aurate Best Sellers:

Tiradia Cork Handbags & Accessories

vegan gifts

If you’re looking to bring a smile to your ethical fashion-loving friend, the cork farmer’s market tote by Tiradia Cork is a perfect choice.

The PETA-approved brand uses Cork which is praised for being the epitome of eco-friendliness. It’s vegan, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, lightweight, durable, biodegradable, and recyclable. Phew! That’s a long list of eco-virtues!

Plus, every style is handcrafted with love in Aveiro, Portugal.

Price: From $14+

Discount Code: SKL10 for 10% off

Ethics: Women-Owned, cruelty-free, sustainably harvested, vegan, a tree planted with every purchase, safe & fair labor

Location/Shipping: USA

Tiradia’s Best Sellers for Her:

Ilia Makeup

sustainable gifts for her

Ilia is the ultimate place to shop eco friendly gift ideas for her who appreciates non toxic beauty. What sets them apart is their formulation packed with high levels of skincare ingredients that act as a defense against environmental stressors. Beauty with benefits, right?

What’s more, Ilia products are produced organically, adhering to a vegan and cruelty-free ethos. 

Price: From $28+

Ethics: Natural & organic botanicals, safe synthetics when necessary

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Ilia’s Best Sellers for Her:

Nisolo Ethical Leather Bags

eco gift ideas for her

Here’s another great idea to dazzle the sustainable fashion enthusiast in your life. Nisolo’s ethical collection includes leather bags from weekenders to messenger bags to dopp kits.

All styles are ethically made and produced in a Leather Working Group-certified tannery. We absolutely love the classic and timeless designs!

Price: From $60+

Ethics: 100% Living Wages, 0% Net Carbon, B corporation, Leather Working Group, Climate Neutral Certified, recyclable packaging

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Nisolo’s Best Sellers:

Pact Organic Cotton Clothing

organic gifts

Sustainable clothing will always be one of the most coveted eco friendly gift ideas! Pact’s collection is a treasure trove of environmentally responsible essentials, ensuring that style and sustainability go hand in hand.

From GOTS-certified organic cotton t-shirts and tank tops to chic and comfortable maternity wear, they’ve got it all.

Also, each garment is crafted with utmost care within Fair Trade Certified facilities. When the clothes reach the end of their lifecycle, your friend can take advantage of the Give Back Box® initiative to make an even greater positive impact!

Price: From $20+

Discount Code: SKL15

Ethics: Organic cotton, Fair Trade USA, Global Organic Textile Standard, SimpliZero, carbon neutral

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Pact Best Sellers for Her:

Mate The Label Loungewear

eco friendly gift ideas

Mate The Label is the epitome of sustainable loungewear, offering a cozy and stylish range that covers all your giftee’s lounging needs—from thermals and comfy sweatshirts to pajamas and robes.

They opt for India-grown organic cotton, linen, and TENCEL lyocell, which are not only soft on the skin but also gentle on the planet.

Plus, these loungewear pieces are finished with cotton thread and azo-free, low-impact dyes. 

Price: From $41+

Ethics: Organic materials such as cotton, linen, tencel, made sustainably in Los Angeles, women owned, Climate Neutral Certified

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Best Sellers from Mate:

Alohas Ethical Boots

vegan friendly gifts

Now, let’s move on to one of the best eco friendly gift ideas for her who loves “forever staples.” Alohas’ vegan boots are crafted from plant-based and recycled leather, proving that style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

The best part? New drops are available for pre-order at a whopping 30% discount during the initial launch phase, offering a sustainable yet pocket-friendly shopping experience.

Price: From $110+

Ethics: On-demand production, designed in Barcelona & handcrafted in Alicante, plant-based materials, fair wages, eco packaging

Location/Shipping: Spain, ships worldwide

The Best Sustainable Christmas Gifts For Him:

Nisolo Ethical Wallet

eco gifts for him

Nisolo’s lineup is chock full of some of the best eco friendly gift ideas for him who has everything.

Their wallets are ethically crafted with the highest sustainable standards and under fair trade working conditions.

What’s more, the B corp certified offers so many different styles to choose from – we already know he’ll love it!

Price: $40+

Ethics: 100% Living Wages, 0% Net Carbon, B corporation, Leather Working Group, Climate Neutral Certified, recyclable packaging

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Ethically crafted gifts for him:

Super Cozy Wool Slippers

sustainable gifts for him

Name one person who doesn’t love super cozy slippers – we’ll wait!

They are ethically and consciously felted with natural materials such as New Zealand ethical wool and even come with added cushioned soles for extra comfort.

The outsoles are natural latex rubber which is attached to the ethical house shoes with eco-friendly glues. It can’t get better than that!

Price: From $49+

Ethics: Natural wool uppers from New Zealand sheep, mulesing-free, natural crepe rubber soles, includes inner sole made of natural wool and cotton, B Corporation Certified, sustainably sourced wool, fair trade

Location/Shipping: Switzerland, ships worldwide

Best Sellers from Baabuk:

Faherty Sustainable Sweaters & Fashion

eco friendly gifts

Faherty’s sustainable fashion collection includes some of the most versatile eco friendly gift ideas for him who wants to upgrade his capsule wardrobe.

The brand’s adherence to Textile Exchange and BLUESIGN standards ensures that their clothing is made from traceable materials, sustainably-minded fabrics, and non-toxic dyes. It’s a reassuring guarantee of both quality and eco-friendliness.

Plus, you have a range of sustainable fabric options to choose from, including organic cotton, Tencel™ Lyocell, and EcoVero. Timeless, comfy and sustainable!

Price: From $20+

Ethics: Recycled and renewable fabrics, we converted 85% of our bags to Vela bags which are made from FSC-certified and recyclable paper instead of plastic, 1% for the planet 

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Swoon-Worthy Non Toxic Cologne

best eco friendly gifts

When it comes to the best eco friendly gift ideas for him, colognes will always be at the top of our list.

There’s a wide range of colognes available to suit various occasions, moods, and seasons. Whether it’s a fresh and light scent for summer or a rich and warm scent for winter, there’s something for everyone.

What’s more, the non toxic ingredients ensure that he won’t develop any rushes or allergies which is super important!

Price: From $48+

Ethics: 95% recyclable packaging, FSC-approved packaging, community-sourced ingredients, 1% for the planet

Location/Shipping: USA

Eco Friendly Tech Gear

eco friendly gifts 2023

Next up are some of the most coveted eco friendly gift ideas for tech enthusiasts. From headphones and speakers to accessories, eco-friendly brands like House Of Marley have something special for everyone.

With a sleek, modern design and eco-friendly materials like FSC® certified wood, these powerful headphones embody that classic House of Marley style.

Price: From $14.99+

Ethics: Post-consumer & upcycled materials, Members Of One Tree Planted And The Forest Stewardship Council

Location/Shipping: USA

Cork Laptop Bags & Backpacks

best eco gifts for him

For the busy urban guy, hustling and bustling through the city, lightweight laptop cases and backpages come in, swooping to the rescue! They can toss in your keys, a small notebook, a charger, or whatever they need for the day.

Plus, when it comes to sustainable materials like cork, you already know that your oh-so-stylish gift is vegan, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, lightweight, durable, biodegradable, and recyclable!

Price: From $14+

Discount: Use Code SKL10 for 10% Off!

Ethics: Women-Owned, cruelty-free, sustainably harvested, vegan, a tree planted with every purchase, safe & fair labor

Location/Shipping: USA

The Best Sustainable Gifts for Kids & Babies:

Tiny Land

eco gifts for kids

With Tiny Land, you’ll never run out of eco friendly gift ideas for kids ever again!

The eco-friendly and ultra-healthy brand offers a wide range of kids toys constructed from high-quality, non-toxic materials to withstand years of playtime, ensuring endless fun and learning.

You can find an array of tents, Montessori toys, activity options, and great picks for artistic kids. Get ready to watch their imagination soar!

Price: From $15+

Ethics: Child-safe & lead-free paint

Location/Shipping: USA

Hanna Andersson

eco friendly Christmas gifts

Let’s move on to the cutest eco friendly gifts for kids! Hanna Andersson is a treasure trove for organic toddler clothes, perfect for every moment in a little one’s life.

From cozy seasonal sleepwear to adorable swimwear, they’ve got it all! The designs are whimsical and oh-so-lovable, perfect for capturing the imagination of the little ones.

The material of choice? 100% certified organic cotton approved by OEKO-TEX!

Price: From $28+

Ethics: GOTS organic cotton, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Uncommon Goods

best eco Christmas gifts

Uncommon Goods offers 400+ super unique gifts for kids of all ages. From DIY kits and Drawing Tees to puzzles, and books, there’s something for every creative taste.

Plus, you can easily narrow down your search and view the best kids’ toys by age, so you can get your age-appropriate gift shopping done in a snap.

Price: From $12+

Ethics: Independent designers, handmade, unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials, made without leather, feathers, or fur, Founding B Corporation

Location/Shipping: USA, ships internationally

More Gifts From Uncommon Goods:

Hape Toys

sustainable Christmas gifts

Hape Toys solely opts for sustainably sourced materials, such as bamboo, and non-toxic, water-based paints and finishes, to create safe, healthy, and oh-so-creative toys for all ages.

Wooden Toys, Educational Toys, Dollhouses, Wooden Puzzles, Bamboo Toys, San Toys, Music toys–the options are endless!

Price: From $4.99+

Ethics: Sustainably sourced wood, water based paint, non toxic finishes

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Bunny Hopkins

sustainable gifts for kids

Bunny Hopkins offers an array of award-winning open-ended children’s toys that promote creative and active play. All options are ethically and slowly made in small batches by craftsmen in Atlanta, Georgia.

What’s more, the brand uses the safest heirloom quality wood, made from premium materials that are built to last for generations.

Price: From $59+

Ethics: Handmade from Sustainable maple wood sourced in the USA, responsibly made by local artisans

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide

Bunny Hopkins best sellers for kids:

Makemake Organics

2023 best eco friendly gifts

Makemake Organic’s is a true gem when it comes to affordable organic cotton toddler clothes. They’ve curated a collection that’s not just cute but perfect for your little one’s all-day and night adventures.

From tagless organic rompers and tees to charming ruffle dresses, all safe and natural options are ethically made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and non-toxic dyes in GOTS and fair trade-certified factories in India.

Price: From $98+

Ethics: Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS, Made Fairtrade, planet positive 

Location/Shipping: USA, ships worldwide


2023 sustainable gifts

If you’re looking for safe and lovingly handmade presents, Etsy should be the first place to visit.

Their virtual shelves are packed with eco friendly gift ideas for kids such as Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys, wooden toys, educational options, Dollhouses, and Dollhouse Furniture as well as crafty kits with materials and instructions for kids to create their own masterpieces.

There’s something special for everyone.

Price: Pricing varies

Ethics: Offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on every delivery, ethical, sustainable

Location/Shipping: USA, ships internationally

This post was all about the best sustainable Christmas gift ideas in 2023!

Now that over 100 sustainable Christmas gift ideas are living rent-free in your head make sure to “add to cart” items that your friends will absolutely love. Remember, we don’t want to add to the already tremendous holiday-centered waste!

Instead, we’d like to inspire you to get the best eco-friendly gifts that will most likely continue to be loved and used long after they’ve been received. Happy shopping!

If you liked this post on the 101 best eco-friendly gifts for everyone on your list, check out these other gift guides below!

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