Eco Holiday Gift Guide for Him: 21 Eco-Friendly Gifts He Will Adore

Danielle Alvarado

November 8, 2021

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Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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When I think of gifts for my partner-in-life, I like to think of high-quality, long-lasting, and eco-friendly gifts that will serve him well over the years. I think of those boxer shorts that he praises for comfort, the basic t-shirts that just “fit perfectly”, and the luxurious skincare for men that seems to be taking over Etsy (and I’m all here for it). While researching sustainable holiday gifts for him, I kept quality, usefulness, and sustainability at the forefront of my mind.

*This Eco Holiday Gift Guide for Him: 21 Eco-Friendly Gifts He Will Adore guide is intended for those who identify as he/him, but many of these gifts are gender-neutral

In order to find the best eco-friendly gifts for him, we had to ask a few imperative questions.

  • What materials is the gift made of?
  • Who made the product and are they paid fairly and treated respectfully?
  • Is this gift something that a loved one can use for many years to come? Possibly a repair service?

A sustainable & eco-friendly gift will answer all of these questions with ease and transparency. If the answers are too hard to find, you have most likely stumbled upon a non-sustainable brand that puts profits over people.

This post was created in partnership with Terrathread, our sponsor who we think you will love. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through our links we may earn a small commission – at no additional cost to you – that helps to fund Sustainably Kind Living. Thank you for your support!

Now, Our Top 21 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him

1. The Perfect Eco Backpack For All His Things

eco-friendly gifts
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You’ll never need another backpack. Terrathread has designed a sustainable and durable bag that fits every situation- work, school, or travel. It consists of organic durable heavyweight cotton, a large zipper section on the front, a hanging interior pocket, as well as side pockets to hold his water bottles. Oh, and it also has a laptop pocket to keep his computer and documents safe. This classic backpack will last him for years!

Range: 14 colors to choose from

Price: $64.99

Ethics: GOTS Certified, Cert B Corp, Fairtrade certified, Carbon Neutral, Portion of the purchase goes to Feeding America

Shop the Everyday Organic Cotton Backpack here

2. A Gorgeous Cork Wallet That Is As Practical As It Is Handsome

Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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This Tiradia Cork bi-fold sustainable wallet will keep you organized. With its 8 slots for cards, a slot for cash, and a discreet inner pocket that only he needs to know about…what else could he need? The cork material is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, lightweight, and durable. A small but very thoughtful eco-friendly gift for him.

Price: $47.00

Ethics: Woman-Owned, Cruelty-Free, Sustainably Harvested and Manufactured, Plants trees in proportion with their sales

Shop the Fellowship Cork Wallet here

3. Only The Coolest Eco Moscow Mule Set Ever

Eco Friendly holiday gifts for him
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Sertodo Copper has created an elegant and durable Moscow Mule Set for eco-conscious consumers. It includes 2 (12oz) mugs, a 2oz sharpshooter, a ringer bar spoon, and a butler bell- all made from 100% recycled copper. Sustainability never looked so good! With this set, you will be all set for a lovely night at home with friends and family.

Price: $119.00

Ethics: Handcrafted, Recycled/Upcycled, Vegan

Shop the Recycled Moscow Mule Set here

4. 100% Organic & Comfty Waffle Robe To Lounge All Day In

Eco Friendly holiday gift guide for him
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A very popular & eco-friendly gift this season! This unisex bamboo waffle bathrobe is designed with a honeycomb texture to make it ultra-soft, moisture-wicking and fast-drying. It is intentionally made oversized to add to the comfort and to account for any shrinking. This eco-friendly robe is perfect as a bath/shower companion or to enjoy lounging around the house. Ettitude really knows what they are doing!

Price: $98.00

Sizes: S-XL

Ethics: OEKO-TEX certified, Hypo-Allergenic, 100% organic bamboo lyocell, ethically manufactured

Shop the Bamboo Waffle Robe here

5. Thermos For Endless Camping & Outdoor Adventures

Eco Friendly holiday gifts for him
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This large thermos by Klean Kanteen is amazing! It has a double wall to insulate as well as insulation specially developed by Klean Kanteen themselves. With their technology, this bottle will keep hot liquids hot for 38 hours and cold liquids cold for 135 hours. Yes, it’s perfect for outdoor adventures, but will come in pretty useful around the house too!

Price: $59.95

Ethics: Certified B Corp, sustainable manufacturing, Partnered with 1% Planet

Shop the Klean Kanteen Bottle here

6. Wool Slippers To Keep The Toes Toasty

ethical holiday gifts for him
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Keep your feet warm this winter with Kyrgies Handmade slippers. The wool used to produce them is a natural and renewable resource that makes them a great eco gift. They have a thick sole with natural arch support so you can walk outside to grab the mail. And I think the very best feature of these slippers is their moisture-wicking qualities- they never smell like feet!

Price: $89.00

Sizes: Women 5.5-10, Men 7-12

Ethics: Handmade, Partnered with 1% Planet

Shop the Wool Slippers here

7. The Perfect Vegan Belt to Match All His Outfits

Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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Noah has perfected the vegan belt. It is made from all organic materials (rubber, lining, buckle) and is truly built to last. I personally own this belt and it’s fantastic. It proves to be a must-have accessory that compliments everything from jeans to a tailor-made suit. Sizes range from 80cm (32in) to 120cm (47in).

Price: $60.00

Ethics: Vegan, Organic materials

Shop the Vegan Belt here

8. The Most Comfty Sweats & Sweater

Eco Friendly holiday gift guide for him
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This is most likely the only outfit you will want to put on this winter. Both the sweater and the sweatpants are eco-friendly, made from 100% organic cotton. They have a smooth durable outer layer while the inner layer is brushed for a super soft feel. Colorful Standard outdid themselves with color choices: 45 sweater colors and 34 sweatpants colors. You’ll be able to mix and match all season long!

Price: Sweater $70.00, Sweatpants $75.00

Ethics: 100% organic cotton, OEKO-TEX cert, PETA approved vegan

Size Range: XS-2XL

Shop the Organic Sweat Pants here

Shop the Organic Sweaters here

9. Whiskey Scent Soap Bar for An Epic Shower

Low Waste holiday gift guide for him
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Who doesn’t love a good sustainable soap? Soap Distillery has made one that you’ll look forward to lathering up with every morning. It is moisturizing and whiskey-inspired for that perfect invigorating hand wash and gentle enough for body use. This bar is handmade with love, so you might as well just get one for every bathroom in your house.

Price: $7.99

Ethics: Women-Owned, Plastic-free, Paraben and Phthalate free, Portion of Profits go to local charitable efforts

Shop the Whiskey Scented Bar here

10. The Perfect No-Fuss Organic Gym Bag

Low Waste holiday gift guide for him
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With a front pocket and inside hanging pockets, Terra Thread has succeeded in creating a perfect sustainable gym bag to gift him this holiday season. It is large enough to hold a change of clothes, water bottle, and whatever else you may need yet still practical for everyday use. And if you’re not a fan of the gym, this bag is great for weekend getaways as well! Choice of 6 colors. A fantastic practical & eco-friendly gift!

Price: $54.99

Ethics: GOTS Certified, Cert B Corp, Fairtrade certified, Carbon Neutral, Portion of the purchase goes to Feeding America

Shop the Organic Cotton Gym Bag here

11. An Eco Razor That Is As Cool As He Is

Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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Most of us use disposable razors every single day, which adds up to over 2 billion in our landfills and oceans every single year (just in the USA alone). Switching to a zero-waste razor is a small change that can make a big impact. Well Kept has designed a quality razor with a brass handle and a single high-quality steel blade. It promises to leave you with a clean shave and a cleaner planet.

Price: $81.99

Ethics: Recyclable, Sustainable Lifestyle, BPA Free

Shop the Zero Waste Razor here

12. A Timeless T-Shirt That Fits Perfectly Everytime

Eco Friendly holiday gifts for him
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Tentree has given us the perfect tee, you know, the one we all search for. Their sustainable tee is the ultimate ‘back to basics’ t-shirt. It is soft, breathable, and ready to wear. Made from a blend of 100% cotton, polyester, and Lenzing Tencel, you will find yourself in it all the time. Available in 3 colors.

Sizes: S-XL

Price: $34.99

Ethics: Organic Content, Safe and Fair Labor, Sustainable Manufacturing, Plants 10 Trees with purchase

Shop the Treeblend Classic Shirt here

13. The Magical Comb to Fit All His Hair Needs

ethical holiday gifts for him
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This is the coolest eco-friendly comb! Hathorway designed it to be the size of a credit card so it can be conveniently carried with you. The Chai Buffalo Horn Comb is made from ethically sourced buffalo horns which are gentler to hair and skin than plastic and/or rubber. These combs also absorb natural oils, leaving your hair healthier. It is a win for you and the planet.

Price: $50.00

Ethics: Handcrafted, recycled/upcycled, Women-owned, Made in the USA

Shop the Chai Horn Pocket Comb here

14. Recycled Sneakers to Put An Extra Pep In His Step

Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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D-BRIS Shoes have taken recyclable materials to a whole new level. The outer sole is made from recycled car tires and the canvas is created from 100% recycled plastic captured directly from oceans and beaches. The inners and laces are made from a blend of recycled and organic cotton and the insole from cork and recycled factory scraps! They are also handmade in Spain in a solar-powered factory with sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. Phew, very impressive indeed! 

Price: $99.99

Sizes: Women 6-13.5, Men 4.5-12

Ethics: Recycled and organic content, vegan, sustainable manufacturing, Handmade

Shop the Black Recycled Sneakers here

15. Camping Kit for All The Adventures

Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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Looking for an eco-friendly gift for the adventurous soul? United by Blue has put together a sustainable kit to get you started. It comes with two stainless steel bowls, two stainless steel tumblers, and two stainless steel spoons. It also comes with an aluminum carabiner for easy transport. If you’re a little less adventurous, this kit is also perfect for a picnic lunch.

Price: $37.99

Ethics: Certified B Corp, vegan, recyclable materials, 1lb of trash removed from waterways with every purchase

Shop the Reusable Meal Camping Kit here

16. The Fleece to Keep Him Safe & Warm

Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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Anything under 70 degrees requires a fleece. Or is that just me?

Cotopaxi has given us the solution for those cool mornings and cold evenings. This sustainable fleece is made from 100% eco-friendly polyester. It has two front hand pockets along with a zippered chest pocket. It is the perfect remedy for a chilly day.

Price: $99.99

Ethics: Climate-neutral, Certified B Corp, Safe and Fair Labor, Recycled PETFabric

Size Range: S-XXL

Shop the Cotopaxi Fleece here

17. 100% Cork Workplace Desk Mat

ethical holiday gifts for him
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Keep his work surface looking clean and sleek with the addition of a workplace desk mat (also a mouse-approved surface) Tiradia has created a sustainable desk mat made from 100% cork. To attain the cork, Skilled tradespeople carefully strip it away from the tree, leaving it intact, rather than cutting down the tree. Purchase of this mat leaves your desk and forests looking good!

Price: $45.00

Ethics: Handcrafted, Sustainable Materials, Vegan, Woman-Owned

Shop the Cork Desk Mat here

18. Hooded Long Sleeve For Layering

Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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Tentree has done it again! Their hooded long sleeve tee is classic, comfy, and ready to wear. It is made from a blend of hemp and recycled polyester for a durable, soft fabric that feels amazing throughout all activities. And honestly, what could feel better than knowing your purchase planted 10 trees?

Price: $48.00

Sizes: S-XXL

Ethics: Ethics: Organic Content, Safe and Fair Labor, Sustainable Manufacturing, Plants 10 Trees with purchase

Shop the Tentree Hoodie here

19. Epic “Man Spa Gift Box” Filled With Goodies

sustainable gifts for him
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He probably likes to be pampered more than they like to admit. Surprise him with this collection so he can feel a little spoiled and luxurious this holiday season.

This eco-friendly gift box from Voss Botanicals gives the buyer plenty of options: body scrub, beard oil, muscle therapy, soap, or aftershave tonics. It is designed to be a personalized gift. Send it with love!

Price: $47.50

Ethics: Handcrafted, all-natural materials

Shop the Man Spa Gift Box Here

20. The Perfect Pair of Boxers

sustainable gifts for him
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Boody Brand has made the ‘unmentionables’ worth mentioning. They have given the classic boxer a sustainable upgrade. These lightweight and breathable boxers are made from organically grown and naturally renewable bamboo. Since we all wear them, shouldn’t they be comfy and good for the planet?

Price: $24.95

Ethics: Reusable Bamboo, Family Business, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Harvesting, Phthalate Free

Shop the Boody Boxers Here

21. Our Favorite Eco Toiletry Bag

Eco Friendly holiday gifts for him
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Whether you use this when traveling or at home, the Organic Cotton Toiletry Bag from Terra Thread will make your life easier. It is designed to hold toiletries, makeup, or anything else that could use a little more organization. Available in four colors, there is one sure to please everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Price: $18.99

Ethics: GOTS Certified, Cert B Corp, Fairtrade certified, Carbon Neutral, Portion of the purchase goes to Feeding America-this bag will donate 10 meals!

Shop the Organic Cotton Toiletry Bag Here

Did you enjoy this Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Him? Looking for more sustainable holiday content?

Sustainable holiday gift guide for him
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