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When we say sustainable hair care, shampoo bars and conditioner bars usually come to our minds. We often forgot that there’s a lot more to hair care than shampoos and conditioners. There are oils, masks, pomade, gels, and many more. 

According to research, hair care has an enormous impact on our environment when it comes to beauty products. Most hair products are packed in a plastic sachet that takes years before they decompose. These products may also contain harmful materials like petroleum and other toxic chemicals. Some products also have palm oil that we all know can lead to deforestation. 

We all want gorgeous hair without having the guilt that we are harming the environment. Hence, here is the list of other sustainable haircare products that will make your hair fluffy, shiny, and strong.

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Hair Oil

First up is a hair care oil that can free your dry and damaged locks. This hair oil is made of organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced, like argan oil. The argan oil is high in antioxidants that prevent the hair from breakage, lessens hair fall, and adds shine to your hair. Aside from that, they boost the vitamin e for softness and organic jojoba oil that will keep your hair and scalp hydrated. Moreover, they added kukui nut oil for itchy scalp and organic fir needle oil for overall hair health. The glass bottle is reusable, while its plastic pump/spray can be recycled by giving it back to them.

Price: $25.99

Ships: USA

Shop Mermaid Hair Oil here!

Yarok Feed Your Youth Hair Serum

sustaiable hair care 2
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As you read from its name, “Feed Your Youth,” this hair care serum has anti-aging components. What is more, this serum stimulates hair growth with its supreme ingredients like apricot kernel, ylang ylang essential oil, and bitter orange essential oil. Moreover, it also has yarrow oil for dry scalp and avocado oil to prevent itchiness and dandruff. This serum is 100% vegan! No alcohols, parabens, chemicals, and glutens are present in this serum. It amazes me the most because they give 3% of their income to Pachamama Alliance and protect more than 10 acres of Amazon Rainforest.

Price: $32.00

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Feed Your Youth Hair Serum here!

Badger Hair Pomade

sustainable hair care 3
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Are you having a problem with your hard-to-tame hair? This hair care pomade will indeed hold that fly-away hair of yours while giving it extra shine. In addition to that, it also nourishes your scalp and hair while providing the best style to your hair. Coconut oil is added to add extra shine and medium yet adaptable hold. Over time, these ingredients help hydrate your hair.

Price: $15.99

Ships: USA

Shop Badger Hair Pomade here!

Belle Bar Organic Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask

sustainable hair care 4
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Achieve that perfect curl with this haircare mask. The hibiscus clarifies gently while making your curls soft. More than that, it increases hair shine and strength. Along with hibiscus, they added coconut oil and shea butter to prevent keratin depletion. They also use avocado oil to soften dry and brittle split ends. We love this because it is vegan and cruelty-free. Also, this brand is a black-owned and woman-owned company.

Price: $34.99

Ships: USA

Shop Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask here!

Flaxseed & Oatmeal Curling Cream by Sundays Moon

sustainable hair care
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This curling cream, made of flaxseed and oatmeal, has amazing reviews on Etsy. Super creamy and strong, this small-batch curling cream will give your curls a great hold without drying out your locks. This creme is made without toxic chemicals, and they do not test on animals. 

Price: $20.00

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Sundays Moon Styling Creme here!

Fat and the Moon Spirit + Salt Hydrating Hair Styling Mist

sustainable hair care 6
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Boost the spirit of your hair by using this hair care styling mist from one of our favorite sustainable brands. This one has a unique salty scent like you’re a mermaid from the beach. They added rosemary and saw palmetto to tone the scalp and add life to your hair. Moreover, hyaluronic acid gives moisture and reduces frizziness. This Mist is handmade with love and ethically wildcrafted by Fat and the Moon.

Price: $23.99

Ships: USA

Shop Spirit + Salt Hydrating Hair Styling Mist here!

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Natural Hair Growth Serum

sustainable hair care 7
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The next sustainable hair product on our list is this hair care serum from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics. It is formulated with the finest hair grower ingredients, like castor oil, avocado, argan, and hemp oil that nourishes the hair. Furthermore, bamboo shoots are added to increase hair growth and produce luscious hair. At the same time, the rosemary and Nettle are infused to boost keratin supporting mineral content. This serum is packed in a glass roll-on bottle for easy application.

Price: $14.61

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Natural Hair Growth Serum here!

Plum Brilliance Black Sage + Ginseng Hair Tonic

sustainable hair care 8
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This wildcrafted hair care product has the healing power for your hair from roots to tips. We love that this is vegan, and the ingredients are sustainably harvested. I don’t know about you, but I like my hair shiny and manageable and this product is absolutely helpful to achieve it. While making your hair fabulous, it also balances both excessively dry and oily scalp.

Price: $22.00

Ships: USA

Shop Black Sage + Ginseng Hair Tonic here! 

Seed Phytonutrients Natural Color Care Heat Protective Mist

sustainable hair care 9
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Do you have dry hair from dying your hair? This natural color care heat-protective mist is perfect for rehydrating your dry hair. It is made of vegan ingredients like raspberry seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and pea extract that protects color-fade and detangles your hair with every spritz. You’ll love this haircare product with the sweet scent of basil and nectarine. What’s more impressive is that you can remove the compostable paper exterior when you finished each bottle to see a packet of plantable seeds!

Price: $18.99

Ships: USA

Shop Natural Color Care Heat Protective Mist here!

Khali Min Rescue Oil

sustainable hair care 10
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Another haircare discovery! This oil will naturally repair and give more strength to your hair! Say goodbye to hair fall using a few drops of this oil on your hair. It is a blend of pure vegan oils like Macadamia, Hibiscus, and Egyptian Jojoba oils. Aside from repairing and strengthening your hair, this oil may also be used to style your lovely hair.

Price: £38.00

Ships: Worldwide

Shop Rescue Oil here!

Did you enjoy our list of favorite sustainable hair products? Looking for more?

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August 27, 2021

Written By:

Danielle Alvarado

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