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20 Best Sustainable Fashion Influencers In 2023

best sustainable fashion influencers
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Konstantina Antoniadou


The question of “Are Influencers truly Influential” has officially been answered via BILLIONS of dollars in sales via affiliate links and sponsored posts. Sadly, many of these sales have been for the not-so-ethical and green-washed-sustainable brands. Lucky for us, these 20 sustainable fashion influencers are here to influence their communities into buy less, buying better, and making a positive impact on the World!

Sustainable Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2023

best sustainable fashion influencers
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We’ve all seen it; thousands of dollars worth of ultra-fast fashion hauls followed by a call to action to “get in on the fun” and upgrade our closets according to the latest fads.

The instant gratification of fast and unethical fashion has become the new norm. However, pollution and exploitation always come along with the alluring $5 price tag.

What drove many people to hit the unfollow button and turn to sustainable fashion influencers instead?  In 2013, the world had a tremendous wake-up call when the eight-story Rana Plaza clothing manufacturing complex in Bangladesh collapsed in only ninety seconds, killing over 1,000 workers. Images and videos flooded the internet exposing the real truth behind the coveted clothing lines of  Benetton, The Children’s Place , Mango, and Primark –  just to name a few.

Amidst the vicious cycle of micro-trend and chemical-packed clothing, sustainable fashion influencers are here to prove that trends come and go, but style always remains eternal.  

Most importantly? Our collective efforts seem to be working. The organic segment to become the fastest-growing segment of the market going forward with a compound annual growth rate of 16.2%.”

**Note: I can bet that the majority of folks on this “top sustainable fashion influencers” list will cringe and the word “influencer”. The great thing about the sustainable niche is that our main goal is to STOP over-consumption and instead, lead you on the path to conscious-consumerism.**

What exactly IS an Influencer?

Straight from the Oxford Dictionary (cannot even believe its in there):  A person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

How Influential are Influencers?

Four in five surveyed U.S. consumers (81%) have made a purchase through clicking a link or image an influencer shared. Furthermore, 83% of men are inspired to make a purchase based on an influencer recommendation, compared to 89% of women. It’s no wonder why on average, businesses generate $6.50 in revenue for each $1 invested in influencer marketing. 

20 Sustainable Fashion Influencers We Love in 2023

A writer, stylist, activist, and consultant. Aja Barber focuses on race, intersectional feminism, and sustainable fashion. For her, intersectional feminism and sustainable fashion are correlated because when you care about anything under intersectional feminism, you should also be aware of who makes your clothes (and we agree!).

Aja Barber’s biggest fashion tip is to figure out your personal style and stick with it! This way you don’t have to buy extra clothes that will just pile up in your closet and will not be used for years. I love her honesty, transparency, and sense of humor. Don’t forget to check her website to read up on her amazing work.

Next on our list is Aditi Mayer. She is a sustainable fashion influencer, blogger, photojournalist, model, labor rights activist, and a frequent speaker on topics of social & environmental justice. 

She started her sustainable fashion advocacy in 2014 when she learned about the incident in Rana Plaza Factory. This incident opened her eyes to issues concerning the fashion industry; the unethical treatment of laborers and natural resources. Reading her blog will inspire you more and will give you further knowledge about sustainable fashion.

Danielle Alvarado is a well known sustainability educator and influencer who loves to educate with her great sense of humor and down-to-earth approach. Her Instagram reels are addicting to watch and we learn more and more from her every single day! This sustainable fashion influencer is on a mission to “UNinfluence” you and teach you how to take back your power and become a conscious consumer.

Danielle shares how to shop secondhand, how to make your clothes last longer, which brands to trust for the best quality and lifespan, full break downs of materials and environmental impact, and she fights for accessibility and inclusivity in the sustainable fashion world with well researched articles and informative social posts!

Scott Staniland & Brett Staniland are two of the most beloved male sustainable fashion influencers, models, and contributors from Derbyshire UK. The identical twins share a unique sense of style, proving that sustainable fashion is nothing but plain and boring. No wonder why they’ve been spotted on so many best-dressed lists.

Scott currently is in charge of content creation for campaigns at Green.TV Media, the leading sustainability media company. Most recently, PHD student and model Brett Staniland joined Love Island to raise awareness about the topics that are passionate to him, including his public refusal to wear fast fashion on the show. Thus far, they have worked with multiple luxury brands on numerous campaigns, shedding light on the unethical nature of the fashion industry. 

If you don’t already know who Kate is, then you are in for a real treat. She is so down to Earth and has truly helped me on my own journey. Kate is from New Zealand and loves to share her favorite local/ethical/sustainable shops to help support her community and, of course, be as low-waste as possible. Her posts will always make you feel good about doing your part in the world. My favorite part about Kate is her straight-forward honesty when it comes to being a sustainable influencer – this is quite a hard job to tackle and she does it with such grace.

Oh yea, she has also been featured on TED TALK!

Kate is a chill, non-judgemental, quirky, kind, funny, and honest human being. If you are ever in need of a good laugh, head to her reels. Her and her husband make the BEST reels! Head to her full blog here.

Looking for a sustainable fashion influencer that continuously fights for size-inclusivity? Marielle Elizabeth got hooked on slow fashion when she was in University. She found an amazing “Made in Canada” boutique with clothing that never went out of style or season (think capsule wardrobe). This shop opened her eyes to conscious consumerism and also had her asking the big question “Who made my clothes and under what working conditions?”. When she was sized out of ethical clothing brands, she began to reach out to designers to make bigger sizes and shared her experience as a plus-size person who loves sustainable fashion.

As stated by her, you can start living sustainably by using what you have, wear what you own, and reduce consumption. Read more of her amazing content here.

Izzy Manuel‘s Instagram feed is where dopamine dressing and ethical fashion collide. The half-Indian-half-Chinese sustainable fashion influencer does not shy away from putting together enviable, ethically crafted looks for like-minded fashionistas to enjoy.

On her blog, Izzy touches on social and racial issues including her experiences growing up mixed race. The Chemistry grad, freelance Social Media Manager, and Consultant has a creative eye like no other for mood-boosting styling. And she definitely understands that outfit repeating is the new cool thing to do.

Podcaster, fair fashion campaigner, and sustainable fashion influencer, Venetia La Manna is a prime example of how being vocal is the only way to actually bring change to the industry.

She co-founded Remember Who Made Them in an effort to energize a new solidarity economy in fashion without skimping on sharing information on heavy topics revolving around the fast fashion industry. Her podcast, All The Small Things, has over 2M downloads. What we love most about Venetia is her strive to constantly call out ultra-fast fashion brands publicly, inspiring us all to demand for a change.

As a proud conscious and mindful closet advocate, Sally shares her unfiltered thoughts and opinions and a slew of topics including low waste and travel tips, thrift store finds, and zero-waste alternatives for the home.

Her Instagram feeds into her love for nature and beautiful landscapes while also featuring dopamine-inducing daily outfits. The plant-loving Mexican-Salvadorian constantly updates us on her vintage and thrift clothing finds. You can hear her raving about the benefits of slow fashion without being shy about calling out unethical fast-fashion brands on Emily Stochl Pre-Loved Podcast.

Heidi loves to shake up the sustainable fashion world by asking uncomfortable questions and sharing the honest-to-sally truth. The former fast-fashion influencer is now on a mission to help educate her audience and help them make the same shift through sharing a slew of alternatives to popular fast fashion brands. 

Heidi also points out the overconsumption of mega influencers who constantly glamorize the idea of excessive buying – and the questionable hauls that follow every purchase. I have learned so much from her in such a short time and the knowledge has been invaluable. She is just a gem and a great sustainable fashion influencer to follow.

The Bolivian sustainable fashion influencer and eco-entrepreneur Valeria Hinojosa is the writer behind the popular WaterThruSkin blog. Covering everything from yoga, eco-travel, and sustainable fashion advice to healthy living tips, clean beauty, and styling, she aims to help us live a “lifestyle with a conscience.” Her Instagram reels are chock full of her fun and uplifting personality that certainly gets us hooked each and every time. Valeria and her husband also launched Intu Rituals, the first ever plastic-free, sun-grown, vegan, and zero-waste CBD brand. Also, If you are a podcast enthusiast, you should definitely check out her new podcast, Casa Earth.

Do you want to discover new fair fashion brands and pre-loved treasures? The Amma, the UK-based sustainable fashion influencer should definitely be on your eco-radar. Through her podcast, the writer, podcaster, and digital content creator shares her own journey from fast-fashion addict to sustainable fashion advocate on top of inviting industry experts to share their tips, stories, and views. Amma is also vocal about racial justice and equality using her platform and influence to raise awareness, drive donations and share information in support of numerous causes.

Kate Caric’s efforts to raise awareness of greenwashing, excessive consumerism, and ethical fashion have helped her create a loyal community of green-minded fashion enthusiasts who strive to make a change. Apart from sharing her favorite ethical style finds Kate publicly calls out huge ultra fast-fashion corporations and shares numerous other social and environmental issues. Her Instagram reels are not only extremely educating and eye-opening but also inspiring – and so is her sustainability-powered blog.

Sustainable baddie Jazmine Rogers is the founder of the homonymous blog where ethical fashion and eco-friendly lifestyles are celebrated every step of the way. The sustainable fashion influencer approaches the topic with rampant optimism. Instead of focusing on the problem, she aims to highlight the solution because “shame is not a good motivator.” Fun, vibrant, and full of color, Jazmine’s ethical fashion choices have a very youthful, fresh vibe that is hard to miss. If you love eco-consious maximalism, her sartorial inspo is all you need to take your looks to a whole new level.

Brooke Bowlin is a sustainable fashion influencer, passionate advocate, artist, and writer. Through her page, she provides slow fashion encouragement and education to help like-minded individuals kick start their sustainability journey. 

Are you looking for ways to avoid impulse buying? Maybe you are on a quest to find earth-friendly habits to adopt or learn about the tremendous impact of the fast fashion industry. Whatever the case may be, Brooke has you covered. It’s safe to say that her artistic drive and entrepreneurial mindset shine through her digital content. 

A few of our favorites from Brooke:

How to Shop For Sustainable Fashion on a Budget

How to Quit Fast Fashion for Good!

Armelle Ferguson is an ethical personal stylist and sustainable fashion influencer who focuses on creating value-driven looks that are equal parts elegant and eco-conscious. On her website, the Caribbean educator and writer shares many resources and information-packed blogs on topics like understanding fabrics and making sustainable choices, actionable tips for an easy shift to a sustainable lifestyle, and more. As a coach for women with ethical values, Armelle has created a digital community where members can exchange tips and ideas on the topic of eco living.

With a heavy focus on ethical style, vintage treasures, and thrifting, Abby is a beloved sustainable fashion influencer who just gets it. Both her Instagram and her blog are a fantastic source of inspiration for eco fashionistas who want to discover new ethical fashion brands that push the bounds of the industry status quo – as she explains. Abby also shares easy-to-follow sewing tips and DIY projects on top of raising awareness about numerous environmental and social issues. Her entire page is full of positive energy and personality which we absolutely love!

Lily’s Instagram, TikTok, and blog offer the perfect mix of ethical fashion inspo, traveling tips, and fitness that will instantly get you hooked. The sustainable fashion influencer shares realistic ensembles you can easily recreate while also educating her followers on the impact of our vestiary choices. Occasionally, Lily shares her personal struggles which makes her even more follow-worthy. Her blog is the go-to destination for information-packed posts on some of the most unethical fast fashion brands – so make sure to check it out.

Margot Guilbert is a French sustainable fashion influencer and digital creator who has been living an eco-conscious lifestyle for 5 years now. She aims to inspire others to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle while respecting people and nature in style. Guilbert is a co-founder of Bloomers.eco and we really enjoy all of the amazing content found there for her French speaking followers! You can also be inspired by her eco-responsible outfits posted on her website and IG.

Emily got her start as a college student who wanted to have a trustworthy avenue for people to find products with an impact. She started Honest Consumer during her time in college and has been sharing amazing ways to live a more sustainable life ever since! In 2018 she launched a boutique called Give a Damn Goods. They started selling sustainably printed T-shirts that are printed by a local printing shop in Seattle. Their tees give back to Haiti through their social enterprise partner. So next time you want a new shirt, give a damn about where to buy it!

This was your guide to sustainable fashion influencers!

And that’s a wrap! There are so many amazing new and old sustainable fashion influencers to follow and love. If you have a favourite, please drop them in the comments!

Did you enjoy this roundup of sustainable fashion influencers? Looking for more?

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  1. Angelika says:

    This is such a great list of influencers who support ethically made clothing! It’s refreshing to know that people are starting to turn away from fast fashion!

    • Ah yes, thank goodness! Hopefully, one day soon, we can be rid of the fast consumerism idea and move to a much more sustainable way of life than supports all human beings equally!

  2. This is very interesting. I just wish there were influencers who are a little older.

  3. Krista says:

    I love learning about new sustainable fashion brands, and these influencers look like great reference points! I’ll definitely go and check some of them out now!

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    You haven’t mentioned the Canadian based YouTube influencer Alyssa Beltempo!
    She’s been there since 2012!!

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