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30+ Eco Friendly Furniture Brands To Love For Your Sustainable Home

eco friendly furniture brands


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Looking for the top eco friendly furniture brands that are ready to dress your home with sustainable furniture at every budget? We rounded up the most noteworthy environmentally friendly furniture companies with safe and non-toxic wooden and bamboo options below.

This post is about the best eco-friendly furniture brands.

Eco friendly Furniture

Much like our favorite zero waste home products and trusted sustainable makeup brands, furniture should also be on your eco checklist. While most traditional furniture comes bearing a chock full of flame retardants and Volatile Organic Compounds, that’s certainly not the case for affordable sustainable furniture from the catalogs of the best eco friendly furniture brands.

No matter your style and decor preferences, the attainable, ethical, and non-toxic options are pretty much endless. Whether it’s a total home overhaul or a simple one-room upgrade, these sustainable wooden furniture promise to turn home safe space into a calming oasis.

From rustic sofas and accent chairs to handcrafted recliners and beds, take a look at the top sustainable furniture companies ahead.

P.s. Don’t forget secondhand furniture is another amazing sustainable option! You can even use the list below to search for these brands/products secondhand first.

What makes furniture sustainable?

If you are looking for the best sustainable choices for furniture, remember to pay attention to the materials. The best eco-friendly furniture is crafted from ethical and safe recycled/ salvaged textiles, certified wood, and upcycled materials. Some great options are bamboo, rattan, FSC-Certified wood with water-based finishes, and organic oils.

Why is sustainability important in furniture?

Apart from being extremely durable and long-lasting, eco-friendly furniture comes with many more benefits. When we opt for recycled materials, we help reduce the carbon footprint. Additionally, traditional furniture comes packed with many harmful chemicals (lame, stain, and water-resistant) that release toxic fumes into the air when they reach a certain temperature. This process, also known as off-gassing, can cause headaches, asthma, allergies along with serious illnesses. 

So, the next time you wonder “is new furniture smell dangerous?”, the answer is yes. That’s exactly where ethical and sustainable furniture with natural, non-toxic materials really shine.

This post is all about sustainable furniture.

Best Eco-Friendly Furniture Brands For A Safe, Sustainable Home

Greenington is a go-to bamboo affordable furniture brand with a slew of modern sofas, couches, beds, tables, dining chairs, and many more eco furniture. They strictly use responsibly hand-harvested Moso bamboo hailed for its immense strength and durability. On top of that, the non-toxic brand is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, well exceeding the green requirements.

Price: $$$-$$$$

Materials: Moso Bamboo

Based In: USA

Shop Greenington Here

A few of our favorite sustainable furniture pieces:

Burrow may be known for its exquisite eco modular sofas, but this sustainable furniture brand has so much more to offer. Each product is crafted from responsibly-sourced wood, strengthened steel hardware, and top-grain Italian leather. With such an easy-to-move design, rest assured that your new non-toxic couch, sustainable bed, storage, and table will fit your home and the next one. Most eco options are very customizable in terms of color and finish,

Price: $$$$

Materials: Responsibly-Sourced Wood, Steel & Leather

Based In: USA

Shop Burrow Here

JoyBird is touted as one of the best eco-friendly furniture brands for the office but their living room, bedroom, and dining room products are equally as amazing. The materials vary from low-VOC adhesives, and sofas with all-natural fiber cushions, to many more non-toxic options. Of course, every item is handmade in Mexico where workers are paid a living wage and are well taken care of.

Price: $$$-$$$$

Materials: Mango Wood, Steel, Solid Veneer Walnut, Plywood & More

Based In: USA

Shop JoyBird Here

Eco Friendly Furniture Favorites from JoyBird:

For high-quality sustainable futons and many more eco bed frames and sofa options, look no further than The Futon Shop. The proudly women-led eco friendly furniture brand uses non-toxic, durable materials to craft chemical-free mattresses and natural furniture for minimalists on a budget since 1976.

Price: $$$-$$$$

Materials:  GOTS Cotton And Wool, Organic Dunlop Latex, Oeko-Tex 100 Certified Coconut Coir And Hemp, American Hardwood

Based In: USA

Shop The Futon Shop Here

If you love intricate textiles and vivid colors, Myakka is definitely amongst the top affordable eco-friendly furniture brands for global travelers. You’ll be amazed by the artisanal rags, non-toxic eco couches, ethical sustainable beds, hand-painted bedside tables, dressers, and mirrors. The brand’s workshops are based in India, Vietnam, and Thailand where they get paid fair wages. Plus, their timber is sourced from government-managed eco plantations.

Price: $$$

Materials: Sustainable Timber

Based In: USA

Shop Myakka Here

West Elm is a new player in the eco furniture, aiming to outfit our home with non-toxic affordable sustainable furniture with a modern, minimalistic flair. You can shop for tables, chairs, benches, sofas, nightstands, and more sustainable wooden furniture from their new collection. Furthermore, the brand also has some cute and cozy kid’s options.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Reclaimed Wood, FSC-Certified Wood

Based In: UK

Shop West Elm Here

Hailed as one of the best eco-friendly furniture brands for rustic decor enthusiasts, What We Make offers custom-made-to-order wooden tables, beds, and low VOC office furniture. Every product is crafted from non-toxic, natural materials and perfected with safe finishes. Furthermore, most furniture come in several size choices to meet your space’s demands.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Concrete, Hand-Welded Metal, Old-Growth & Reclaimed Wood

Based In: USA

Shop What We Make Here

Maiden Home’s wide range of affordable eco-friendly furniture will help you upgrade your living room bedroom and dining room with non-toxic styles on a budget. Their aesthetic is extremely minimalist and thus all handcrafted eco sofas, beds, and chairs are very clean, sleek, and neutral. The company adheres to Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards for wood sourcing and solely uses water-based glue and stains.

Price: $$$-$$$$

Materials: CertiPUR-US® Soy-Based Foam, Ethical Wood, Recycled Steel Springs

Based In: USA

Shop Maiden Home Here

Viva Terra comes with 15 years of history as one of the best eco-friendly furniture brands on the market. Their extensive collection of unique Fair Trade sofas, tables, storage solutions, bed frames (and more) was ethically crafted by skilled artisans from 20 countries. Some striking affordable sustainable furniture are hand-carved from one piece of ethically sourced suar wood.

Price: $$$

Materials: Sustainably Sourced Suar Wood, Monkey Pod Wood, Metal & More

Based In: USA

Shop Viva Terra Here

Simply being one of the top sustainable wooden furniture brands isn’t enough for Vermont Wood Studios. They also thrive on educating people on the unethical manufacturing practices of the furniture industry. Their array of hand-crafted wood furniture includes customizable beds, coffee tables, desks, bookshelves, and many more mid-century modern and traditional options. Thus far, the brand has planted over 55,000 trees through 1% for the Planet.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Responsibly-Sourced Wood

Based In: USA

Shop Vermont Wood Studios Here

With hundreds of 100% old-growth wood options,  Urban Wood Goods is one of the top eco friendly furniture brands in the ethical game. If you like handmade modern-rustic, non-toxic furniture on a budget, you’ll love their dining tables, bookcases, stools, and chairs. Plus, they have 5+ finish options to choose from. Need something completely à la carte? The company also offers Custom eco furniture.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Reclaimed Wood, Recycled Steel

Based In: USA

Shop Urban Wood Goods Here

For one-of-a-kind, non-toxic furniture for your living room, dining room, and bedroom look no further than Cisco Home. The affordable eco-friendly furniture brand lets us get a glimpse behind the scenes through documentary-style videos that show their ethical production practices and safe materials. Their team of makers uses hand-blown glass, steel, wood, and recycled car rotors across all collections.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Certified And Reclaimed Wood, Upcycled Materials, Water-Based Finishes, & Organic Oils.

Based In: USA

Shop Cisco Home Here 

The Citizenry’s handcrafted, fair trade ottomans, benches, headboards, and accent furniture are handcrafted by skilled artisans around the world. From Hinoki wood bath saunas and breezy, boho Wicker chairs, the safe and non-toxic furniture options are endless. Additionally, the company donates 10% of the profit to local artisan communities in India, Indonesia, Mexico, and more.

Price: $$$-$$$$

Materials: Beeswax And Palm Finishes, Wicker, Hinoki Wood, Rattan Vine, Parota Wood & More.

Based In: USA

Shop The Citizenry Here

As one of the best eco friendly furniture brands, ABC Carpet and Home offers many sustainable sofas, tables, sectionals, bed frames as well as non-toxic rugs, and ethical lighting – just to name a few. Their sustainably made furnishings can be filtered by categories (energy-conscious, handmade, etc). On top of that, they thrive on maintaining fair labor standards.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Oak, Brass, Wool & More

Based In: USA

Shop ABC Carpet and Home Here

Kaiyo is the ultimate marketplace for pre-owned affordable eco friendly furniture for every budget. From pick up to cleaning till the final delivery, the company takes care of everything for you. In fact, you can save up to 90% on top brands. Opt for bed frames, desks, tables, benches, chairs, ottomans, and more knowing that they have been inspected by the pros.

Price: $$$-$$$$

Materials: Various

Based In: USA

Shop Kaiyo Here

Viessso’s reputation for being the digital home of the best eco friendly furniture companies stems from its commitment to safe, non-toxic materials, stellar working conditions, and transparent production. You can browse by room or by brand for safe and chemical-free sofas, dining tables, chairs, recliners, nightstands, and more.

Price: $$$-$$$$$

Materials: Solid Oak, Walnut, Organic Cotton, Wool, Reclaimed Wood &  Natural Latex

Based In: USA

Shop Viesso Here

Along with gorgeous plus-size swimwear and fair trade jewelry  Made trade is also the e-home of the best ethical and eco-friendly furniture companies from all over the world. Each brand is sourcing its materials responsible and commits to fair trade principles. From stools and dining tables to ethical chairs desks and shelves, the non-toxic furniture options are endless.

Price: $-$$

Materials: FSC-Certified Wood & Recycled Materials

Based In: USA

Shop Made Trade Here

From modern sustainable wooden furniture to Handmade, heirloom pieces, Masaya Co is ready to ship affordable eco friendly furniture right to our doorstep. Their handwoven rocking chairs and beds adorned with colorful traditional patterns are obviously the highlights. Nonetheless, you can opt for ethically made minimalistic tables, tv stands, and more. Don’t forget to check out the under $200 category.

Price: $$$-$$$$

Materials: Sustainably Sourced Wood, Walnut Finish, Manila Chord 

Based In: USA

Shop Masaya Co Here

Etsy may be the top creative marketplace for fair trade jewelry and heavenly-scented Non-Toxic Candles, but their eco furniture collection is equally amazing. You can find dozens of handcrafted refurbished and reclaimed rustic-style furniture (dining tables, side tables, benches, nightstands, headboards, outdoor furniture, etc). Did we mention that everything is made to order?

Price: $$-$$$

Materials: Reclaimed Wood & Natural Finishes

Based In: Worldwide

Shop Etsy Reclaimed Furniture​ Here

Unlike other eco friendly furniture brands, Thuma is solely focused on one thing: making gorgeous platform bed frames for minimalists. You can choose your favorite size, color, and pillow board knowing that’s made from safe, upcycled, repurposed rubberwood using Japanese craftsmen technique. Apart from coming with a lifetime warranty, these affordable sustainable furniture don’t require any tools for the setup.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Upcycled, Repurposed Rubberwood

Based In: USA

Shop Thuma Here

Much like Kaiyo, Chairish is another pre-owned eco friendly furniture marketplace that allows us to buy and sell mostly vintage-style pieces. Think tufted sofas, 1970s Flower Chandeliers, dining tables, nightstands, 1980s guilt chairs, and more. Granted, vintage has never been affordable, but the company has something for every budget.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Various

Based In: USA

Shop Chairish Here

If you are on the quest to find Toxic Substances Certification Act (TSCA)-compliant sustainable furniture for your living room, bedroom, dining room, office, and outdoor area, Resource Furniture is the eco-friendly furniture brand for you. They have a wide array of premium, European-made pieces with a variety of woods or lacquered finishes.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Sustainably Sourced, FSC-CoC Certified, TSCA Title VI, and CARB2-Compliant Materials

Based In: USA, Canada

Shop Resource Furniture Here

Known as one of the best eco friendly furniture brands for affordable sustainable wooden furniture and numerous bamboo options, Medley’s collection is highly coveted. The company uses FSC-certified domestically-sourced hardwoods and solid bamboo with all-natural beeswax, carnauba wax, and olive oil finishes. Furthermore, each piece is Handcrafted in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Price: $$$$

Materials: CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam, FSC-Certified Wood, Natural Latex, Hemp & Wool.

Based In: USA

Shop Medley Here

Sabai is one of the best environmentally friendly furniture companies for seatings. The brand works hand in hand with ethical manufacturers from the US to craft their non-toxic sofas, sectionals, chairs, and ottomans from FSC-certified wood. Instead of glue, Saibai furniture features mechanical fasteners and two different repurposed fabric options to choose from. Plus, everything is made-to-order.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Recycled Velvet Or Upcycled Polypropylene, Recycled Fiber Fills, certiPUR-US Certified Foam

Based In: USA

Shop Sabai​ Here

EBTH might not be one of the best eco friendly furniture brands, they are, however, a fantastic estate sale marketplace that allows us to bid on our favorite vintage furniture that has been authenticated and professionally photographed by their in-house team. Consider it as the furniture equivalent of eBay.

Price: $$-$$$$

Materials: Various

Based In: USA

Shop EBTH Here

Alabama Sawyer is not only one of the top eco-friendly furniture brands but also a pioneer of the sustainable movement. They source their raw materials locally from tree waste which is gathered from homes and businesses. As soon as the wood reaches their Birmingham facility, they start creating their affordable sustainable furniture with safe, non-toxic practices.

Price: $$-$$$$

Materials: Wood From Tree Waste

Based In: USA

Shop Alabama Sawyer​ Here

AprDeco is yet another fantastic marketplace in which people can buy or sell their used furniture. You can browse their “Hot Brands” category to find amazing deals on pieces from IKEA, West Elm, and more. Some specific furniture also come with free & discounted delivery.

Price: $$-$$$$

Materials: Various

Based In: USA

Shop AptDeco​ Here

It’s hard to find eco friendly furniture brands with such a great array of options as Simbly’s sustainable wooden furniture collection. The company’s FSC-certified products are made ethically in the US. Their non-toxic tables, desks, and benches are shipped in partially recycled boxes. In addition, for every sale, the eco furniture brand plants one tree and is also a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Price: $$$$

Materials: FSC-Certified Wood

Based In: USA

Shop Simbly Here

The sustainable wooden furniture brand Haiku Designs uses eco-conscious materials such as bamboo and sustainably-sourced wood that are backed up by their International Tropical Timber Organization certification. So rest assured that your new favorite TV stands, non-toxic recliners, dining tables, bed frames, and more, are responsibly-made with hand-applied finishes without harming the planet.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Solid Bamboo And Ethically-Sourced Wood 

Based In: USA

Shop Haiku Designs​ Here

Avocado’s reputation as one of the top e-destinations for safe, non-toxic mattresses is undeniable. But their wide collection of bed frames, nightstands benches, end tables, and dressers is definitely worth the splurge. The Certified B-Corporation makes all mattresses and wooden furniture in their own GOTS organic and FSC-certified factory. Also, they carry both Greenguard Gold and the MADE SAFE certifications.

Price: $$

Materials: 100% Reclaimed Wood, Sustainably-Sourced American Timber.

Based In: USA

Shop Avocado​ Here

Did you know that you can score some amazing sustainable luxury upholstered furniture from a wide range of certified and natural fabrics and materials? The eco-friendly furniture brand Eco Balanza offers non-toxic sofas and sectionals with 0% VOC finishes and adhesives. Apart from their handcrafted couture and essential collections, you can also take advantage of their design services.

Price: $$$$

Materials: FSC-Certified Wood, Natural Latex Foam Cushions, Organic Wool, Hemp, Linen, Vegetable-Tanned And Dyed Leather, Recycled Polyester

Based In: USA

Shop Eco Balanza​ Here

While Crate & Barrel is not an eco friendly furniture brand, they have recently added a stellar sustainable furniture collection to their catalog. You can shop for great quality, FSC-certified wood dining tables, chairs, sofas, outdoor furniture, and nightstands with surprisingly affordable price tags. Also, most options are very customizable in terms of color and finishes.

Price: $$$-$$$

Materials:  FSC-Certified Wood

Based In: USA

Shop Crate & Barrel​ Here

The environmentally-friendly furniture brand Savvy Rest uses strictly non-toxic furnishings, zero-VOC stains, and natural materials to create their seatings and tables (sofas, benches, loveseats, and armchairs included). Every piece of sustainable wooden furniture is made by skilled woodworkers locally, in the US. Plus, they offer a slew of customization options.

Price: $$$$

Materials: Certified Solid Hardwood, Cotton Duck, Hemp &  Hemp-Cotton Blend.

Based In: USA

Shop Savvy Rest​ Here

This post was all about sustainable & eco-friendly furniture brands

Did you know that furniture and appliances are responsible for around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and non-renewable energy consumption? So why not reduce your carbon footprint while also creating a safe, non-toxic space for you and your loved ones? The best eco friendly furniture brands have a wide variety of sustainable wooden furniture and fantastic affordable bamboo options for every room. On top of that, you’ll know that every piece is lovingly crafted by skilled artisans that get paid fairly for their work.

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Eco friendly Furniture
Eco friendly Furniture

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