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Looking for the best non-toxic knives in 2024? To help you enjoy the convenience of having the right tool at your fingertips for every culinary task, we made a list of the best kitchen knife brands.

Effortless chopping, slicing, and dicing? Yes, please!

After extensive research into the most highly-reviewed eco-friendly knives, our top three picks are:

  1. Caraway’s non-toxic kitchen knives made of premium German stainless steel and BPA-free handles. What we love most about these knives is the super durable and aesthetic storage system that keeps your knives razor sharp! 
  2. Made In Cookware’s wide range of chef knives really stands out from the crowd. If you are looking for the best of the best – look no further than these French made blades that have undergone a unique hardening process that gives them the strength of German blades and the precision of Japanese knives!
  3. Greenpan for blending durability with affordability. Crafted with recycled stainless steel, these blades tackle every kitchen task with ease!

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non toxic knives

Top Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Knives For Home Chefs!

Let’s say it – non-toxic kitchen knives are a must in every single household. From effortlessly gliding through vibrant vegetables, and precisely julienning herbs, to conquering the challenge of slicing through hearty meats, they can make food prep A LOT easier.

Seriously, their versatility knows no bounds! Whether it’s mastering the delicate art of slicing sushi or tackling the robust demands of chopping a variety of ingredients for a hearty stew, there’s a chef’s knife that can do exactly that and more.

Granted, investing in high-quality, eco-friendly knives may seem like a splurge, but the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true in this situation. These non-toxic knives, though on the pricier side, are unequivocally worth every penny. 

Beyond the immediate benefits of a sharp blade, the best kitchen knife brands offer the reassurance of knowing that your tools are crafted with precision and care, and the longevity that comes with exceptional materials. 

Their longevity means fewer replacements over time which is inherently sustainable to boot. And we are here for it! 

Plus, the absence of harmful substances in their composition ensures that every meal you prepare is not just delicious but also safe for you and your loved ones.

Read on to find 10 of the most durable and safest kitchen knives in 2024.

What are non-toxic knives?

Non-toxic knives refer to kitchen knives that are manufactured using materials and processes that minimize or eliminate the use of harmful substances that could potentially transfer to food or pose health risks.

It’s known that some non-toxic knives may feature coatings that are free from toxic substances such as PFOA or PTFE commonly found in certain non-stick coatings. 

Eco-friendly knives, on the other hand, are designed with a focus on safety and environmental consciousness.  

What is the best material for kitchen knives?

The best material for kitchen knives is stainless steel. Resistant to corrosion, durable, and easy to maintain, stainless steel knives provide a good balance of strength and sharpness.

Also, stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for use in a kitchen environment where knives are frequently exposed to moisture, acids from food, and other corrosive elements. 

On top of that, it does not require elaborate care routines, and they can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It also resists staining and discoloration, maintaining a clean and polished appearance.

Best Non-Toxic Kitchen Knives For Safe Chopping

1. Caraway – Best Knife Set For Beginners

best non-toxic knives

In addition to practical food storage sets, tea kettles, and stainless steel cookware, Caraway also launched an amazing prep set in an array of color options. 

Featuring 4 eco-friendly knives, 5 utensils, shears, and an innovative modular organization unit – food prep just becomes a whole lot easier. 

Let’s talk about their non-toxic kitchen knives! They are engineered from robust, premium German stainless steel and BPA-free handles. 

As for the magnetic storage system that not only keeps your knives razor-sharp but also maintains utensil order, it’s crafted from sustainably sourced birch wood.

Price: $545 for the “14-Piece Knife & Utensil Set”

Materials: Stainless steel, BPA-free handles

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

Best Non-Toxic Knives from Caraway:

2. Our Place

safest kitchen knives

For affordable non-toxic kitchen knives, look no further than Our Place.

The lineup includes a paring knife, a serrated knife, and a durable chef’s knife – all made from premium German stainless steel.

To top it all off, the grooved handle creates the perfect pinch grip while the non-toxic knives are precisely weighted for smoother slicing.

All you have to do is pick your favorite color and chop, chop, chop!

Best Non-Toxic Knives from Our Place: 

Price: From $40+ for the “Precise Paring Knife”

Materials: Premium German stainless steel

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Australia

3. Made In Cookware – Best Chef’s Knifes

best chef's knives

Touted as one of the best kitchen knife brands, Made In Cookware offers a wide range of options, including chef knives, nakiri knives, santoku knives as well as bread and steak knives.

Crafted in Thiers, France, the world’s chef knife capital, the knives are a masterpiece from a 5th generation of bladesmiths. 

These blades undergo a unique hardening process with nitrogen, marrying the utilitarian strength of German blades and the precision of Japanese knives.

What’s more, a single rod of stainless steel extends seamlessly from tip to handle, ensuring razor-sharp edges and impeccable balance.

Best Non-Toxic Knives from Made In: 

Price: From $69+ for the “Paring Knife”

Materials: Stainless Steel

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

4. GreenPan – Best Multi-Purpose Knife Set

non toxic kitchen knives

Next up is GreenPan and their amazing set of non-toxic knives. 

Crafted with recycled stainless steel, these blades tackle every kitchen task with ease. 

The set comes equipped with a 4″ paring knife, a 5″ serrated utility paring knife that effortlessly slices through anything in its path, and finally, a 7″ chef’s knife – your all-purpose culinary conqueror.

But what sets these knives apart? Titanium-coated blades boast a bonded coating that keeps them sharper up to 2x longer.

So, you’ll get to enjoy the perks of hand-sharpened precision, anti-slip soft grip handles, and the perfect balance in weight for years to come.

Best Non-Toxic Knives from GreenPan: 

Price: From $85.99+ for the “Titanium 3-Piece Knife Set”

Materials: 100% recycled stainless steel & an interior core made from wheat straw

Location/Shipping: United States

5. Zwilling – Best Variety Of Knives

best eco-friendly knives

Zwilling’s non-toxic kitchen knives are crafted from a special formula of high-carbon stainless steel.

That’s right! These knives are a testament to almost 300 years of perfected steel craftsmanship. 

Plus, the FRIODUR® blades ensure hardness, sharpness, stain resistance, and durability. 

There’s something for every need! Some options are perfect for cleanly cutting through tough-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside foods like tomatoes, bagels, and salami.

Others are great at peeling apples, removing blemishes, and creating beautiful garnishes. 

But we especially love their chef’s knives which are an all-rounder for various meal preparations.

Best Non-Toxic Knives from Zwilling: 

Price: From $59.99+ for the “Paring Knife”

Materials: High carbon stainless steel

Location/Shipping: Germany, ships worldwide (choose your location at the bottom of the website)

6. DaTerra

best non toxic kitchen knives

Sure, DaTerra might not be one of the best non-toxic knife brands because they mostly focus on creating non-stick cookware, but they do offer some amazing options.

Their journey led them to the ‘city of knives’ – Yangjiang, China, where they found inspiration rooted in thousands of years of culinary culture.

When rosewood meets German steel in their bread and chef’s knives, it only gets stronger.

The polished, natural rosewood handle not only looks stunning but also fits perfectly in your hand, offering ergonomic bliss. 

Versatility is the key here – slicing, chopping, mincing, and cutting, our knife does it all with precision and consistency.

Plus, to ensure your safest kitchen knives last for decades, DaTerra heats them in a vacuum furnace and chills them in a cryogenic deep freeze, super hardening them for unparalleled performance.

Best Non-Toxic Knives from DaTerra: 

Price: $59

Materials: Stainless steel

Location/Shipping: United States

7. Material

best safest kitchen knives

When it comes to the safest kitchen knives, Material should definitely be on your radar.

Made from cryogenic ally-tempered Japanese stainless steel and high carbon, these non-toxic knives are constructed to perfection, meticulously sharp, and incredibly resilient.

You can also get your hands on the “Trio” which comes with 3 best sellers: The 8” knife, the almost 4” knife, and the serrated 6” knife.

What makes them so special? The blade extends into the handle, so weight is better distributed, and won’t break under pressure.

Best Non-Toxic Knives from Material: 

Price: From $55+ for the “The Almost 4” Knife”

Materials: Japanese stainless steel & high-carbon

Location/Shipping: Canada, ships to Canada 

8. Food52 – Best Steak Knives

best kitchen knives set

From wood-handled Japanese chef’s knives to razor-thin forged carbon stainless-steel parers, Food52 is the mecca of premium-quality kitchen knife sets.

Take this Food52 x ZWILLING set, for example.

It includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, a bread knife, a paring knife, and a utility knife – all crafted from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel and then toughened up with ice-hardening for ultimate resilience.

You can also find everything from Italian steak knives, French steak knives, oyster knives, tomato knives, and so many more options. 

Best Non-Toxic Knives from Food52: 

Price: From $49+ for the “Essential Kitchen Knives”

Materials: Stainless steel 

Location/Shipping: United States

9. Rösle

kitchen knife brands

RÖSLE collection of non-toxic kitchen knives covers all our chopping needs.

Think of the best chef’s knives, cheese knives, bread knives, pairing knives, santoku knives, and vegetable knives!

All options are experts in their own league. 

The walnut handle, adorned with a logo embossed in stainless steel, is the perfect blend of RÖSLE’s traditional quality and the unique craftsmanship of Solingen knife art.

Price: From €13.95+ for the “Basic Line”

Materials: X50CrMOV15 stainless steel

Location/Shipping: Germany, ships to Austria 


eco-friendly knives

Last, but not least is Berghoff and their amazing kitchen knife set.

On their virtual shelves, you can find an array of non-toxic kitchen knives, including the top-selling 6-piece knife block sets, crafted with precision from X50CrMov15 stainless steel.

No worries, all sets come with a beautifully designed wooden knife block with a glossy top finish to easily keep all the knives organized and within reach for efficient food preparation.

Price: From $17+ for the “Paring Knife”

Materials: X50CrMov15 stainless steel

Location/Shipping: United States

How do I take proper care of my knives?

Proper care of your non-toxic knives is essential to maintain their sharpness, functionality, and longevity. 

Always hand wash your knives with mild dish soap and warm water immediately after use. Avoid putting knives in the dishwasher, as the high heat and harsh detergents can damage the blades and handles.

Dry your knives immediately after washing to prevent water spots and potential rusting.

Store knives in a knife block, magnetic strip, or on a magnetic wall rack to protect the blades and prevent damage.

Also, make sure to use cutting boards made of softer materials, such as wood or bamboo, to minimize impact on the knife’s edge.

Lastly, regularly hone your knives using a honing rod or sharpening steel to realign the blade and maintain its sharpness.

What are the best sharpeners for knives?

Choosing the best knife sharpener depends on your preference, the type of knives you have, and your level of experience with sharpening.

Whetstones (Sharpening Stones): Whetstones offer precise control and flexibility in sharpening, suitable for all types of knives. While they require some skill and practice, investing in a double-sided whetstone with coarse and fine grit provides versatility.  

Electric Knife Sharpeners: Electric sharpeners are convenient and user-friendly, featuring multiple stages for coarse and fine sharpening. One important thing to keep in mind is that some sharpeners may remove more material than necessary, and compatibility with certain knife types can vary.

Manual Pull-Through Sharpeners: Manual pull-through sharpeners are easy to use and generally affordable, making them suitable for maintaining sharp edges on most knives. However, they may not be ideal for precision sharpening, and over time, they could remove more metal than necessary.

Honing Rods (Sharpening Steels): Honing rods are excellent for maintaining the edge between sharpening sessions. They are quick and easy to use, although not suitable for major blade reshaping.  

This blog post was all about the best non-toxic knives.

And there you have it – our full list of non-toxic knives for at-home chefs. These eco-friendly knives are crafted with materials and processes designed to minimize or eliminate harmful substances, ensuring that no toxins leach into the food during preparation.  

Plus, with their corrosion resistance and durability, rest assured that your best chef’s knives will be in your arsenal for years to come. 

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non toxic knives
non toxic knives

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