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25 Best Affordable Organic Skincare Products of 2023

best organic skincare
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Konstantina Antoniadou


Looking for the best affordable clean skincare products of 2023 to upgrade your natural skincare regime?

To take the guesswork out, we made a list of the top affordable organic skincare from our favorite clean skincare brands. 

Spoiler alert: these targeted formulas might be premium quality but the budget-friendly price tag will surprise you – exactly like the top Sustainable Makeup Brands.

Full guide to affordable organic skincare in 2023

affordable clean skincare
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When you hear the phrase affordable clean skincare products, you probably roll your eyes in frustration. We get it; natural beauty has never been a budget-friendly option. 

Nonetheless, we love a good challenge. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to find the best certified organic personal care products with ethically-sourced ingredients from the top clean skincare brands on the eco market. 

Now, here’s the ugly truth; there’s no industry standard for “clean” skincare and beauty. This leads to brands making all sorts of claims simply because they stay away from a handful of evil ingredients recommended by the FDA

So let’s make sure that we don’t fall victims to greenwashing – a lousy tactic used by brands who want to appear more environmentally friendly or sustainable with their “natural skincare products.”

Much like the best eco friendly shampoo and conditioner roundup, our affordable clean skincare products below are not only formulated with certified organic ingredients and sustainable sourcing methods but also come in refillable bottles to further minimize waste. Besides, most all-natural skincare products are also vegan and/or cruelty free!

What does “clean skincare” mean?

While there is no clear description of that “clean skincare” actually means, for the eco-conscious consumer, it translates to plant-based formulas that are free from toxic ingredients such as parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, and sodium Laureth. 

Although natural skincare products prioritize the safety of human health, they are also kinder to the environment. Affordable organic skincare brands use cleaner manufacturing processes; opt for recycled recyclable packaging materials; offer refills to minimize the waist and choose sustainable, ethically-sourced ingredients. Additionally, natural skincare products are also free from animal testing!

Can I make my own clean skincare products at home?

Yes! You can DIY your own clean skincare products at home with a few simple ingredients. The best antidote for chapped lips, for example, is brown sugar and shea butter lip scrub. 

By brewing mint leaves, you’ll make yourself a refreshing facial toner for the warm, summer days ahead. Shea butter and coconut oil is a stellar combo for a high-quality moisturizer to keep your hands silky smooth throughout winter. Plus, honey face masks are chock full of antioxidants, so might as well try one at home.

If you are in a creative mood, take a look at our zero-waste cleaning swaps as well.

What are the benefits of a clean skincare routine?

A stellar clean skincare routine comes with many benefits. Contrary to traditional formulas, natural skincare products are better for your health and the environment. 

Our skin is super absorbent, which is exactly why toxic chemicals can actually cause a slew of issues including allergic reactions, rashes, and even hormonal imbalances by penetrating into the bloodstream. According to Environmental Research, parabens can disrupt reproductive hormones in pregnant women and significantly increase the risk of adverse birth effects.

Of course, that’s not the case for affordable clean skincare products with certified organic ingredients. While people can be allergic to certain fruits, oils, and nuts, natural skincare products prevent irritation and skin barrier damage. Furthermore, ethical skincare brands put much emphasis on ethical sourcing and environmentally-friendly packaging.

Clean skincare is another form of minimalism. Overconsumption, flashy packaging, and mass-production are not a part of the equation. On the contrary, affordable clean skincare products come packed in refillable bottles, shipped in recyclable packaging, and are often completely zero-waste.

This post is about affordable clean skincare in 2023.

Best affordable clean skincare in 2023

Top on our list of affordable organic skincare is none other than Activist Skincare.

This woman-owned, self-made business takes sustainable clean skincare to whole new heights with a super eco-friendly approach.

Their refillable organic skincare is packed with amazing active ingredients and natural botanical extracts with no added fillers, endocrine disruptors, or toxic chemicals.

I personally use this brand and one bottle of the precious oils (step 4) lasted 3 months and the oil cleanser (step 1) lasted 4 months. Super cost effective.

Price: $18+

Discount code: SKL15 for 15% off

Location: USA

Ethics: Cruelty-Free, Vegan Ingredients, Glass Containers, Shipped In 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Unpadded Envelopes 

Shop Activist Skincare Here

Affordable clean skincare from Activist Skincare:

Step up your daily (and nightly) routine with Plaine’s natural skincare products for the face and body. 

The B-certified corp known for their sustainable zero waste shampoos has tapped into skincare as well with a new range of vegan and refillable face washes, moisturizers, beauty oils, and face toners. 

Packed with potent antioxidants and nutrients, these affordable clean skincare products are developed to soften the skin, refine texture and diminish wrinkles, scars, and fine lines. Also, they offer travel-size vegan skincare to help you bring dull skin back to life on the go.

Price: $5+

Discount Code: Use SKL20 for 20% off!

Location: USA

Ethics: Cruelty-Free, Vegan Ingredients, 100% Recycled Boxes, Refillable Bottles, Carbon-Neutral, B-Corporation, Made In The US

Shop Plaine Products Here

Affordable clean skincare from Plaine Products:

Apart from the slew of  Eco Friendly Travel Products, Ethique, the plastic-free conscious beauty brand, also offers an array of affordable clean skincare products for the hair and face. 

The B-Corp focuses on vegan, and cruelty-free solid bars preventing millions of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. 

Their solid shampoo, face scrubs, moisturizers, and lip balms are chock full of skin-loving ingredients such as coconut butter, vegetable glycerine, ayurvedic oils, and clay.

Price: $6+

Location: Australia, U.S. online shop

Ethics:  Ethically-Sourced Ingredients, Certified Organic Ingredients, B-Corporation, Climate-Neutral, Plastic-Free, Compostable Packaging, Plants Trees

Shop Ethique Here

Zero waste skincare from Ethique:

Packed with argan oil, pro-retinol, & hemp therapeutic properties, Josie Maran’s affordable clean skincare products with good-for-you ingredients are head-to-toe superheroes. 

Their organic moisturizing oil for example is chock full of omega 3, 6, and 9 to restore your complexion’s firmness and elasticity. 

Also, the cleansing oils and ultra-hydrating body butters are rich in 100% pure argan oil. That said, the affordable organic skincare extends to face masks, bath & shower, hands, nails as well sustainable makeup.

Price: $29+

Location:  USA

Ethics: Clean And Natural Ingredients, Vegan & Cruelty- Free, Terra cycle Partners

Shop Josie Maran Here

Natural skincare from Josie Maran:

To help out with our skin-recovering process and help us regain our glowy, healthy complexion, Dab Herb developed a line of affordable clean skincare products with a holistic approach. 

Every handcrafted formula is made in micro-batches with food-grade, certified organic,wild-crafted ingredients. 

On top of that, they use sustainably sourced and reusable wooden jars to package their tinted moisturizers, powders, face mousse, primers, illuminizers, and balm-lipstick hybrids. The result? Natural skincare products that detoxify, hydrate, and control excess oils safely and sustainably.

Price: $25+

Location: USA

Ethics: Certified Organic Ingredients, Small Batches, Handmade, Biodegradable Wooden Jars, Usda Certified Organic Sustainable Farmers, Donations

Shop Dab Herb Here

Clean skincare from Dab Herb:

If you are looking to treat dry and cracked skin, Meow Meow Tweet’s line of affordable clean skincare products will be your new eco skin-mate. 

Formulated with certified organic ingredients and natural nourishing oils for a super-hydration boost, their range of cleaners, hydrators, moisturizers, and complexion treatments will balance the skin, deliver nutrients and promote cell regeneration on a budget.

Plus, you can take advantage of their refill program to restock your affordable organic skincare. Maybe you are running low on nontoxic sunscreen? They’ve got you too!

Price:  $6+

Location: USA

Ethics: Certified Organic Ingredients, Fair Trade, B-Certified Corporation, Climate-Neutral, Certified Plastic Negative, Leaping Bunny Certified, Refillable Bottles, Recyclable Packaging

Shop Meow Meow Tweet Here

Best affordable clean skincare from Meow Meow Tweet:

Earth Harbor harvests the power of ethically-sourced, synthetic-free, ingredients to treat, hydrate and nourish our complexion in the most eco-conscious way possible. 

In fact, they are the first-ever skincare brand that became Climate Neutral, Plastic-Negative, and 1% For The Planet Certified. 

Their affordable clean skincare products run the gamut from toners, moisturizers, cleansers, masks, hair texturizers, body serums, and soaps that can be filtered by skin concerns as well.

Price:  $19+

Location: USA

Ethics: Ethically-Sourced, Natural Ingredients, 95% In-House Production, Small-Batch Made, Solar Power,17 Sustainability Certifications, Donations

Shop Earth Harbor Here

A few favorites from Earth Harbor:

With so many natural skincare products and plastic-free bath formulas, Plum Brilliance is well-loved in the eco-community thanks to their skin-nourishing, wild-harvested ingredients. 

Each one of their affordable clean skincare products taps into aromatherapy with heavenly scented essential oils that calm and unwire the mind and body. 

From moisturizers, toners, and cleansers to soaps, scrubs, and deodorants, the organic skincare brand practically offers hydrating magic made through plant alchemy.

Price: $8.95+

Location: USA

Ethics: Organic & Plant-Based Ingredients, Small Batches, Woman-Owned

Shop Plum Brilliance Here

A few favorites from Plum Brilliance:

With an extensive range of plant-powerd, handcrafted affordable clean skincare products for the face, body, and hair, Fat and The Moon believes that “self-care is based in community care.” 

You can find botanical oils infused with calendula & burdock, herbal spot treatments, oat, clay & honey exfoliating cleansers, and olive oil & lavender facial scrubs – amongst many other natural skincare products. 

If you are an eco mum, don’t forget to check the brand’s “bump to babe” range.

Price: $18-$60

Location: USA

Ethics: Natural, Plant-Based & Organic Ingredients, Recyclable Packaging, Eco-Shipping, Donations

Shop Fat & The Moon Here

Clean skincare from Fat & The Moon:

Little Seed Farm’s zero waste affordable organic skincare formulas are developed through holistic sustainable practices in their own, family-owned farm. 

With micronutrient CoQ10, shea butter, a potent blend of botanical oils and more natural ingredients, all cruelty-free, clean skincare products are formulated with our sensitive skin in mind. 

In addition, everything is shipped in recyclable packaging.

Price: $11.99+

Location: USA

Ethics: Cruelty-Free, Organic Ingredients, Solar Panel Energy, Recycled Packaging

Shop Little Seed Farm Here

A few favorites from Little Seed Farm:

This post was all about affordable clean skincare products

No matter if you are in desperate need of a new clean beauty moisturizer, a powerful serum or an anti-aging night cream with plant-based, certified organic ingredients, our favorite affordable clean skincare products have all your complexion-related needs covered. 

We bet you couldn’t imagine that cruelty-free and vegan natural skincare products would be so budget-friendly, right? Well, there you have it; the best affordable organic skincare of 2023.

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