The Best Sustainable Mothers Day Gift Ideas For 2024!

sustainable mothers day gift ideas


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Looking for the perfect sustainable Mothers Day gifts to pamper the superhero in your life? 

The struggle to find the ultimate present is universal. We’ve all been there, pacing the aisles, scrolling endlessly online, and maybe even consulting friends for that great idea.

To help you find that one thing that will make her eyes light up, we made a list of fantastic eco friendly Mothers Day gifts. 

If you teeter between the practical and the sentimental, our curated list of sustainable gifts for mothers will definitely put a smile on her face. Let’s begin!

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eco friendly Mother's Day gift

Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gifts for Mothers.

Ah, Mother’s Day – that special occasion where we get to shower our amazing moms with love and gratitude. I mean, come on, where would we be without them, right? 

From wiping away our tears to cheering us, moms have been our steadfast supporters. So, why not take every opportunity to express our gratitude?

Do you go for the classic flowers, the cozy robes, or perhaps a spa day to give her the pampering she deserves? The sustainable Mothers Day gift ideas are endless, and the pressure is real.

The good news? No matter the gift you choose, it’s the thought and love behind it that counts. After all, she’s your mom, and she’ll appreciate the effort you put into making her day as special as she is. 

To make your decisions a tiny bit easier, we gathered some amazing eco friendly Mothers Day gifts for every preference. 

For the green-thumbed mom, there’s a great indoor garden system. If she’s a great home chef, why not indulge her passion with some top-notch cookware? 

For the mom who loves self-care and relaxation, a spa day, scented candles, or a silk pillowcase might just be exactly what she needs. 

When choosing sustainable gifts for mothers, the key is to think about her passions, interests, and what makes her uniquely wonderful. 

Below are some sustainable Mothers Day ideas to inspire you.

The Best Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts Of 2024:

1. Brilliant Earth Ethical Earrings

best sustainable mothers day gifts

Touted for being one of the most ethical jewelry brands for Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds, your mother will certainly fall in love with Brilliant Earth’s one-of-a-kind fine jewelry pieces. 

Whether she’s into classic or contemporary, there’s a pair of earrings for every taste.

On their virtual shelves, you can find over 400 different styles starting at only $95.

Think glamorous hoop earrings adorned with floating baguette clusters and pearl diamond earrings with a stunning halo of pavé-set diamond accents – just to name a few.

98% of Brilliant Earth’s gold and 97% of its silver is recycled. 

What’s more, they only use ethically sourced stones. Take your pick from natural and lab-grown diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Aquamarines, Topazes, or Moissanite.

Price: From $95+

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

Best Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts from Brilliant Earth:

2. Caraway Cookware Sets

Eco friendly mothers day gifts

Here’s one of our favorite sustainable Mothers Day gift ideas for moms who love cooking delicious meals. 

Caraway’s non-toxic cookware features safe ceramic nonstick coating, paired with stainless steel handles and an aluminum core. You won’t find any Teflon, PFAS, and heavy metals. 

From sautéing to frying and beyond, Caraway’s cookware can seamlessly transition from stovetop to oven, withstanding temperatures up to 550F. 

And when it’s time to bid adieu, keep in mind that they are recyclable.

Price: From $545+ for the “4-Piece Cookware Set”

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

 Best Eco Friendly Mothers Day Gift Ideas from Caraway:

3. Happy Earth Spring Dresses

mothers day gifts

If your mom loves sustainable spring dresses as much as mine, then you should definitely check out Happy Earth’s maxi and midi frocks.

All styles are made ethically in certified facilities from ultra-soft, premium organic cotton fabric.

The flowy, breeze silhouettes are to die for but what makes these dresses so darn pretty is the artful incorporation of cream, sage, and teal leaves. The best part? Hidden pockets, y’all!

Plus, your order will come wrapped in 100% post-consumer, recycled plastic!

If that wasn’t enough, Happy Earth is also a Climate Neutral Certified and B-corp that also lets us choose to clean up 1 pound of trash with every item you purchase.  

Price: From $64+  

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

Happy Earth Spring Dresses:

4. 360 Cookware Slow Cooker Set

sustainable mothers day gifts

Whether you’re craving perfectly melted chocolate, warm and scrumptious cheese dips, or hosting a fondue party for the whole family, this slow cooker set brings versatility to your culinary experiments. 

The set is handcrafted in the U.S.A. from cladded metal with 110 gauge and T-316 surgical-grade stainless steel. 

What I love the most about this cooker is its innovative Vapor® cooking method which helps you to create healthier, more flavorful dishes without the need for unhealthy fats or oils. 

Simply move it onto the slow-cooker base, and you have yourself a countertop slow-cooker and warmer – perfect for cozy nights in or busy weeknight dinners. 

Plus, from ergonomic handles for easy lifting to oven-safe construction up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and induction capability, this cooker is as practical as it is stylish.

Price: From $329+ 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland & Australia

360 Cookware Slow Cookers:

5. Click & Grow Indoor Garden

sustainable mothers day ideas

Click and Grow will help your mom kick-start her year-round gardening journey with a revolutionary smart indoor garden system

The brand uses a patented nano-material that effortlessly dispenses nutrients, oxygen, and water to your plants, to completely eliminate the need for extra effort on your part. 

This means that the plants will grow 30% faster and require 95% less water! 

All you have to do is choose from their impressive lineup of six different models. 

Then just add your own seeds or explore Click & Grow’s extensive collection of 75+ varieties, including herbs, flowers, and leafy greens.

Price: From $99.95+ for the “Smart Garden 3”

Location/Shipping: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore

 Indoor Gardens From Click & Grow:

6. Activist Skincare

eco friendly mothers day ideas

Next up is one of the most trusted non-toxic skincare brands in 2024 – the woman-owned company Activist Skincare

They formulate 100% zero-waste, sustainable, natural, refillable formulas that work.

All products can easily double as sustainable Mothers Day gifts – self-gifting is also permitted *wink*. 

The ingredients are vegan & cruelty-free, and all skincare comes in both gorgeous glass containers and refill pouches. 

Their amazing ingredients list includes lab-purified actives, antioxidants, and certified organic botanicals from ethical growers.

Sunscreens, hydrating serums, moisturizing creams, cleansers, oils – you name it, they have it. 

Price: From $28+ 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

Gift-Worthy Skincare From Activist Skincare:

7. Plush Beds Organic Mattress

sustainable gifts for mothers

Here’s a fantastic sustainable Mothers Day gift idea for those who want to splurge on something extra special.

Plush Beds’ GreenGuard Gold Certified natural mattresses will completely change your mom’s zzz quality. There are 2 amazing options! 

First, we have the botanical bliss organic latex mattress which is made from the world’s finest GOLS-certified organic latex, GOTS-certified organic cotton, and GOTS-certified organic wool. 

If you want something even more luxurious, check out the organic bliss pillowtop.

It’s equipped with 1” GOTS-certified organic wool and 3” GOLS-certified organic latex layers as well as 9”5-zoned, full perimeter quad coils.

Price: From 2949+ (Currently on Sale – SAVE $1250) 

Location/Shipping: United States  

8.  Pact Sustainable Robe

sustainable mothers day gifts for daughter in law

If you’re on the hunt for destined-to-be-loved, eco friendly Mothers Day gifts, check out Pact’s organic cotton robe from the “Staycation Collection.” 

This ultra-chic piece is ideal for those lazy mornings and relaxed evenings. 

Pact uses GOTS-certified organic cotton to create all loungewear staples ethically in a Fair Trade-certified factory. The robe features dropped shoulders and loose sleeves. 

Plus, with its removable belt and waist loops, you have the option to cinch it in for a flattering silhouette or let it flow freely for a relaxed fit.

Price: $‌65

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide

9. Laflore Paris Sustainable Bags

Sustainable mothers day gifts

Laflore Paris’s handcrafted designer bags for women are my newest crush — your mom will absolutely love them! 

The entire collection was developed by a father-daughter duo of French designers who took inspiration from the golden age of travel. 

To create timeless sustainable bags, Laflore Paris chooses vegan, premium cork straight from Portugal. On top of that, the lining is made from eco-friendly recycled cotton.

From versatile, convertible backpack purses and compact cork purses to options that look like a stylish fusion of a doctor bag and tote, there is something for every taste. 

I also love that the packaging is plastic-free, recycled, recyclable, and printed with soy ink!

Bonus Tip: Consider gifting your mom Laflore’s specially formulated cork conditioner and coloring creams to help her keep her bag in tip-top shape.

Price: From $120+

Location/Shipping: France, ships worldwide

10. Quince Sustainable Sweaters

best sustainable mothers day gift ideas

Moms have an affinity for quality wardrobe staples, even more so when said pieces are versatile, chic, and comfy. 

Quince’s grade-A Mongolian cashmere sweater collection is incredibly long-lasting and three times as warm as wool. 

I love that most sustainable sweaters come in over 10 different colors – from black to raspberry! 

So, there are plenty of sustainable gifts for mothers to choose from, all ethically made in Bsci-certified factories and very affordable, if I may add.

Price: From $50+ 

Location/Shipping: United States

11. Avocado Organic Silk Pillow Case

sustainable mothers day gift

On Avocado’s virtual shelves, you can find plenty of eco-friendly Mothers Day ideas for moms who cherish comfort above all else. 

The non-toxic mattress brand offers a silk pillowcase, ethically crafted from pure 22-momme mulberry silk. 

This ultra-soft, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified fabric is touted for its cooling properties. 

It’s also a skincare secret. Some swear by its ability to prevent wrinkles and maintain skin and hair hydration.

Plus, the pillowcase comes in a GOTS-certified organic cotton wash bag!

Price: $85

Location/Shipping: United States

12. Dooeys Sustainable House Slippers

sustainable mothers day gift for new moms

When it comes to the best sustainable Mothers Day gifts, comfort and practicality are at the top of our list. And Dooeys sustainable slippers check all our quality and style boxes. 

This fantastic female-founded brand creates cozy slippers from cruelty-free, plant-based, recycled materials, and organic cotton. 

Apple leather, cork insoles, sugarcane soles, and recycled poly lining – how amazing is that? 

The collection includes house loafers, house mules, and house sandals, all made in small batches at an ethical factory in Portugal.

Price: From $130+

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to Canada

13. Svala Vegan Tote Bags

organic mothers day gifts

Vegan leather handbags will always be one of the best sustainable gifts for mothers. 

Even more so when they are made of either natural, biodegradable, vegan cork fabric or MIRUM. 

Slava created a categorically new, plant-based, vegan material made by NFW with ZERO plastic. 

The 100% USDA-certified bio-based product is created with a combination of virgin natural materials such as natural rubber, plant oils, and cork. So it is as sustainable as it can get! 

To top it all off, the beautiful bags are crafted ethically crafted in LA.

Price: From $195+ 

Location/Shipping: United States, ships worldwide 

14. Fairtrade Flowers

sustainable mothers day gifts to send

No matter the occasion, fair trade flowers can absolutely brighten someone’s day.

Even more so if you’re looking for heartwarming sustainable Mothers Day gift ideas. 

Unlike traditional florists, Fairtrade flowers from certified stores come straight from the source and can also be traced back to the original farm.

This way, you are actively supporting farmers and workers who receive fair wages and work in safe conditions. 

Also, thanks to the use of gentler pesticides and improved waste management, the farmers are protecting vulnerable habitats​ all while following circular economy principles.

15. Book A Massage

best organic mothers day gifts

Our moms are the ultimate multitaskers – and they certainly deserve a much-needed break. 

So why not ditch physical eco friendly Mothers Day gifts and opt for a relaxing experience gift instead? 

Treat her to a rejuvenating spa day that melts away stress and tension, and allows her to unwind and indulge in self-care. 

Whether she prefers a Swedish massage for gentle relaxation or a deep tissue massage for muscle relief, this thoughtful gesture is a perfect way to show appreciation for all she does.  

16. Buy A Yoga Class Pass

best Eco friendly mothers day gifts

Surprise your mom with the gift of wellness this Mother’s Day by buying her a yoga class pass. 

Who wouldn’t love to explore the myriad of benefits of yoga?

I know I love it! It can help with back pain relief, and ease arthritis symptoms and stress! 

With various class options, from gentle flow to invigorating sessions, she can choose the practice that resonates most with her.  

17. Book A Mani/Pedicure

sustainable mothers day gifts for wife

Give your mom the pampering she deserves this Mother’s Day by booking a luxurious mani/pedicure session for her. 

Again, who needs physical items when there are so many sustainable Mothers Day ideas that rejuvenate without leaving waste? 

Help her pick the colors, and why not book an appointment for yourself as well for some mother-daughter bonding time? 

Bonus point if you can find a facility that uses non-toxic nail polish.

This was your full guide to the best eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts!

Our mothers are multifaceted, each with her own set of loves and fascinations. Whether she’s a beauty enthusiast, a fragrance connoisseur, or an advocate for sustainability, there’s a world of thoughtful and eco-friendly Mothers Day gifts waiting to reflect her individuality.

Whether you decide to choose a pair of dazzling earrings, an organic silk pillowcase, or a yoga session at the local studio, remember that the heart behind the gift is what truly matters. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the extraordinary moms out there! 

This post was graciously sponsored by Brilliant Earth. As always, we only work with brands that we stand behind. Would you like to sponsor one of our sustainable round-ups? Contact us here.

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