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21 Eco & Sustainable Jewelry Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List!

ethical jewelry gifts
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Danielle Alvarado


Are you looking for a gift idea for a loved one or maybe something special for yourself? We’ve put together a list of 21 Eco and Sustainable Jewelry gift ideas to help you out!

This post is about Eco and Sustainable Jewelry

ethical jewelry gifts
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Giving jewelry as a gift is a great idea– it can be meaningful, but also very practical – even for the most “hard to shop for” people on your list. The best way to gift with intention is to choose eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry brands to support. 

When it comes to sustainability, there is plenty of chatter regarding clothing and home goods, but jewelry is often left out of the conversation. So we wanted to highlight some of our favorites. It’s not just about using recycled metals or ethically sourcing materials for these brands, their sustainability and social efforts go way above and beyond. Their practices range from supporting local communities where the pieces are being made to striving towards a 100% circular business model. On top of all this, sustainable jewelry brands tend to be of the absolute highest quality.

In order to create this sustainable jewelry gift guide, we had to ask a few crucial questions.

  • Are the materials recycled or ethically sourced?
  • Is production environmentally sound? What does the business model look like?
  • Are they produced within respectful and ethical working conditions?

A sustainable jewelry company will answer ‘yes’ to all of the above. Luckily, we did all the heavy lifting for you. You can rest assured that the following recommendations are sure to make your loved ones and the planet happy.

This post was kindly sponsored by the amazingly sustainable jewelry brand Rebel Nell, our partner who we absolutely adore. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through our links we may earn a small commission – at no additional cost to you – that helps to fund Sustainably Kind Living. Thank you for your support!

Now, Our Top 21 Sustainable Jewelry Pieces

1. The Everyday Bracelet Made with The Big Heads!

sustainable jewelry gift guie
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This gorgeous Taylor Bracelet comes from the amazingly sustainable jewelry brand Rebel Nell. This is such a great (and historically magical) gift that can be worn daily. Rebel Nell is well known for restoring memories through its gorgeous jewelry line. The material for these pieces comes from the Papier-mâché heads from the Big Head Corps and the Parade Company (so cool!).

A little more on this very cool collaboration:

Price: $50.00

Materials: Repurposed materials such as fallen graffiti, Papier-mâché, and more!

Ethics: Women-owned business, Repurposed Materials, Ethical & Sustainable

Shop Rebel Nell Here

2. The Perfect Necklace for the Plant Lover

sustainable jewelry
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This beautiful eco-friendly necklace made by L. Greenwalt Jewelry is inspired by the Monstera plant. It comes in various chain lengths from 16.5″ to 28″, so it will pair well with any top. Also available in yellow bronze or sterling silver.

Wearing this is a fantastic way to bring a little nature to your look of the day.

Price: $76.00

Materials: Sterling Silver or Bronze

Ethics: Handcrafted, sustainable materials, made in the USA, vegan

Shop The Abstract Monstera Plant Necklace Here

3. A Delicate Stacking Ring To Accent Any Style

eco friendly jewelry
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Looking for a more delicate piece? Here it is! This sustainable ring by Sara Patino is pretty enough to be worn alone or stacked with your other favorite rings. It is made from recycled gold with a hammered finish. Destined to be one of your go-to rings!

Price: $52.00

Materials: 14k Gold Filled, White Topaz stone

Ethics: Handcrafted, recycled/upcycled, made in the USA, Women Owned

Size Range: 6-8

Shop the Gold Recycled Stacking Ring Here

4. The Future is Female! Chain Necklace

eco friendly jewelry
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Help the favorite women in your life remember how powerful they are! This sustainable necklace designed by Chocolate and Steel Jewelry serves as a visual nudge for them to step into their strength. Not only is this one eco-friendly, but a portion of the profits also goes to social justice non-profits around the nation.

Price: $66.00

Materials: 100% recycled sterling silver

Ethics: Women-Owned, Sustainable Manufacturing, Handmade, Made in USA, recycled content

Shop The Quote Necklace Here

5. The Most Gorgeous Bangle Set In Existence

eco friendly bangle
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This bracelet from SOKO is one of our favorites. A gorgeous mix of recycled brass and teak wood, it catches everyone’s eye. Along with looking great, you’ll be supporting a company that promotes artisan innovation and entrepreneurship.

Price: $118.00

Materials: 24k gold plated, sustainable sourced Sudanese Teakwood

Ethics: Certified B Corp, Women-led company, Fairtrade, Recycled packaging

Shop The Interlocking Bangles Here

6. A Ring to Inspire Her On the Daily

sustainable jewelry
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This wrap ring by Chocolate and Steel serves as a perfect visual reminder to never give up. As we all know, every day can bring challenges and we could all use a little inspiration to keep us on track. This ring does just that! And as a bonus, a portion of the purchase will go to different social justice non-profits across the nation.

Price: $50.00

Materials: 100% recycled sterling silver

Ethics: 100% recycled sterling silver, Made in the USA in solar and wind-powered studio

Size Range: 4-9

Shop The Wrap Ring

7. Gorgeous Minimalist Earrings with A Little Bit “More”

eco friendly jewelry
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These unique earrings are handmade in Malawi, Tanzania by YEWO. Made from recycled brass. The workshop is solar-powered and run by women. How amazing is that?

No two pieces are the same- just like us.

Price: $32.00

Materials: Recycled Brass, Sterling Silver posts

Ethics: Handcrafted, recycled/upcycled, vegan, women-owned

Shop The Sisal Recycled Earrings Here

8. A Stunning Drop Necklace To Elevate Any Outfit

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This sustainable beauty from YEWO is made of satin gold and locally sourced claystone. It is named “Kwera” which means “to climb” in Tumbuka. A necklace with elegance, meaning, and good for the planet. What else could you ask for?

Price: $44.00

Materials: Satin gold plated, locally-sourced claystone or slate stone

Ethics: Handcrafted, recycled/upcycled, vegan, women-owned

Shop The Kwera Necklace Here

9. A Statement Cuff for at Added “Pop”

eco friendly jewelry
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Purchase of this eco-friendly bold bracelet designed by Abby Alley supports women artisans in East Africa, which should make you feel even more amazing wearing this exceptional piece.

Made of brass and ethically sourced bone. It’s one of a kind and sure to make an impact.

Price: $68.00

Materials: Brass, ethically sourced bone

Ethics: Handcrafted, Women-owned

Shop The Eliza Cuff Bracelet Here

10. The Ultimate Layering Necklace

eco friendly necklace
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The “Amy” necklace by Rebel Nell is the ultimate layering necklace. She is available in multiple lengths and colors to create your own unique look. This is another amazing piece from Rebell Nell in partnership with the Big Heads Paper-mâché currently created and maintained in Detroit, Michigan for the Thanksgiving Parade®!

This necklace is named “Amy” and gives the intention to live life to the fullest and make every day as amazing as possible.

Price: $80.00

Materials: sterling silver, repurposed paint

Ethics: Women-owned, repurposed materials

Shop The Amy Necklace Here

11. Uneven U Drop Earrings to Spice It Up

eco friendly jewelry
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Looking for a classy and minimalist earring? Look no further than these sustainable beauties from Baleen. These elegant earrings are the perfect accessory for a simple and refined look. From workday to date night, you can not go wrong with these lovelies.

They are handcrafted in a zero-waste facility in Seattle, WA.

Price: $28.00

Materials: Recycled sterling silver

Ethics: Sustainable manufacturing, handmade, recycled packaging, made in USA, recycled content

Shop the Uneven Drop Earrings Here

12. The Best Pride Earrings We Ever Did See

eco friendly pride
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These unique and sustainable wooden earrings created by Green Tea Jewelry are surprisingly lightweight and add some color to any day. Wear them to show your support for the LBGTQ community or just because you simply love rainbows!

The company is family-owned and based in San Diego, CA.

Price: $14.95

Materials: Sustainable wood

Ethics: Made in the USA, FSC Certified, Packaged in 90% recycled material, Laser cut for minimal waste

Shop The Pride Wooden Earrings Here

13. Neutral Stone Studs for The Minimalist Lovers

eco friendly jewelry
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Not only are these sustainable earrings amazing (made with locally sourced clay and slate), but so are the makers: YEWO! The owners travel to Malawi to train their makers in the art of metalsmithing. Each local worker is paid 2-3x the national average salary. Cheers to them!

Price: $32.00

Materials: Locally sourced claystone and slate stone, Sterling silver posts

Ethics: Handcrafted, recycled/upcycled, vegan, women-owned, Handmade in Malawi

Shop The Muli Recycled Earrings Here

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Don’t forget the cuff link lovers in your life! Up their game with these amazing one-of-a-kind cufflinks by Rebel Nell. Each piece is one of a kind, sustainable, and handcrafted in Detroit out of repurposed layers of fallen graffiti paint. Every lover of french cuff shirts is sure to love these!

Price: $120.00

Materials: Sterling Silver, graffiti sourced from The Alley Project in Detroit, Michigan

Ethics: Women-Owned, Repurposed Materials

15. Gorgeous Lunar Eclipse Earrings

eco friendly jewelry
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These sustainable earrings from Green Tea Jewelry are the ideal gift for your astrology-loving friends and family. Each earring has the moon phases laser cut into them. They are made of birchwood to keep them incredibly lightweight for everyday wear.

Price: $14.95

Materials: sustainable wood

Ethics: Made in the USA, FSC Certified, packaged in 90% recycled material

Shop The Lunar Eclipse Wooden Earrings

16. A Statement Square Ring

eco friendly jewelry
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This sustainable ring from Abby Alley stands out! Its square shape is like no other. It is available in two widths (1cm or 3cm), for whatever vibe you’re looking to create. For an extra bold look- stack them together!

Price: $40.00

Materials: Ethically sourced brass

Ethics: Handcrafted, Women-owned

Shop The Square Ring Here

17. A Great Masculine Bracelet

eco friendly jewelry
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This bracelet is geared toward men, but anyone can cherish this amazing piece by Son of a Sailor. This simple bracelet is a great minimalist look to pair with endless outfits. It is made with Japanese glass with brass accents on a story leather cord.

Price: $30.00

Materials: Japanese glass with brass accents, leather cord

Ethics: Handcrafted, Made in the USA, Women Owned

Range: Topaz or Black

Shop The Mesa Bracelet Here

18. The Chaka Bangle for a Delicate Sparkle

minimalist jewelry
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In Tumbuka, “Chaka” means ‘year’. Wear this sustainable bangle created by YEWO as a reminder to make your year what you want it to be, a gentle reminder of your intentions.

Each Chaka bracelet has slight variations- which are meant to be celebrated.

Price: $18.00

Materials: Recycled Brass

Ethics: Handcrafted, Recycled/upcycled, vegan, Women Owned

Shop The Chaka Bangle Here

19. Wish Upon A Star Ring

eco friendly jewelry
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This little ring by Iron Oxide mirrors the North Star. Maybe a way to remember to dream big. It is dainty and sweet, making it perfect to wear alone or stack. Each eco-friendly ring is cast by hand in solid gold-tone bronze or sterling silver.

Price: $79.00

Ethics: Handcrafted, sustainable material, made in the USA, Women Owned

Materials: Recycled solid gold-tone bronze or sterling silver

Sizes: 5-10

Shop The Aster Ring Here

20. The Perfect Sustainable Hoops

sustainable jewelry
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The gorgeous Marli Hoops from Salt + Still are made from ethically sourced sterling silver and bronze to create the perfect hoops. Always made in small and intentional batches.

Price: $120.00

Materials: Hand-shaped solid bronze or sterling silver, Sterling silver posts and backs

Ethics: Handcrafted, ethically-sourced raw materials, made in the USA, Women Owned

Shop The Marli Hoops Here

21. Drop Earrings With A Memorable Twist

eco friendly jewelry
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These earrings, by the amazing Rebel Nell team, are made from recycled graffiti! Unique is an understatement. The Rebel Nell team takes their artistic visions to create pieces that are of no other kind in the world. Marking life’s important moments via repurposing and upcycling moments in history (including graffiti!). Learn more about how your purchase supports its awe-inspiring mission here.

Price: $140.00

Materials: 18k gold plated on sterling silver, Grafitti

Ethics: Women-Owned, Repurposed materials

Shop The Molly Earrings Here

This blog was about Eco and Sustainable Jewelry, we loved looking for these beautiful pieces that ticked all the boxes of what eco and sustainability mean to us. So we hope you found some pieces that you love or think someone you know may enjoy.

This post is about Eco and Sustainable Jewelry

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SKL is reader supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn affiliate commission. Learn more here.

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