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21 Zero Waste Flip Flops Made With Eco Friendly Materials

Eco Sandals
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Konstantina Antoniadou


Looking for sustainable sandals & zero waste flip flips for your future seaside adventures? Recycled sandals are perfect for everyday wear around the city when the temperatures get too high. Do you want to curate a capsule wardrobe with ethical, zero waste flip flops and sandals that will last you for years? We’ve got all your fashion needs covered.

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This post is about sustainable sandals and zero waste flip flops.

Sustainable Sandals
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Let’s be honest; not many things manage to rival the versatility of a pair of durable and beautiful sandals. Consider it as the sartorial equivalent to a perfectly-mixed cocktail on a hot summer day — an absolute necessity. However, sustainable slides, ethical flat lace-up sandals, and seriously sturdy flip-flops are hard to come by. Luckily for us, 2022 has some great options up its sleeves.

From the best sustainable hiking sandals or beach flip flops for your next outdoors shenanigans to men’s sustainable sandals that are both minimalistic and oh-so-comfy, take a look at our top 21 ethical footwear options below.

What makes a sandal or flip flop sustainable?

Everything begins with the raw materials – even with zero waste flips flops and susty sandals. Some of the most popular eco-friendly alternatives include natural fibers (like Cork or hemp) or upcycled and recycled materials (eg. TENCEL Lyocell). Ethical sandals can also be made from real leather if it’s a by-product of the meat industry or plant-based vegan leather. Also, we should take into consideration the greener practices in the production and distribution chain. Last but not least, slow fashion brands that offer sustainable sandals have strict fair trade regulations in place to ensure the well-being of their workers.  

Are recycled sandals sustainable?

Yes, recycled sandals are sustainable! While the production of clothing and footwear requires water and energy, that’s not the case for recycled flip flops. Most ethical brands use recycled rubber sourced from trashed tires, as well as recycled plastic waste that was previously dumped in landfills.

Are sustainable sandals worth the cost?

Eco-friendly flip flops and sustainable sandals are absolutely worth the cost. These wardrobe staples have much higher quality and last for years. Keep in mind that slow fashion brands have to cover fair wages for labor, environmental-friendly manufacturing as well as the cost of ethical materials.

This post is about Sustainable Flip Flops & Sandals

The Best Sustainable Sandals for Everyone!

Are you looking for sustainable slides with double velcro straps? Maybe you need a pair of artisan handcrafted organic sandals for your seaside afternoon walks? The US-based ethical footwear brand Bhava has you covered. They use natural, recycled, and cruelty-free materials to create eco-conscious mules, strappy styles, and more!

Price: $129 – $265

Ethics: Sustainable and recycled materials, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 35-41

Shop Bhava Here

The Portugal-based slow-fashion brand is ready to upgrade our beach-ready ensembles with recycled sandals made from PET, cork, organic cotton, and Pinatex. The brand is a part of the ReMove Project, which cleans plastic waste from the ocean and, in return, it gets recycled into footwear. As the name suggests “No animal exploitation”, Nae’s footwear is PETA-approved and carbon-neutral.

Price: $99

Ethics: Sustainable and recycled materials, Carbon-neutral manufacturing, PETA-approved, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from Portugal, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 36 – 42

Shop Nae Vegan Here

Shop Some Of Our Favorites From Nae Vegan:

Verdura’s organic sandals are ethically and lovingly handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy. The result? Recycled fishing net sandals that are equal parts comfy and utterly stylish. The brand also uses natural cork for the strap as well as recycled rubber and wasted cork mix sole for both women’s and men’s sustainable sandals lines. You can even cop some unique warm-weather approve boots!

Price: €138 – €305

Ethics: 100% vegan-friendly, sustainable and recycled materials, made in Italy, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from Italy, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 35-41

Shop Verdura Here

Salt & Umber will be your go-to destination for gorgeous flip flops and sandals that women absolutely swear by! Each pair is ethically handcrafted in small batches with locally sourced, recycled, and upcycled materials to minimize plastic waste. The family-owned brand carries sustainable slides with their signature, multicolored linen woven bands, mules, lace-ups, and many more options.

Price: $71 – $119

Ethics: sustainable, recycled and upcycled materials, made in small batches, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Size Range: 6-9

Shop Salt & Umber Here

The certified B Corp brand Nisolo strictly monitors the company’s social and environmental impact. On their virtual shelves, there is a slew of women’s and men’s sustainable sandals made from real leather (a by-product of the meat industry). The brand uses tanneries that are certified via the Leather Working Group. As for the manufacturing process, Nisolo has its own ethical factory in Peru. Furthermore, they also offset their emissions with Ecosphere.

Price: $130

Ethics: B-certified brand, sustainable materials, ethical leather, offsets emissions

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Size Range: 5-11

Shop Nisolo Here

Swahili Coat’s mission is as admirable as their handmade, hand-beaded, and hand-pieced sustainable sandals and zero waste flip flops. They focus on fighting poverty, giving opportunities to East African women, and embracing their traditional craft. The brand’s classic ethical sandals and flip flops are made from all-Natural Tanzanian leather. What’s even more amazing? You can choose to show your support to women who crafted your footwear through the” Tip your Artisans” program.

Price: $100

Ethics: sustainably-sourced leather, handmade  by local artisans, “Tip your artisans” program 

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Size Range: 6-11

Shop Swahili Coast Here

Indosole’s extensive collection of recycled flip flops and gorgeous sandals is certainly impressive. The certified B Corp brand aims to outfit us with ethical flip-flops, crocs, platforms, and sustainable slides in a plethora of different colors and patterns. They also carry a fantastic line of men’s sustainable sandals that are also made from recycled tires. Think sturdy, waterproof, ethically made sustainable hiking sandals that double as a street-ready addition to your future strolls in the city.

Price: $55

Ethics: Certified B-corp, recycled materials, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Size Range: 4-11

Shop Indosole Here

Sustainable sandals ethically made in Guatemala? Yes, please! The Root Collective offers handwoven footwear designed with our comfort in mind. Rest assured that the workers who crafted your boho-inspired sandals and sustainable slides, earn anywhere from 50-400% above the Fair Wage minimum in Guatemala.

Price: $148

Ethics: Sustainable Materials, Handmade in Guatemala , Fair Labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Size Range: 5-11

Shop The Root Collective Here

Fortress of Inca has partnered up with family-owned factories in Peru to create the most stylish collection of organic sandals. The brand sources materials locally as well as high-quality leather that’s a by-product of the meat industry. From flats to heels and everything in between, Fortress of Inca’s collection will be a fantastic addition to your daywear or eveningwear rotation.

Price: $180 – $250

Ethics: Sustainably sourced leather and materials, ethically made in Peru

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 35-41

Shop Fortress of Inca Here

The chic Parisian brand Sezane is hailed as one of the best destinations for sustainable sandals in Europe. They are B Corp certified and focus on eco-friendly materials which make our sustainable slides and sandals even more coveted. Sezane also gives back via DEMAIN and has raised 4 million euros to support thousands of children, teenagers, and adults thus far.

Price: 120€-165€

Ethics: Sustainable materials, fair labor, B-certified, donations

Location/Shipping: Sold from France worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 35 – 42

Shop Sezane Here

Designed in Paris and produced in Italy, Nomasei certainly has a European charm. To minimize waste, the brand puts out only two collections per year, so make sure to grab your sustainable sandals while they are still available. Their line is made from biodegradable soles, recyclable zippers, and ethically sourced leathers. Nomasei adheres to OECD’s ethical practices as well.

Price:  €299

Ethics: sustainable and recycled materials, made in Europe, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from France

Size Range: 36 – 41

Shop Nomasei Here

Huma Blanco’s handcrafted sustainable sandals certainly don’t go unnoticed. Blame it on the luxurious, locally sourced, natural Peruvian materials (suede, alpaca, and calf hair) that are processed will all-natural dyes. Maybe, it’s also the fact that they are carrying an otherworldly gorgeous sculpted, round heel and super soft leather straps. One thing is certain; you will be very pressed to find organic sandals more chic than these.

Price: $270 – $290

Ethics: sustainable materials, natural dyes, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping

Size Range: 36-41

Shop Huma Blanco Here

When it comes to handmade women’s and men’s sustainable sandals, Adalante Shoe is at the forefront of the ethical footwear sphere. The brand’s eco-friendly production methods reduce their impact on the environment. Rest assured that your mules and flats were made with ethically sourced, full-grain leather using Goodyear welt construction so that your sustainable sandals can be resoled again and again.

Price: $160 – $240

Ethics: Sustainably-sourced leather, eco-friendly production, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Size Range: 4-15

Shop Adalante Shoe Here

What makes Brother Vellie’s ethical sandals so special is their vision to preserve African design practices and specific techniques while also offering opportunities to talented local artisans. From sustainable slides and flip flops to lace-ups and mules, the brand will tick all your quality and style boxes. Currently, their collections are manufactured ethically across the globe.

Price: $385-$615

Ethics: sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing, fair labor 

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US

Size Range: 5-12

Shop Brother Vellies Here

Darzah is a non-profit women’s economic empowerment initiative that aims to offer us an ethical wardrobe upgrade ahead of the summer season. They use leather, rubber, and embroidery techniques to create their ethical footwear. For every dollar spent on handmade sustainable sandals (and on every other product), the brand offers 80% to their wonderful female artisans who provided over 17,000 hours of work.

Price: $189

Ethics: Handmade, ethically-sourced leather, fair labor 

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 36 – 41

Shop Darzah Here

Laiik is a Greek ethical footwear brand for sustainable sandals made with ” meraki” from luxurious veg-tanned leather. The collection carries an array of different styles from ethical sandals with elegant straps, to clogs and sustainable heel sandals – everything handmade in two small family-run factories in Athens.

Price: $140 – $175

Ethics: Ethically-made in Greece, veg-tanned leather, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from Greece, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 35-40

Shop Laiik Here

Spanish brand Pons Avarcas has a long history in ethical footwear. They begin producing their sustainable sandals back in 1945 using locally sourced materials. Avarcas is touted for its exceptional color range (40+). From espadrilles and sustainable heel sandals to classic-styles, let’s just that that choosing your favorite will be a very hard task.

Price: $85 – $108

Ethics: Sustainable materials, handmade in Spain, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 34-41

Shop Pons Avarcas Here

We already knew that Etsy is the e-home of some of the most creative people, but Handmade Love’s affordable ethical sandals definitely stand out! The brand uses 100% natural straw upper and rubber outsoles to create organic sandals for women. You can opt for cute straw slippers and sustainable slides in so many different colors!

Price: $38

Ethics: sustainable materials, handmade in India

Location/Shipping: Sold from India, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 4,5 – 9,5

Shop Handmade Love Here

Something is amazing about knowing that your organic sandals were lovingly handmade by skilled artisans in faraway places. Proud Mary Footwear can give you just that! Sustainable sandals, platforms, and slip ons created ethically by female artisans in Marocco. The collection features eco-friendly raffia. Don’t forget you check their sustainable slides. They are comfy, beautiful, & perfectly unique.

Price: $162

Ethics: Sustainable materials, Handmade in Morocco, Fair labor

Location/Shipping: Sold from the US, ships to Canada

Size Range: 36 – 42

Shop Proud Mary Footwear Here

Recycled sandals and luxurious sustainable flip flops with a vintage flair? Sounds like a dream! Christy Dawn’s collection is crafted from sustainably sourced upcycled leather. Each pair is handmade in Los Angeles by talented artists. They also source deadstock fabrics and manufacture everything in LA. Minimal, chic, and made to last. What more can we ask for?

Price: €‌300

Ethics: Sustainable and upcycled materials, ethically made in LA, fair labor

Location/Shipping: Ships from the US, worldwide shipping available

Size Range: 5-11

Shop Christy Dawn Here

Vestiaire Co might not be an ethical footwear brand, but it is a fantastic e-destination for pre-loved sustainable sandals at great prices. Whether you are a fan of high-end or luxury brands, this website has it all! You can filter the results by category, country, designer, price, and condition.

Price: various

Ethics: pre-loved fashion 

Location/Shipping: Worldwide

Size Range: All Sizes

Shop Vestiaire Co. Here

This post was all about sustainable sandals and zero waste flips flops.

We’ve been totally smitten with the dozens of amazing sustainable sandals that are currently available online! From stylish recycled flip flops with good-for-the-planet manufacturing practices and sustainable slides that are comfy and versatile, there is an option for every taste. Can you think of a better way to upgrade your ethical wardrobe arsenal this season than with a pair of handmade organic sandals? Think not! Chic sustainable heel sandals are also great candidates!


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Sustainable Sandals
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