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Looking for the best zero waste online shops to kick-start your eco-friendly journey in 2024? We’ve got you!

Let’s be real for a second – striving for perfection in a zero-waste lifestyle isn’t always easy or attainable. It can be challenging, expensive, and downright time-consuming. And you know what? That’s totally okay. 

The important thing is to do our best to reduce the 350 million metric tons of plastic waste we produce per year. 

Every small change you make – whether it’s swapping out single-use plastics for reusable alternatives or composting your food scraps – makes a difference.

The SKL team gathered the best package-free stores around the world that offer everything from plastic-free kitchen essentials to sustainable skincare products. 

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zero waste online stores

Best Package-Free, Zero Waste Online Shops in 2024!

Let’s talk trash – literally. Plastic waste has become a massive concern, choking our oceans, polluting our landfills, and destroying our Planet. I’d very much like to start this post with an upbeat and funny note, but, unfortunately, the issue is pretty darn serious. 

To put this into perspective, 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations EVERY YEAR. Much of this plastic waste comes from single-use items like plastic bags, straws, and water bottles. 

Marine life, from sea turtles to dolphins, are falling victim to our plastic addiction, mistaking discarded bags and bottles for food or becoming entangled in plastic debris.

You see, plastic waste doesn’t magically disappear when it’s tossed into the trash. It lingers for centuries. Shockingly, most plastic takes at least 400 years to break down, leaching harmful chemicals into the soil and water as it slowly breaks down.

The good news? We have the power to change that. Instead of reaching for those plastic-wrapped products, opt for plastic-free alternatives from one of the many zero-waste online shops.

Think glass jars, refillable cleaning products, stainless steel containers, and bamboo utensils. Heck, you can even  DIY zero waste swaps for the bathroom & kitchen, if you feel like it!

Also, instead of buying small quantities of pantry goods, make plastic-free food shopping habits and buy in bulk!

Below is our directory of the best package-free stores in the United States, Australia, and Europe. 

Best Zero Waste Online Shops In The United States & Canada

1. Zero Waste Store

Best online stores for sustainable living

Aside from being one of the zero-waste shops online, the Zero Waste Store also supports small businesses to thrive.

On their virtual shelves, you can find a slew of hair care products (from shampoo bars to bamboo hair brushes) as well as oral hygiene, clean beauty, bath and body, and household items!

Also, they offer swoop-worthy zero waste super kits that are ideal for gift-giving or self-pampering. 

Ethics: 100% all-natural, ethically sourced, zero waste products, small brands, plastic-free & 100% biodegradable packaging, carbon offsetting, 1% for the planet, donations

Location/Shipping: United States | Ships to Canada

2. Zero Waste Outlet

zero waste online shops

For affordable plastic-free products for laundry, home cleaning, kitchen, and bathroom sets look no further than Zero Waste Outlet

Thrill-seekers will absolutely love the range of budget-friendly eco-friendly travel products, but the highlight is definitely their starter kit line that promises to help you upgrade your sustainability game with ease. 

Ethics: Family-owned business, zero-waste products, plastic-free packaging

Location/Shipping: Idaho, United States | Ships within the United States

3. EarthHero

Eco-conscious brands with package-free options

On EarthHero’s virtual shelves, there are over 250+ world-changing brands you can trust for your sustainability journey. 

Everything is made from recycled, natural, and organic materials with renewable energy sources and packed in zero-waste boxes to minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

You can shop by category, brand, or values and they also offer corporate gifting for business!

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral Certified, zero-waste products, recyclable packaging, offsetting, renewable energy sources, 1% for the planet

Location/Shipping: United States | Ships worldwide

4. Plaine Products

Zero waste home goods online

Plaine Products is one of the best refillable body wash brands on the eco market.

Each sulfate, palm oil, and silicone-free, vegan formula is packed in a reusable aluminum bottle that’s 100% biodegradable. 

Also, the brand offers subscriptions that you can cancel at any time.

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, Leaping Bunny Certified, Certified WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise, cruelty-free & vegan, carbon neutral, 100% plastic-free shipping, 1% for the planet

Location/Shipping: Ohio, United States | Ships to Canada & Puerto Rico

5. Package Free Shop

The Package Free Shop offers the most eco-friendly versions of the products you use daily – from cleaning and laundry products to clean beauty and skincare, menstrual health, and more.

Lauded as one of the best zero waste shops online, they offer over 6 different “kits” to make your zero waste laundry, shaving, and oral hygiene a breeze. 

Ethics: Zero-waste products, 100% recyclable packaging, donations

Location/Shipping: New York, United States | Ships worldwide

6. Etee

best zero waste online shops usa

Etee offers a striking collection of over 40 unique plastic-free household items to help you tackle all your dishwashing and cleaning as well as offer you zero-waste and vegan alternatives to haircare and bath and body products.

They source natural, 100% biodegradable materials and ship their beautifully-packed goods sustainably to US and Canadian addresses.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, sustainable ingredients, cruelty-free, gives back

Location/Shipping: Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Ships worldwide

7. EcoRoots

Top-rated zero waste online stores

Looking for the best package-free store for organic face and beauty products that are sustainably packaged & vegan?

EcoRoots zero-waste shampoo & conditioner barsnatural deodorants, and home cleaning products are the answer!

Opt for singles or bundles and rest assured that everything is handmade in small batches with low-waste methods

Ethics: Women-owned, small business, low-waste, recyclable & reusable packaging, vegan, donations

Location/Shipping: United States | Ships worldwide

8. Common Good

best Zero waste home goods online

The Common Good develops plant-based, biodegradable formulations for all our cleaning needs – including dishes, laundry, hands, and home cleaning formulas in glass bottles.

Simply head over to one of the many refill stations or order your product replacements online to refill your concentrated soaps and keep your sustainable home sparkling clean.

Plus, gift sets are also available just in case you want to spoil your friends too!

Ethics: Organic ingredients, zero-waste products, recyclable packaging, 100% carbon neutral shipping, refills 

Location/Shipping: New York, United States | Ships worldwide

9. Marley’s Monsters

Best-reviewed zero waste e-commerce sites

Marley’s Monsters aims to help us get rid of single-use paper towels “One UNpaper® towel at a time.”

The brand offers cute and colorful options adorned with a slew of prints as well as zero-waste alternatives to pretty much every household item – from silicone sandwich bags and stainless steel kitchenware to bath and beauty formulas!

Ethics: Zero-waste products, eco-materials, in-house production

Location/Shipping: Oregon, United States | Ships worldwide

10. Ecoternatives


Known as the world’s most affordable zero-waste online shop, Ecoternatives has reviewed 1400+ eco-friendly products to find the best deals without compromising on the quality of sustainability. 

This B-certified company proudly donates 50% of its profits to other non-profits which is amazing!

All you have to do is pick which cause you want to support with your purchase. 

Whether you’re looking for bathroom products, menstrual products, beauty or cleaning products, or pet products, you’ll definitely find your new favorites here. 

And no worries, Ecoternatives’ shipments are carbon neutral and every order is neatly packed in sustainable packaging.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, post-consumer recycled material packaging, 100% plastic-free & carbon-neutral shipping, donate 2.5% of sales 

Location/Shipping: United States | Ships to Canada & the United Kingdom 

11. Sun & Swell

zero waste product ideas

With a fantastic selection of organic, plant-based health foods, the certified woman-owned, B-Corporation Sun & Swell makes plastic-free food shopping a whole lot easier. 

Delicious nuts and seeds dried fruits, grains, superfoods, snacks – you name it, they have it. 

What’s more, the company prioritizes sourcing from US farms, as close to their home in California as possible. 

Plus, all products come “dressed” in compostable shipping boxes and arrive at your doorstep through carbon-neutral shipping. 

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, women-owned, zero-waste products, 100% compostable packaging, eco-friendly shipping, send-back program 

Location/Shipping: United States 

12. Tiny Yellow Bungalow

plastic free food shopping

The cult-favorite package-free store Tiny Yellow Bungalow is a thriving eco-community and one-stop destination for all things eco-friendly and plant-based. 

Their catalog is over-packed with amazing sustainable finds for the entire home. 

You can find bath and body products, kitchen and dining gems, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, kids’ must-haves, and dozens of ethically handmade items. 

Of course, zero-waste shipping is a given.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, plastic-free packaging, zero-waste shipping  

Location/Shipping: Athens, Georgia, United States | Ships worldwide 

13. Zefiro Chicago

zero waste products

Zefiro is one of the best package free shops for cleaning supplies, eco-friendly kitchen tools, and natural health and beauty products free from unnecessary packaging.

The brand aims to minimize single-use waste with eco-materials such as fully compostable organic cotton and bamboo which require less water and energy!

Ethics: Zero-waste products, recycling, eco packaging, 1% for the planet

Location/Shipping: Chicago, Illinois United States | Ships worldwide

14. A Drop In The Ocean

Eco-friendly package-free shopping

Touted as one of the most sustainable package-free shops in the US for home and personal care products, offering milkman-style local delivery to further minimize their environmental footprint.

From organic skincare and haircare to natural laundry detergents and eco razors, the brand has everything you need and more!

Ethics: Woman-owned business, milkman-style local deliveries, zero-waste packaging, product refills, donations

Location/Shipping: Washington, United States | Ships worldwide

15. It’s All Good

Zero waste bulk shopping online

As one of the top zero-waste online stores, It’s All Good thrives on delivering 100% plastic-free, organically sourced food to your door.

From black beans and coconut flakes to coconut sugar, green lentils, and quinoa penne, the brand will deliver the happiness of a stocked pantry minus the excessive waste that comes with it. 

Ethics: Organic & gluten-free, refillable jars, zero-waste packaging

Location/Shipping: Texas, United States | Ships within United States

16. Life Without Plastic

best Top-rated zero waste online stores

Just as the name suggests, Life Without Plastic is one of the best online destinations for eco alternatives to plastic essentials.

The brand offers the “unbreakable dish set” as well as many other food storage and accessories for your kitchen.

And in case you are looking for bath & body plastic-free formulas, they’ve got you covered as well.

Also, you can opt for the quarterly subscription or a one-time box to try some new products we already know you’ll love.

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, Green America Certified Business, plastic-free products, subscriptions

Location/Shipping: United States | Ships worldwide

17. The Refill Shoppe

Best zero waste online shops

Another fantastic addition to the list of amazing stores for refillable, zero waste products is definitely The Refill Shoppe.

Through their zero-waste refill subscription program, you can get over 50 different items delivered to your door every month.

From moisturizers, balanced scrubs, and face washes to home and cleaning products as well as fantastic gifts, the choices are endless. 

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, Eco Excellence Awards, reused, recycled & recyclable packaging, one tree planted, donations

Location/Shipping: United States, ships to United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan

18. The Good Fill

zero waste outlet

The Good Fill promises to charge your skin with all the much-needed nutrients and antioxidants thanks to their refillable, all-natural baby-safe, and zero-waste body washes, shampoos & clean beauty formulas.

The company also offers top-notch laundry and cleaning products as well as everything you need for your oral hygiene, nail care, and hair care

So if you need sustainable alternatives to items we all use or dispose of on a regular basis, this brand is for you.  

Ethics: Zero-waste products, organic ingredients, plastic-free packaging, refillable

Location/Shipping: United States | Ships worldwide

19. Eco Collective

Zero waste grocery shopping online

The best-selling crystal deodorant might be the highlight of the Eco Collective’s line, but the zero-waste online store has a slew of hair treatment and shampoo formulas as well as skincare and wellness-related products to keep you happy and productive without forgoing sustainability.

Plus, this amazing self-care brand is owned and run by women.

Ethics: Women-owned, zero-waste products, plastic-free & carbon-neutral

Location/Shipping: United States

20. Fillaree

zero waste online shop

Fillaree is a trusted package-free shop for earth-safe refillable soaps and cleaners that are, of course, cruelty-free and vegan!

You can order your reusable bottles and then opt for bulk or single refills once you run out of product.

If you want to skip mail deliveries, you can do it in person at one of the 45 refill stations.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, vegan & cruelty-free, compostable packaging, refillable, recycling

Location/Shipping: North Carolina, United States | Ships worldwide

21. Meliora

Eco-friendly products without packaging

Known as a trusted destination for eco laundry and home cleaning products, Meliora creates vegan, cruelty-free, and MADE SAFE Certified formulas and ships all 100% biodegradable products in 100% recyclable packaging.

Also, you can have a look at their sustainability report to learn more about the impact of the brand.

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, Leaping Bunny Certified, MADE SAFE®, women-owned, vegan & cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients, 1% for the planet

Location/Shipping: Chicago, United States | Ships worldwide

Best Zero Waste Online Shops In The United Kingdom

22. Jungle Culture

Green online shops for waste-free living

Jungle Culture aims to inspire people to see the beauty and purpose in nature through ethically sourced and sustainably produced, reusable home and bathroom products.

You can find eco toothbrushes, coconut and bamboo bowls as well as skincare and makeup – just to name a few.

The entire catalog is “powered” by small farms, craft workshops, and transparent factories and is, of course, completely plastic-free.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, ethically-sourced materials, fair wages, plastic-free packaging

Location/Shipping: Dereham, Norfolk, United Kingdom | Ships worldwide

23. Friendly Turtle

Best zero waste outlet

When it comes to the best UK-based zero-waste online shops for eco-friendly gifts, Friendly Turtle reigns supreme. 

Their on-the-go collection includes fantastic reusable water bottles, shopping bags, cutlery sets, and coffee mugs. You’ll also be obsessed with Friendly Turtle’s health and personal care range. 

There, you can find cloth diapers, razors, toothbrushes, essential oils, diffusers, sun care and so many more options. 

Keep in mind that all of their boxes are made from responsibly sourced materials and FSC Certified. Naturally, they are also fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, supporting small businesses, sourcing locally, ethical trade, 100% plastic-free, compostable cardboard packaging 

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom | Ships worldwide 

24. Zero Store

Best package free store

Just as the name suggests, the Zero Store is yet another fantastic package-free shop in the UK!

Here you will find hundreds of eco-friendly products for your pantry, home, and bathroom

What makes them so unique? The sheer number of super affordable gift options.

You can find items for under £5 as well as seasonal products and baking gifts! 

The zero waste store gives you the option to filter the results “by value” – eg. vegan, handmade, organic, recycled. 

Plus, you can also visit one of their brick-and-mortar stores.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, plastic-free, support small businesses 

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom | Ships worldwide 

25. Plastics Free

zero waste store

Plastics Free is here to help you make that switch to using sustainable alternatives easily with a great selection of zero-waste products for the entire home. 

On their virtual shelves, you can find options for the world’s best eco brands – perfumes, travel essentials, organic tampons, laundry sheets, and dishwasher tablets, just to name a few. 

What’s more, for every order placed, Plastics Free will fund the collection of 1 lb of non-recyclable plastic destined for the ocean.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, plastic-free, eliminate plastic with every order, carbon-neutral shipping

Location/Shipping: Cornwall, United Kingdom | Ships to Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey 

26. Plastic Freedom

best zero waste store

Plastic Freedom is the virtual home of dozens of top-rated eco swaps for BBQ and outdoor dining, as well as beauty and skincare-related products, clothing, alcohol, eco-friendly sex toys and so much more!

Their brand directory includes some of the most well-known sustainable brands on the market.

So keep an eye out for the “deals of the day” to score some affordable plastic-free goodies!

Ethics: Zero-waste products, Winner of Plastic-Free Awards, 100% plastic-free packaging, refills

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom | Ships Worldwide

27. Boobalou Eco Living

best Green online shops

From reusable menstrual products, cloth nappies, and reusable household items to eco-living goodies, Boobalou is one of the best zero-waste shops online for all things sustainable.

Their biodegradable products are lovingly made by some of the best sustainable brands on the eco market with top-notch renewable materials that are completely toxin-free.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, organic materials, ethical sourcing, plastic-free packaging

Location/Shipping: Poling, West Sussex, United Kingdom | Ships worldwide

28. Eco-Sal

best Eco-friendly fashion without packaging

Whether you are in need of household, self-care, and haircare products or simply want sustainably special for your pets, Eco-Sal is a fantastic package-free online store for your plastic-free lifestyle.

Also, since not every product can be in stock, the company has sourced a number of discount codes from other shops to help you get dozens of sweet deals – how amazing?

Ethics: Zero-waste products, toxic-free organic materials, plastic-free packaging, every order plants a tree, donations

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom | Ships to Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey

29. Zero Waste Club

Sustainable online shops with zero waste options

Zero Waste Club’s collection of plastic-free, cruelty-free, and ethically and sustainably made products for the home is simply amazing.

You can opt for refillable glass bottles, multipurpose cleaning concentrates, and biodegradable kitchen sponges as well as stainless steel razors and even dog poop bags!

Also, the brand shares advice on how to start your own zero-waste online company, if you are interested.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, organic materials, refillable & biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

Location/Shipping: London, United Kingdom | Ships worldwide

30. Earth Bits

best package free store

Earth Bits is a raved-about destination for pre-vetted eco essentials and eco alternatives to household and kitchen products as well as beauty and skincare! 

From sustainable vegan makeup with bamboo packaging to animal-product-free nail polishes and affordable organic skincare like lip balms, and face masks, the options are so many!

Ethics: Zero-waste products, sustainable & organic materials, vegan, recyclable packaging

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom | Ships worldwide

31. Life Before Plastic

package free shop

Life Before Plastic is one of the best zero-waste stores in the UK with a huge range of eco-friendly products and zero-waste swaps. 

Think organic bar soaps, toiletries, vegan makeup, refillable skincare, and non-toxic body wash formulas. Heck, you can even find some of the world’s most trusted eco toilet paper brands.

90% of the products are vegan-friendly. Plus, unless you select gift wrapping, the parcels will arrive in a second-hand box.

The company also curated gift boxes, ideal for corporate gifting which I absolutely love!

Ethics: Zero-waste products, supports small businesses, plastic-free, 90% of products are vegan, plastic-free packaging 

Location/Shipping: United Kingdom | Ships to Guernsey & Jersey 

Best Zero Waste Online Shops In Europe

32. The Plastic Free Co

Best zero waste store

The online zero-waste store The Plastic Free Co aims to help us make the switch to compostable, and biodegradable products and kickstart our environmentally-friendly journey. 

There is something for every need – from minimalist skincare, and hydrating hair oils to reusable coffee cups and sustainable candles

Also, the company has a rating of 4.8/5 on TrustPilot, so you already know that they are worth it!

Ethics: Zero-waste, compostable & biodegradable products, 100% plastic-free shipping

Location/Shipping: Netherlands | Ships worldwide 

33. Oodles & Pinches

Best zero waste online shops

Known as one of the best zero-waste online shops in Europe, Oodles & Pinches offers dozens of plastic-free, vegan & biodegradable products for the bathroom and kitchen

You can do your plastic-free food shopping here as well because the company has dry bulk food like rice, muesli, nuts and seeds, pasta, herbs and spices, etc. ready for grabs. 

Ethics: Zero-waste products, lots of vegan-friendly options, plastic-free packaging

Location/Shipping: Netherlands | Ships to Europe, United Kingdom & United States 

34. Takaterra

zero waste store

Takaterra has curated an exclusive selection of vegan, zero waste, eco-responsible and plastic-free brands.

From natural utensils and reusable cups to baby bibs, natural skincare, and beyond, the shop aims to help us develop or nurture our pro-environmental behavior, by adding their eco-responsible products into our home & beauty arsenals. 

Ethics: Zero-waste products, plastic-free & recyclable Packaging

Location/Shipping: France | Ships within Europe

35. Green Revolucia

zero waste online shops usa

Green Revolucia is the first-ever zero-waste shop in Bulgaria ready to equip us with eco straws, natural cosmetics, sustainable period underwear, reusable menstrual cups, pads, and many more plastic-free alternatives.

The owners also offer lectures & consulting services to other aspiring business owners and like-minded consumers.

Ethics: Zero-Waste Products, Plastic-Free Packaging, Consulting 

Location/Shipping: Bulgaria | Ships worldwide

36. Ozero

package free store

If you are looking for sustainable Ukraine brands to support, Ozero is a fantastic option.

The first-ever-zero waste shop in Ukraine sells products made from natural materials or reusable items, such as reusable coffee cups, shopping bags, organic body care, and bamboo toothbrushes.

They also offer “green office” alternatives as well as consulting services for aspiring business owners. 

Ethics: Zero waste products, reusable alternatives, plastic-free

Location/Shipping: Ukraine

37. Zemito

Environmentally friendly online marketplaces

The zero-waste store Zemito is overflowing with plastic-free and reusable alternatives to pretty much every item.

Their plastic-free product selection ranges from reusable cups to stellar laptop cases and insulated tumblers.

However, they also offer a wide range of home composters as well as flower pots, eco-friendly decor, and even reusable personal care items.

Ethics: Zero waste products, reusable alternatives, plastic-free

Location/Shipping: Slovakia

38. Original Unverpact

Curated selection of zero waste products online

Original Unverpact is a zero waste outlet in Germany with an additional brick-and-mortar location.

They aim to help us score low-waste alternatives to classic consumer products while also giving tips on how to open your own packaging-free shop.

Of course, all of their products are plastic-free, vegan, and delivered through carbon-neutral shipping.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, carbon-neutral shipping, education

Location/Shipping: Germany | Ships within Europe

39. Bleschu by Care By Nature

Best places for plastic-free shopping online

Bleschu (aka Care By Nature)’s catalog is chock full of plastic-free personal care products made from all-natural ingredients by women for women.

Free from plastic packaging, their biodegradable, non-toxic products harvest the power of fruits and herbs to treat and nourish the skin.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, biodegradable

Location/Shipping: Denmark

40. Miobio

Online stores for plastic-free living

Miobio is a one-stop destination for plastic-free personal care items, organic cosmetics, and wooden household items that leave absolutely no waste.

They even sell biodegradable balloons and eco-conscious school supplies for your little ones.

The highlight? Their natural and refillable skincare formulas. 

Ethics: Zero-waste products, sustainable materials

Location/Shipping: Romania

41. Beechange Zero Waste Shop

Zero waste essentials shopping online

Beechange is a beloved zero-waste shop with CO2-neutral shopping and eco-conscious packaging inspired by Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

On their virtual shelves, they have a wide range of plastic-free utensils, zero-waste shampoo, reusable cups, and everything else you’ll need to lower your waste in the most ethical way possible.

Ethics: Plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging 

Location/Shipping: Germany | Ships within Europe

Best Zero Waste Online Shops In Australia & New Zealand

42. Flora & Fauna

best Eco-friendly package-free shopping

The Certified-B corporation Flora & Fauna offers a slew of vegan and earth-friendly alternatives from cult-favorite brands.

Their collections include products for body & hair, skincare, makeup, and pets as well as home decor, and sustainable fashion.

They also run a stellar recycling program!

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, zero-waste products, sustainable finds, carbon offsetting, eco packaging

Location/Shipping: Sydney, Australia

43. Biome

Zero waste lifestyle products online

Biome is ready to ship plastic-free & cruelty-free products right to your doorstep.

The highlights? Their non-toxic tampons, organic toilet bomb cartons, natural toothpaste, and sustainable fashion collections.

Plus, the B-certified corporation has also added clean, pet + home as well as food + wellness lines to their website, making them one of the largest, award-winning, plastic-free shops in Australia with hundreds of products!

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, sustainable & earth-friendly materials, sustainable packaging, recycling, carbon offsetting, refills

Location/Shipping: Brisbane, Gold Coast & Melbourne, Australia | Ships worldwide

44. Zero Waste Store

best Zero waste kitchen and household shopping

Wrapped in earth-friendly packaging, the Zero Waste Store is ready to ship natural deodorant creams, toxic-free sunscreens, fantastic storage solutions, and eco-friendly cleaning tools and products right to your doorstep.

Their end goal? To make zero-waste living affordable with good quality, long-lasting, reusable, toxin-free, and healthy products.

Ethics: Eco-friendly alternatives, plastic-free shipping

Location/Shipping: Fremantle, Australia | Ships within Australia

45. Banish

Sustainable and plastic-free e-commerce

The B-certified corporation Banish is here to help us reduce our eco-footprint by making small changes in our day-to-day lives.

That’s why they offer everything from stainless steel clothing pegs and reusable razors to silicone food pouches and even wooden beehive OATH boxes from over 50 sustainable brands!

You can filter the results according to brand ethics, materials, and more!

And while they may not have electronic kitchen composters, you can opt for compost bins and filters!

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, eco-friendly alternatives, sustainable packaging, donations

Location/Shipping: Australia

46. Go For Zero

Package-free shopping guides online

The low-waste and toxin-free store Go For Zero thrives on educating people about the true impact of our plastic-based products as well as offering plastic-free product alternatives.

The site includes some fantastic zero-waste laundry and cleaning solutions as well as food storage, bathroom products AND baby-related non-toxic goodies.

Don’t forget to take a look at their “zero waste” packs as well!

Ethics: Certified B Corporation, plastic-free products, sustainable packaging, plastic-free shipping, carbon-neutral delivery

Location/Shipping: Caloundra, Austral, Australia | Ships worldwide

47. Eorth

Eco-friendly online market for waste reduction

Eorth aims to help eliminate plastic pollution and be kinder to our Earth through sustainable and plastic-free alternatives like dental care products, all-natural beauty formulas, kitchen, and laundry solutions & more.

Their catalog includes zero waste shampoo bars, washing brushes, and even eco-friendly spray concentrate for all your cleaning duties. 

Ethics: Zero-waste products, biodegradable & recyclable products, sustainable packaging

Location/Shipping: Queensland, Australia

48. The Source Bulk Foods

Zero waste store reviews online

Offering products in bulk bins means you can buy as little or as much as you need, The Source is a fantastic plastic-free store for locally sourced, healthy ingredients.

You can shop for nuts, cereal, flour, butter, oils, pasta, rice, and many easy meal kits.

In fact, they have over 350 pantry staples, whole foods, snacks, and treats!

Ethics: Organic, healthy ingredients, plastic-free packaging, toxic-free  

Location/Shipping: Byron Bay, Australia

49. The Living Co

zero waste products

The Living Co aims to help us replace some of the most toxic household items hiding in your home with healthy alternatives. 

That’s why they offer a wide range of refillable laundry detergents, deodorant, food covers, shampoo, flatware, and ice packs – just to name a few! 

To top it all off, The Living Co uses recycled eco-friendly packaging every time they pack an order.

Ethics: Zero-waste products, fair labor, plastic-free, recycled eco-friendly packaging 

Location/Shipping: Australia  

50. The Waste-Free Shop

Best zero waste outlet

The Waste-Free Shop is a trusted marketplace for sustainable and waste-free natural products, with a wide range of long-lasting, hard-wearing, repairable, and always beautiful alternatives to disposable options. 

Take your pick from non-toxic cutting boards and natural body care formulas to baby and family products like wooden baby toys, and carriers

They also have all your home and garden needs covered! 

Ethics: Zero-waste products, 100% plastic-free shipping, donations 

Location/Shipping: New Zealand | Ships to Australia 

This was your full guide to zero waste online shops around the world!

Whether you are only now starting your sustainability journey or you are already a zero-waste veteran, the best plastic-free online stores are here to offer reusable, refillable, recyclable, and, in most cases, returnable goodies right to your doorstep.

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